March 2021 Predictions

It’s almost spring!

March 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for March 2021?

Mar. 5 Mars enters Gemini

Mar. 11 The Sun-Neptune conjunction perfects

Mar. 13 New Moon in Pisces

Mar. 16 Mercury enters Pisces

Mar. 17 The Sun-Pluto sextile perfects

Mar. 21 The Sun enters Aries

Mar. 22 Venus enters Aries

The Mars-Saturn trine perfects

The Mercury-Uranus sextile perfects
Mar. 24 The Mercury-Mars *square* perfects (correction)

Mar. 27 The Sun-Venus conjunction perfects

The Mars-North Node conjunction perfects

Mar. 28 Full Moon in Virgo

So, beginning in early March, Mars finally enters Gemini. That means that communication may pick up all this month, especially since the squares Mars was making to all of the planets in Aquarius back in February and January will now turn into soft trines. Yes, speaking one’s mind may take precedence in March. Mars is a malefic, however, so be mindful of what you are saying and how you are coming off because while Mars makes trines to Saturn and Jupiter all month long, that does not mean that communication will always be easy. You may get into more political (Saturn) and philosophical (Jupiter) debates with others, and even though it should be more amicable than months prior, depending on what’s going on in your individual chart, it may not be. Moreover, Mercury and Mars will square the moment Mercury enters Pisces on the 16th, so be aware of moments when your mouth writes a check that your ass can’t cash.

But overall, this month seems like it will be rather chill in my opinion. Until the Sun and Venus enter Aries on the 21st and 22nd, respectively, there will still be a lot of Pisces action going on, such as the Sun coming into close contact with Neptune, the new moon being in Pisces, and Mercury entering Pisces. With Pluto still in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, most of these planets in Pisces will sextile each. Therefore, March may be a month of quiet yet persistent creative work. Indeed, with Mars transiting Gemini at the same time, March is poised to be a month where your mind is in hyperdrive.

And this only ramps up towards the end of the month when the Sun and Venus enter Aries, giving you all an extra boost in energy, especially when it comes to starting anything new or different. By late March, the lingering effects of the previous Mercury retrograde should be completely gone, so this will be a great time to tie up any loose ends you have neglected or had to put off.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for March 2021?

Ascendant: Outlook
3rd House: Perception (reverse)
Sun: Being
Scorpio: The Animal (bottom of the deck)

This  was the first time that the cards didn't really want to jump out, which  I find interesting because by the end of March, the Sun enters Aries,  the sign of action. 

Nevertheless, it seems like in March we will  all be focusing on ourselves. Indeed, with both the Ascendant and Sun  out, there is lot of emphasis on the ego and the physical body. In  March, the weather starts to finally warm up in the Northern Hemisphere,  so perhaps people are getting anxious about what will be opened up in  their areas and whether or not they can lose any "Covid pounds" they  have gained in the year we have been in quarantine.

With Scorpio  at the bottom of the deck, there will be some underlying change going on  to one's self and environment. But with the 3rd house reversed, I  wonder if all of this time and energy used for the self will be  positive. Communication with others and within one's neighborhood may be  strained or out of whack. Or, since social media is referenced on this  card, I wonder if there will be more fights about how much you should  quarantine as people may be traveling more frequently and eating out and  posting their trips to social media.

Despite the utter confusion and chaos surrounding vaccination, many people and unfortunately numerous cities are gearing up for the warmer temperatures by being out in the streets unmasked. Indeed, March and the upcoming spring may have some people rather body focused. Before the new year even began I remember being bombarded with weight loss after weight loss commercial trying to cash in on people’s insecurities about being at home for most of the previous year and perhaps putting on some extra pounds. So, the fact that Ascendant and Sun came out makes it clear that people want to go have some fun in the sun, which on the surface is “fine.” But considering the fact that in the U.S. at least we have over 500,000 Covid-related deaths and the number is not going down, causes a lot of concern. The fact that the government has been sitting on their hands with stimulus checks while politicians abandon their own cities when greedy corporations take advantage of a natural disaster, I understand that it is hard to quarantine and just be content with not being able to do much else. However, I still urge everyone to not act as though this pandemic is over because you want to flex on Instagram. With new strains on the loose and vaccination being almost impossible to achieve even in places that bought a surplus of them (Canada), just be safe and keep others safe as well.

What oracle messages do we have for Mar. 2021?

29: Feast - Slow down and celebrate yourself
19: Lavender - Surround yourself with love
31: Universe - We're all just stardust
23: Confidence - It comes with time and practice (bottom of the deck)

Echoing  the first spread, here it seems as though in March we are celebrating  ourselves but there may be a lot of underlying insecurity that comes  with this. Again, some of you may want to flaunt your body as the  temperatures get warmer but you feel bad about your body and how  quarantine may have changed it.

But with the Lavender card you  need to surround yourself with people who love and empower you because  these people will never judge you. They will encourage you to be your  most authentic self that is detached from negative onlookers. 

It  is important to remember in times like these we are all a part of a  vast universe. A person you may believe is hating on you or is playing  into your insecurities should not consume you and warp your worldview.  We all have our lives to live, so live yours for yourself and nobody  else.

It is interesting that in this spread we have a card called Feast when many people have been vocal about how quarantine has supposedly negatively changed their bodies. But eating is good. People should not have anxieties around food because they fear weight gain. But big corporations and pop dietitians have done an amazing job selling us complete bullshit on how our bodies work and how we should engage with food. If you are hungry, you should eat. And yet this is a highly controversial statement. Why? Who profits off of training ourselves to ignore one of the most basic body cues–hunger?

So, in the month of March it seems as though people need to learn how to slow down and celebrate themselves as the Feast card says. Stressing yourself out to lose an arbitrary amount of weight is not loving yourself just because you assume that it is “healthy.” Crash diets, withholding food, agonizing over calories, etc. are actually symptoms of disordered eating. Ask yourself why supposedly being “healthy” involves doing unnatural, unhealthy things to your body. Why do you hate your body in its natural state? Will losing X amount of pounds truly give you the confidence you are lacking?

As I said on Instagram, we all have to remember we are all a part of a vast universe. Things like weight or being caught in your appearance are a little inconsequential once you are able to take a step back and realize that we are all a part of something larger and greater than our day-to-day concerns. If you are able to properly surround yourself with love, you will notice this and perhaps begin to cultivate true confidence within than being at the mercy of seeking validation from outside.

What messages do our guides have for March 2021?

46: Judgement - Higher Self
7: Imagination - Inner Child
24: Rest - Holy Spirit
44: Devotion - Nature Spirits
49: Compromise - Master Teacher
36: Balance - Divine Teachers (bottom of the deck)

I'm really liking the green color in these cards. March seems like it will be a rather chill month.

In either case two strong messages are coming out.

#1:  If you remember last month's cards, there seemed to be this energy of  needing to stand up for yourself as it appeared as though some of you  were in a rough situation you needed to get out of. In March, there is  still a bit of that energy but now moreso in the balancing kind. That  is, in March, some of you need to work on your relationships. Perhaps  you (or the other person) was jumping to conclusions, refused to  compromise on something, or did things on their behalf with this sneaky  energy of them "owing" you later. Whatever it is, your guides are asking  you to recognize how your relationships are off balance and to correct  them. Notice "forgive" is not in any of these cards. You do not have to  forgive certain situations or people but it does seem like you have to  learn how to better meet people half way and look at circumstances more  objectively.

#2:  Like always, some of you need a break. Interestingly, Exhaustion didn't  come out, perhaps suggesting that some of you are getting better at  scaling things back. Well, your guides want you to keep that up because  they are encouraging you to relax and go out into nature. Some of you  have been locked up in the house not only because of quarantine but  because you have been overworking yourself. As the temperatures begin to  warm up, take a walk, go into your garden, or just soak up some sun.  You may find that you're more at peace and creative when you do so.

The messages from my spirit guide cards have been fairly consistent since the beginning of the year. And one message that repeats is this time for rest and relaxation. Sometimes I wonder if these cards are talking about me and my utterly chaotic sleep-work schedule but I digress. Quarantine has done a number on people’s finances as governments like the one here in the U.S. do not give any ounce of a genuine fuck about whether people live or die, are homeless or just barely scrapping by. So, I understand why cards like Rest and Exhaustion keep coming out. People need a break. We are under a tremendous amount of stress because everything is up in the air and politicians keep us in the dark while also saying things are “fine” when we can see objectively they are not. But in the month of March, it seems as though our guides are still urging us to take a step back when we can. Since the temperatures are going to warm up as well, they want us to go into nature and just chill. I know that will be difficult, especially if others are going out more frequently and maskless too, but stepping into nature every once and a while does a lot for our bodies and minds. Since this will be a very creative month, you may find some inspiration while outdoors as well.

The next message we have is one we saw last month where our guides seemed to be pushing us to leave bad situations. There was something negative going on in our relationships we were not seeing clearly, and that message is echoed here as well. But in this spread, the cards are not really advocating for leaving as they are for compromise. Yes, some of you cannot leave certain people or places for a myriad of reasons, so it seems as though our guides are encouraging us to try and find some middle ground then. Learn to be more discerning, yes, but also try to strike deals, make adjustments, and be more responsible for your side of things as well. Life is complicated, and because of that, we cannot always just ghost people and have nothing bad happen to us in turn. So, take inventory of your relationships and see if you can make amends in some way.

Well, that is all I have for March! I am thinking of doing a reading on the government because I do not understand why even in a global pandemic with “the lesser of two evils” in office that things are still the same: miserable. So, let me know if you want a tarot reading on this. As for my singer series, I’m still deciding on who I want to cover next. I also have a lot of personal things I want and need to finish as well, so just keep that in mind. Anyway, support me on Ko-Fi or with my Wishlist!

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