A Yellow Bone Wasn’t What He Wanted After All

But why?

Although I am sure everyone has long moved on from the mess that was that “Yellow Bone” song singer and blackfish DaniLeigh tried to tease back in January, it was announced in early February that she and her boyfriend and rapper DaBaby had broken up. I have tried to research a bit into this, but social media outlets haven’t really gone into detail about the why. They simply reference an Instagram story where DaniLeigh wrote “OFFICIALLY SINGLE [black heart emoji]” on February 7th.

DaBaby confirmed the breakup in his own way by posting a video of Instagram model India Love doing the Masterpiece Challenge.

This Tik Tok is a #Masterpiece 🔥
 @indialove 🐐
 Best re-enactment of this Tik Tok gets flown out for a date w/ Baby on Valentine’s Day.❤️😂
 Choosing the winner Friday, February 12th.
 Starting now.. GO❗️ 

DaniLeigh also posted a “cryptic message,” according to media outlets as she also wrote on her stories, “Anytime GOD calls you to a new level it will seem like you’re losing more than you are gaining…stay encouraged..he is making room.”

I don’t get what’s “cryptic” about this but what would I know, right?

Anyway, I wanted answers surrounding this relationship and I got some tea in my opinion. But let me give some background to their relationship.

Their (Public) Relationship

DaniLeigh and DaBaby were supposedly “just” co-workers as the two allegedly met because DaniLeigh co-choreographed the video for his song “Bop” according to Distractify in 2019. (DaniLeigh got her foot in the industry when she moved to LA and began working as a backup dancer and was releasing music with her sister under the bandname Curly Fryz. When she was 18, Prince asked her to direct the video for his single “Breakfast Can Wait” in 2013, which was a huge success. He apparently chose to mentor her until his death and that catapulted her to choreograph other famous musicians’ videos before she went solo as a singer herself.) He later featured on her “Levi High” song and the two looked very familiar with one another.

They literally look like they are about to kiss in the thumbnail

However, both kept their mouths shut on the status of their relationship. This is probably because like most rappers, DaBaby has a complicated relationship with his baby mama. Nevertheless, the two kept mentioning one another, whether it be on Instagram (DaniLeigh; she didn’t show him at the time, but she let everyone know she was hugged up with someone) or in songs (DaBaby; namely his song, “8 Figures,” where he raps, “Had to call my Dominican boo thing (she) / Call me down, I’m on FaceTime with Movie.” He mentions her again but by name in “GO” rapping, “I think the blogs know we fucking, shit, but fuck it, that`s my boo / She always staring at me, she be tellin’ me I’m cute / […] R&B freak, I try to fuck her every day / Curly-haired jiggy bitch, it might be DaniLeigh.”).

And yet the two never confirmed anything, even when DaniLeigh was getting into it with DaBaby’s baby’s mother, Mariah AKA MeMe, back in March of last year. It went from subtweets to MeMe calling DaniLeigh out her name on Instagram, according to Power 106. MeMe also posted an alleged conversation between the DaBaby and DaniLeigh, showing the world that they were involved with another. Interestingly, it seemed as though DaBaby and DaniLeigh broke up in May of that year, as DaBaby was seen all hugged up with MeMe at the time. DaniLeigh also denied knowing that DaBaby was still involved with MeMe when they first broke up, writing in The Shade Room‘s comment section, “At the end of the day I’m human… that man was 100% single ‘to me’ when we started… I’m done talking about it tho I promise.”

The grey is supposedly DaniLeigh and the blue DaBaby

Nevertheless, DaBaby apparently hopped back to Miss Yellow Bone because on December 4th DaniLeigh posted that infamous picture of her hugging him from behind to Instagram. “My baby❤️ idc” the caption read. …And now two months later they are officially broken up again. So, let’s get into it.

Are They Truly Broken Up?

I wanted to know if the two were actually broken up or if this was just a PR stunt. For that I got “Choose a new direction” and “Yes.” The bottom of the deck was “There’s something better,” “Unlikely,” “Don’t Stop!,” and “ No!”

So, yes, they are broken up.

Next, I wanted to know who broke up with who because I remember people were speculating that he went back to his baby mama. I also remember watching a video by Trinity Oracles where one of the sisters said that DaBaby is similar to Idris Elba (I think the video was about him) in that they both like to date non-black women but do not make this public (Idris) or well-known (DaBaby) because their fan bases are made up overwhelmingly by black women. Therefore, parading a non-black woman around would be career suicide and they both knew that very well.

So, I first asked, “Did DaBaby break up with DaniLeigh?” And surprising no one (or at least not me), I got “Yes!” “There’s something better” was at the bottom of the deck along with the previously mentioned cards above.

But because I picked up the “Yes!” card before I was finished asking the full question, I asked again, this time completing my sentence. That time “Reconsider” initially flopped out and then I pulled “Choose a new direction” and “Yes!” “Yes” was also at the bottom of the deck.

So, yes, DaBaby broke things off. I found it very interesting that “choose a new direction” and “there’s something better” showed up again because it made me think that this is what he was thinking when he decided to break up with DaniLeigh.

Despite getting this very clear answer both times, I thought it would be fun to just ask if DaniLeigh was the one to break things off. For that I got “Reconsider” then “No!,” “Unlikely,” and “No.” The bottom of the deck has “There’s something better” once again.

So, no, DaniLeigh did not end the relationship.

Next, I asked if the rumors were true that DaBaby left DaniLeigh for his baby mama MeMe. Interestingly, I got “Yes” but the bottom of the deck said “No” then “Yes!,” “Unlikely,” and “There’s something better.”

Although the bottom of the deck casts some doubt or confusion, the later tarot I pulled did in fact seem to confirm this. Nevertheless, I had to ask if there was another reason he broke up with DaniLeigh.

Thus, I asked, considering what I remembered from that Trinity Oracles video, “Did DaBaby also break up with [DaniLeigh] because of the backlash to her “Yellow Bone” song?” In other words, was he saving his image and career by jumping ship? For that I got “There’s something better,” Yes,” and “Choose a new direction.” “Yes!” was at the bottom of the deck followed by “No” and “Don’t stop!”

So, yes, DaBaby did leave DaniLeigh partially because of the backlash she was getting from her colorist and frankly awful “Yellow Bone” song she played a snippet of on Instagram almost a month ago.

With all of this information I decided to pull some tarot to get any more details as to why DaBaby up and left DaniLeigh. I asked, “Why did DaBaby break up with DaniLeigh?”

Why Did DaBaby Leave?

 Strength (reverse)
 Knight of Pentacles (reverse)
 The Tower 
 The Lovers
 8 of Pentacles
 Knight of Cups
 Queen of Swords (reverse; bottom of the deck) 

Now, I am not a strong tarot reader. So, I just used whatever limited knowledge I had on these cards plus my general impressions/intuition to interpret this particular spread.

With Strength coming out right out the gate, I feel like DaBaby had no willpower to fight for this relationship, even though he did initially by co-signing that “Yellow Bone” nonsense by posting yellow circles under DaniLeigh’s post. With this deck depicting the woman with the lion as a black woman, I feel like DaBaby saw all the black women directing their anger (their anger as represented by the lion) at him. I didn’t follow what happened to DaniLeigh after posting my article on her, but I’m sure the “harassment” (i.e., talking about the colorist implications of DaniLeigh’s song on social media, questioning DaniLeigh’s heritage, etc.) continued, and it was likely too much for DaBaby because it was messing up his bag with the Knight of Pentacles reversed.

“YELLOW BONE THATS WHAT HE WANT [crown emoji] [yellow flower emoji] [lemon emoji] [caution emoji] [yellow heart]”

This card denotes being offered money or seeking out jobs. So, it could be assumed that DaBaby wasn’t getting offers because his biggest target demographic was pissed at him. It must have gotten bad or DaBaby perceived it as such as The Tower comes out right after the Knight of Pentacles.

The Tower seems to be the most negative card in tarot because upright it denotes a sudden, shocking change. I see it all the time when scandals like the “Yellow Bone” incident occur. Often celebrities are exposed or “canceled” when this card appears. So, DaBaby was feeling the effects of the backlash just as intensely as DaniLeigh herself potentially.

Note: I just wanted to mention that I think it is interesting that the woman in Strength and the Knight are looking at each other, perhaps denoting that DaBaby either had to choose DaniLeigh or his money.

From the Tower we get the Lovers, signifying DaBaby and DaniLeigh. Surprisingly, it is upright. I find it interesting that in the Lovers card, it depicts a “brown” man and a whiter looking woman, symbolically representing DaBaby and DaniLeigh respectively. The angel in the sky looks somewhat disgusted, however. To me, this angel is the public or black women looking away from their relationship in exasperation.

The 8 of Pentacles follows the Lovers and is under the Knight of Pentacles. This is the card of meticulously working at your craft. So, to me this meant that DaBaby was really concerned about his coin.

This deck depicts the 8 of Pentacles as a person physically manifesting pentacles through drawing them. To me, DaBaby’s internet presence or just being shown on the internet is how he makes his money, probably especially now because we are still in quarantine. So, he likely saw all the negative comments and videos and was like, “Man, I’m not sure staying with her is worth messing up my entire career like this.”

Finally, we end with the Knight of Cups. This Knight represents offering someone your love, and from what we saw in the angel answers cards, DaBaby has seemingly returned to his first baby mama Mariah following this breakup.

The Queen of Swords is the energy playing in the background of DaBaby’s decision, and although depicted as a white woman here, to me she represents all the talking black women were doing when DaniLeigh posted her “Yellow Bone” song and her subsequent awful “apology” afterward. This is because all sword cards represent air, thus communication. The Queen of Swords always seems to be described as a bitch in that she doesn’t take any nonsense and is rather unfeeling. She cuts through the bullshit and keeps it 100 and we all know women shouldn’t be allowed to talk with authority or confidence. So, I think the backlash that was mostly fueled by black women played a significant role in why DaBaby broke up with DaniLeigh. His career was more important than his on-again, off-again relationship with her at the present moment.

Thoughts on the Breakup

DaniLeigh’s Thoughts on the Breakup

Because of what I got above, I had to ask how DaniLeigh felt about the breakup.

 5 of Swords
 Page of Pentacles
 The Devil
 9 of Pentacles
 Ace of Pentacles
 9 of Cups (bottom of the deck)
 9 of Swords (bottom of the deck)
 8 of Cups (bottom of the deck) 

With this spread, I tried to be more accurate with the meaning of these cards by researching. Anyway, with the 5 of Swords this can represent that DaniLeigh is fighting with the public. I say this because I did in fact see her responding negatively to comments on her page that bring him up and joke about how a yellow bone wasn’t what he wanted. And since 5 is conflict in tarot and Swords communication, this card generally means that there is some (verbal) conflict going on and someone standing up for themselves. But as feelings, the 5 of Swords can represent feeling betrayed and resentful.

Someone: So yellow bone is not what he want??? [three crying emojis]
DaniLeigh: is this all y'all gon say???
And for how long ???
Come up with some new fr or jus get off my page [light brown praying hands emoji]

Considering that DaBaby initially stood by her and then left her barely a month later, it makes sense that she would feel this way. Likewise, people constantly reminding her of the breakup and making a joke out of it can make her feel defensive.

Nevertheless, with the Devil card making an appearance, DaniLeigh may still be chained to this relationship. This makes sense as the breakup is still new. As feelings, the Devil can represent depression, obsession, hopelessness, or feeling trapped and restricted by outside forces but this is only an illusion because the people in the card can leave their current situation. So, she is likely depressed right now, and stressed as well with the 9 of Swords at the bottom of the deck.

However, with Temperance out, along with the 9 of Cups in the background, DaniLeigh is trying to find equilibrium in her life. Indeed, with the 8 of Cups at the bottom of the deck too, she is trying to emotionally move on with her life. And she seems to be doing this by focusing on her money.

The Pentacles represent finances, material things in general, the physical appearance, and one’s job. With the Page of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, and Ace of Pentacles all out, DaniLeigh is trying to reinvent herself and begin anew. She might do what I see a lot of girls do and try to “treat themselves” to show they are unbothered when they are. She may also try to find new avenues of revenue because I am sure her finances are a bit rough right now as DaBaby could have at the very least vouched her in the industry following the “Yellow Bone” controversy. (When I asked what the two saw in each other, Networker was the first card that came out for what DaniLeigh noticed in DaBaby.)

DaniLeigh posted some pictures of herself in lingerie on Valentine’s Day with the caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day 🖤 hope it’s full of lovveeeeeeee cause everyone deserves love 🥲”

With this out the way, I asked, “Will [DaniLeigh] ever release the full version of her “Yellow Bone” song?” as we got so many pentacle cards. For that I got “No!” and “There’s something better.” “Reconsider,” “Choose a new direction,” and “Don’t Stop!” was at the bottom of the deck. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of these cards. Nevertheless, it seems like she won’t. With the bottom cards, I do think she had to really reconsider it and indeed choose a new direction and stick with it.

DaBaby’s Thoughts on the Breakup

Next, I asked what DaBaby thought about the breakup.

 The Star
 The Fool
 6 of Pentacles
 10 of Wands (reverse)
 10 of Pentacles
 6 of Wands
 The Emperor (reverse; bottom of the deck)
 The Page of Wands (reverse; bottom of the deck)
 Queen of Wands (reverse; bottom of the deck)
 Knight of Wands (reverse; bottom of the deck) 

So, like the first tarot I pulled for DaBaby, this is mostly free-styled except for the cards at the bottom of the deck.

Overall, I get the sense that DaBaby felt like he dodged a bullet. The Star card follows the Tower in tarot and symbolizes Eve making it out okay. She is born anew because she weathered the storm. This card consequently represents hope and faith. With the Fool upright next to it, it seems like DaBaby got out of the backlash just fine and is trying to go in a new direction as the angel answers cards kept saying.

With the 10 of Wands reversed, he felt really burdened by the relationship towards the end. He was carrying all of this weight he didn’t really want. So, deciding to leave DaniLeigh was like going to the light at the end of the tunnel. With the 6 of Pentacles, he is grateful for doing this, and with the 6 of Wands, he feels victorious. With the 10 of Pentacles, he feels stabler and calmer. He may be at home with his baby mama, something we have seen be confirmed twice before.

Now for the bottom of the deck. I found it interesting that they are all reversed and fiery as the Emperor represents Aries and Wands fire.

With the Emperor reversed, DaBaby may not like how despite leaving her, people are still clowning him like they are her. He may feel disrespected. In a love reading this card may denote a power imbalance, often with one partner being controlling, possessive, and stubborn which makes the other person feel trapped. These feelings of wanting to get out of a relationship echo with the remaining cards but more in the sense that someone has lost the spark in their partner and relationship. They all represent that someone may want to leave the relationship. Likewise, both the Queen and Knight of Wands can represent the partner directly, and they are someone who is temperamental or commitment-phobic, respectively. So, DaBaby may see DaniLeigh as a “crazy ex” potentially and the Knight clearly represents him dumping her.

Blackfishing on Main

Did DaBaby ever know?

After this, I asked, “Did [DaBaby] ever know before the backlash that [DaniLeigh] was not black?” I got “No!,” “Choose a new direction,” “Yes,” “No,” and “Unlikely.” “Don’t Stop!” was at the bottom of the deck.

Despite getting a clear answer, I felt like I pulled way too many cards. So, I asked again and unfortunately pulled too many once more lol. “Yes,” “Choose a new direction,” “Unlikely,” and “Don’t stop!” Our favorite card, “There’s something better” was at the bottom of the deck.

Because I got contradicting answers, I changed things up and asked, “Did DaniLeigh ever tell DaBaby she wasn’t black?”

I tried to control myself and put any other cards I pulled after the first one back. Thus, “Unlikely” remained. “No!” was at the bottom of the deck.

So, it seems like the first time I asked and got “No!” was true. Therefore, DaBaby never knew DaniLeigh wasn’t black because she likely didn’t tell him.

Why Did DaniLeigh Blackfish and How Did It Affect Her Career?

But why did DaniLeigh blackfish anyway? I asked and got:

 3 of Cups (reverse)
 8 of Pentacles (reverse)
 The Moon (reverse)
 5 of Cups (reverse)
 The Hanged One
 4 of Pentacles
 The Fool
 3 of Pentacles (bottom of the deck) 

So, it seems with the 3 of Cups out the gate that DaniLeigh was not as successful as she may have been despite working with so many celebrities. Indeed, early in her career, the public maybe didn’t know her. Or even with Prince’s mentorship, DaniLeigh couldn’t pull enough opportunities for herself careerwise. Plans, deals, etc. were cancelled and perhaps people were gossiping about her for whatever reason.

With the 8 of Pentacles reversed, DaniLeigh felt unfulfilled in her career. She was more of a behind-the-scenes person, so her eventually becoming a singer meant that she wanted to be in the spotlight. But perhaps no one was giving her the time of day. People in the industry may have thought she was overrated and mediocre or under qualified in some way. She could have also lacked confidence, so people overlooked her because she was just this meek young girl like so many others in LA. Working with Prince likely didn’t mean anything to everybody. DaniLeigh also could have had money issues that messed up her climbing the LA music scene.

With the Moon…I see so many confusing interpretations and upright and reverse don’t always differ apparently. This inability to get a clear answer is funnily representative of the card as it represents illusions, fear, misinterpretation, and confusion. Pisces is also assigned to this card, so this is very on brand. In either case, I interpret this card more figuratively in that the imagery of the card to me shows her physical transformation into black womanhood. Because as you can see from the card in this deck, there is a brown looking woman and a blacker looking one. Thus, to me, this represents DaniLeigh going from “brown” to black.

It is no mystery that a lot of non-black people of color fake being black because they erroneously and anti-blackly think that black people get some “special treatment” because we are black. Mindy Kaling’s brother did it to get into medical school, just in case any of you need any sort of evidence for this. So, DaniLeigh, for whatever reason, thought that being black would advance her career.

I think it’s a little funny that the Moon just culturally speaking has often been conceptualized as illusionary because its light is just a reflection of the Sun’s. Therefore, DaniLeigh projects a false black light to the world. The woman/creature in the water behind the two women to me symbolizes this deception. And ironically, this card can mean self-deception in reverse. And this reminds me of the Denial card I pulled for DaniLeigh in my first article on her.

With the 5 of Cups under the 3 of Cups but in reverse, DaniLeigh was recognizing the other two cups she was previously ignoring. She was not stuck in the past of her former failures but was instead looking into the future with this new mask she put on. And what is so crazy about this is that the 5 of Cups reversed can mean that DaniLeigh’s financial situation was improving or she was finally getting recognized in this blackface.

Indeed, when I was looking up this card, the Kpop song, “Say My Name” by Hyolyn was playing in my head, especially when she first draws out the title of the track in the pre-chorus. So, people were finally saying DaniLeigh’s name it seems.

You wanna say my name

Say my name yeah

You wanna say my name

Say my name yeah

You wanna say my name

Say my name yeah

You know you know

You know what to do

“Say My Name” by Hyolyn

Because of this, she was likely seeing her career in a new light—it was actually possible to be a singer now, according to the Hanged One. Or the Hanged One can suggest that she was evaluating how she should move forward with this new identity. If she was going to do blackface 24/7, this required being strategic and smart.

That is likely why we have the 4 of Pentacles that follows because this card can denote that a person is rather closed off and to themselves. DaniLeigh couldn’t let people know that she was always acting, so perhaps she had to cut off past associates in order to solidify this new self she invented. And indeed, with the Fool ending the spread, DaniLeigh was starting anew.

Finally, with the 3 of Pentacles at the bottom of the deck, we get another card that symbolizes DaniLeigh’s black transformation in my opinion. In the card, a black woman is drawing a brown woman, but obviously in DaniLeigh’s case it is the opposite. She is the woman sitting down sketching the black woman so she can learn how to become her. But the 3 of Pentacles describe a group effort of some sort as we see with a teacher watching over the sketching woman. So, it is possible someone suggested that DaniLeigh go in this Afro-Latina direction. In this way, she would stand out from both non-black Latin women and “regular” black women because she is the intersection of both. And there are not many (known) Afro-Latina artists here in America. So, she would be in a unique position careerwise.

After this, I asked how being a blackfish affected DaniLeigh’s career and I think I got more of what has happened currently than in the past which is what I wanted. I guess I should have been more specific lol.

 Queen of Cups
 10 of Pentacles (reverse)
 Knight of Cups (reverse)
 6 of Wands (reverse)
 The Star
 Justice (reverse)
 2 of Pentacles (reverse)
 2 of Wands (reverse; bottom of the deck)
 2 of Cups (reverse; bottom of the deck)
 Ace of Cups (reverse; bottom of the deck) 

With DaniLeigh coming out as the Queen of Cups, she may have felt emotionally content in how blackfishing had advanced her career. BUT! With the 10 of Pentacles reverse right after it, things clearly took a left. In fact, this card represents unexpected changes, especially financially. This card can also signify dishonesty, which is fitting. So, blackfishing severely costed DaniLeigh her coin and everything she has built up until now.

With the Knight of Cups reversed right after it, DaniLeigh lost her relationship due to blackfishing as well. This card represents heart break or a young man who is a manipulator, cheater, or who is otherwise deceptive which describes DaBaby well here. The Knight of Cups can also show emotional turmoil. The breakup is echoed in the 2 of Cups and Ace of Cups reversed at the bottom of the deck as Cups symbolize water thus love, emotions, and intuition.

The 6 of Wands reversed just hammers home DaniLeigh’s overall downfall. It represents failure and a lack of achievement. It can also show being hunted apparently and mob mentality which is something she is also experiencing or thinks she is experiencing.

Then we come to the Star. So, despite everything collapsing around her, DaniLeigh still has some creative impulses she wants to focus on. She may have a comeback from all of this if she plays her cards right or if someone takes pity on her in the industry as we will see much later.

However, with Justice reversed, she feels victimized by the persistent backlash she is still facing. She may want to blame others for what has happened but reversed, Justice denotes she has no one to blame but herself. The feelings of being overwhelmed and financially strapped (2 of Pentacles reverse) and indecisive and self-doubtful (2 of Wands reverse) are indeed her own responsibility.

After this I asked if DaniLeigh will continue to pretend to be black and I got “Unlikely” and “Choose a new direction.” At the bottom of the deck was both “Yes” and “No!,” however. Because both “unlikely” and “choose a new direction” came out, it seems to me that unless DaniLeigh has some sort of backup plan, it is unknown or unclear if she will stick to her blackfishing tactic. Considering what we saw above, this has only hurt her, both careerwise and romantically. But that has never stopped some celebrities before, so we just have to wait and see it seems.

What Did They See In One Another?

So, next I asked, what did these two even see in one another? DaniLeigh is on the left while DaBaby is on the right. The card in the middle is the card that was at the bottom of the deck.

Ignore the little image in the corner, I was just trying to hide my old, dusty lamp lol

DaniLeigh on DaBaby

 Light Attribute: Enhances unity through the sharing of information. Engenders social awareness and empathy.
 Rescuer (reverse)
 Shadow Attribute: Assumes that the rescued will reciprocate. Keeps the rescued one needy.
 Child: Nature (reverse)
 Shadow Attribute: Tendency to abuse animals, people, and the environment.
 Light Attribute: Sheds light on the potential wealth within you that can never be stolen.
 Light Attribute: Delights in the arts without having to be a professional. Alerts you to the danger of becoming superficial in your pursuits.
 Light Attribute: Passion for doing and creating what has not been done before. 

So, one theme that pops up right away is that DaniLeigh was really impressed by DaBaby’s business skills. The very first card to come out is Networker, after all. To me, however, this card shows that DaBaby potentially helped propel her career. This makes sense because I certainly didn’t know what a DaniLeigh was, but I knew who a DaBaby was if you catch my drift. So, my first introduction to her being that “Levi High” song featuring DaBaby sort of solidifies my theory that in some way, he put her on. And by appearing with a black man, a rapper specifically, DaniLeigh did legitimize her “blackness” and her brand, at least in my opinion. Therefore, with DaniLeigh seeing DaBaby as a networker could mean that she saw him as a link to the larger black side of the music industry. Nevertheless, DaniLeigh was really impressed by how he was able to control his career. She saw him as a jack of all trades and a pioneer in whatever he was doing.

At the same time, though, DaniLeigh thought DaBaby was a little…abrasive? Child: Nature coming out in reverse was not shocking to me because it is well known that back in September 2019, he came under fire for slapping a female fan in the face. The video shows that the woman touched his face, but closer inspection calls into question if this was an accident because it looks like she was pushed by other eager fans behind her. (Apparently, one of his male security guards also knocked out a woman at a club one time as well because she was too close to him.) Regardless, men putting their hands on women is socially taboo for obvious reasons. Likewise, this seems like a very extreme response to something we assume celebrities likely deal with daily. To make matter worse, DaBaby gave a rather disrespectful apology, at least in my opinion, where he is lazily lying bed and it was posted to his Instagram stories. No formal statement, just a, “Hey, I’m sorry but this is my side of things.”

If this was not the reason for why this card came out, then it could be that DaniLeigh found that DaBaby was just a rougher type of person. Maybe he wasn’t particularly sensitive and instead projected a hypermasculine image. With that, the Rescuer card coming out in reverse makes sense because these types of men always want to be “protectors” of women (and children). But in “protecting” them, they refuse to give them autonomy. They also seem to expect that women should “repay” them for their “kindness,” often through sex, etc. So, DaBaby could have held a sense of power over DaniLeigh either through this masculine image or his connections with the industry. (While DaniLeigh has her own contacts, she is still a woman in a world and industry that dismisses them.) And yet in spite of this all, DaBaby still stole her heart with the Thief card.

DaBaby on DaniLeigh

But what did DaBaby see in DaniLeigh?

 Light Attribute: Revels in intimate union with the Divine.
 Child: Magical
 Light Attribute: Seeing the potential for sacred beauty in all things. The belief that everything is possible.
 Light Attribute: Helping those in need with no expectation of return.
 Light Attribute: Learning the transcendent nature of service to oneself or a cause.
 Light Attribute: Talent for creating and supporting life. Positive guiding light within a tribal unit.
 Midas/Miser (reverse)
 Shadow Attribute: Hoarding money and emotions. Obsessive fear of losing your wealth.
 Rebel (reverse)
 Shadow Attribute: Rejects legitimate authority out of anger. Rebels out of peer pressure or fashion. 

Off the bat, DaBaby views DaniLeigh as a very spiritual/religious person. This is not surprising since she is a very late degree Sagittarius Sun (depending on what time DaBaby was born, he could be one as well). This can explain the next three cards as they all speak about love and service. These cards can also mean that DaBaby thought that DaniLeigh took care of him and made him know that he was loved by her.

Both DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s Sun hang around the very tail end of Sagittarius depending on when they were born

With Father, I wonder if he ever had DaniLeigh around his kids because he seems to think that she had a parental, specifically paternal, energy to her. Maybe he thought she was “wifey material.” Or, since he already has two known baby mamas, he wanted to make her baby mama #3.

But with Midas/Miser in reverse, DaBaby also thought DaniLeigh was too stingy with her money. This is very ironic considering that we know that he left her to save his own career. But often the people closest to us mirror back to us our own traits we are either unconscious of or actively ignore, so… In either case, DaBaby thought that DaniLeigh was perhaps too career focused or fretted over money far too much. This is more or less confirmed with the cards we got from when I asked why she blackfished to begin with.

Finally, with Rebel also reversed, DaBaby thought that DaniLeigh was a little too extra with how she asserted herself. I wonder if DaniLeigh ever assumed a “fuck the police” or “you don’t know me” attitude for her blackface costume to make it more “authentic.” In either case, DaBaby was not feeling whatever rebel behavior she was exhibiting within their relationship. He saw it as performative.

To conclude this section, the card in the middle was the card at the bottom of the deck. It is Avenger upright with the light attribute reading, “Desire to balance the scales of justice. Righteousness on behalf of society or oneself.” So, I guess these two saw their relationship as akin to a superhero power couple? It was them against the world. Together powerful but many had their sights on them to take them down as a result. Well, then.

What’s Next?

To end this article, I asked what was next for both DaniLeigh and DaBaby. Again, DaniLeigh is on the left and DaBaby on the right.

What’s Next for DaniLeigh?

 5 of Cups (reverse)
 7 of Pentacles
 The High Priestess (reverse)
 9 of Wands
 4 of Pentacles
 2 of Cups (reverse)
 Justice (reverse)
 3 of Pentacles
 6 of Pentacles (bottom of the deck) 

We have seen most of these cards before when dealing with DaniLeigh. As such, from the 4 of Pentacles downward suggests that she will still be dealing with the heartbreak of this breakup. She feels victimized as was stated a while back, but this is emphasized even more here with the 9 of Wands. This card shows that DaniLeigh feels like she is in an uphill, on-going battle with the public. She is guarded and wounded but this card often means that the person is close to success if they just stick it through. However, I do not think this latter point is necessarily true for her considering the first few cards.

With the 5 of Cups reversed and 7 of Pentacles upright, DaniLeigh is trying to move forward careerwise but she has to take time out to plan her next moves carefully because the High Priestess is also reversed. This means that she is not listening to her intuition. She has a lot of self-doubt and doesn’t think she can trust herself to make the right decision right now. Considering how a snippet of a song caused all of this mess, it is understandable that she is hesitant now. But the High Priestess in reverse suggests that for her sake, she needs to recenter herself and start listen to heart again.

With the 3 and 6 of Pentacles, DaniLeigh may be working with some people on something. What, I do not know. But the 6 of Pentacles in particular suggests that someone may take pity on her and help her rehabilitate her career. I wonder if it will be a black woman like the card depicts in this deck. I know many black women were vocal about their negative thoughts on DaniLeigh, but many have come to rally behind her after the breakup became news. So, it will not be surprising if a black woman goes out of their way to help her. But the 6 of Pentacles can also mean having to kiss ass. So, DaniLeigh may have to go brownnose to resuscitate her image and career.

What’s Next for DaBaby?

 3 of Swords (reverse)
 The Sun (reverse)
 The King of Swords (reverse)
 Queen of Swords
 Knight of Cups (reverse)
 Queen of Pentacles
 9 of Cups (reverse)
 Page of Wands (reverse)
 The Moon (reverse; bottom of the deck) 

The future doesn’t look too bright for DaBaby lol.

We begin with the 3 of Swords reversed, suggesting that DaBaby is moving on from the breakup too. Although he broke things off allegedly, with the Sun also reversed right next to it, he may be in his feelings about it. He feels less enthusiastic about life right now… or he is overly enthusiastic about what he wants to do next. It may be more in the latter because the King of Swords is reversed.

The King of Swords reversed represents a man who uses his words and intellect to be a nasty person. He lacks morals and is very arrogant. The Sun reversed can also show egoism and conceitedness. So, DaBaby may not be in his feelings but is actually inflating his ego in some way. I have to wonder why though with the following cards because the Queen of Swords and Queen of Pentacles represent his baby mama MeMe to me. With the Knight of Cups between the two but reversed, I feel like she is not dealing with his shit.

She may have not accepted him crawling back to her, especially considering the beef she and DaniLeigh had almost a year prior. But maybe DaBaby doesn’t care. This is the same man who had an entire kid on her when they were supposedly together anyway, so…

But then we have the 9 of Cups reversed, signifying that whatever happened when he went back to MeMe did not pan out how he wanted. I think it is interesting that this card can also represent immaturity because that is also the message with the Page of Wands reversed as it can signify tantrums. So, things did not align for DaBaby like he desired and now he is da baby.

Indeed, with the Moon reversed at the bottom of the deck for him, DaBaby is rather confused as to how things turned left. He thought he was saving his career but now perhaps the one person who always took him back and stood by him doesn’t even want him anymore. It is always ironic how men who bounce back and forward between women like this are “shocked” when one of the women finally says enough is enough and cuts them off. Welp, I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

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