Luck in Career: SZA

This one is for you, Kiki!

I know next to nothing about this girl, lol! I do like “The Weekend” and “Love Galore,” however. But I have not be that interested or invested in SZA overall. All I know is that she sings about being the side chick and that she is Muslim. So, this will be an interesting reading to get into!

SZA is an Aquarius rising, Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon

Pisces on the 2nd house

As we all know, the 2nd house is the money house. It shows your income, your attitude towards money, your physical possessions, and how you survive basically. Houses under the horizon, or Ascendant-Descendant axis, are pertinent to the physical world and what is bodily. These houses belong to the Moon and are a part of the nocturnal hemisphere. The houses above them deal with what is mental and spiritual and belong to the Sun as the diurnal hemisphere. So, a water sign being on the 2nd house is not that “strange,” because although water signs oppose earth signs, they also sextile the other two. This to me suggests some affinity between the two elements. And there is because these elements are nocturnal, feminine, and share triplicity lords (i.e., the nocturnal planets of the Moon, Venus, and Mars). However, Pisces is a little different.

As the last sign of the Zodiac, it is motivated to sacrifice the material and merge back in with the spiritual. With Pisces on the 2nd house, SZA—real name Solána Imani Rowe—can be a little blasé towards her finances. Jupiter rulers Pisces traditionally, and although this is the planet of abundance, gifts, and large profits this does not necessarily mean these things are coming to the native. Abundance can manifest as something the native gives to others. And indeed, Pisces is very generous, often to a fault. As a mutable water sign, Pisces can feel everything and everyone, and because of that, it does not like for others to suffer. Therefore, this sign goes out of its way to heal others, to be compassionate, and to follow a moral code that refuses to leave anyone behind.

So, on the 2nd house, this can mean SZA is loose with her money. She may not care that she is broke if her money is aiding others in some way. SZA is likely very philanthropic and this is fueled by her deep (Muslim and what many call “New Age”) faith. Sometimes one has to make both small and large personal sacrifices (Pisces’s mantra is “I sacrifice”) for the betterment of the collective, and monetarily and materially, SZA may embrace this philosophy.

Now, this is sort of the grander, more Jupiter-influenced interpretation of Pisces on the 2nd. The more modern, Neptunian governed Pisces is a bit different. With Neptune as the ruler of the 2nd house, this indifference to money coming and going turns into confusion and chaos. The spiritual energy is still there but Neptune makes Pisces not know fact from fiction.

Money and material possessions may be viewed as these weird abstract concepts that are hard to grasp mentally. Mercury is in fall (and detriment) in Pisces. Mercury rules money and banking, which makes sense since one has to be smart and strategic with their money to not end up in financial crises. Of course, there are people in power who have created and maintain structures, laws, and other influential people in charge to keep poor people poor and rich people rich, but those with Pisces on the 2nd house just seem to not understand the importance of managing their money and guarding their possessions. Budgeting and simply not losing things they own can be rather difficult for these natives. They would prefer to just go with the flow and let life happen than to plan things out and get all their ducks in a row. As a result, though, their finances tend to be in shambles. They may spend indiscriminately then cry when they have no money.

At the core of both interpretations of Pisces is that when on the 2nd house, there is an aversion to what is physical and material. Pisces is opposite Virgo (an earth sign), and as the last sign, it is more concerned about leaving this plane of existence. But with water signs on the money and work-related houses (modern astrologers call these houses the earth houses), the native needs to find a balance between the somewhat polarizing nature of the elemental sign and the house.

Natives with Pisces on the 2nd house need to be more aware of and organized with their finances and possessions. They may need to recognize that the mundane is just as important as the spiritual. They may have to spiritualize the physical world to do so, but as long as they are more conscious of how money serves a tangible purpose in their lives it doesn’t matter how they get to this point.

What is interesting about SZA’s chart is that she has the Moon in the 2nd house. With the Moon here, she may actually be more emotionally invested in her finances and possessions than we initially thought.

The Moon is our emotions and the unconscious. In the 2nd house, SZA’s emotional well-being is deeply influenced by how much money and things she has or has not. On the one hand, this can enhance the spiritual connection SZA may have with her possessions and how she views money, which may be the result of her upbringing, especially since the Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception. In the other direction, however, the confusion and disorder can also surge because the Moon is highly changeable, especially in Pisces. Therefore, SZA’s finances may likewise fluctuate.

Some months can be good, some can be bad. Each day as well can be unpredictable because SZA may be an emotional spender who buys things to make herself to feel better. Because of all the emotions she attaches to things, it may actually be hard to let them go once she has them as well. Although Pisces may not seem like a hoarding sign, with the Moon here, Pisces can make the native buy, buy, buy and then refuse to acknowledge, let alone actively deal with, the sheer amount of stuff they have accumulated.

With the Moon in the 2nd house and Jupiter in Cancer, either response (or both) can be due to family conditioning. The mom especially could have a deeply spiritual connection to material things, has a spiritual reason for being averse to material things, or is just very disorganized when it comes to material matters. As a result, SZA approaches money and her possessions in a similar fashion.

Regardless, looking at the 2nd house with Jupiter as the lord, SZA’s money, etc. is going to the house of disease, routine, and work. So this can mean SZA spends a lot of money taking care of her health—either in the sense that she’s frequently sick or has chronic conditions or that SZA is just body conscious and spends money to stay in shape (whether this is truly “healthy” depends). Since Cancer is on the 6th, this can also mean she spends money to help sick family members. All of the above can be things that are simply part of her routine which may explain the changeable nature of SZA’s finances. Likewise, spending money and acquiring things is just a day-to-day thing SZA does. Money comes and goes as her collection continuously grows.

Meditation is the easiest way to re-center and ground yourself. Sometimes, I get really tired; I feel like I’m hitting a wall I’m about to break through. I just know I have to keep going because there’s about to be some sort of weird endurance experience after. I’d never been on tour before; I never did 40 or 50 cities. I just had to build calmness. I talk to my mom a lot. If I feel super chaotic, she usually calls me first. She always knows.

SZA may inherit a lot from her family (even though inheritance through death is seen from the 8th house) and similarly gives a lot to her family. This can also be the result of working for her family or vice versa. Either way, her upbringing and relationship to her mother especially shaped how SZA views material things. However, if we make Neptune the ruler of the 2nd, SZA is not as fortunate.

Neptune is in the 12th house and with the 2nd house ruler here, SZA may tend to lose a lot of money and possessions. Yes, the 12th house is the house of loss. So, as was mentioned previously, money, etc. may be things SZA doesn’t always keep track of. Because Neptune is what is vague and hazy to boot, she may not know why things are missing. However, since the 12th house rules secret enemies, it could be managers, assistants, and/or accountants fudging the numbers, withholding information, or communicating to SZA in a way that makes it seem like all is well or whatever money they give her is legit when it is not. Saturn and Uranus are in the 12th as well, which can signify deception and unusual circumstances, respectively. Neptune too can make SZA see whoever is managing her money, if it is not herself, through rose colored glasses as well, blinding her to the reality that they are stealing from her. Venus can make SZA spend more because she likes to treat herself so with Uranus and Saturn being here too, it could mean she goes on binges and purges financially. One month she may blow through her money (Uranus) to feel good (Moon) and/or flex (Capricorn), and the next she may be very conservative and frugal with her money (Saturn and Capricorn) to counteract the damage she has done.

And while the Moon is in positive aspect to both Neptune and Jupiter, Jupiter is opposite all of SZA’s Capricorn planets, especially Neptune which it opposes almost exactly. To me this suggests another oscillating issue with money, or in this case, work with spirituality because as we know from Megan Thee Stallion’s chart, Venus in Capricorn can make a native a little materialistic while Cancer and Jupiter are the opposite. So, kind of like Megan, when SZA overidentifies with the physical she suffers but this is not tied to past life problems entirely (for SZA it is more a present life thing as both of the North Node lords are in the 12th house). Here it is more so about self-undoing or screwing yourself over. And indeed, SZA may screw up her own bag is she doesn’t learn how to better balance the material plane with the spiritual one if she does have this potential problem. But that is only if we use Neptune as the ruler. With Jupiter she is much better off as not only is this planet her most benefic planet because she has a day chart, but it is also exalted and possible also dignified by term.

Cancer on the 6th house

With Cancer on the 6th house, SZA’s family is tangled up in her work. It could be that they manage her in some way, she works in the family business, she is following in her family’s footsteps or is carrying on their legacy, SZA involves her family with her work, or she works in order to support her family, especially since the ruler of the 6th is in mutual reception with the 2nd house lord. In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, SZA states that, “Even the day I got signed [to Top Dawg in 2013], I was broke as fuck. I didn’t have bread to get to the bank and cash my check. I just looked at it and took pictures of it for like three days until I could get to my parents’, and they drove me to the bank. I told them I signed to Dr. Dre because they didn’t know who anyone else was.” So, this is one way that SZA’s family has influenced her work and income as this money allowed her to have the career she has now.

What do your parents think of you pursuing music?
Um, I don’t know. At first they were like, ‘You can do this on your own time,’ because they were paying for school, which was a big deal. So in their eyes, I kind of just pissed it all away to be a musician. But after they came to the first and second shows they were like, ‘Hmm, okay. I guess you really wanna do this.’ They saw that I didn’t care if I wasn’t eating or sleeping or whatever.

They’re getting to know me all over again. I don’t think they knew this side of me and all this stuff that I sing about. I’m pretty sure they’re really confused. But those are the homies. I think they’re just trying to figure out who they raised or if they even had a hand in who I became. They spent so much time trying to protect me and being super conservative, so now they’re like “Whose child are you?”

Regardless, with Jupiter in the 6th house, SZA works hard. She’s a hustler and because Jupiter is her most benefic planet, she does get rewarded for her efforts more often than not (although Jupiter being retrograde does complicate this a lot). What is interesting, however, is that Chiron is also here and conjunct Jupiter. Normally I ignore Chiron, but after interpreting it in my most recent commission, I have had a slight change of heart. Chiron shows a person’s wounds. Since I am more of a past life astrologer, I interpret Chiron to represent the wounds the native has brought over from a past life. As such, it being in the 6th house means that SZA may have some wounds surrounding her work, health, and routine. Since Chiron is also in Cancer and conjunct Jupiter, these areas are directly connected to her family, emotions, spirituality, and money too.

When I was planning out this article, I had this epiphany that SZA in a past life tried to become a celebrity and failed. Therefore, in this life she has decided to work hard to succeed this time around. I came to this conclusion because the South Node lord is the Sun and it is in the 10th house of career. Out of the four planets in her 10th house, the Sun is the closest to the Midheaven by degree. So, spiritually, SZA came into this life to be a star. With Pluto tightly conjunct the Sun and Mars also being present in the 10th suggests a very intense desire and drive for fame furthermore, especially since all are in Scorpio and Scorpio sits on this house.

So, Chiron being in the 6th and also trining her Sun almost exactly, I think SZA really wants this life of acclaim on a soul level. Perhaps in a past life, her efforts were slept on and ignored. She didn’t see the results of her work come back to her, or if she did, it likely wasn’t positively or it wasn’t the way she wanted it to be. But now with Jupiter in the 6th house, SZA is poised to finally get what is owed to her. Jupiter shows alliances, friendship, and brotherhood. So, in Cancer, her family are her allies. With Jupiter also ruling the 11th house, they are the people who vouch for her. They’re her benefactors or people who go out of their way to support her.

So, with Chiron also in the 6th and in Cancer, it could mean that SZA is learning to heal from whatever past life wound she carried into this life because Chiron receives trines from the planets in the 2nd and 10th houses. Work (and issues of health and routine) are being seen in a more positive light. I think a lot of this is because SZA is taking a much more holistic approach to work, money, and physical things in general. Not pursuing material things for materialistic reasons, SZA is a lot more balanced in mind, and in this case, body when it comes to these things.

With Capricorn on the 12th house, SZA’s downfall is when she overidentifies with power, status, and material wealth. This is interesting because the North Node lord is in this house as well. To me, since the Ascendant is in Aquarius, SZA maintaining a certain degree of detachment when it comes to the physical world is still the lesson. Because I think when earth signs are on the 12th house, this means that in the most recent past life, the native lived a life focused on the physical and material—satisfying their bodily needs and getting their coin. But in this one, they are wanting to be more removed on all levels, which is why the Ascendant is in air.

With an air Ascendant, water signs are on the work and money-related houses. This can mean the native wants to approach these issues in an emotional and spiritual manner where there is an ability to hold attachment to and detachment from these things simultaneously. Being able to do this, SZA learns to heal her soul when it comes to these areas of her life.

Scorpio Midheaven/Scorpio on the 10th house

SZA has Scorpio on the Midheaven and 10th whole house. I think a lot of people will see this as “scary” or potentially even “scandalous” because death and sex are attributes commonly associated with the sign. But often times I think this reaction to Scorpio is blown out of proportions. Scorpio is a water sign, so like Cancer and Pisces, it is motivated by its emotions and spirituality. Here on the Midheaven, this is very public which is a bit odd for Scorpio.

Unlike Cancer and certainly Pisces, Scorpio is the most closed off and secretive of the three water signs. Being fixed and traditionally ruled by Mars, Scorpio is not inclined to put itself out there or connect with large groups of people, even when on a very visible house like the 10th or a social house like the following 11th house. Scorpio, while often at war with itself because Mars is nocturnal when governing this sign, is also still at war with others. In Scorpio it’s just more defensive than offensive. Like the Scorpion that represents it, Scorpio when threatened will raise its tail and strike. But Scorpio thinks it is always under threat, so the sign is naturally very suspicious, if not outright paranoid, about people and situations. This in turn leads to the introverted, reserved, “mysterious,” loner type behavior and energy we often see with the sign.

On the Midheaven and the sign her Sun is in, SZA may have a reputation for being both magnetic and hard to get to know. Even if she is the type of celebrity to sit up on Twitter and/or Instagram live all day talking, what she reveals actually isn’t much—even with Mercury in the 10th house as well. Scorpio is incredibly good at creating the illusion of being raw and close to people but in reality, hold a lot back and keep a distance from others. As a celebrity this is an ingenious skill to have as finding that line between privacy and connecting with the world and fans can be very tough because the latter two often do violate the boundaries of celebrities for all types of reasons. But again, the Midheaven/10th house is the most visible point in the natal chart because it is the highest point in the chart, so something is being exposed regardless of Scorpio’s efforts. Often what we see is the native’s intensity.

On this house, SZA is known for being a hard worker but not in an earthy sense where a person just continuously works in a way that is slow and methodical. Scorpio is extremely passionate in what it does. So, on the Midheaven, SZA approaches her life’s work with a ton of emotion. She may want to leave a mark on the world that is greatly remembered. In this sense, she wants the world to be transformed by her impact on it. As a result, SZA worked hard to build her career. She might have gone through hell and back to make it, but she still did it. Scorpio is not a sign to back down easily. It is a sign that will constantly find new, resourceful ways to get what it wants.

This is interesting because I said in the last section that this desire for fame may have been a past life thing SZA brought into this life. Indeed, with her Sun being the South Node lord and it being the closest of the four planets in her 10th house to the Midheaven (although not by much in comparison to Mercury and Pluto), I think this is true. What I also think to be true is that SZA in a recent past life pursued the physical and material to possible failure. This is why in this life she has a different, more balanced perspective with regard to these subjects and why if she overindulges in these areas, she’ll likely see reversals or misfortune. But she still wants physical and material things as she has planets in Capricorn. The North Node lord is also in Capricorn but in the 12th house. She may feel restricted (Saturn) by her past and the guilt and other unresolved emotions (12th house) she has from that hypothetical failed celebrity life. This can motivate her spiritually to succeed by any means necessary in this current life, however, which can explain the Scorpio Midheaven.

Mars is the ruler of SZA’s 10th house, and it is domicile and dignified by triplicity, term, and face in the 10th house. Mars is very all-or-nothing in expression and this doesn’t change much in Scorpio. Therefore, being both the lord of the 10th house and in the 10th shows that SZA is very focused on her career and reputation. Again, if my theory is true then this makes perfect sense. If you have already failed once before, were otherwise dissatisfied by the results of your prior efforts, or were prevented from achieving this same dream you are pursuing once more in this lifetime, you may be promoted in your next life to pour all of your energy in this one area. And this doesn’t change when we make Pluto the ruler as well because it is also in the 10th house. What I find funny about all of this is that SZA claims that she sort of “fell into” music, something that sounds more reminiscent of Pisces and Jupiter than Scorpio and Mars/Pluto.

So in school, the thing that I was most passionate and excited about, besides science, was writing. It just came natural to me without much effort. I had a lot of fun learning about poetic license and different kinds of prose. And my parents were just very poetic people. When they’re angry and they yell at each other, they yell in prose.

But it’s funny, now that I’m actually singing I don’t write any of my lyrics. I just kind of freestyle them off the top of my head. Whatever comes to my mind I just let it out the way it comes, which sometimes doesn’t make any sense even to me. Poetry to me is audio/visual now. I’ll see an image or hear a beat and it will make me think about fields or something I saw on TV or a place that I read about, like Tahiti or Bali. And then I try and sing based on the imagery I see in my head.

Could this be a past life skill she has cultivated and is channeling?

Instead of music, SZA was actually a hardcore student athlete in her youth. Since she was 10 SZA was gymnast. She told Complex back in 2013 that she ranked 5th in the nation when she was a sophomore in high school in 2005. This had to be cut short though, as SZA mentioned in a different video interview, because her grades were bad. She then went into cheerleading for the rest of her high school career. Even with this athletic background, SZA stated in another interview that she wanted to be a dancer. Mars rules how we take action and often action includes how we exert ourselves physically. With such a prominent and well-supported Mars, it is not surprising that SZA focused most of her energy into gymnastics and then cheerleading instead of music for a large part of her life.

It wasn’t until SZA dropped out of college and was working several odd jobs that she started to pursue music. She was hanging out with her brother Daniel who is a rapper named Manhattan. He was making a song called, “Where Do We Go From Here?” and asked SZA to sing over it. Although apprehensive, she did and at the time thought she didn’t sound too bad.

SZA’s other musical influence was her boyfriend at the time who was sponsoring the producer Christian Rich. SZA would hang out with them, sometimes singing, and then one day they suggested that she sing at their show after listening to her. SZA sang Amy Winehouse’s “Me and Mr. Jones” to people’s excitement. Her boyfriend and Rich tried to encourage SZA to become a singer but back then she was still insecure about her voice and thought singing should be left to “the light skinned girls.”

Despite this, SZA continued to make music, releasing the EPs, See.SZA.Run (2012) and S (2013) on SoundCloud and YouTube. Her song, “Aftermath” from her S EP, was particularly popular as it caught the eye of not only the talented writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, but Top Dawg Entertainment co-president Terrence “Punch” Henderson. SZA actually met Henderson back in 2011 during the CMJ New Music Report which 10Deep, the company she was working for at the time, was sponsoring. She offered to bring Henderson and his crew some merch back to their hotel and SZA brought her friend Ashley along for support. Ashley was listening to some music SZA did with her brother and while Henderson at the time didn’t seem to express much interest, SZA maintaining a causal relationship with him where she’d occasionally send him a song did eventually lead him to signing her to his company on July 14, 2013. Like many of the girls I read on for my rapper series, SZA was the first woman to be signed to the label, the same one Kendrick Lamar was also signed to. And the rest is history.

SZA released her third EP Z in 2014 and three years later her debut studio album Ctrl to critical reception. Ctrl went silver and two times platinum. Time magazine ranked it the best album of 2017. SZA was nominated for five Grammys in 2017 as well, making her the most nominated female artist in 2018 and the fourth most nominated artist in total, although she did not win any awards that night, sadly.

JPS …Okay, well, let me ask this. You were nominated for a lot of Grammys. How did that feel?

SZA That was a crazy lesson: Although you may want to quantify yourself by this landmark, God will not allow it. Be grateful for where you’re at, this was just an indicator you’re doing a good job; now stay fucking focused. My granny and mom were there, and it was the first time my mom didn’t know what to say. My mom is so well-spoken, and she was struggling to find the words. I had to perform after all the news broke. It was definitely the most clear, obvious test anyone’s ever given me: God’s just going at me like, so you lost all five [awards], they’re gonna announce you were nominated for all five right before you go onstage, and you have to do a good job and believe in yourself, are you ready? I’m just like, OK, no doubt.

The lesson of Saturn at work?

Throughout 2019 SZA teased the possibility of a second studio album but nothing came of it. She has seen revealed that her relationship with Henderson and the label has grown hostile which is why the album has been delayed since late last year. Nevertheless, she has recently released the single, “Hit Different” featuring Ty Dolla $ign on September 4th of this year.

SZA’s latest single

For someone who just “fell into music” and who claimed they didn’t know what they were doing, SZA has been immensely lucky. This is “odd” only in that this is very much her Jupiter at work. The fact that her friend was the catalyst that sort of set off SZA’s career is also the work of her Jupiter as it rules the 11th house of friends and individuals who put in the good word for you. The 11th house is also any investment that comes back to you. So, investing in music and producing EPs came back to SZA in the form of a contract deal and critically acclaimed career in such a short time.

For a long time I thought that I would have a model to follow [when it came to creating music]. Like there would be someone before me. I have no model for what I’m doing. That wasn’t on purpose because pioneering is shitty. I hate pioneering, most pioneers lose because they are forgotten and the person who learns their blueprint and knows how to do it better usually bodies them. It’s fucked up, I’m thinking to myself, ‘You got to pioneer but pioneer quick, don’t drag it out, you don’t have time for this fear shit. Cause a bitch with no fear will dead you, if you let her.’

…I just fell into everything, this is so not the course that was suppose to happen. Even my parents are confused every day. ‘Who are you and where did you come from?’ It’s interesting to watch everyone get to know me all over again. Even my closest friends are like, ‘You really made a run for it, huh?’ I guess I did and even when I look at myself, ‘I’m still doing this shit and it’s Wednesday, okay.’ Double-checking with myself because I’m such a pessimist, I’m afraid of it all going away. I never start shit I’m not sure I can win, I don’t even play sports I can’t win. Anything I can’t excel at, I won’t partake in.

People with Mars in their 10th house and/or copresent the Midheaven often have to find their own path in life alone. For SZA, this is a very transformative experience with Scorpio on the Midheaven.

However…, Mars is still SZA’s most malefic planet. In theory, celebrity life and her career should actually produce her most subjective hardship and negativity. And while it did take a while, I think we are seeing the effects of that now with this tension between her and her company, although I will contend that this is more of 7th house issue as contracts and business partners are seen there.

Interestingly, the Sun represents these matters in SZA’s chart as Leo sits on the 7th house. As we know, the Sun is the ego or personality. So, in a strange plot twist, SZA may in some way be blocking her own career advancements. SZA did not go into detail with what is exactly going on between her and Henderson and her label at large so anything is possible. But I do find it interesting that the Sun is also SZA’s South Node lord as I have brought up every section. Could this be some past life issues repeating themselves in her current life? I do not know as I do not personally know SZA nor am I particularly intuitive in that way. In either case, we will just have to watch and see what happens to SZA. (This delay can also be the result of her Saturn return as well. Or, it is the effect of Jupiter being retrograde, as it can produce the feeling of being unlucky while also creating good fortune in giant bursts.)

In my music, it’s really hard to be super-conscious; I’m in another state of consciousness when I’m making music. But when I’m my most effective, that mode of healing is when I get to perform and see everybody. I send out and absorb love. Meet-and-greets are a new thing I never got to do before. I meet, like, 200 people before each show. We hug each other and really look at each other. Healing and loving people, I guess that’s me.

Water Suns are healers

Luck in Career: Modest to good but with some difficulties

Pisces on the 2nd houseCancer on the 6th houseScorpio Midheaven/Scorpio on the 10th house
Planets in This HouseMoonJupiter retro. and Chiron retro.Mars, Mercury, Pluto, and Sun
Ruler(s)Jupiter reto. and/or NeptuneMoonMars and/or Pluto
Dig. and Deb. of Ruler(s)Jup. retro: Exalted
P: Term

Neptune: N/A
D: Triplicity
P: Peregrine
Mars: Domicile, triplicity, term, face

Pluto: Domicile
RejoicingNoYes (hayz)No
Bon. and Mal. of Ruler(s)Maltreated by Saturn (x2)Bonified by Jup. retro. (x3)Bonified by Venus
Bonified by Jup. retro (x2)
Other ConditionsJup. retro: Retrograde, in the second to “worst” house (acc. deb.), the most benefic planet, in mutual reception and reception with the Moon (ruler)

Neptune: In the “worst” house (acc. deb.), conjunct Saturn, Venus, and Uranus

Ruler is the most benefic planet

In mutual reception and reception with Jup. retro. (ruler)
Mars: Under the Sun’s beams (acc. deb.), the most malefic planet, in an angular house (acc. dig.)

Pluto: Combust (acc. deb.), in an angular house (acc. dig.)
Condition of the Ruler’s RulerMoon
Jupiter retro.
Overall LuckSomewhat poor to modest Modest to goodGood
Overall SZA has modest luck across the board

Because of the unique way SZA’s chart is set up (it looks like a “Splay” type, which is just a fancy way to say it doesn’t have a distinctive pattern), bonification was still possible but maltreatment was difficult. Even with this good news, however, SZA did not obtain the jackpot in terms of luck. The main problem is with Jupiter retrograde, her most benefic planet, ironcially.

While exalted and possibly also dignified by term, it is debilitated because it is retrograde and in the 6th house. Moreover, it is the only planet that is maltreated as it is opposed by Saturn and since this is an applying aspect because of Jupiter’s retrograde motion, it is maltreated once more by engagement (a 3º applying aspect; for maltreatment it has to be a square or opposition.) So, all of this takes down the luck of the 2nd house a bit because Neptune being in the 12th house makes the 2nd house weak as well.

But while a somewhat ineffectual ruler, Jupiter retrograde being in the 6th house is still a plus, especially since from this house it helps to bonify the Moon—the ruler of the 6th—a whopping three times! The Moon on its own is well-placed too. It is hayz because it is a nocturnal, feminine planet in the nocturnal hemisphere in a feminine sign. So, because of Jupiter’s benefic nature and the Moon being elevated, SZA’s 6th house does a bit better than her 2nd.

The 10th house fares the best though because while Mars is SZA’s most malefic planet that is not rejoicing by gender nor hemisphere and is unfortunately under the Sun’s beams, it does not face any strong debilitations. In fact, it is extremely well-supported across all levels as it is not only domicile and dignified by triplicity, term, and face, it is bonified by both benefics, and is accidentally dignified by house. Saturn sends it a sextile by sign but soft aspects from malefics don’t maltreat. Saturn does prevent another bonification but that’s no big deal. It’s already bonified three times anyway. Pluto as a ruler is also domicile and accidentally dignified by house (although combust, which is a worse debilitation than being under the Sun’s beams). This all elevates the 10th house.

So, overall, SZA is fairly lucky in her career all things considered. The presence of the Kite aspect pattern and so many trines already denoted this though. I guess this just added confirmation. In any case, I hope you liked my reading on SZA! Consider leaving me a tip on my Ko-Fi. I also sold out and made an Amazon Wishlist. For the rest of the month into October I will work on my Big 3 video on Sunmi. In terms of my singers series, Normani is up next.


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