2021 and January Predictions

It’s January 16, 2021.

On the 16th of each month, I made an anniversary post and just talked briefly about what may have happened in the month since the last post. Now that my blog is a year old, I don’t know if I should continue the tradition or not lol. However, since I have made an Instagram page, I’m thinking about switching to monthly posts where I expand on oracle readings I have posted there.

This Year’s Energy

For 2021, I got Sun in Aries and at the bottom of the deck, Moon in Aquarius

What is the energy for 2021?
Sun  in Aries: 2021 will bring a lot of new changes. 2020 was a 22/4 year,  meaning that many people were burdened by numerous responsibilities as  our social structures and institutions began to be exposed as  ineffectual. The most vulnerable and routinely stigmatized and  marginalized have known this their entire existence, but for the “common  person,” the sudden halt in society and the dismissive attitude of  those who govern us was a shock, a wake up call, if you will, to how the  rest of us are treated day in and day out.
Many individuals  felt stifled by these new restrictions (4) being placed on everybody.  Some refused to take a step back and wait or follow guidelines and have  paid for it with their lives or the lives of others around them. But now  that the vaccine is greenlit and being rolled out, many of these same  people are feeling antsy and want to “return to normal.”
2021 is  also a 5 year, which nicely coincides with the Sun in Aries because  many people want to return to focusing on themselves and throwing  caution to the wind. They want to go back outside and not have to worry  about anything. Like the image in the card, they are willing to rough it  against any opposition that may challenge them if that means that they  can go back to being independent and individualistic again.
2021  will be a year of restless energy and impatience. People are fed up  being limited in what they can do. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the  planet of action. Mars, coincidentally, has been in Aries for the past 6  months and will make its way into Taurus very soon to meet up with  Uranus. When that happens, we will likely see another surge of people  protesting for their “freedom” and to be unburdened by what they deem is  the shackles of government oversight and restriction. Things are  changing but for the better? We will have to see.
Bottom of the deck: Moon in Aquarius
It  is odd to see “independence” for this card as Aquarius is not an  individualistic sign. It is perhaps the most group-oriented and -focused  sign next to Pisces. When I see this card I see indifference,  unfortunately, to others. Last year, many people had to focus on other people besides themselves.  For hyper individualistic countries like the U.S., this is a rather  difficult thing to do, especially as a former European settler colony.  Conquering others and beating them into submission in order to advance  the group you belong to is the name of this country’s history and it  seems as though many want to return to that, which is why the Sun in  Aries popped out. People want to return to putting their ego first, and  they are willing to fight others to do that. Being mindful of other  people and how their actions impact them is now old news in their minds.  2021 is what 2020 should have been: *their* year.

So, I was very unsurprised that Sun in Aries popped out. Especially here in the U.S., (certain) people have been making a big funk about wearing a mask, calling this basic health mandate an infringement on their rights and akin to slavery. Many also felt that 2020 was supposed to be their year, and the virus ballooning into a pandemic put a monkey wrench in their travel plans apparently.

All of this complaining has not stopped numerous people, unfortunately. And the cases in the U.S. is one of the highest and we have not seen a noteworthy decline since we shut down back in February/March.

Corona virus cases from January 23, 2020 to January 15, 2021. Notice how the trend has climbed during this one year period. Source: Our World in Data

With the invention of a vaccine, I have seen the people who have not lost their lives (or those of close friends and family members) say they can’t wait to start dating (and more) and traveling again. It was like they could not wait to drop this “charade” of having to pretend to care about other people’s safety anymore. They wanted to go back to being, well… selfish.

That is why with the Moon in Aquarius card I saw indifference. People in hyper individualistic countries like the U.S., which were also built on slavery and indigenous genocide, have a very difficult time coming together as a cohesive community. But when white supremacy rules the land and informs everything, who is surprised? Placing the individual ego above the collective is what this country was founded on.

The Founding Fathers and Europeans who escaped to America for religious reasons made in clear in their writings that America was for those who wanted to be independent from any sort of institutional oversight. Like the Sun in Aries card, in America you could live a “better life” but it would have to be done by your own two hands, with a sword and shield. You were supposed to go out there and “tame” whatever you saw or just outright dominate and kill it.

That’s the type of energy some people want back. They are tired of being around family and having to think about other people besides themselves. All these new responsibilities they had to suddenly take on was not in their 2020 New Year’s Resolutions. So, in 2021, they want to “return to normal.” And they will fight anyone or anything standing in their way to do so.

I posted this reading before the break in at the Capitol, but as we all know, Aries (Ares) is the Greek god of war. So, it is not surprising to see so much tension in the air for this year as well. And it’s unfortunately going to get worse. And this seems to be confirmed by at least one spiritual group.

Trinity Oracles said in a recent video that for the first half of 2021, it’s going to be chaos. And we are already seeing that.

They start talking about it around the 16 min. mark

Astrologically, Mars was in Aries until the 7th of this month, ending its very unusual 6 month trek in its diurnal, masculine domicile.

Jan. 7 Mars enters Taurus
Jan. 9 Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn
Jan. 13 New Moon in Capricorn
Jan. 14 Uranus turns direct at 6°43' Taurus
Jan 15. Mercury enters pre-shadow
Jan. 20 The Sun enters Aquarius
Jan. 21 The Mars-Uranus conjunction perfects
Jan. 28 Full Moon in Cancer
Jan. 30 Mercury stations retrograde at 26°27' Aquarius

Also,  Mars will square all the planets in Aquarius throughout this month.  Since Jupiter and Saturn are slower moving, Mars will square these  planets until it leaves Taurus in early March. But remember that  Aquarius overcomes or dominates this square to Taurus, so Mars is in the  losing position. Be careful throughout this month regardless, however,  especially when Mars and Uranus perfect.

When the #MeToo Movement was going on in Hollywood, I saw this as the first sparks of change that were only going to accumulate in the next coming years. Things that were buried were brought to the surface, as were the supposedly “underground” white supremacist groups that were being emboldened by Trump. Pluto in Capricorn was exposing the underbelly of society. Saturn in Capricorn tried to cover this back up, in my opinion, and brought a typical conservative backlash, but change was already slowly set in motion, not just in the U.S. but across the world.

Now with Saturn domicile once more but in Aquarius and Jupiter also in Aquarius, change is kicking into high gear but with this square from Mars and Uranus, there will be a great fight to not let this happen. I find Uranus in Taurus interesting because modernly, this is Aquarius’s (new) ruler. And Uranus has been making moves just like Pluto.

Uranus has shown us how archaic and decrepit our social structures are and how they do not serve even the majority or those it normally prioritizes. And yet, there is still resistance to doing anything about this. Many people seem to want to stick their heads in the sand or be panicked, which is probably why I got the oracle cards I did.

What is the energy of 2021?
22: Library - Take control of your own narrative
32: Escapist - Come home to yourself 
33: Nostalgia - Focus on the here & now
15: Garden - Something lovely will grow from this (bottom of the deck)
2021  for a lot of people will be deeply introspective. Many are probably  wondering what 2020 would have looked like without the pandemic ruining  everything. 
While the vaccine brings some hope to "returning to  normal," we know that life can never be the same. As a result, many  have chosen to run away into fantasy or quit being in the present all  together. Escapism is fine in healthy doses, but if that is all that you  do the majority of your time, you are refusing to take ownership over  your own life.
2021 is a year of new beginnings but this new chapter cannot open if you do not put the work in to write it yourself.

I remember when people were saying that we would be out of quarantine super quick when the virus first hit the U.S., and here we are in 2021, exactly where we were a year ago. So, people are trying to distract themselves, but these cards seem to warn against getting too sucked into our escapist fantasies. But interestingly, we end on a positive note with the Garden card. This card showed up again in my January reading as well. So, I am assuming that despite this chaos, or after this chaos, something good may come out of this mess. What that is, I do not know.

Finally, my spirit guide oracle cards sort of mix the messages of the astrology oracle and the believe in your own magic oracle:

What do our guides have to say about 2021?
45: Life Force - Aphrodite 
38: Purpose - Master Teacher
37: Creativity - Creativity Guides
17: Competition - Warrior Guides
32: Decisions - Higher Self (bottom of the deck)
2021  seems to be bringing a lot of individualistic energy as many of you  will be grappling with how to move forward into this new year with  numerous unknowns. For some, they will focus on their love life and  trying to find intimacy. Others will redirect some of that energy into  things they create or finding their life's purpose. Many people in  quarantine have already begun on this latter path, esp. if it is  something creative. You are on the right track but remember to not burn  yourself out.
2021 will also bring a lot of conflict. You may  see fights and protests break out once more this year, for better or  worse. Be careful how you tread because you may get tangled up in a  situation you would rather not be in.

Overall, this is a positive spread, however, competition came out, reminding us that this year will deal with a lot of strife. Please be careful and alert, especially on the 20th when the inauguration is supposed to take place.

January’s Messages

What is the energy for Jan. 2021?

44: Solar Eclipse - Revolution
43: Lunar Eclipse - Change
42: South Node - Life's Debts
39: Air Element - Communication
46: Grand Trine - Blessings
17: Leo - I Will (reverse; bottom of the deck)

You do not need to know anything about astrology or how to read oracle cards to interpret this spread: CHANGE IS COMING.

In  fact, it seems as though a revolution is brewing. And while this is  immensely scary to many, the presence of Grand Trine card reminds us  that this change is necessary and for the good, especially if we are  able to put our individual egos aside for a minute...at least we hope. 

If  any of you watch the news, you know that white nationalists stormed the  capitol with very little consequences. But at the same time, there have  been some major and historic Democratic wins at the state level. It  seems as though some people are trying to write a better, more  progressive chapter for this month and year while others want to turn  back the clock and return to the "good ole days" where oppression and  degradation went unchallenged. As Mars enters Taurus to meet up Uranus,  it is a mystery to how the tides will turn moving forward. Be safe out  there.

I find it very interesting that one of the Trinity Oracles sisters said that all this chaos predicted for the first half of 2021 is due to the Earth’s karma because I got the South Node card, “Life’s Debts.” I have seen other spiritual people say something along these lines long before the pandemic, insinuating that we have to go through a dark period to eventually get to a point where things calm down and we are in a better place. But it will happen and many new souls that are being born on this planet are here to help us because they are very peaceful, psychic, and advanced spiritually basically. New Starseeds if you have ever heard of that word. So, even my own readings, we are getting echoing messages and I barely started oracle reading a month ago! (Tarot is a little older but I am not proficient by any means.)

Regardless, this is a very straightforward reading even if you know nothing about oracle cards or astrology. We are quite literally see it unfold right in front of us. So, one thing I will bring up that I couldn’t fit in Instagram’s character limit is the Air Element card.

Be careful with your words. You may reveal more than you think when you speak and post. I say this because of the growing violence we are seeing. You do not know who you are always talking to, and your words can expose you or place you in danger and you may not even know it. So, please be careful.

Communication can also mean we need to talk to each other more and not superficially or with fear. By “fear” I mean how white people tend to get all weird and bent out of whack when you bring up race, specifically, but this can apply to any conversation where hierarchies and oppression are brought up. If you are a person of color you know exactly what I’m talking about. How they tend to get visibly uncomfortable and start to shut down or how some just ask you the most invasive and rudest questions under the guise of “learning” and “education.” We need to have real conversations that are thoughtful and respectful, which is why I likely got the cards that I did when I asked what people could do if they were adversely emotionally affected by the march on the Capitol.

What oracle messages do we have for those that are very affected by the events on the capitol?

I live in truth
I praise the goddess and the god
I converse with awareness
I regard all altars with respect
I achieve with integrity
I advance through my own abilities (bottom of the deck)

***I half intended this message to be from your spirit guides***

Consistently  we have seen certain demographics say, "I am listening and learning"  and then turn around and show that they are not. When we saw white  supremacists break into the capitol without any grave consequences, many  were shocked and confused as to why. It is as though they have just  woke up to the nightmare that has been other people's waking lives for  centuries.

To those people, this message is for you: What are you  doing to live in truth, converse with awareness, and advance through  your own abilities?

With so much material out there, even freely,  what more can marginalized people do for you all to make you understand  that this "nightmare" is reality? Because we are tapped out. We are  more tired than you, and yet you sit there puzzled and anxious. You want  to go back to a time where supposedly acts of domestic terrorism never  existed, or where the news barely even mentioned it because a specific  demographic was targeted.

Well, here's the thing, that fantasy  world never existed. You were just better at ignoring others and their  pain. But we are now at a point where you cannot. So what are you  willing to do *on your own* to educate yourself and foster compassion  for people you choose to ignore the plight of, consciously or  subconsciously? Change cannot occur in a presumably peaceful and swift  manner when you choose to stand in the center unmoved. Complacency,  denial, and dismissal do not achieve anything progressive. If you want  *positive* change, start with yourself. Acknowledge truth; not just your  own but what is tangibly going on in your world. Educate yourself by  yourself and learn how to better respect others and communicate with  them with awareness and compassion. 

I feel like this is another self-explanatory spread as well, but “I converse with awareness” sticks out to me because of the aforementioned Air card coming out. Likewise, Leo in reverse means to me, at least, that we need to place the ego aside if we want positive change. Everything in America is “me, me, me” and we wonder why we collectively suffer (of course, some way more than others).

But for the month of January, this will be a time of letting go.

What oracle messages do we have for Jan. 2021?

15: Garden - Something lovely will grow from this
44: Storm - Every hurricane comes to an end
43: Spaceship - Don't be afraid to sing
37: Grey - Endings are inevitable (bottom of the deck)


For  January change is coming, yes, and we all have to accept it because  things as they are were not meant to last forever. It will be hard, but  in order to move forward, we have to let go of the past. Once we have  done that, we can begin to heal. This dark, tumultuous period will not  last forever, but we do have to weather this storm out first. Be kind to  yourself and don't forget that your voice is very powerful.

Although 2021 is a new year, we are still in the energy of endings. As I have said throughout my Instagram posts, change is coming, and whether we like it for not, this means that some things are coming to a close. As the Grey card says, “[E]ndings are inevitable” but allegedly “something beautiful will come from this.” Just weather this storm the best you can.

What messages do our guides have for January?

20: Exhaustion - Divine Helpers
12: Priorities - Master Teacher 
28: Restriction - Joy Guides
27: Deceit - Guardian Angels
24: Rest - Holy Spirit


The  main message I see coming through is that too many of you are  overworking and -extending yourself. In the month of January, you need  to take a giant step back and relax. Your guides and people in your life  are there to help you with your load, so don't be afraid to ask for  help.

While you are resting, try to connect with your spirit. You  have spent so much time doing that you run the risk of losing joy in  your life and/or the focus of your soul's purpose in this incarnation.  Take a break and come home to yourself.

For others, you need to  be more cognizant of others' actions and your own. Trust your intuition  when it tells you something or someone is "off." But also be aware of  how you may behave in ways that are not always forthcoming, even if you  don't mean to be. Some of you also need to examine how you are quick to  jump to conclusions and are rigid in your beliefs. Life doesn't always  have to be so serious. Laugh a little.

Finally, for some of you,  you need to be willing to sacrifice something in order to get what you  desire. "To reach for something greater, you must first let go of what's  in your hand." (Sonia Choquette)

Our spirit guides say for this month to take a rest but do not loose sight of your responsibilities in life. Because, as I have said before, many people have become lax in their adherence to Covid-19 guidelines and have been traveling and partying even as people continue to die around them. This is probably why the cards Deception and Deceit came out.

Some of you have been deceptive about how safe you have been. Some of you have been out in the club or a house party unmasked and then have the audacity to come back around people you say you love and know have health problems or are otherwise at an increased risk for the virus. Even if the people you know or hang around with are low-risk, that still doesn’t mean they are unable to catch it, and this includes yourself. Please just sit down some where.

So…these are the messages for this year overall and for January specifically. Let me know if you like these expansive pieces on my Instagram posts. Also, if you like my work, please support me on Ko-Fi. I also sold out and have an Amazon Wishlist.

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