The Two of Them: Chloe x Halle

We’re finally at the end!

So, this is the final part to my three-part series on the R&B duo, Chloe x Halle. You can read my post on Chloe here and Halle here.

Now, I will say that the questions I asked here are sort of general. And I did not ask these them in the order that they are presented.

Chloe x Halle x Music

“When will they release new music?” One of the people in my server wanted to know this, and for that I got “Perfect timing” and “Not the right time.” At the bottom of the deck was “You’re ready.” Under that was “In the near future.”

At first this seems odd but considering that the duo are self-taught musicians that write and produce their own music in their own home studio/room, and since Halle is on set of the live action The Little Mermaid, and Chloe likewise is going through an emotional rough patch, this seemingly contradictory answer makes perfect sense. When the time is right creatively for them, they’ll start writing and producing. But for right now, this won’t be any time soon.

Next, I asked, “Are they going to blow up?” I also added, “Will they become the new It Girls of R&B?” For that I surprisingly got “Unlikely.” “Yes,” “Choose a new direction,” “Yes!,” “No,” and “No!” were all at the bottom of the deck, however.

Because of this answer, I asked, “Is there a specific reason as to why they won’t blow up?” I got “No,” “Reconsider,” and “No!” At the bottom of the deck was “Yes,” “There’s something better,” and “Don’t stop!”

Although the bottom of the deck is affirmative, the cards that came out were negative. Because of that, I wanted more information, so I posed the same questions to my astrology cards. For that I got:

Venus in Cancer: Birth (reverse)
Venus in Scorpio: Secrets (reverse)
Mercury in Taurus: Resistance (reverse)
Mars in Virgo: Criticism
Venus in Leo: Affair
Jupiter in Virgo: Patience (reverse)
Moon in Pisces: Empathy (bottom of the deck)

These are all cards we have seen in the previous articles. And still, the Venus in Scorpio card stumps me because reversed, it seems to indicate that some secrets will be revealed but what and why? I pulled some cards to clarify and many flew out, some even fell on to the floor. The ones I kept was Sun in Libra: Harmony, Sun in Aries: Assertion (reverse), and Jupiter in Capricorn: Control, which was on its side, but it was kind of reversed at the same time. Moon in Sagittarius: Optimism was the new card at the bottom of the deck reversed.

Right away, the reason why Chloe x Halle won’t seemingly blow up is because they will not constantly pump out material for people to consume. They are not the type of artists who put out music just to put out music. With the Venus in Leo, Venus in Cancer, and Moon in Pisces cards, the girls need to be emotionally and spiritually inspired and in the right head space to create. They also have to on some level be in love with their projects as well.

Because of this, their process can be a very slow with Venus in Cancer reversed and Mercury in Taurus reversed. With the presence of the Mars in Virgo card as well, they may be perfectionists, perhaps especially Chloe since she is the Virgo rising. So, fans and casual listeners will grow impatient with them because they may be used to artists who just throw anything out there just to have music playing on the airwaves.

But again, Chloe and Halle are self-taught musicians who make their own music from home. Their creative method by design is inherently methodical. And once more, they may need to be in the right vibration to let the creative juices flow.

Now, let’s deal with the Venus in Scorpio card. By itself, it may represent that people find that the sisters are too open. This is not surprising as they are both 11th house Suns with Mercury-ruled Ascendants. From what I’ve seen, they tend to go on Instagram live a lot, I guess just to talk and/or vibe. So, to some, this takes away the allure of mystery surrounding them. Maybe people see that they are just ordinary people with ordinary thoughts and tastes. Or they find their social media presence annoying because if they are online, then they are clearly not working on music.

Indeed, with the clarifying cards of Sun in Libra upright and Sun in Aries reversed, especially, this may indicate that the duo may have pleasant personalities and are likely not going to get into drama. But sometimes that is the main reason why people become fans of artists, because they stay in mess. There seems to be a limit on Azealia Banks types, but a Cardi B or Asian Doll may be interesting. If Chloe and Halle just talk about “nothing” or vibe online, then perhaps they are too “boring” to be overly invested in. They are both too nice, serious, and yet paradoxically very emotional and spiritual for the general public. They may be too “niche.”

But what does the public really think of them?

Chloe x Halle x the Public

I asked and got:

Destroyer (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Intoxication with destructive power. Destroying others’ dreams or potential.

Visionary (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Selling insights to the highest bidder. Compromising your vision to make it more acceptable.

Child: Nature (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Tendency to abuse animals, people, and the environment.

Scribe (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Altering facts or plagiarizing others’ work.

Rescuer (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Assumes that the rescued will reciprocate. Keeps the rescued one needy.

Child: Orphan (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Feelings of abandonment that stifle maturation. Seeking inappropriate surrogate families.

Child: Wounded (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Blaming all dysfunctional relationships on childhood wounds. Resists moving on through forgiveness.

Hedonist (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Shadow Attribute: Pursues pleasure to the detriment of health. Indulges at the expense of others.

I was very confused about the Child: Nature card so I pulled another card for clarification. I got Storyteller also in reverse. Its shadow attribute reads, “Making up tales that harm others.” The new bottom of the deck became Vampire in reverse, “Depleting others for your psychic survival. Chronic complaining and co-dependency.”

Let me mention that I made sure all of the cards were upright before I shuffled. So, the fact that all of the cards came out reversed means that the cards wanted to come out reverse. Nevertheless, this spread isn’t entirely surprising considering the backlash Chloe has been receiving. What I have also observed is the backlash to the backlash, where people are weirdly upset that Chloe was even upset by the hostile response she was getting. Some believe that she needs to “grow up” and “get a thicker skin” because harassment comes with the territory of being a celebrity. But I always have to ask why? Why do celebrities have to deal with dogpiling in this manner over something that wasn’t even that serious? But I guess I am in the minority.

Nonetheless, these cards denote that the public thinks Chloe and Halle are destroying their bag and image as of late. Many seem to not like the sexier direction they have been going in despite being in their early 20s. Indeed, some feel like they are compromising their career by doing this. They feel like they are selling out a bit by choosing to mature up their image because apparently this more sexual image is oversaturated in the market. Maybe they saw Chloe and Halle as artists with integrity, so to go this way feels like a betrayal in some way. (I find it interesting that the Artist card didn’t come out in reverse, however.)

The public is apparently not a fan of Chloe x Halle’s maturer image (and sound) over the years

With Scribe, Storyteller, Rescuer, Child: Orphan, Child: Wounded, and Vampire all on the table and reversed, I also think the public believes that Chloe specifically is “playing the victim” here. When I see these cards, I think of the Trickster card that was the bottom of the deck in her spread because people seem to think that Chloe altered the facts in some way, was just looking for attention, or is just overly sensitive. It’s a bit funny because before I pulled these cards, I watched a video by a YouTuber I will probably stop supporting that had the same exact thoughts on Chloe. She described her in a way that made it seem like Chloe was being manipulative and sneaky, because according to her, “She knew exactly what she was doing,” in reference to Chloe posting her Buss It Challenge and that video where she was saging her room in her underwear, to denote that Chloe shouldn’t receive sympathy because she was being deceptive. So, it seems that this is overall energy of the public towards the duo right now.

I pulled some more cards from a different deck since this spread was so negative, asking again what the public’s perception of Chloe x Halle was. Just a quick note, however, I did not shuffle these cards in a way that would make some of them reverse because I do not think they can be read as such. Therefore, all of these cards are upright and will thusly be read positively.

I spread joy
I am humble
I keep the waters pure
I offer words of good intent
I follow my inner guidance
I am accepting
I achieve with integrity
I am forgiving (bottom of the deck)

So, as you can tell, these cards are incredibly affirmative. Either way, the public thinks that Chloe and Halle are very thoughtful people. They are humble and modest, probably not the bragging type. They may gas other people up, but this all comes from a place of sincerity. There is an authenticity to them that may seem child-like but in a “pure” way. Basically, they are not shady or mean; they are kind and accepting. However, with this, I feel like some people may write them off as “Millennials”/“Gen Z” types who are “snowflakes” and weirdly spiritual. They are sensitive, as we have seen, but that is because they are so loving and wear their hearts on their sleeves. But interestingly, with the “I keep the waters pure” card, the public may see that the duo can rise above their demons and transcend them. In other words, Chloe and Halle mirror back to us what we would rather keep unconscious, but unlike us, they are able to dive into that part of themselves and transform it into something better. Perhaps that is why “I am forgiving” is at the bottom of the deck: Chloe and Halle know how to forgive themselves and likely others who have hurt them. And that is beautiful!

Chloe x Halle x Beyoncé

For those who do not know, Chloe and Halle are signed to Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment label (and Columbia Records). However, their relationship with Beyoncé goes way back. In the 2003 film, The Fighting Temptations, Chloe played the young version of Beyoncé’s character Lily. When the two were 13 and 11 respectively, they opened up a YouTube channel doing covers of Beyoncé’s songs, the first of which was “Best Thing I Never Had.” (These covers are still up on their official YouTube channel.) Their rendition of “Pretty Hurts” apparently went viral and Beyoncé saw. She later shared the video to her own Facebook page and about a year later in 2015, signed the two sisters to her record label. Under Beyoncé, the duo have released two EPs (Sugar Symphony, 2016; Spotify Singles, 2020), one mixtape (The Two of Us, 2017), and two studio albums (The Kids Are Alright, 2018; Ungodly Hour, 2020).

Chloe and Halle were discovered from their Beyoncé covers on YouTube

So, the residential Beyoncé expert in my server wanted to know, “Will they ever release a song with Beyoncé?” And, unfortunately, I got “Reconsider” and “Don’t stop!” Interestingly, “No,” “Yes,” “Unlikely,” “Choose a new direction,” and “No!” were at the bottom of the deck.

So…it seems really up in the air, but the energy is leaning towards a “no.” Maybe if fans keep bringing it up (don’t stop!), Beyoncé will (re)consider it but she may be busy with other ventures.

Next, I asked, “What does Beyoncé think of them?” And the answer I got was rather confusing:

Mystic (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Delusional rapport with the divine.

Bully (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Conceals deep fears behind verbal or physical abuse.

Exorcist (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Fear of facing your own demons.

Light Attribute: Loyalty, tenacity, and unselfishness.

Teacher (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Manipulating or abusing students. Teaching negative traits and destructive skills.

God (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Despotism and cruelty. Using power to control people.

Healer (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Shadow Attribute: Taking advantage of those who need help. Failing to care for oneself.

Now, after I used these cards for Chloe’s article, I turned them all upright to clear the energy. (I don’t have incense, sage, or crystals so I heard this was a cheap way to cleanse your decks lol.) I also shuffled perhaps four times before shuffling by hand to make the cards jump up. So, the cards came out reversed because they wanted to.

But even so, this entire spread is very perplexing, so perplexing that I had to post it to Discord to get other people’s thoughts. Luckily, the residential Beyoncé expert I brought up earlier responded right away.

To her, she sees that some of these cards may show how Beyoncé views herself as a mentor to Chloe and Halle. In other words, perhaps Beyoncé doesn’t want to be like her father who was her longtime manager. And to me this makes the most sense as the Teacher card came out and reversed. So, Beyoncé may be fighting some inner demons when it comes to being in a teacher/manager position because of her past.

Nevertheless, she wants to be seen more as a companion to Chloe and Halle or more friendly and down-to-earth with them. But I wonder with both Mystic and God reversed if Beyoncé doesn’t entirely understand Chloe and Halle’s spirituality. For those who don’t know, Beyoncé is a Virgo. Earth signs and Mercury have a rather hard time contending with the divine. This element and planet tend to be atheistic, so religion/spirituality may be written off as “nonsense” unless other placements in the chart suggest otherwise. Therefore, as a Virgo Sun, Beyoncé may feel a bit disconnected from the sisters in this way. Nevertheless, she seems to like them as a Companion as this was the only card that came out upright.

So, with this strange answer, I asked the same question again but to the oracle cards I used when I asked how the public perceives Chloe and Halle. Again, I didn’t shuffle them in a way that could make them reverse. I got:

I do good
I listen to opposing opinions
I honor virtue
I am peaceful
I create harmony
I act respectfully of others
I speak positively of others
I live in truth (bottom)

From this spread I get a strong Libra energy, and the “I am peaceful” card does look like the scales a bit. Regardless, Beyoncé views the duo as very respectful. They listen well, especially to feedback, they never have people’s names in their mouth, and they stay out of drama. They are young women with good, honest morals and seem to go out of their way to put positivity into the world.

So, since I asked what Beyoncé thinks of them, I had to ask, what does Chloe and Halle think of Beyoncé? For that I got:

Goddess (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Exploitation of the female nature and form.

Light Attribute: Expressing a dimension of life that is just beyond the five sense. Inspiring others to see life symbolically.

Light Attribute: Delights in the arts without having to be a professional. Alerts you to the danger of becoming superficial in your pursuits.

Shape-shifter (reverse)
Shadow Attribute: Projecting any image that serves your personal agenda in the moment.

Light Attribute: Helping those in need without no expectation of return.

Light Attribute: Learning the transcendent nature of service to oneself or a cause.

Hermit (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Shadow Attribute: Withdraws from society out of a fear or negative judgments of others. Refusing to help those in need.

So, let’s get the negative cards out of the way. Chloe and Halle may think that Beyoncé changes her image or vibe in accordance with what will suit her in any moment. With Dilettante out as well thought, it seems like they see this a both a strength and potential weakness. Beyoncé can use her charm, her sexiness, and her brand to get what she wants but in doing so, sometimes she is a jack of all trades and other times she may come off as two-faced perhaps? Or, since the Hermit is reversed at the bottom of the deck, it is hard to always know which version of her you will get. She masks her true self when out in public, which is understandable, but maybe they want a closer, realer relationship with her. Yet she chooses to remain distant and perhaps in a teacher/mentor role instead.

Chloe and Halle think that Beyoncé is very kind and philanthropic, however. She is a master at what she does, which is multiple ventures—singing, acting, producing, and fashion. She may be a little reversed, though.

I also pulled from my Amenti oracle deck asking this same question and got:

I keep the waters pure
I relate in peace
I converse with awareness
I honor animals with reverence
I follow my inner guidance
I benefit with gratitude
I invoke laughter
I remain in balance with my emotions (bottom of the deck)

So, again, we see that Chloe and Halle think Beyoncé is rather controlled. She is perhaps hyperaware of her image, so she tries to tailor it in a way where she is neutral. She may try to craft a brand and image that is still or calm, I believe, where people think she is not overly emotional but at the same time sentimental if that makes sense. Chloe and Halle think she is kind, especially to animals it seems, and always grateful for what she has. They may also view Beyoncé as rather funny with the “I invoke laughter” card. Maybe she goes out of her way to make the two laugh or lighten the mood. And while I said that Beyoncé may not get Chloe and Halle’s spirituality, the sisters seem to think otherwise as they view her as someone who listens to their gut and is not afraid to tackle the darker side of life.

So, that is all I have for you all! I hope you liked this series! If you did enjoy it don’t forget to share it around and like it! Also think about supporting me on Ko-Fi! I also have an Amazon Wishlist as well.

I’m actually unsure of who I want to cover next in my singer series, so I guess it will be a mystery for now. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have my Black History Month post up!


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