Rapper Series Roundup

So, we have finally reached the end of my rapper series!

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! It was really interesting to see the common thread between all of the girls safe for Asian Doll, who seemed to be an outlier in terms of planetary placements but not necessarily in terms of how she came up in the game.

When doing this series I purposefully excluded the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto because 1) I did not want to do more work than what I was already taking on (side note: I was initially supposed to read on the inner planets but accidentally did the seven classical ones instead from jump lol) and 2) these planets are generational and would not tell me much about these girls personally. But what all three of these planets (specifically Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn/Aquarius and Pluto in Sagittarius) show is how people in my age cohort (i.e., 20s) grew up on the internet. Consequently, for a lot of them, their careers started online whether on Myspace, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. until they eventually got “discovered” and signed by someone in the industry except for Cupcakke who remains independent.

Of those who signed, all but Doja Cat and Rico Nasty have publicly expressed that they felt trapped by their labels. Although the music industry is evil and does purposely trap people under the worst of contrasts, I do think Pluto transiting in Sagittarius, whether at the time of their births or several years later, can also explain why these girls just want to be free. They are a part of a generation that is rediscovering what it means to have freedom and be autonomous.

This aligns well with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn/Aquarius (and often Jupiter in these signs too) because this age cohort is generally open-minded and progressive in some way. Now, of course, this does not translate into someone being an activist by any means lol! (Hello Miss Doja Cat! We see your +40M new video (when I was originally drafting this it was only around 20M)!) But the girls have expressed some sort of feminist sentiment in that they have all stated in interviews that they want to support other girls in the game. However, as we have seen with Azealia Banks, Rico Nasty, and Asian Doll this can be more talk and ego-motivated than something that is entirely selfless and philanthropic.

Of course, though, saying that you believe in something progressive does not mean you have to be nice towards people calling you out by your name just to uphold this image you or your team have created for yourself. But I just find this gap between words and actions interesting. And I also wanted to highlight the fact that just because a sign’s energy is one way does not mean that this translates one-to-one to the native. People are complex and I offer just one of many possible interpretations of these rappers’ charts.

So with all of that out of the way, I’ll spend the rest of this post briefly reflecting on each girl.

Doja Cat

Doja, Doja, Doja. She is a prime example of how “cancel culture” is not a real phenomenon, much less one with any lasting impact. Although I will say that her situation is a bit different because it is an intraracial one, so I have seen some black individuals sort of give her a “pass” because self-hatred is very different than say a white person being racist because they are disgusting.

In my update of her reading, I mentioned that I watched several tarot card videos on her exposure when it happened. Of the few that directly asked if Doja Cat hated her black side and/or if her presence in those video chats stem from her non-existent relationship with her dad, the cards said yes and yes very loudly.

This tarot reader asked if Doja was ashamed of her black side (24 min mark) and her interpretation of the cards is that Doja is hurt by her black side and hates her father. A bit later (27 min mark) she pulls the cards “irritated,” “sad,” and “disgusted” when she asked how Doja feels about her black side.

This to me clarified why she has hard aspects to her Sun but has soft aspects to those same planets (Uranus and Neptune) to her Moon. The Sun represents her dad and thus her black side—a part of her she doesn’t fully understand (Neptune) and a part of her that may be shocking to others (Uranus). Doja’s dad is the famous South African actor, Dumisani Dlamini, who is best known for his role as “Gator” in the film Sarafina! starring Whoopi Goldberg. Doja has mentioned in various interviews—and even in an interaction with Goldberg—that they have never truly met, although he has left brief messages on her Instagram page. Back in May of this year, her father came out and pushed back against these claims, asserting that it’s all media play and Doja’s management spinning tales. He says that Doja did in fact reach out to him and the two have spoken to each other.

What I find peculiar about his statements is that he says he has been searching for her too…but she reached out first apparently. It’s one thing to have a hazy image of what your father could look like and what he could be doing if he is alive but not in your life, but it’s another thing to know exactly what he looks like and what he is doing…and that he only publicly mentions you to save his own image. I think that is a very different type of constant pain that clearly Doja and the people around her do not know how to handle.

But with her Sun so tightly conjunct her North Node and both in Libra, Doja will eventually have to confront this other half of herself. When her “tower moment” happened a couple of months back, it clicked for me that the reason why she is a Libra Sun with this North Node conjunction is that Doja is imbalanced in her ego expression and will spend this lifetime trying to correct that.

Many, but not all, mixed people have issues surrounding where they belong racially/ethnically, especially in households where the black parent is not present. White supremacy says that these mixed individuals are lesser than because they are not fully white (or in Doja’s case, fully Jewish)—their non-white half sullies them. Since slavery times, a one drop “rule” was created by white people to ensure that any children—whether “fully” black or mixed—bore to black women remained slaves and thus were categorized as black legally and socially. (But even if they born to black fathers, mixed children were still treated as not fully white as well.) Of course, as we all know, later on when we were “free,” colorism was enforced in social spaces where only those who were lighter than a paper bag were allowed in. These “rules” are no longer as visibly enforced but are still enacted in all levels of society. So, when we have mixed kids who only know their non-black side and were inundated in white spaces, I think to many non-mixed black people it really is not surprising that we get individuals like Doja. Individuals who hang out in the most white supremacist corners of the internet and surround themselves with racist white people who degrade and are hostile to the side of themselves they have learned to detach themselves from and typically have a robust disgust for. If their black parent was not there for them, then it makes sense that all black people are not going to be there for them either. So, why should they claim their blackness and be proud of it?

Sigh. I won’t go much further into this because each mixed person’s experience with identity, racism, colorism, featurism, and self-hatred is different based on a myriad of factors. So, I will conclude by saying Doja Cat is likely a Libra because she must learn how to balance these two halves of herself quite literally. I do not know why she chose this life. Perhaps there is some past life issues she is trying to solve. Maybe I’ll do a reading on what these issues could be one day.

Megan Thee Stallion

Since initially drafting this post a couple of weeks back, a lot of bad has happened to Megan, and I truly feel for her. Black women’s pain is always a joke and for what? I will never understand.

In my original draft I talked about how, despite having a very similar chart to Azealia Banks, Megan is more likable. But after this incident it is clear that many do not in fact like her for whatever reason. Which is very interesting because I was under the impression that she was like an “It Girl,” especially after the whole “Hot Girl Summer” thing. But I guess this somewhat confirms my final verdict on her career: moderate albeit somewhat poor.

However, I did not predict this type of backlash. And I think this is because I did not look into her 11th house like I did her 7th house. I guess in my defense, her lawsuit was a hot topic when I was writing on her and this shooting incident happened months later. If I ever read on Megan again, I will definitely examine her 11th and 10th houses more closely because this reaction to her reminds me of how the public treats Lizzo. Lizzo, if we remember, has Mars in Aquarius in her 6th house, which to me explains why people are so antagonistic towards everything she does.

Megan has Mars opposite her Sun directly and her retrograde Mercury indirectly in her 10th house. She also has Saturn in the 11th house and is the ruler of the Midheaven and her 10th house. So, both malefics are involved in her career…and we are seeing them in effect now. Mars is violence and Saturn of course accusations. I guess all we can do in this situation is pray for her and send her love.

Azealia Banks

Oh, Azealia… I think I sort of deciphered the reason why she is the way she is—it is a mix of unresolved childhood trauma and past life issues. But this is just the conclusion I came to. I could be wrong, but this is what I saw in Azealia’s chart. Reading on her made me immensely curious about what her soul’s purpose is in this life. I might create another article on her investigating her numerology to see what else I can extrapolate.

Rico Nasty

I think out of all the girls, I found Rico the most interesting. Maybe it’s just her appearance but she felt different despite her having placements that are all too familiar to me and this blog. I’m excited to see where she goes in her career!


Cupcakke’s case is a tragic one that seems to have gotten better. As I said at the end of my article on her, I didn’t know she was releasing music recently. This seems to indicate that she is in a healthier state of mind. Depression is no joke and depression was indicated in Cupcakke’s chart with her Moon being conjunct and maltreated by Saturn. And indeed, Cupcakke herself has said she suffered from depression from a young age, so having this aspect may indicate that this may be a lifelong, persistent problem as depression commonly is. But people can always recover and overcome. And Cupcakke seems to have done so. Great for her!

Asian Doll

The dark horse of this list figuratively and kind of literally (she is the second dark skinned girl on here), Asian Doll’s chart greatly departs from those closer to her age group like Cupcakke and Rico Nasty. Now, if you follow me on Twitter, I expressed frustration over this reading because the date I used may not be entirely accurate. But for some reason, perhaps stubbornness, I think the initial December 7, 1996 date I found is right lol.

In either case, I found her chart and career to be very interesting. It was refreshing to read on someone who didn’t have Taurus or Gemini placements lol. It was also cool to research into someone who has such an extensive discography at her age and have only one other person on this list rival her. All of this makes me very curious to learn more about what her soul mission is. I may add her to my growing list on this subject.


So, once again, I hoped everyone liked this series. I’m planning on making a similar one but this time with singers. I already have which ones I will cover and the order. I’m not sure if I want to keep it a surprise or not though, but the first one up is SZA. Can’t wait to see you all there and look out for my first video I’ll drop in August!

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