Commissions Are Closed Until…Who Knows

My laptop is broken! ):

If you do not follow me on Twitter, since around October my laptop has been having trouble booting up. The power button didn’t work no matter how hard I pressed it down. Luckily, I was able to get it to turn on by sticking the side with a paperclip. Then, a few days ago, that stopped working all together.

By this point, I just assumed that I would have to boot my computer up by this alternative method, so I was a little lax on constantly backing up my files and yeah… I am currently using my mom’s laptop as my first laptop was destroyed by the people at Geek Squad who were trying to transfer my files to my current laptop that is out of commission, smh. So, without my proper laptop, it is hard to do readings as my mom’s laptop does not have all of the programs, software, and likely power to do what I need to do. Therefore, I am dishearten to say that I will have to close readings until I get this all figured out.

I will still celebrate my blog’s one year anniversary but I am hesitant to write any more posts because just a day before my laptop wanted to die, I got commissioned to do another reading. They are understanding of my current technological issues but I know not everyone will be and I know that taking people’s money and then going MIA is wrong as well lol. So, yes if you were thinking of purchasing a chart reading from me, just hold off until next year. I also have been having problems with PayPal so I am looking into alternative payment methods. So, yeah… Here’s to almost one year I guess.

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