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Are you in “Superlove” with Tinashe?

As we move deeper into this singer series, you will notice that many of the women on this list are only now receiving their flowers after years of being known but not really being celebrated. Likewise, there is a pattern of these women being unsupported by their record labels (which is interesting because some of them are under the same company), as their mangers seem unable to promote them as black artists with a specific musical style, which always seems to be in conflict with the image their label wants them to have. And Tinashe is no different. No sooner than she left RCA Records (Normani’s label) to sign with Roc Nation did it seem like people were finally looking in her direction, at least from where I am standing, and we all know I am not a good barometer for what is hot in today’s music lol.

Despite this change in management, though, I will admit that I still did not look her way, but I was always intrigued, especially since I only became aware of her in 2016 when I saw her “Superlove” single. In either case, we will look at Tinashe’s numerology in this article. I would have done a luck in career reading, but her birth time is questionable. That is, some rando on Astro-Databank says he saw her birth certificate…and I do not immediately trust that. Therefore, we will look at her numbers instead of her stars.

Tinashe is an alleged very late degree Taurus rising, Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon.

Life Path: 3

Born on February 6, 1993, Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe is a 3 Life Path. The 3 is all about creative self-expression, especially when it comes to writing and speaking. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a singer with this Life Path, although I will admit I thought it was “strange” since Tinashe is an Aquarius Sun.

30 = 3

I think when you study astrology from a theoretical and archetypal standpoint, it becomes hard to deal with the “discrepancies” you see empirically. That is, people with planets in certain signs in an occupation or with hobbies that are not “typical” of that sign. For Aquarius, it is often not on the list of “the most creative signs,” sometimes even when we invoke the more modern, “quirky” Uranus-influenced interpretation of Aquarius. The creative signs are most frequently Leo (of course), Pisces, and Libra. Geminis are the writers. While her Moon (and Chiron) are in Leo, and her retrograde Jupiter in Libra, Tinashe has most of her planets in the cool Aquarius. Her Venus, which rules creativity, is in detriment in Aries and allegedly further debilitated in the weak 12th house. Her Mars is not only in fall in Cancer but retrograde in the 3rd house. But all of this is a little beside the point because we are discussing numerology, not astrology.

The 3, as previous mentioned, is all about creative or artistic expression in all of its forms. Numerologist Matthew Olivier Goodwin emphasizes that the 3 also deals with the “expression of feelings towards others—friendship, affection, love. The JOY OF LIVING can be expressed with optimism and enthusiasm,” (1981, pp. 8). So, Tinashe came into this life to be a star, and a star she is.

Since the age of 4, Tinashe has been dancing—ballet, tap, and jazz. Until she was 18, she danced competitively as well for a dance company. Interestingly, however, Tinashe was also into acting, starring in movies such as Cora Unashamed (2000), Call Me Claus (2001), and Masked and Anonymous (2003). She also graced the silver screen too, appearing on TV shows like Out of Jimmy’s Head (2007-2008) and Two and Half Men (2008-2009) as a lead and reoccurring role, respectively. Tinashe additionally lent her voice to The Polar Express (2004), Rocket Power (2004), and Avatar: the Last Airbender (2007).

Tinashe had a long acting career that included voice acting before transitioning into music

Not slowing down, in 2007 Tinashe joined the girl group the Stunners under Columbia Records and then Universal Republic Records. From 2007 to 2011 when they disbanded, the group released one 5 track EP titled, The Stunners (2009), five singles (two of which were from the EP), created a song for the iCarly soundtrack (2008), and opened for Justin Bieber’s My World Tour in 2010. An album written by Tinashe and bandmate Allie Gonino was in the works but had to be scrapped when the group split in 2011. Instead of letting this get her down, Tinashe created a home studio and taught herself how to compose music and film and edit music videos all at 18 through YouTube tutorials. This experimentation led to the birth of her first mixtape, In Case We Die, in 2012 in just under 16 days. This led to a record deal with RCA Records on July 13, 2012.

Tinashe got her start in music by being a part of the girl group the Stunners. She made her first mixtape in her room after the group split. A year later she signed to RCA Records and released her first studio album, Aquarius.

In the seven years she was under them, Tinashe released three studio albums, although with many setbacks and frustrations she later revealed in interviews. (For some reason, her next three mixtapes were released independently.) But finally free, Tinashe continues to release music to this day, although to less viewer engagement, at least on YouTube from what I can see, and lower chart rankings, if her albums and singles charted at all.

According to Wikipedia, Tinashe’s music hasn’t really charted well or at all since 2019. However, some of this can be due to the fact that her music is categorized as R&B when it tends to be more pop-sounding than anything.

So, as we can see Tinashe is very much living out her 3 Life Path. I would say very closely as well because she writes her own music, a skill she had since she was 6 when she scored her first piano piece. (This song, “Deep in the Night,” became the interlude to her first studio album, Aquarius.) In a 2015 interview with The National, she had this to say about her writing process:

Do you know what a song’s about before you start writing it?
When I listen to a beat I feel particular emotions, so I know a general theme I want. That’s not necessarily super-specific, but it’s the general feeling that I want to portray. Then, from there I start making melodies for the track and then I go in and fill in lyrics.

Where do you write?
My favourite place to write is still in my room. I have a recording studio in my bedroom and that’s where I feel most comfortable, I feel I can be the most open as a writer. I feel relaxed, I can wear my pyjamas and just focus on the music and not anything else.  

In an interview with Complex back in 2016, Tinashe said,

I’ve always been able to tap into the storytelling aspect of writing. As an artist you’re allowed to create stories that aren’t so literal to your life. I’m able to take stories that my friends have gone through, things I’ve witnessed, secondhand accounts, and narrate that. […] Everyone wants to think that everything you do is a direct reflection of who you are. It’s not always that deep. I’ve definitely had a particular life that many haven’t. I think that it’s important to share your story but also to be able to find the relatability [in the stories of others]. Because it’s important to me to be able to relate to my fans.

And it is interesting to note that when asked by Complex in the same interview if she ever wanted to give up on music at some point in her career, Tinashe very confidently and vehemently said no:

I have no Plan B. I’ve set this up so that my entire life is based on this, and if this fails I have nothing else. No career options. No life options. I’ve sacrificed so much for this; failure is so beyond an option. There can only be setbacks. It’ll eventually work because it can’t not work. And it’s never a fully hopeless situation, because I’ll always have some support.

She held similar sentiments when asked by The National as well, stating that her secret to success was “[n]ever having a plan B, never thinking that I couldn’t do it, always being sure that somewhere, somehow, I was going to make it work.” She also denied ever wanting to throw in the towel. “There’s been moments of discouragement, where things haven’t gone my way,” Tinashe said, “but I always knew that, deep down, I was going to figure things out one way or another. I wasn’t going to give up.”

This is a very different and resolved attitude from newer girls in the game who seem to be rather vocal about their discontent with their labels and the lack of support and management from them, often going so far to say that they want to quit the industry all together.

Astrologically, this determined mindset makes sense as Tinashe’s Sun is ruled by Saturn and Saturn conjuncts her Sun by 3° and her Mercury by 8°. With all three allegedly with the Midheaven in the 10th house, indeed, Tinashe is all about her career and seeing it to the ends of the Earth. Often people with their Sun with the Midheaven and/or in the 10th house have an idea of what they want to do with their lives from a very young age. The Midheaven/10th house does show one’s life’s work, after all.

SZA, another 10th house/Midheaven conjunct Sun, is very similar to Tinashe in this regard, although she claims she sort of “stumbled into” singing. Regardless, I’ve noticed that 10th house Sun people are more determined in the pursuit of their careers than other people. And because of that, they more often than not do make it big. (Megan Thee Stallion is also a 10th house Sun and look at how she’s blown up compared to say Azealia Banks, a 2nd house Sun person.)

10th house Sun people tend to have rather successful careers and often from a young age

Another motivating factor can be Tinashe’s Aries Venus and Leo Moon. With her Venus in the hot Aries, Tinashe approaches the arts with much enthusiasm and focus. With her Moon in Leo, emotionally she wants to stand out and creatively express herself. It is almost an unconscious drive that she then projects outwardly to the world.

To the Hellenistic astrologers, the Moon itself was evocative of the creative, scribing side of the mind. So, to have her Moon in Leo and Mercury supposedly in the 10th house, Tinashe has this deep desire to express herself through her words, especially her writing, which in this case is songwriting.

Interestingly, Tinashe’s South Node is in Gemini, perhaps suggesting that her pursuit of music may be a past life desire, similar to the theory I pushed for SZA. But I feel as though we have veered too far away from the numerology.

Did Tinashe want to be famous in a past life?

Goodwin and many other numerologists say that the 3 Life Path is the “easiest” or most enjoyable because all the person has to do essentially is have fun in life and share that joy with others (1981). “[The 3 Life Path’s] capability at creative self-expression is the highest level of attainment in this lesson,” Goodwin writes (pp. 260). But these artistic impulses may be latent, he goes on to say, and sometimes the native may not be all that motivated to develop their talents. Further in the negative expression of the 3 Life Path, the native can overdo it, scattering their energy and lack concentration when it comes to fostering their artistic abilities. In another manifestation, 3 Life Path people can be a social misfit and find it hard to express themselves to others, especially emotionally. However, more often than not, these individuals are exceedingly jovial and able to roll with the punches of life.

So, with all of this in mind, I think we can see that Tinashe is very in step with her Life Path. She had creative ambitions from an early age, doing dance, acting, and of course singing along with songwriting and producing. Since she has not retired or threatened to retire from the music industry as well, we can also assert that she is not (entirely) dissuaded by any challenges she has faced and will continue to face as a (mixed) black female artist who largely makes pop(-y) music in a world that categorizes anything black as either R&B or rap. But perhaps this vigor comes from the fact that her Expression number is also a 3.

Expression: 3

The Expression number has many names, but this is the number one gets from adding up all the numbers in the native’s full name. The Expression represents the native’s natural talents and abilities, which happens to be some of the most noticeable parts of the individual. However, Goodwin contends that we should not conflate this number with the native’s essence as this number is subordinate to the Life Path (1981). The Expression makes up 30% of the “core numbers” (i.e., the Life Path, the Birthday, the Expression, and the Soul Urge numbers) with the Life Path at 50%, which includes the Birthday number. (The Birthday number is 10% overall but makes up 20% of the Life Path number.) So, it is important to not give the Expression number too much weight, even if it does also explain the native’s positive and negative attitudes as well.

Goodwin, 1981

Regardless, when we add and reduce all the numbers in Tinashe’s name, we get a 3 Expression number.

21 = 3

As her Expression number, Tinashe may be gifted as a speaker or writer, which we already see. She may additionally be very persuasive or has an innate ability to lift the mood of people and places. Tinashe’s demeanor will typically be cheery. She may try to see the silver lining in everything. In this way, she is able to maintain her spirits in the face of adversity, which has probably allowed her to work so hard and consistently since she was a young child.

Tinashe is charming, social, and affectionate, qualities that are not surprising with an airy Sun and Jupiter, which also trine by degree. However, a negative side to her may be that she is a gossip, either very moody or too lax, superficial, or rather scattered in energy. Again, very symptomatic of being air dominant.

What is interesting about having the same number show up more than once in your core numbers is that this is actually a rather unhelpful thing. Indeed, Goodwin details how numbers can have harmonious or discordant relationships to one another called aspects (where have we’ve heard this word before?). Although I have seen other, contrary information online, Goodwin claims that a number’s relationship to itself is “usually very discordant” (1981).

For a 3-3, he states that the native can either be very disorganized and lost or shy and withdrawn, finding it hard to be their authentic self, especially emotionally and in social situations. But this all depends on three factors according to Goodwin: 1) if the native rises up or falls below this aspect’s potential, 2) the native’s freewill, and 3) the native’s environment (1981).

Considering that Tinashe’s family has always rallied around her in all of her creative jobs, I think Tinashe has been able to rise above the negative potential of this aspect. However, I do see the nervous tension that comes with this double 3 energy.

When it comes to why Tinashe never seems to rest, she has always implied that if she had a moment to herself to rest, doubt would set in.

“I’m not a big fan of downtime,” she told Complex. “I have too much time to think.” When asked about what, she said, “That I’m not doing enough. That I’m not good enough. That I’m wasting my time.”

Celebrities, no matter if they have “made it” or not, can be rather insecure in their abilities and fear that they will “fall off” at any moment. So, in this regard, despite overcoming many obstacles, Tinashe’s life may not be so idyllic as the 3 suggests. However, Tinashe does have a karmic debt number.

Soul Urge: 19/1

When you add up all of the vowels of a person’s name you get the Soul Urge. This number symbolizes what the native desires at their core. Goodwin states, however, that this lurks below the surface and is something the native rarely expresses openly, but when described, they will readily identify with (1981). The Soul Urge is the last cog of the “core numbers” and it only makes up 20%. When we add up all the vowels in Tinashe’s name we get 19/1.


To have a 19/1 karmic debt denotes that one has abused their power in a past life. They placed their own wants and desires above anything else. The 9, while symbolizes humanitarianism and selflessness, in this context represents “misused ambitions,” according to Goodwin (1981, pp. 308). (To other numerologists, the 1 before the 9 shows the lack of compassion, etc.) Therefore, with this debt, the native is either overtly selfish to the point that they are constantly caught off guard by how people react negatively to them and their actions. Or the native is very codependent and can’t seem to ever stand up on their own two feet confidently and independently. But instead of doing anything about this, they sulk and blame others or their environment. So, in sum, this karmic debt is very similar to the issues we see with the Aries-Libra axis where the problem is either an overdeveloped ego or a severely underdeveloped one. Goodwin states that because of this dichotomy, the native finds it hard to fulfill their desires. People will always pick up on their haughtiness or sheepish energy and their secrets may be exposed (1981).

So, unfortunately for Tinashe, she may be a bit of a narcissist or a shrinking violet deep inside. Although shy and anxious people can and do become celebrities (hello, Summer Walker), I think Tinashe manifests the cockier, negative side of the 1. This is because she has an alleged 10th house Sun, Leo Moon, and Aries Venus. All of these placements indicate putting the ego first and passionately wanting to be the center of attention. However, with a past history of being bullied, likely because she was mixed, I seem to be wrong.

“Nobody wanted to fuck with me. As far as the guys go, nobody wanted to like me or date me." [Tinashe told Complex.] "They’d talk to me in secret and then at school they’d ignore me. Literally ignore me to my face. And psychologically that messes with you. It makes you feel that you must be genuinely unattractive if this person doesn’t want anyone to know that you even talk. That’s bad.”

Kudzai [one of Tinashe's younger brothers] weighs in. “It’s a lot harder for African-American girls, especially in these kinds of communities,” he says. (La Crescenta is less than 1% African-American.) “If you’re the only African-American girl in your school. For me and Thulani [Tinashe's other brother], it’s a lot easier. When you’re the guy, you’re seen as different. She was singled out. But being the only African-Americans helped us socially.”

Tinashe and her younger brothers

Regardless, it is interesting to note though that Tinashe is an Aquarius Sun (Midheaven, Mercury, and Saturn), Cancer Mars, and has her North Node lord in Libra (Jupiter). To me this suggests that she is working through this past life issue of self-centeredness as these signs are more communal and social. The 1, in contrast, is all about the individual and being a leader, not a team player or follower. So, over the course of this incarnation, Tinashe will be pushed to abandon feelings of entitlement and instead foster empathy and a worldview that does not place her at the center of it. Luckily for Tinashe, she also has a 6 Birthday number, denoting that this lesson in diplomacy is a part of her Life Path.

Birthday: 6

According to Goodwin, the Birthday number is the only “core number” that directly influences the Life Path but a number that the Life Path cannot in turn influence. This is because the Birthday number is a sub-lesson to the Life Path. So, with a 6 here, Tinashe has the sub-lesson of responsibility and love.

Tinashe was born on the 6th of February, making her birthday number 6

Bearing in mind that she has a karmic debt Soul Urge number, it makes sense that Tinashe will have to learn how to consider the needs of others from time to time. The 6 is the number of balance and family. If her ego is overdeveloped, then learning how to compromise with family first can be good practice for interacting with others.

Tinashe may find that there is a lot of give and take with her family. Since they have organized their lives around her so that she could pursue her dreams, moving from Kentucky to California to allow Tinashe to audition for TV roles for instance, it is only fair that she takes care of them materially and monetarily afterwards.

“I was very aware of my parents and our financial situation,” Tinashe told the Guardian in 2017. “We always figured it out, but I knew we couldn’t afford to live in Los Angeles. My parents are from Iowa, and we were barely getting by in LA.”

It is perhaps because of this that Tinashe lived with her family until she was 22. For other child stars, it is not unusual for them to move out early in life and be managed 24/7 by their agents or managers. Not for Tinashe though. She has always had her family’s loving support.

“We would rotate based on our schedules, and who was free at the time,” Michael [Tinashe's father, told Complex]. “The majority of the time I was there with her through auditions.” Adds Aimie [Tinashe's mother]: “He worked at Starbucks, on the morning shift, so he’d be home by the time [the boys] got home from school, and then take her to auditions. We figured it out, like most parents do, I guess.”

Her parents pitched in to make Tinashe’s career work, and now everyone in the family partakes in the results. “One thing people don’t realize is that Tinashe has allowed us to stay here, financially,” Aimie says. “It’s not just about her having home-cooked meals and all that. She’s not a selfish person and she realized that if she’s here [at home], she helps us to be able to stay. Because it was challenging to be here and juggle.”

Tinashe says she’s been mindful of this mutual support for a long time. “It’s been something I’ve been involved in doing since I was young,” she says. “But it’s a no-brainer. Because I get that support back in invaluable ways.”

Another way I see this 6 sub-lesson manifesting for Tinashe is her involvement in the Black Lives Matter protests during the summer of last year. She told The Cut back in June that she went to nine rallies in one weekend and even held a virtual concert to raise money for the Bail Project. When asked, “What do you think the responsibility is for an artist during a time like this?” Tinashe had this to say:

It’s a great time for everyone to hold themselves accountable and to a slightly higher standard. A lot of people are getting called out, and I think it’s really important to be teachable. I know that it’s harder for people to change their opinion and stand for something publicly. But it’s time to just to really be reflective. 

“Reflective” is an interesting word to use here as a 6 Birthday number can cause a person to reevaluate what and who is important to them besides themselves. And for Tinashe, the reemergence of Black Lives Matter to the nation’s consciousness forced her to redirect her focus away from herself:

Do you feel like the older you’ve gotten, the more willing you are to be open and loud about your political views? 
I was really, really into it when I was younger in my teens and when I was first able to vote. I’m not gonna lie, I fell off for a few years in terms of activism and things outside of myself — work was the focus. It has been nice to refocus and be like, Oh yeah, there’s like a lot of stuff that I need to care about other than myself and my career. It’s good to focus on those things, but it’s also really made me care about other people, too. 

This attention to national issues can also represent Tinashe working on manifesting the more positive side of the 9 as well to atone for her karma. Moreover, this push and pull between focusing on the self and matters outside of the self is also emblematic of Tinashe’s Leo Moon opposition to her Aquarius Sun, Saturn, and Midheaven. So, this will be a lifelong issue Tinashe will have to contend with, but it seems as though she is handling it well, in my opinion. We love to see growth and maturity!

Final Thoughts

Goodwin states that all of the core numbers influence one another, safe for the Birthday number which cannot be influenced by the other numbers. So, the Life Path is influenced and modified by the Birthday, Expression, and Soul Urge numbers. The Expression number is influenced and modified by the Life Path and Soul Urge. The Soul Urge is influenced and modified by the Life Path and Expression numbers. And finally, the Birthday number influences and modifies the Life Path.

Goodwin, 1981

For Tinashe, we have 3, 1, and 6. According to Goodwin, 3 is “usually harmonious” with these two other numbers. All odd numbers get along with odd numbers and even numbers with even numbers. For the 3 and 1 in particular, however, Goodwin states that the 3’s social awareness helps to temper the selfish nature of the 1. The 3 can also allow the native to be persuasive and charming, enabling them to gain leadership positions easier, a desire the 1 has. But with this, the more laid-back energy of the 3 can conflict with the 1’s determined nature to succeed. And yet, more often than not, these two numbers can get along.

The 3 and 6 are amicable as well. 6 is just 3 times two, after all. As a result, the two have a lot in common. For instance, both numbers denote creative and artistic capabilities with the 3 being more scribing and verbal whereas the 6 is more musical. Perhaps this explains why Tinashe not only sings music by writes it herself. The 3 is also a social number and since the 6 represents familial and romantic relationships, there is a lot of potential for good relations of all kinds. We also see this in Tinashe’s life as she has a wonderful relationship with her family, something we don’t always see with celebrities, especially the more famous they get and the younger they start their careers. In either case, despite not always topping the charts, Tinashe at least seems content with her status in life and that doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

If you liked this article, consider leaving me a tip on my Ko-Fi. I also sold out and made an Amazon Wishlist. Although I will be busy in February doing other things, next up in our singer series will be Chloe x Halle!


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