Lizzo: The Truth Hurts in 2021?

Surprise video!

I am feeling the Aries energy in the air and have created another video on my YouTube channel after over 6 months lol. I unfortunately made my channel during Mercury retrograde in February 2020, so I guess this isn’t surprising. In either case, this is not a direct transcript of my video but something very close to it.

In my very first video, I read on Lizzo’s big 3 placements: her Ascendant, Sun, and Moon. I wanted to read on her luck in career but apparently Lizzo discovered she is actually a Leo rising somewhat recently and that just throws everything I wanted to look at out of whack. So, today instead, I will be examining what her career will look like for the rest of 2021. I specifically chose to do this because I have seen about 3 tarot/oracle readers say that this year, Lizzo’s career and reputation will tank.

TheLionsDen Tarot states that Lizzo is crumbling under the onslaught of hate she consistently faces and is unfortunately taking it out on the people around her.

One of the sisters of Trinity Oracles says that Lizzo (3 min) is going to be exposed for her nasty attitude and that videos and pictures will be coming out. The other sister agrees and adds that Lizzo will be facing some sort of karma this year and for the next few years to come.

TheSpiritualfixer Media is the only reader here that argues that Lizzo’s downfall will be mental health related. He stresses that if people close to her want to help her, Lizzo needs to talk to Oprah or some other high profile black woman that she respects to talk some sense into her.

2 out of the 3 said this will be due to Lizzo unfortunately being a “bully.” One of the readers specified, however, that this was because Lizzo is sadly taking out all the abuse and hate she faces daily from the public onto the people around her. The third reader said her career will start to go downward because Lizzo is not in the right mental space and seems to be struggling with some sort of mental illness. So, I was curious to see if this slow decline in Lizzo’s career and reputation was true.

Therefore, I asked my angels answers oracle deck, “Will Lizzo’s career and reputation take a dive in 2021?” For that I got “There’s something better,” which was not a definitive yes or no, so I kept pulling and got the other cards you can see—”Don’t stop!,” “Reconsider,” and finally a “No.” Curiously, however, all of the yes’s were at the bottom of the deck followed by “No!”

With “There’s something better,” I don’t know if this is ominous, as if there is something worse to come, or if this is actually more positive in that whatever downfall the other readers were talking about won’t be true. But with “Don’t stop!” and “Reconsider,” I wonder if this turn in fortune is speaking more about how Lizzo can change the tides if she continues to work hard. Although I follow her on Instagram, I don’t think Lizzo has put out any new music last year? Further research has yielded that she is making a documentary with Amazon in which she searches for her next Big Grrrls or backup dancers. Despite this side project, we’re still in lockdown—at least in some states—so it’s understandable if Lizzo is not making music. However, the third tarot reader who said Lizzo’s downfall is more mental illness related also said that all of these companies that invested money into her are growing impatient with her lack of output. So, perhaps that explains the “No” we end with. If Lizzo is wavering creatively, then, of course, the tides may be turning for the worse in her career. But if she is able to fight against them, she’ll be okay.

So, with this mixed response, I asked once more if Lizzo’s career and reputation will take a dive in 2021 using the same angel answers cards. The author of this deck suggests splitting the deck into three piles—one for yes/no answers, one for timing answers, and the last one for an ask your angels pile. I used the last set of cards and interestingly got “If you believe.” At the bottom of the deck was “Meditation brings answers.”

So, to me, this obviously means that if I or we, the public, so choose to, we can perceive that Lizzo’s career and reputation will turn for the worse this year. I feel like this is already sort of happening because back in December, Lizzo posted some videos about her diet regime onto Instagram, which included some detox supplements among other things, and people lost their minds. As usual, they were calling her out of her name and making post after post, video after video about how she apparently truly hated herself all along and was lying to people by saying that being obese was okay. The typical mess that makes zero sense. So, for some, that could be seen as the beginning of the end of Lizzo because all these people, especially the media, have propped her up as the spokesperson for larger women everywhere and the leader of body positivity movement because she has the audacity to be fat and love herself unapologetically and be sensual in the public eye. How dare she, am I right?

So, with this unexpected answer, I switched gears and asked, “What does Lizzo’s career look like for the rest of 2021?” For that I got:

Libra: I balance (reverse)
Capricorn: I use 
Chiron: Healing
North Node: Life’s Purpose (reverse)
Saturn: Truth (reverse)
Third House: Messages (reverse)
Pisces: I believe (reverse)
Sagittarius: I see (reverse)
Ninth House: Faith (reverse; bottom of the deck)
First House: The Body (bottom of the deck)

So, right away, Lizzo’s career doesn’t look good in my opinion. Her relationships are not in a great place with the reversed Libra card. Capricorn being right next to it with “I use” can mean that whoever she is in a relationship with is using her and/or her money and possessions. But with Chiron following this card, I wonder if Lizzo is trying to work on herself after this breakup I assumed that happened. However, she has seemed to have lost faith and her direction in life. Lizzo is a Pisces North Node and if her Ascendant is in Virgo it is in her 7th house of partnership. Interestingly, this card—7th House: Partnerships—was reversed at the bottom of the deck as well, so it seems like whoever this person was maybe grounded her and helped her keep things in focus but after being blindsided by who they were, Lizzo is kind of a mess internally.

I think it is interesting that for the First House it says “body” because that is all people focus on whenever you mention her name. It’s upright and it shows a person looking out into the world. I wonder if that is what Lizzo is doing now because she doesn’t know what to believe or trust. Truth is in reverse in this spread, suggesting that she was lied to. Or, because the Third House is also reversed, someone—maybe this ex—will spread rumors about her that the other readers were all talking about. But they won’t be true it seems. With Pisces, it’s all illusions. With Sagittarius, this person is a great persuasive speaker and knows how to preach to the choir. So, if they say something like Lizzo is sloppy and hateful, I think most people would buy that because so many are committed to irrationally hating her because she just happens to be a fat black woman in the public eye unapologetically. So, if Lizzo’s career and reputation does start to go down by this year, it seems like an ex or someone who was in some sort of relationship with her is at fault.

I pulled some tarot just for some more information. I got:

Princess of Swords (reverse)
10 of Pentacles (reverse)
9 of Pentacles (reverse)
9 of Cups
Princess of Pentacles (reverse)
4 of Swords
The Lovers (reverse)
3 of Pentacles (reverse; bottom of the deck)
6 of Cups (reverse; bottom of the deck)
5 of Cups (reverse; bottom of the deck)
4 of Cups (reverse; bottom of the deck)
3 of cups (reverse; bottom of the deck)

So, let me just say that I am not a strong tarot reader, therefore, I mainly use whatever I find online and my own discernment to interpret the cards. So, right away we see a repeat of a relationship ending. The Lovers are reversed as are all of the other Cups cards except the 9 of Cups. However, it seems as though Lizzo is moving on. Perhaps this relationship ended a while ago, I’m not sure. These Cups cards can also mean the opposite, in that, Lizzo is not moving on, but I feel like this relationship is old news and Lizzo is trying to bring balance back into her life with the Temperance card being upright. Perhaps with the 3 of Pentacles in reverse, she tried to work on this relationship but eventually came to the conclusion that it was over and that is why now she is trying to do something else with her life.

However,…I wouldn’t say this is necessarily going great… With the Page or Princess of Swords beginning the spread, it seems like Lizzo will either receive some bad news about something work-related or she is finding it hard to focus back on work. She may feel a little scattered brained or all over the place. This makes sense with the reversed North Node card we saw. And because of this, her finances may be in shambles right now with all of these reversed Pentacles cards. This may be her fault though because she may be running through her money for some reason. And if she is unable to make enough money to break even, then she’s screwed. She may also be going through some family drama that is not really helping her get back on track. Maybe she’s distracting herself from all the walls crumbling around her by splurging and indulging. Hopefully she can wake up and fix the mess that she is letting fester and run rampant before it’s too late!

So, this concludes my reading on Lizzo. Although I got a sort of ambiguous answer as to whether or not her career and reputation will start to tank this year, the other cards seem to indicate that this will be true if she doesn’t better organize her life right now. She seems to be off in la la land not really managing her finances and likely upholding her contracts. Why? It seems to be due to a past break up she is finally moving past. But even with that, I feel like her issues are deeper than that. Perhaps the other readers were right—either the constant onslaught of abuse is getting to her and tearing her up from the inside out and/or she is going through some mental health things that she needs to seek therapy for. I’m not sure but in either case, Lizzo’s career and reputation does not seem like it will not be in a good place for the rest of this year.

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