Numbers That Govern: Normani

Well, look who it is.

I know about a month ago I said I was not going to read on Normani because it was announced her mom had cancer, and I found it inappropriate. But now that some time has passed, I thought it would be okay.

So, numerology readings are new to my blog! I was actually very into numerology before I got into astrology. The book, Numerology: The Complete Guide by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, really transformed my life and properly introduced me to the metaphysics. Having looked at other numerology books and numerous blogs, I find that his book went the most in depth and had many other techniques that I do not always see elsewhere. Luckily, I was able to obtain a digital copy, but even with said copy I do not think I will be employing these other techniques I just talked up, lol! Here, I will just stick to the four core numbers of the Life Path, Birthday, Expression, and Soul Urge, so that those who are new to numerology can easily follow along.

Life Path: 16/7

The Life Path is…basically one’s path in life. It is very straightforward. The closest astrological equivalent to it is probably the lunar nodes as the Life Path shows the native’s direction in this incarnation. However, I will say there are some big differences between the two, the biggest being that I find the Life Path to play a more active role in the native’s life. By this I mean, in astrology you have so many other things going on and influencing one another that often times the nodes take a backseat to the planets and angles. In numerology, however, the Life Path is the center. The other numbers do influence its expression and vice versa, but the Life Path is always what we talk about first and constantly refer back to in a numerology reading. In astrology, I do not think you could say the same for the lunar nodes. So, I guess in some ways the Life Path is like the Sun but even then, that does not seem accurate, but I digress.

16/7 Life Path
The Life Path is calculated by adding and reducing the birth date into a single, or sometimes two, digit number. For Normani, she has a 16/7 karmic debt Life Path.

For Normani, she unfortunately has the karmic debt number of 16/7 as her Life Path. Karmic debt numbers are also very self-explanatory: they represent a karmic debt from a past life. The 1 shows selfishness or putting the self above others while the 6 denotes anything from love to family to responsibility. I have only seen this number interpreted as the abuse of love, however.

Looking at Normani’s natal chart, we “curiously” see this debt in her retrograde Venus. Venus infrequently goes retrograde and once in backward motion, it barely stays that way for long, only being retrograde for 40-43 days every 18 months. And while this does not make it the rarest planet to have retrograde natally, like other natal retrograde planets, it is indicative of past life issues. So, we can see that this love karma is a rather big issue in Normani’s spiritual past.

Normani is a Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon

Examining her chart further, she not only has Chiron in retrograde motion but in Libra with the North Node—which are both opposed by a fallen Aries Saturn—and a debilitated Mars in Taurus—which is maltreating her Mercury (the ruler of her Sun) and Moon (Mars is the ruler of her Moon) rather aggressively—and a Scorpio Moon if she was born at noon or earlier. So, this karma is rather deep.

But what does a 16/7 Life Path even entail? Well, for one it is very different from a “normal” 7 Life Path as the native is forced to contend with the fallout of what the numbers before the slash represent. As mentioned previously, the 16/7 symbolizes that Normani unfortunately misused or dismissed love, likely for selfish reasons. As a result, she will struggle against the negative expression of all the numbers involved all while trying her darnedest to embody the positive side of the 7.

But this will be immensely difficult as this karmic debt number in particular is very unpredictable and involves the native having their ego destroyed in order to be properly humbled. The 16/7 correlates to the Tower in tarot, and like that card, Normani will sadly go through many ups and downs in her life. She will ascend only to come crashing back to Earth to start from zero…over and over again. I think we clearly see this in her singing career…or lack thereof.

The Tower tarot card as depicted in the Rider-Waite deck. It is the 16th card in the deck and is a major arcana card. It often symbolizes sudden change, disasters, and upheavals that are caused by some sort of revelation, exposure, or awakening that rocks the foundations of a person, place, or thing.

I’m not sure about other people but I was never checking for Fifth Harmony. Anytime I happened to see them it was because someone I was following on social media was dragging their outfits or one of the non-black members was outed for saying anti-black things in the recent past. It is interesting that the 16/7 speaks of humbling the spirit, because on so many levels, black people, especially women, are met with antagonistic forces and people who are determined to work around the clock just to do this. Of course, this isn’t to say that a person experiencing oppression is for a “reason.” I do not think Normani having a 16/7 correlates to her having racist bandmates in the past. What I am saying is that for some people, things in their life, not counting oppression, occur in such a way because there is some spiritual influence going on.

Now, getting into the “why” of why this is, I have seen many different explanations. But the common thread running through all of them is that the soul decides the conditions of their birth, their birth family, soul contracts to other people and/or entities, and the types of experiences they will face in their incarnation before descending to Earth. In other words, the soul determines its own life before it even lives it. However, when we are finally born, we often quickly forget this along with our past lives. Not everyone forgets but most do. So, for whatever reason, Normani has seemed to have elected to live a life where she will see it crumble before her eyes repeatedly because she is atoning for some past life love issues.

As she experiences every fall from grace, she is forced to confront her humanity. But she is operating from the negative manifestation of the 7. In this regard she may actually refuse to answer the call to her karma. This is seen in her natal chart once more with Saturn loosely conjunct her South Node. She is stuck in her past life ways, and this is hindering her growth in this life. Especially since Saturn is in Aries, she is used to being independent and likely not having to answer to anyone. She probably did things her way and if other people had anything to say about it, they could see themselves out, or they could have caught those hands.

See, Saturn is in fall in Aries because Aries is far too impatient, fiery, impulsive, and extremely immature for Saturn, the planet that represents limitations, restrictions, maturity, and organization. Saturn is exalted in Libra because Libra is far more balanced in expression than Aries. It is impartial, objective, and can put its ego aside for the greater good of the collective. Aries cannot do that because it refuses to do so. It often cannot see past its own wants and needs to acknowledge other people and what they may want and need as well. This is likely why Normani has this past life karma of neglecting her relationships or straight up breaking the sanctity of them by cheating. The self (1) was placed above and beyond that of love, responsibility, and family (6).

Therefore, in this life she will likely be alone. Indeed, the 7 is the loner number of numerology, especially when attached to the 16. The native will often find that they must stand alone, not in a fiery, independent way, but more so in a somber, introspective manner. In this lifetime Normani must deeply reflect on herself on a spiritual level. The ego has been distorted and it has hurt others. But she likely does not know this consciously, however. So, all she may see is that her relationships constantly fail—and this can be platonically and business-wise too—and that she is typically left to pick up the pieces by herself. Because of this, there can be a negative feedback loop where she becomes increasingly closed off and distant. And as a result, people find her difficult to approach, which will just fuel her loneliness. She may try to intellectualize this, however, by telling herself that she is perhaps too smart and talented for other people, that they are simply “not on her level” so she was better off without them.

The 7, when channeled negatively, can really produce a know-it-all or holier-than-thou personality in natives. Since they are forced to be by themselves, especially the 16/7’s, they may try to find all types of justifications for why this is without acknowledging that it is likely their ego that is the problem. They can be very enlightened and spiritually gifted but all of that goes to waste by being an asshole.

Now, I do not know Normani personally lol, so this isn’t a dig or read by any means. (If anything, I am reading myself because this number shows up many times in my own numerology chart lol.) I am simply reading the numbers and unfortunately this is how the 16/7 can manifest.

I think the 16/7 person more so than the “regular” 7 individual is thrusted into situations where they are forced to examine the ego and realign themselves with the spiritual. This is interesting to consider because Normani has her Mars in Taurus, which is the ruler of her South Node. So, this can mean in a past life, she may have obtained this love karma by prioritizing her own physical pleasure over others. And it is also possible that she could have been a bit brash or silver tongued when she was called out on it as Mars is intensely conjunct her Mercury. The 16/7 often denotes cheating, so the South Node lord’s placement is only further confirmation of this past misdeed.

Furthermore, both her Jupiter and Neptune are retrograde. This speaks to the spiritual lesson of Normani’s Life Path and how she may struggle with accepting this less material path, especially since both planets are in earth (including Mars) and Jupiter is also in fall in Capricorn. Normani seems to be called to let go of the material plane and go into herself to reflect on her entire being. And, in my opinion, unlike the other 7s without this debt, Normani cannot ignore this call because it is blasting from the heavens directly into her ear. Her world will continue to crumble down to the ground if she does not heed this call, unfortunately.

Like the other spiritual numbers of the 9 and 11, the 7 asks the native to connect to a higher level of consciousness in order to find peace and harmony. But unlike these numbers, the 7 is about how the native can achieve this within themselves than within society by giving back to others. Once Normani is able to center her life around faith, humility, and tolerance while overcoming pessimism, skepticism, and condescension, she will see her life start to lighten up and take off.

Birthday: 4

According to Matthew Oliver Goodwin, the Birthday number is the only core number that directly influences the Life Path but that the Life Path cannot in turn influence. This is because the Birthday number is a sub-lesson to the Life Path. So, with a 4 here, Normani has the sub-lesson of organization and structure. I find this immensely ironic. Her life will likely be in shames because of her karmic debt Life Path and yet the side lesson to this is to have firm boundaries and structures around herself as she navigates this incarnation.

Being born on the 31st of May, Normani has a 4 Birthday number

But this is also seen astrologically as well because her Saturn is so prominent but in a negative way. To have one’s Saturn in Aries is to contend with the lesson of owning up to one’s actions. This is usually very difficult for the native because, as was mentioned in the previous section, the nature of Aries and Saturn do not mix well, hence the fallen position for Saturn here. Normani has her Saturn loosely conjunct her South Node by degree so this seems to be a past life lesson that was not entirely learned. I don’t know what was going on in 1996 to produce millions of people with this position, some of which who have it worse as their Saturn could be retrograde and/or their most malefic planet if they have a night chart as well. There was a “strange” karmic whirlpool, if you will, going on, in my opinion at least, as many planets also went retrograde during this time as well. However, I digress.

Incidentally, I often see many numerologists link Saturn to the 8, which we all know is just 4 + 4. However, I do think Saturn can govern this number as well as the two have so much in common. (Just a side note, there seems to be zero consensus on which planets rule which numbers. I have seen both Uranus—which makes zero sense in my opinion—and Mercury rule the 4 so, yeah.)

The 4 is all about limitations. According to Goodwin, “[r]ather than struggle against these limits [presented by the environment, the physical body, and the native’s individual viewpoints], it is necessary to learn to live with them, to accept them and to make a meaningful existence, not in spite of the limitations, but because of the limitations” (1981, pp. 8). So, while the 16/7 Life Path will undoubtedly bring Normani much misfortune and chaos, this is for a reason, and that reason is to teach her to acknowledge the limitations of life. We cannot do what we want, whenever we want. Other people exist (Aries Saturn) and our bodies are mortal (Saturn happens to rule the skeletal system and old age). Every life we live on this planet is like a blip in our seemingly never ending reincarnation cycle. So, it behooves us, especially those like Normani who are apparently suffering from some past live actions coming back to bite her, to accept that our lives in each incarnation is short and often restricted in various ways. This should not discourage us, but motive us to be more structured, disciplined, and organized in life instead. Life is hard and the 4 understands this. But does Normani though?

I am sure she is considering the state of her singing career. But learning that life is not always sunshine and rainbows is something she needs to learn, likely because of her love karma. Therefore, it is not surprising that while her ego is being literally destroyed, another lesson she must face is finding meaning in life through hard work and embracing constraints.

This is interesting astrologically because Saturn with the South Node denotes that Normani has already lived lives with this mindset already. She could have been rather serious and industrious in her past lives. But since Saturn is in fall and opposite the North Node, this self-discipline could have either been overdeveloped or Normani did not really learn this lesson well. Looking at her chart, and now about three other charts with this same Saturn-South Node conjunction, I am inclined to believe that Normani falls more in the latter category.

When Saturn is in Aries, the native must learn how to accept the consequences of their actions as they have problems with assuming personal responsibility. So, because Normani has such prominent karma surrounding love, it makes sense, to me at least, to suppose that she may have not always owned up to what she did in past lives. Therefore, in this one, many things and people will work in such a way to help her learn to do that. And that is likely why she has this 4 sub-lesson.

Expression: 22

The Expression number has many names, but this is the number one gets from adding up all the numbers in the native’s full name. The Expression represents the native’s natural talents and abilities, which happens to be some of the most noticeable parts of the individual. However, Goodwin contends that we should not conflate this number with the native’s essence as this number is subordinate to the Life Path (1981). The Expression makes up 30% of the core numbers (i.e., the Life Path, the Birthday, the Expression, and the Soul Urge numbers) with the Life Path at 50%, which includes the Birthday number. (The Birthday number is 10% overall but makes up 20% of the Life Path number.) So, it important to not give the Expression number too much weight, even if it does also explain the native’s positive and negative attitudes as well.

Goodwin, 1981

When we add up all the numbers in Normani’s name, we get a 22 Expression. A number that repeats itself is called a master number. These numbers are very special and important in numerology because the energy of the repeated number causes the overall double-digit number to vibrate on a much higher frequency than the numbers 0 through 9. As a result, they should not be reduced in most cases. When it comes to interpreting a native’s numerology chart, I find that most numerologists do not go beyond 22. Why, I have no idea. But consequently, to have 22 as one of their core numbers is especially significant.

22 Expression
Normani has a master 22 Expression number

The 22 often goes by the name, “Master Builder.” This is because it is one step above the 11, which is a number all about spirituality, consciousness raising, and idealism, and 22 reduces to a 4. For these reasons, “the 22, is potentially capable of combining the idealism of the first master number, the 11, with the ability to put these ideals into a concrete form” (Goodwin, 1981, pp. 11). Basically, those with master numbers as their core numbers are akin to rainbow, indigo, starseed, etc. children and lightworkers, earth angels, etc. as they are here to fundamentally change the vibration and material reality of the world to something better and greater. The 22 person has it harder than the 11 individual, however, because the 11 person is mostly here to act as a spiritual guide, counselor, healer, or messenger for humanity.

For the 22, they must do more than simply put the good word out there, so to speak. They must somehow find the strength, power, influence, and discipline to radically transform the material plane on some level. That is why those with the 22 do not typically fulfill their potential according to Goodwin. One individual shouldering this much burden is apt to crack under pressure or are confused and overwhelmed on where to start. This can also happen to the 11 as well, which is why many people with master numbers somewhere in their chart usually operate from the “lower” reduced number until they are better able to step into their own and embrace the challenge their soul has taken on in this lifetime.

For Normani that is the 4. We saw the 4 in her birthday number as well. So, once again we are seeing repeated numbers in her chart, signifying that the lessons and challenges of these numbers are things she is intensely focused on in this lifetime.

If we interpret her Expression number as the reduced 4, Normani is someone who is extremely hardworking. She is down-to-earth and immensely practical. She can create order and routine out of chaos and knows how to maintain them well. She approaches things with patience and is very conscientious of the details. She would be very good in a career that allows her to work directly with the earth in some way, such as engineering, woodworking, construction, crafts, or arts like ceramics, etc. (Goodwin, 1981).

In terms of attitude, Normani is someone who is very dependable and loyal. She is someone you can always count on to get things done and done thoroughly and accurately. She is honest, methodical, and persevering. She is not one to back down because the job seems difficult. But in this way she is likely extremely stubborn. It is hard to change her mind. She may have very distinct likes and dislikes and she will not bend to or compromise with others on these matters. This inflexibility is also seen by how she may be a bit pedantic or nitpicky. She has a specific way she likes to do things and she will not budge even if other alternatives are more practical.  Basically, she has a Taurus Mars and Mercury lol.

But this is the 4 we are talking about. Normani has a 22 Expression. What is that like?

The 22 Expression is like a 4 Expression on steroids. Those with this number are capable of taking on very large-scale undertakings. Think of the 4 as a construction builder while the 22 is the architect. Many unique buildings and other structures that make cities distinct would not exist without an architect with a vision, and Normani is that architect. According to Goodwin, she is capable of leading the world in new directions, usually because she approaches problems in rather strange, outside the box ways (1981). Normani is a visionary who actually materializes whatever wild ideas are swirling around in her head. This is likely why she is more successful than others. She has an idea and then she acts on it until it is given a physical, tangible form. With her South Node lord being her Taurus Mars, which is conjunct her Taurus Mercury, transforming ideas into objects is likely a skill Normani has honed over several lifetimes, especially when Jupiter sends a trine by degree and Neptune a trine by sign to both of her Taurus planets.

In terms of attitude, the 22 has an awareness of the spiritual and non-material that the 4 lacks. Often a negative manifestation of the 4 is that it is myopic, being unable to imagine the unimaginable. Since the 22 is the 11 times two, those with this number are better able to balance the dichotomous nature of the physical and spiritual realms. As result, these individuals are both idealistic and practical. Their work is not solely for self-preservation reasons; their work is often for the greater good of humanity at large. Consequently, these people are philanthropic or feel as though they are here for a very specific purpose even if they do not know what that is quite yet.

But whether they know or not, people with a 22 Expression tend to have a lot of nervous tension because of this burden they have taken up on the spiritual level. And since many find it hard to fully accomplish what mark they want to leave on the world, these people may also suffer from feelings of inferiority in their lives. For Normani, this may be execrated by the 16/7 energy in her life coming in and periodically burning whatever she has built down to the ground. But she may operate in the other direction where she is a bit too eccentric (her Uranus trines her Sun) and selfish, often using her power for greed instead of for the benefit of everyone. With the 16/7 again, this may not be surprising, especially since the South Node lord is in Taurus. But only time will tell which way she may swing.

Soul Urge: 16/7

When you add up all of the vowels of a person’s name you get the Soul Urge. This number symbolizes what the native desires at their core. Goodwin states, however, that this lurks below the surface and is something the native rarely openly expresses but when described, they will readily identify with (1981). The Soul Urge is the last cog of the core numbers and it only makes up 20%. When we add up all the vowels in Normani’s name we get 16/7.

Normani KordeiHamilton
6 1 96 5 91 9 6
16/7 Soul Urge
Normani has a 16/7 Soul Urge when we add all the vowels of her name together

Interesting that this number pops up once more. According to Goodwin, to have this number as the Life Path seems to denote sudden negative reversals all throughout life (1981). The native’s status, wealth, and relationships on all levels may end in swift or unusual ways, whether this is the fault of the native or “fate.” To have this karmic debt number as the Soul Urge, however, shows that the native will not have reliable people in their inner circle (1981). Many people they trust may flake out on them, act against their interests, or suddenly distance themselves from the native under strange or sudden circumstances.

Although we do not have a birth time, we still see this assertion backed astrologically because Venus represents companionship. To have it retrograde can suggest that the native has a difficult time maintaining relationships. Similar to the 16/7, the native may find that their circle of friends is much smaller than others and is a bit precarious. Since Normani’s Venus is in Gemini, it is likely that she wants many friends in life but unlike those who have this placement with a direct Venus, superficial or surface level relationships will likely not satisfy her much. This is because the energy of Venus is turned inward and focused on. Therefore, relationships are taken more seriously than they normally would in this sign. Additionally, if her Moon is in Scorpio, then Normani desires rather emotionally and spiritually intense relationships from her friends and other people she lets in her life.

The 16/7 is rather similar in expression to Scorpio, in my opinion, because the native is apt to be rather selective in who they let into their friend group. Most people cannot enter, and even with the people she does let in, it is still hard to fully get to know Normani at her core. When a person has the karmic debt 16/7, they are starting at the negative side of the 7 which can make them rather aloof, but in a selfish, snobby way. The 7 is a highly intellectual number. This is the number of a scientist, scholar, or theorist. Interestingly, however, when this number is balanced and more positive in expression, it is also very spiritual and detached from material desires. For a lot of people with 7s, though, this spiritual aspect is hard to tap into and express. Oftentimes you will see staunch atheists with 7s because they believe they can find truth and the other answers to their questions by pursing science at the expense of religion and faith. Normani may start out on this side of the 7 because of her karmic debt.

She may desire to know the truth of the world—to pursue knowledge—but what she is often met with on this endeavor is a lot of blockages and broken hearts. For every good thing that may happen to her, it is taken away and is often replaced by something negative. Unfortunately, this is because she has a debt to pay. Goodwin states that those without karmic debts can start anywhere on the positive to negative spectrum of their numbers, and this is a personal choice, but for those with the karmic debt, they are forced to start on the negative end (1981). However, not all is lost.

Goodwin makes sure to emphasize that for those with the debt, the negative side is only where the native starts. If they acknowledge and accept their debt—the transient or disrupting energy of the 16/7 in this case—then the native can actively pursue the more positive manifestation of the reduced number. So, unfortunately, much of what was said in the Life Path section applies here. The only difference is that the 7 is something that, under the surface, Normani desires. She wants to have the space to be alone, often with her studies, investigating something that had caught her inquisitive mind. However, at the soul level, she may feel lonely and alienated from others and since she has the 16/7, this is not without reason. Her waking life may be plagued by lots of sudden endings to her relationships. So, it is not hard to understand why she may feel on a subconscious level that she is a misfit. But if she is able to work through these feelings and learn how to be open to others in spite of her rocky relationship history and be more flexible in her thoughts, she will be better able to weather the storm of this karmic debt number.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned at some point on this blog, I am quite rusty in numerology as I have not really indulged in it since I fully immersed myself in astrology when I was around 15. I did dabble every now and again in it, however. I even did interpretations at one point on a website I won’t name lol. But this is all to say that I did forget a considerable amount. As a result, I did not know how much to include or even exclude for this piece. But I think for this article I will not interpret anything beyond the Soul Urge, which is the last of the core numbers. So, let’s get to my final thoughts.

Goodwin states that all of the core numbers influence one another, safe for the Birthday number which cannot be influenced by the other numbers. So, the Life Path is influenced and modified by the Birthday, Expression, and Soul Urge numbers. The Expression number is influenced and modified by the Life Path and Soul Urge. The Soul Urge is influenced and modified by the Life Path and Expression numbers. And finally, the Birthday number influences and modifies the Life Path.

Taking all of the core numbers together, we get (16/)7 and (22/)4. Goodwin says that these numbers are usually harmonious, which does make sense because structure and discipline can only help the 7 stay focused, motivated, and systematic in its pursuit of knowledge. In return, the 7 can remind the 4 to be more balanced in how it relentlessly engages with the material world. Often the 4 can get so caught up in how it is limited and confined that it forgets that the material realm is largely illusionary. What the 4 may see as a restriction may not be in reality or they may come to realize that they imposed this restriction on themselves of their own freewill, so all they have to blame is themselves. But in this way, they now know that they have the power to change their own circumstances.

On closer inspection, it seems as though Normani is trying to contend with this material-spiritual contradiction. Apparently, in a past life or several, she acted in a selfish manner when it came to love. She either cheated or otherwise violated the sanctity of her relationship and hurt her partner(s) in the process. As a result, Normani will often have to struggle against her own relationships in this lifetime. It may be hard to maintain any kind of relationship, and this of course will undoubtedly affect her career, especially since Venus is also retrograde in the natal chart. But this is supposedly to humble Normani as her ego in the past was too big and destructive. Many things in life are fleeting, and Normani is unfortunately going to learn this lesson the hard way it seems.

However, at the same time, she cannot fall victim to the seemingly endless death and rebirth cycle she may find herself in. With a 4 sub-lesson to her Life Path, Normani must learn the lessons of structure and limitations. Life is not always easy but that does not mean we can just sulk and act as though there is nothing we can do to change our circumstances. I am not advocating for a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” ideology by saying that. What I mean is that a person can always do small things to improve their situation. If someone knows what triggers their anxiety for example, they can choose to not seek out material that aggravates them in that way. They can block people or certain phrases on social media. They can refuse to engage with “trolls” and other obnoxious people. They do not have to publicly comment on hot button issues or viral posts. They can set their account or profile to private, etc. This person will still have anxiety, but they can choose how they deal with it. So, Normani in turn can choose how she handles the more negative side of her 16/7. She can become pessimistic and cynical or she can find ways to establish her own sense of stability.

When Normani is able to shed her ego and put love at the center of who she is on the spiritual level, she will reach true enlightenment. Once she is enlightened, she will be better able to tackle her 22 Expression and take on some large-scale project that will radically change society or even the entire world. I do not know what Normani will change but I do wish her the best of luck on this spiritual endeavor. As a someone who also has the 16/7 show up a couple of times in their core numbers (including the 19/1 and 14/5 as well), I know what it feels like to have the universe seemingly work against you at all times. But sometimes when we surrender and realize that there are some things we can adjust or acknowledge, life does not magically become easier but you do gain a new perspective on things and thus can pursue life in a way that you did not consider before. So, hopefully Normani can do the same and her label will finally give her a debut album.

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Goodwin, Matthew Olivier. (1981). Numerology: The Complete Guide (Vol. #1). North Hollywood, CA: Newcastle Publishing Company, Inc.

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