The Lions Gate Portal: Eight Month Anniversary

This blog is eight months old!

I’m still working on my video lol. I was originally going to work on it and my SZA article at the same time, but at some point I decided to focus on one thing at a time because that makes the most sense to me. Then out the blue I get a commission, and by the same one who initially recommended that I read on SZA too lol! So I’m back to square one of doing two things at once. I say two because I haven’t worked on my SZA piece since July.

At first, I was a little apprehensive about not regularly pumping out content for my blog but the more I got into the nitty gritty of video editing, I think I finally came to peace with the fact that I couldn’t necessarily do it all at once. Video editing and audio recording is complicated. People, including me, tend to be dismissive about the work that goes into making a video and now after having a taste of it, I never will dismiss those who make any part of the process their job ever again.

I’m not a tech person by any means, so when things messed up–and they did!–it was really hard to understand why and how to fix the problem. A person in the astrology server I’m in always makes fun of the fact that technology is “Lolaphobic,” and at first I just thought it was a funny joke. But technology failing me consistently is actually a real problem that I’ve never noticed. This made me think that perhaps those with natal Mercury retrograde have issues with technology because when Mercury goes retrograde, technology, transportation, communication, etc. all go out of wack. So, if you were born when Mercury was doing all of this, maybe you don’t just have communication issues but technology issues as well.

Or…it could be because I tend to work a lot when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times out the year and its effects can be felt pre- and post-shadow. My blog isn’t that old yet, and in fact, I have worked through all of the Mercury retrogrades that have occurred so far this year since my blog was made back in December. So, me facing technological difficulties as I have taken on these projects, including my video which I think I started when Mercury was in shadow, is not unusual and may not be the result of me having a natal retrograde Mercury.

But who knows! It’s interesting to think about though.

In any case, I guess this wraps up this post. Hopefully by the end of the month my video will drop but don’t hold your breath lol!

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