February 2021 Predictions

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February 2021 Transits

What are the planetary transits for February 2021?

Feb. 2 Venus enters Aquarius

Feb. 10 New Moon in Aquarius

Feb. 15 The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction perfects 

Feb. 18 The Saturn-Uranus square perfects

Feb. 19 The Sun enters Pisces

Feb. 20 The Venus-Mars square perfects 

Feb. 21 Mercury turns direct at 11°1 Aquarius

Feb. 25 The Mars-Pluto trine perfects

Feb. 26 Full Moon in Leo and Venus enters Pisces 

In the month of February, there isn’t much going on astrologywise, at least from what I can tell. Starting at the beginning of the month, Mercury will be in retrograde and Venus will enter Aquarius, making it the fifth planet in the sign. Because of that, there will be a lot of intense energy throughout the month because all of these Aquarius planets will square Mars and Uranus in Taurus. So, be aware that there may be some animosity in the air until these planets move into Pisces. Also, because Mercury is retrograde until the 21st, a lot of past issues and people may come knocking on your door again.

Some of this discomfort should dissipate once the Sun and Venus enter Pisces, however. There, they will meet up with Neptune, perhaps causing people to try and smooth over any problems that cropped up earlier in the month. Or, since this is the planet of escapism, people may try to run away from whatever was brought up in February.

Oracle Messages

I tried to correct the picture. Sorry they are always so dark on Instagram. I can’t always tell until I upload what the picture really looks like.

What is the energy of Feb. 2021?

Venus (reversed)
Mars (reversed; bottom of the deck)

Feb.  14 is Valentine's Day. And since we have been in a global pandemic for  over a year now, many are wondering how they can spend time with their  significant others. But in many places around the world, the number of  cases and unfortunately deaths have not dropped down at all or to a  relatively safe level where people can return to some semblance of  "normal." And because of that, people are likely not feeling the love in  the air that they typically would by this time of year.

Life  thus far has been emotionally draining. People have had to contend with  their relationships not to just the few people they care about but  society at large. And for a lot of people this shift in focus away from  things and people *they* care about to others they have not even given a  second thought about, has involved a very large learning curve.

Learning  to put the ego aside all together or balancing it with another person  has been tough and not something they are used to doing, especially for  months on end. Being a part of a society that has restrictions and  boundaries has been a difficult lesson to master for some. And because  of that there may be feelings of both unworthiness and repressed anger  brewing under the surface as we enter February. 

Considering the transits that we will have throughout February, it is not surprising that we got the cards that we did. As I noted above, I think these cards are speaking about how people are going to navigate Valentine’s Day this year since we are still in a global pandemic. I have not read many articles on how the virus has impacted relationships, but I keep seeing and hearing that people’s relationships have been breaking down since we entered quarantine back in March in the U.S.

This is not shocking as we can get so caught up in our daily routine that we do not always realize that perhaps we really do not like our partners or we do not readily see how our living situations are toxic and stifling until we are forced to be in close quarters with these individuals for months on end for most hours of the day.

How we relate to one another on all levels–platonic, romantic, sexual, peer-to-peer, person-to-person, person-to-society, etc.–is being challenged and examined. What does it mean to be in a relationship or something larger like a part of a society? I do not think too many people thought about that until now. Of course, if you are marginalized, you are a lot more aware than others how your personhood radically shapes how you are allowed to navigate the world and interact with other people. But I think collectively everyone is now wrestling with this problem because like other viruses and diseases, no one is really shielded from catching it. Sure, certain populations are more at risk because of a myriad of factors, but things like wealth, race/ethnicity, ability, etc. does not prevent someone from getting sick and unfortunately dying. And because of that, people are questioning their place in society and the people they live alongside. And some people are not really about that. They do not like that their relationships are not what they thought, or their relationship to their government is not what they thought. So, there is some feelings of insecurity and anger that is cropping up, which we also see astrologically with these squares to Mars and Uranus. As I noted in my previous predictions post, things are changing whether we like it or not. And in the month of February, some of you are taking change into your own hands.

I don’t care much for celebrities, but I have almost forgotten that when the virus was really sweeping through the U.S., the general public grew visibly and verbally upset and annoyed by celebrities and influencers alike because they continued to flaunt their wealth and dismissed safety guidelines because they could afford to. With this whole stock “battle” between Wallstreet brokers and Redditors as well blowing up recently, this astrology spread can also be depicting how the masses are growing ever disenchanted by the rich and their apathy towards the every day person.

What are the oracle messages for Feb. 2021?

41: Sundress - Do it for you
45: Throne - Your potential is endless
43: Spaceship - Don't be afraid to sing
37: Grey - Endings are inevitable (bottom of the deck)

In February, you need to start doing things for you. 

I  know on all of my posts I talk about how people have been unfortunately  selfish with this whole pandemic. And while true, some of you have been  trying to save people, relationships, and situations that cannot be  saved. For some of you, you have been putting a lot of work and energy  into others but now is the time to start putting that work and energy  back into yourself.

Some people in your life have died, some of  have shown their true colors, and others have just simply moved on  without you but these are things you just have to accept. No one can  turn the clock back now. Time may not always be linear but it still  marches on. So, you have to ask yourself what are you going to do to put  your best foot forward for *you*? What are some small things you can do  to empower yourself, heal yourself, and make yourself happy? Because  your potential is indeed endless when you start to focus on yourself a  little.

For the energy of 2021, I got the Sun in Aries card. I interpreted that to mean that people would unfortunately be more selfish this coming year because of how they have been confined for most of last year. However, this card can also mean standing up for yourself in the positive sense where you no longer let people take advantage of you.

What is the energy for 2021?
Sun  in Aries: 2021 will bring a lot of new changes. 2020 was a 22/4 year,  meaning that many people were burdened by numerous responsibilities as  our social structures and institutions began to be exposed as  ineffectual. The most vulnerable and routinely stigmatized and  marginalized have known this their entire existence, but for the “common  person,” the sudden halt in society and the dismissive attitude of  those who govern us was a shock, a wake up call, if you will, to how the  rest of us are treated day in and day out.
Many individuals  felt stifled by these new restrictions (4) being placed on everybody.  Some refused to take a step back and wait or follow guidelines and have  paid for it with their lives or the lives of others around them. But now  that the vaccine is greenlit and being rolled out, many of these same  people are feeling antsy and want to “return to normal.”
2021 is  also a 5 year, which nicely coincides with the Sun in Aries because  many people want to return to focusing on themselves and throwing  caution to the wind. They want to go back outside and not have to worry  about anything. Like the image in the card, they are willing to rough it  against any opposition that may challenge them if that means that they  can go back to being independent and individualistic again.
2021  will be a year of restless energy and impatience. People are fed up  being limited in what they can do. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the  planet of action. Mars, coincidentally, has been in Aries for the past 6  months and will make its way into Taurus very soon to meet up with  Uranus. When that happens, we will likely see another surge of people  protesting for their “freedom” and to be unburdened by what they deem is  the shackles of government oversight and restriction. Things are  changing but for the better? We will have to see.
Bottom of the deck: Moon in Aquarius
It  is odd to see “independence” for this card as Aquarius is not an  individualistic sign. It is perhaps the most group-oriented and -focused  sign next to Pisces. When I see this card I see indifference,  unfortunately, to others. Last year, many people had to focus on other people  besides themselves. For hyper individualistic countries like the U.S.,  this is a rather difficult thing to do, especially as a former European  settler colony. Conquering others and beating them into submission in  order to advance the group you belong to is the name of this country’s  history and it seems as though many want to return to that, which is why  the Sun in Aries popped out. People want to return to putting their ego  first, and they are willing to fight others to do that. Being mindful  of other people and how their actions impact them is now old news in  their minds. 2021 is what 2020 should have been: *their* year.

And it in the month of February it does look like some of you are taking a stand on something. This could be a bad living situation like I mentioned on Instagram or it could be just that you are focusing on yourself for once. Life is very much give and take, and sometimes you need to press the brakes on the giving. In February, it seems like this is the time to do so.

It won’t be easy, of course, but it’s important to remember that endings are inevitable, however. Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to leave something behind. But once you do that, it seems like life will start to slowly get better because the world will be your oyster! These messages were echoed in the spirit guide cards I pulled as well.

These cards flew out onto my desk! I guess these messages really wanted to come out.

What messages do our guides have for Feb. 2021?

41: Bravado - Warrior Guides
42: Intuition - Inner Child
20: Exhaustion - Divine Helpers 
32: Decisions - Higher Self (bottom of the deck)

The  messages of these cards mirror the previous messages. For February, a  lot of you need to learn how to stand up for yourselves. Because of  quarantine, many of you may have been placed (back) into situations  where you have had to tread carefully least you find yourself on the  streets homeless. Because of that, some of you may have worn yourself  haggard trying to please people who cannot stand you or who will if they  find out who you truly are. 

But now you're at an impasse in  February, an impasse that is nudging you to make a decision: stand up  for yourself and leave or continue to be stepped on and stay. 

Your  choices do not have to be this binary in nature but there is this  energy of having to leave something behind and disappointing others  because you are finally listening to your inner voice and letting it  guide you to happiness. 

So, whatever you decide to do or not,  remember that endings are inevitable but think about what you need right  now and leave the rest behind.

February is about standing up for yourself and making some tough decisions. You may be exhausted by the time you muster up the courage, so it is important to choose your battles wisely. But it is also important to remember to listen your inner voice. It may be louder than usual this month. What is trying to tell you? Will you take its advise? If you do, you may have to let go of something. Are you willing to do that? The answers to these questions are ultimately up to you.

Well, that is all I got for February. As I mentioned elsewhere, I may be busy this month doing other things so we may only get one Black History Month post again, sorry. Likewise, I don’t know when I’ll have my Chloe x Halle post up either. Regardless, have a good February/Black History Month!

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