Does She Really Want to be A Part of Disney’s World?: Halle Bailey

The answer may surprise you.

A few days ago, I covered the older half of the duo Chloe x Halle, Chloe Bailey. Here, I will examine Halle Bailey and her thoughts around acting. But first I had to ask some questions about the upcoming film she is in, the live action The Little Mermaid.

The 2021 logo for the live action The Little Mermaid

The World x The Little Mermaid

After being delayed due to the corona virus, filming has officially begun late last month. Considering how bad the previous live action remakes of Disney’s iconic movies were, I began my questioning by asking, “Will the movie [the live action The Little Mermaid] be a financial success?” I also added, “Or will it [make] enough [money] to satisfy Disney?” Well… “Choose a new direction” flew out. At the bottom of the deck was “Reconsider” and under it “Yes!” Because of the vagueness of this answer, I asked again and got more of the same: “There’s something better” and “Don’t stop!” At the bottom of the deck was “Yes” but under that was “Unlikely.”

So, it seems like the amount of money the movie will make is up in the air as of right now. But it seems like it will make good money in the end. This is not surprising because apparently many people just make consuming Disney products their entire personalities. And since Ariel will be black (but with a white love interest of course, can’t make this too black, ew), I’m sure many will check the movie both out of curiosity and support for Halle.

Next, I asked, “Will the movie be critically acclaimed?” Basically, will the professional critics praise the move? I also sort of added to this question while shuffling, “Will it not suck as bad as the other live action [Disney] movies?” Like the answer to the previous question, “Reconsider” and “Don’t stop!” fell out. At the bottom of the deck was “No!” and under that was “No.”

Considering the energy at the bottom of the deck, I think critics will not love this movie but looking at the other live action Disney movies…this seems to be on trend.

So, next I asked, “Will the masses laud the movie?” Critic and audience reception can differ, and sometimes a lot. Therefore, I wanted to know if this movie will cause that schism. Well… “No!” flipped out but I kept shuffling, so I didn’t clearly see the bottom of the deck. I think it might have been “There’s something better”? In either case, no other cards flew out so when I eventually stopped, “Yes” was at the bottom and under it was “Yes!”

So, to me, this shows a split in how the audience may feel. On the surface or the overwhelming energy is no, people at home will not like it. But of course, there are going to be people who love it and think it’s amazing. Considering the racist backlash that ensued when Disney revealed that Ariel will be black, I asked the following question: “Will white people slam the movie because Ariel is black?” Interestingly, “No!” came out. “Reconsider” jumped at as well, however. Nevertheless, “There’s something better” and “Unlikely” were at the bottom of the deck. Maybe the vocal racists got all their anger out already.

I didn’t ask how black people will feel because I think it’s not farfetched to believe that even if we do not collectively like the movie, we’ll support it publicly because of all the hate Halle got. So, I instead asked, “Will Disney continue to diversify their live action movies?” I wanted to add, “even if this one flops too” because people act like if supposed “diverse” movies (what does this even mean?) fail financially the big executives won’t give us marginalized people anymore breadcrumbs, which just isn’t observably true. But anyway, before I could even add this latter part, “Yes” flew out and when I checked the bottom of the deck, “Yes!” was there.

This is not surprising in the least. Disney has been actively trying to expunge its racist past, especially in these awful live action movies because they’re trying to appeal to their racist yet “woke” white majority audience. So, they’ll keep trying to be “informed” and put in the bare minimum which just creates new racism that wasn’t even in the original base movie lmao.

Xiran Jay Zhao gives a lot of historical and cultural nuance and information to the media they cover

So, with the movie questions out the way, I asked, “Will Halle get into acting more after this movie?” This question marks the beginning of rather conflicting answers even if the card that falls out is rather definitive. Anyway, I got “Yes” but at the bottom of the deck was “No,” “Don’t stop!,” and “No!”

These answers make more sense in the following oracle I pulled but it seems like while Halle will continue to act after The Little Mermaid is out, she may not want to…? Why? Well, let’s see if we can find out.

Halle x Acting

For the following astrology oracle cards I pulled, I asked, “How does Halle feel about acting in general?” I got:

Venus in Pisces: Submission (reverse)
Jupiter in Virgo: Patience (sideways)
Mars in Gemini: Decision (reverse)
Mars in Cancer: Quarrel (reverse)
Mars in Leo: Egoism (reverse)
Sun in Leo: Fortune
Mars in Virgo: Criticism (reverse)
Mercury in Virgo: Caution
Mercury in Libra: Influence 
Mars in Sagittarius: Domination 
Moon in Pisces: Empathy (reverse; bottom of the deck)

From the very first card, I got the sense that Halle doesn’t fully like acting… With the Venus in Pisces card in reverse, I feel like Halle doesn’t like being tokenized or displayed like a pretty bird in a cage similar to what the card depicts. But she doesn’t know how to get out of this situation.

The other cards seem to suggest that acting wasn’t entirely her idea. In fact, it looks like she was forced to make a quick decision without much thought. She wanted to meditate on it and weigh the pros and cons (Mercury in Virgo) but someone may have sweet talked (Mercury in Libra) her and when she still wavered, they used force—allegedly. Or they at the very least made their argument increasingly aggressive with the Mars in Sagittarius card.

This person perhaps saw the star quality in Halle with the Sun in Leo card. They thought she would stand out and finally be recognized independent of her sister. This is interesting because with the Mars in Cancer card in reverse, Halle doesn’t seem to like how acting causes people to unfairly judge the two and pit them against each other like they are in competition. To Halle, acting isn’t really about her with the Mars in Leo card in reverse next to the reversed Mars in Cancer card. Sure, she is fortunate enough to be able to sing and act, but I do not believe she went into acting to be the center of attention or to even individuate herself from her sister.

Regardless, the two get compared and when they are criticized for their acting skills, Halle seems to really take it to heart with the Mars in Virgo card reversed. Although Chloe is the Virgo rising, Halle seems equally tough on herself when it comes to the critique of her performances. With the Moon in Pisces card reversed at the bottom of the deck, Halle may think the acting world is a little devoid of emotion and sensitivity. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

So, with this type of answer I had to ask, “Does Halle genuinely like acting?” And… “No!” came out. However, “Yes,” “Unlikely,” and “No” were at the bottom of the deck.

So, overall, we get a very strong “no” although the underlying energy wavered a bit. Because of this surprising answer I then asked, “Did someone force Halle into acting?” because I got a strong male energy from the astrology cards, perhaps suggesting like a manager or agent’s influence. For this question I got “Don’t stop!” and…at the bottom of the deck was “Yes!” The no’s were at the top of the deck…

I’ll just let you all decide if this true or not on your own…

After this, I asked, “How does Halle feel about starring as Ariel?” I got:

Mars in Scorpio: Revenge
Mars in Libra: Choice
Sun in Aries: Assertion
Venus in Scorpio: Secrets (reverse)
Venus in Libra: Indecision (reverse)
Venus in Virgo: Discrimination (reverse)
Venus in Leo: Affair (reverse)
Venus in Sagittarius: Flirtation (reverse)
Moon in Aries: Protection
Sun in Taurus: Acquisition
Venus in Aquarius: Detachment
Venus in Cancer: Birth (reverse; bottom of the deck)

At the time, I was rather confused about the Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Scorpio cards, so I pulled some cards for clarification. I got Moon in Taurus: Exaltation and Mercury in Taurus: Resistance which came out sideways, respectively. The new bottom of the deck was Mars in Capricorn: Authority.

So once again, we get cards talking about a decision having to be made but Halle being rather unsure on what to pick. I haven’t followed The Little Mermaid news because I was disinterested and the racist backlash turned me off further, but I wonder with the Venus in Scorpio card if this mystery person I talked about before kept this role a secret from Halle. In other words, they got her the role but didn’t tell her, leaving her in the dark about her contract and the script until it was too late to back out. Therefore, Halle was stuck in between a rock and a hard spot. Perhaps this explains the “Indecision” card because she didn’t even want this role, or she wasn’t given the time to decide on whether or not she wanted it.

Regardless, Halle is now on set filming. And…she’s is not loving it. With both the Sun and Moon in Aries cards out, she feels like she has to prove herself and earn respect. Indeed, there are feelings of having to be on the defensive or even offensive a bit. But at the same time, Halle knows coming in guns ablaze (remember she is an Aries Sun lol) will hinder her more than anything. Therefore, she has to really play her cards right and strike a balance between cooperation and assertion (Mars in Libra and a little of Venus in Libra). She has to be firm in who she is (Sun in Taurus) but not be seen as too fussy (Venus in Virgo) or dramatic (Venus in Leo). She has to remain neutral (Libra cards and Venus in Aquarius).

If Halle is able to put her all into her role, she should actually be successful according to the Mars in Scorpio card and its clarifier, Moon in Taurus. But again, this may be difficult because she is genuinely not feeling this movie or her role. She is also not feeling her co-star and love interest, Jonah Hauer-King, who is playing Prince Eric.

Jonah Hauer-King is a 25 year old white British-American actor who started his acting career back in 2014 starring in short films. Harry Styles was initially approached to play Prince Eric but he declined. Some other white British-American actor by the name of Cameron Cuffe was also considering the role before Hauer-King as well.

With Venus in Sagittarius reversed, Venus in Leo reversed, Venus in Virgo reversed, and Venus in Aquarius upright, there is some disconnect between him and her. It may be ideological (Sagittarius, Virgo, Aquarius) or cultural (Sagittarius) in nature. I wonder if the “discrimination” seen in the Venus in Virgo card is literal, with Halle being mistreated on set directly or indirectly, whether in general by Disney or otherwise by her co-stars…

In either case, I feel like these cards can also show that Halle is not vibing in Europe, especially since Sagittarius can represent adventure and travel and the Venus in Aquarius card has European and water imagery representing her being overseas and playing Ariel. Venus in Cancer reverse at the bottom of the deck can also mean that she may be homesick as well, or she is still worrying about Chloe. So, she may feel like she has to remove herself from the people on set or they may conversely be distant to her.

Halle x the Critics

While I was wondering what else to ask, I realized I didn’t ask how people will receive Halle’s acting in this movie. Therefore, I asked, “Will critics like Halle’s acting?” I got: “Reconsider,” “There’s something better,” and “Unlikely.” At the bottom of the deck was “No,” “Yes,” “Yes!,” and “No!”

So, with that, I feel like the critics will be very “meh” about Halle’s acting. There are better actresses out there, but she’s not terrible.

Next, I asked, “Will the masses like Halle’s acting?” Again, I got “Reconsider” which flew out of the deck. I pulled one more card for a clearer answer and surprisingly got “Yes.” “Unlikely,” and “No” were at the bottom of the deck, however.

To me, this means that some may say, “Yeah, she was good,” but subjectively they thought she was bad. These cards can also mean that it may be split with some people really liking what Halle will bring to the movie while others will not. I’m not sure if the latter group will be very vocal because of the hate Halle got before production even began, though.

Chloe x The Little Mermaid

With Halle out the way, I asked about Chloe’s thoughts on Halle starring as Ariel, and this is where things got kinda weird in my opinion…

Sun in Cancer: Resourcefulness
Moon in Aquarius: Independence
Mercury in Pisces: Inspiration (reverse)
Mars in Pisces: Escape
Saturn in Aries: Risk
Sun in Pisces: Vision
Jupiter in Scorpio: Manipulation (bottom of the deck)

Chloe is a Cancer Sun, so it is interesting that she came out first. (Halle came out—Sun in Aries—when I asked about her feelings on playing Ariel as well.) But I will be honest in that this spread truly stumped me. I thought about pulling clarifying cards, but I felt like I would have to clarify the entire spread so, I pulled some other oracle cards instead. Regardless, I will attempt to find some meaning here.

With the Sun in Cancer card and then the Moon in Aquarius card right after it (the Moon rules Cancer), I think Chloe may be really feeling the effects of Halle’s absence. I don’t know how close the two are, but since many thought they were twins when they first hit the scene (me included), it is safe to assume that numerous people think they are almost inseparable. I mean, the two have made their careers together and since they are also both Mercury-rising people, this denotes that their sibling will always play a significant role in their lives anyway. (Mercury rules siblings.)

Early in their careers, it seemed as though Chloe and Halle were always purposefully styled to resemble twins

Regardless, the little book that comes with these cards describes the imagery of the Sun in Cancer card as a raven making a home out of the discarded vase, showcasing its resourcefulness—the subtitle of the card. But to me it represents an “empty nester,” which is Chloe. With Mercury in Pisces turning up again but in reverse, I wonder if Chloe doesn’t exactly know what to say to Halle that will be inspiring. The two have only appeared in Grown-ish to my knowledge acting-wise (edit: they have had minor roles in a variety of projects, and they have worked with Disney before), so perhaps Chloe can’t really wrap her head around such a big role as the lead actress in a Disney film.

Grown-ish is one of creator Kenya Barris’s fifty thousand shows on light skinned/mixed black people that ABC lets run on their channel

But then we get to the bottom row with “Escape” and “Risk.” I’m not sure what these cards means. Is Chloe worried about Halle because she is dealing with Disney? Because she is overseas by herself? It seems unclear. However, the imagery in the Saturn in Aries card can represent Halle navigating life in the UK by herself, proceeding with caution. But these cards are supposed to be reflective of Chloe’s feelings, so once again I am unsure.

We then end with the Sun in Pisces card. Chloe keeps appearing as Pisces energy, which is interesting because Cancer cards didn’t show up for her in her spread. Anyway, I feel like all Chloe can do is watch from afar and wait for her sister’s return.

Edit: It just came to me that the "Escape" and "Risk" showing up can be because Chloe and Halle talk lol, which means that Halle could be telling Chloe what's occurring on set. If what the cards say are true, Chloe may be understandably concerned for her little sister. She may be telling her to tread carefully and escape when she can. With the "Vision" card, I wonder if Chloe is psychic in some way and can see things before they happen. Again, I have to question if these sisters are spiritually connected because Chloe may be advising Halle based on what she can intuit/psychically see, etc. Perhaps Chloe can pick up on some manipulative energy around Halle and she is warning her about it.

As I mentioned above, I pulled some other oracle cards for clarification. I got:

42: Homeward – Take yourself on a date
6: Dragons – Slay them all
2: Evil Queen – You deserve sugar, not salt
23: Confidence – It comes with time and sacrifice
25: Mural – Be your own first priority
26: Feather – Think first before you judge (bottom of the deck)

When I first saw the previous spread, I thought, “Is [Chole] jealous?” And with these cards it is hard to think otherwise in my opinion. Especially with the card at the bottom of the deck, it seems like a very strange underlying energy to have. The book describes this card as thus:

Did you commit to lifting up one of your sisters only to drop her down into the blaze? Examine the situation. Is your judgement justified, or is society tricking you into your stance? After all, it does have a habit of making you believe that other girls are your competition and that they must behave perfectly at all times. Step back and take time to figure it out—it’s not always clear at first!—instead of acting rashly. (Lovelace, pp. 26)


Anyway, these cards may also just reflect Chloe’s current state. As I detailed in my previous post on her, Chloe is not doing well right now. She is really shaken up by the hate she was getting recently. However, I did specifically ask what Chloe thought about Halle playing Ariel… So, I went ahead and asked by angel answers cards again.

Edit: With the epiphany I had above, perhaps these cards are the advice Chloe is giving Halle. Similar to how Halle wants Chloe to stand up for herself and be firm in who she is in the face of haters, Chloe likewise wants Halle to remain strong on set. With this as the message, it echoes Halle's cards surrounding her role as Ariel—that is, for whatever reason, Halle needs to make sure that she doesn't lose herself on set. Not in the sense that she is caught up in playing her role but more so that she shouldn't forget who she is because there seems to be influences around her that want her to shrink herself or behave in a certain way. Because of that, Chloe wants to remind Halle to take time out for herself, to stand up to adversity, and that she doesn't deserve whatever negativity she may be receiving. However, the Feather card suggests that Chloe should be careful in jumping to conclusions. With that "Manipulation" card, it could actually speak of how Chloe has her own influence over Halle, and that because of that, she should be mindful of how she directs her sister, subtly or not.

First, I asked, “Is Chloe jealous of Halle getting this role [as Ariel]?” For that I got “Yes!” and “Choose a new direction.” At the bottom of the deck was “Yes,” “Reconsider,” “Don’t Stop!” and “No!”

To be honest, I feel like this isn’t a malicious sort of jealousy but a “Wow! I can’t believe you get to star in a Disney movie!” happy for someone else type of jealousy. Nevertheless, I also asked, “Did Chloe originally want to be Ariel?” Because as I mentioned in the astrology oracle section for Halle, I get the sense that she was pushed into this Ariel role and acting more generally. Anyway, for this question I got “No” and “There’s something better.” At the bottom of the deck, however, was “Yes,” “No,” and “Yes!”

So, once again take this as you will…

Halle x What’s Going on Around Her

Finally, I concluded by asking, “What is the energy around Halle?” I got:

28: Protest – Start a revolution
41: Sundress – Do it for you
35: Shark – Swim away from this situation
33: Nostalgia – Focus on the here and now (bottom of the deck)

So, similar to when I asked about what does Halle think about playing Ariel, we get cards that speak of standing up for oneself but also cards that denote that she needs to also know when to back out of certain situations. So, I’m not sure if that “Discrimination” card was literal or not, but it seems like Halle is stuck in a place where she has to both defend herself or otherwise put herself first and essentially take Ls and compromise at the same time. This definitely explains all the Libra and decision/choice cards we saw with her because Halle needs to find that balance between self-assertion and cooperation. And this is a very precarious balance. I saw the final casting for this movie, and she is only one of a two black people. Likewise, acting is not her normal stomping grounds and she is young working for Disney of all companies. She is at a disadvantage on many fronts, but she has to keep a strong face because the people around her can walk all over her and others will likely not say anything, unfortunately.

From left to right: Halle Bailey as Ariel, Daveed Digs as Sebastian, Javier Bardem as King Triton, Jabcob Remblay as Flounder, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, and Awkafina as Scuttle (why???)

The cast of The Little Mermaid is not very black. And Disney has the audacity to cast Akwkafina in this film.

So, sorry to end on a sad note (Chloe x) Halle fans! Next time I will look at the duo cohesively and hopefully the cards predict something more fortunate than what we saw here.

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Mitchell, Amanda and Arianna Davis. (2020, Dec. 14). The Little Mermaid Live-Action Movie Has Officially Been Cast. Retrieved from

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