What Can We Expect From a Biden-Harris Presidency?

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On the 20th, Joe Biden was sworn into the White House as the 46th president of the United States of America with Kamala Harris as his vice president. So, what can we expect from this administration in these next four years?

What can we expect from a Biden-Harris presidency?

The Sun reversed, the Prince (Knight) of Pentacles, the Hermit, the Hierophant (bottom of the deck)

The 5 of Wands reversed, the 7 of Wands reversed, the Hermit, the 4 of Pentacles (reversed; bottom of the deck)

30: Castle – It’s time for healing, not war
35: Shark – Swim away from this situation
45: Throne – Your potential is endless (bottom of the deck)

Capricorn: I use
Sun: Spirit (reversed)
Scorpio: I transform (bottom of the deck)

Overall,  I get the feeling that there is going to be a very large restructuring  of society under the Biden-Harris administration, but it will not be  popular or always transparent. Many people will oppose whatever new  measures or reversal of laws/orders/etc. this office will try to set  into motion. Because of that, you will likely see Biden making  statements constantly defending himself or his cabinet. I see him  presenting these new measures through a rather pacifist, “we need to  come together” type of way. For whatever reason, I do not see Harris in  the public too much. She may say things here and there but she won’t be  as present as Biden. Biden will appear more as the Cosmic Tarot’s Hermit  while Harris is the Modern Witch Tarot’s Hermit. He will try to calm  the public down and be more “zen,” whereas Harris will be away somewhere  else hesitating to look online or at her email to see what is going on  and how the country is handling what the administration is doing.

Regardless, there will be change with this presidency but  not in the ways I think a lot of people who voted for these people  thought. I get the sense that some people may not like this compromising  direction this administration will take, persistently avoiding tough  issues they campaigned on, or even worse, going back on the promises  they have made during that time. There is also the possibility of a lot  of internal discord between and within the White House, the House, and  Senate as well. But if you’re American, you know this is just par for  the course here. In either case, the old way of doing and being is  coming to end, even if others put up a great fight to prevent this from  being so. But even with this, many things will remain the same. Like the  Throne card says, “[This administration’s] potential is endless.”

In my original Instagram post, I said that this administration may not always be forthcoming. By that, I did not mean in the malicious sense in that they will intentionally hide things from the American public. (No government, especially a country like the U.S., is ever 100% transparent with its citizens.) What I meant was, that since the Hermit came up twice (as did the Sun as well), there is this retiring energy with this administration. I personally think this means that the government will be doing a lot of things internally, whether that is passing laws or reversing them, and it just won’t be on the news every single day or be things that the public is widely aware of.

For example, just barely a day in and Biden has reversed many of Trump’s frankly awful executive orders. But how many people know this? I’m not sure because numerous people online have announced that they have turned their brains off because a supposed Democrat is in office. So, if people are mentally checking out (and news outlets are praising and even encouraging this behavior) because they’ve “done their part” (which is what exactly?), then it is not surprising if this administration just does things without the public keeping close tabs on them, especially in comparison to how many made sure to be on the up and up on what Trump was doing.

Many people online were giddy that Biden won the presidential election because that meant they could turn their attention away from politics after what they described was a rather intense four years. Some have gone so far as to attack others who refuse to celebrate and instead point out Biden and Harris’s conservative at worse, centrist at best political stances and policies, stating that these dissenters should just let people “have fun.”

However, with the presence of both the 5 of Wands reversed and the 7 of Wands reversed, this is not entirely true. The MAGA crowd, of course, will follow this administration closely and will make sure to voice their discontent. But many non-MAGA are not impressed by this “win” either, which is why we begin this reading with the Sun in reverse.

People overall are tired. Between the rise in fascism globally and domestically over this past decade, especially during the Obama years, and the pandemic going on for over a year now, it is hard to be excited by the future. And for the poor and marginalized, this new presidency is just business as usual. Candidates parade around the news and social media with these grand promises and then once elected, it’s as though they have amnesia because all of a sudden they are going back on their word and saying it’s now magically too hard to follow through on what they campaigned on for months if not years.

This likely explains the Hierophant at the bottom of the deck for the first row, which I believe sort of shows Biden’s energy while the bottom row is more Harris’s. The Hierophant represents traditions, usually in the religious sense as this card shows the Pope and his disciples. So, while Biden campaigned as a progressive, his administration will likely just do more of the same that we’ve seen with every presidency before him.

I find it interesting how Biden has tried to rehabilitate his past–a past that advocated against desegregation, endorsed “tough on crime” laws that purposefully targeted black (and brown) people, and includes alleged sexual assault and harassment among other things. Kamala “Top Cop” Harris is no better with her criminal justice past that disproportionately targeted poor black (and brown and transgender) Californians while she reigned as a prosecutor, district attorney, attorney general, and eventual senator from 1990 to 2019. This is why even before she became Biden’s VP, you saw so many Kamala cop memes because black people were pointing out the hypocrisy of the Democratic party.

Locking black people up because they are black and often poor (because of structures that make them so) is a long honored American tradition. It doesn’t matter the background of the person doing it either.

Regardless of the two’s pasts, I maintain that with this administration we will see a lot of restructuring going on as we have the Prince (Knight) of Pentacles and the Capricorn card. But by “restructuring” I do not get the sense of that anything “new” will be brought about. By this I mean that this administration will try to get this country “back on track.”

I do not think it is controversial to say that Trump and his cabinet did a lot of damage to America as a whole. Between almost starting World War III for no reason to pulling out of the World Health Organization (WHO) to rolling back several basic environmental measures that keeps everyone safe (but doesn’t allow companies to make all the money in the world with little consequence) to his racist, Islamophobic travel ban to his dismissive attitude towards the then impending pandemic, there is a lot to correct.

However, notice that Aquarius, Uranus, and other cards signifying change safe for the Scorpio card did not come out. This is to me suggests that whatever this administration does will not be all that “radical” or really progressive. It will be more of the same but not distinctly apathetic like we saw with Trump. Again, I see Biden trying to calm the public and restore faith in the government but to a rather mixed and lukewarm response. He’ll try to appeal to everyone and in doing so alienate himself from everybody. So much for “it’s time for healing, not war.”

In either case, we will have to just wait and see. This administration’s potential is indeed endless and not set in stone.

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