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I made an Instagram! :3

Hello, and happy belated New Year! I hope everyone is doing well. In this new year, I want to do a lot of things, and unexpectedly, I made an Instagram page.

I made an Instagram page on New Year’s. I have 11 posts up currently.

For Christmas I got a bunch of oracle and tarot cards, and while I do not have any personal experience with either, I plan to become adept. And if you want to join me on my journey, make sure to follow my Instagram page!

On there I have posts about this year, the month of January, and what you can do if you are feeling overwhelmed about the events that have recently gone down with a bunch of white supremacists breaking into the capitol.

I am not entirely sure if I will expand on my readings here as Instagram has a character cap on captions. So, let me know how you all feel because I can go a little more in depth more freely here.

Also, give me some tips on how to take better pictures lol! I try my best to light up my room properly and yet from my phone to my laptop, the pictures always come out looking much darker than they are in person. What are some good picture filters and/or free programs I can use to brighten and sharpen my pictures? Please let me know.

And…that’s all I have for now. I have been feeling very all over the place but I will try to have my Tinashe numerology reading up sometime this month. So, look out for that and be safe out there.

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