Trick or Treat!: Ten Month Anniversary

This blog is ten months old!

I have been quite busy this month! As I mentioned on Twitter, before I got my commission, I was planning on having my Sunmi video finished by Halloween and my Normani article by early November. Then, as the month went on and I shifted my focus solely on my commission, I felt compelled to push my Normani article ahead of my video because video editing is so intensive and time consuming. But now that it is known that Normani’s mother’s cancer has returned, I feel as though it is rather inappropriate to read on her. As a result, I asked those of you on Twitter on what I should do.

Not sure why Twitter embeds look weird on Word Press, but this is a link to my poll.

To my surprise, most of you wanted me to finish the video lol! If this choice wins out, I cannot guarantee that it will be up by Halloween but I will at the very least return working on it.

One last thing I want to touch on in this update is that I have tarot cards! My mom and the people at her job were kind enough to find me some cards and this month I have been trying my hand at the craft. Despite watching numerous tarot readings this past year or so, I never thought tarot would be my lane. I honestly thought astrology (and numerology when I felt like it) would be it. That would be the one thing I would be good at and focus on. But now, even though I still do not know the what each individual card means, I feel as though I can do it all lol!

I did a couple of readings in private and my mind was blown with how accurately it matched up with a natal chart! Tarot also seemed to clarify or add on to what the chart was revealing. I just find it all so fascinating! So, I guess tarot will be a hobby I will dabble in for the foreseeable future. If you want to buy me some tarot or even oracle cards, here is my Amazon wishlist. But do not feel compelled to do so if you are struggling! I know we are in a pandemic. In any case, see you all later this month or in November!

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