The 7 Classical Planets: Asian Doll

Final Boss: Asian Doll.

We have now come to the end of my rapper series where I examined the newcomers in the rap game, namely the women. There are some girls I have left out and may come back to another day. But for now we will focus on Asian Doll.

Yes, I first saw her on Tumblr. I think at the time I found it hard to believe she was a rapper because everyone was fawning over her looks than her music. After finally listening to her music for this article, I am not mad at what I saw and heard. I will say that she seems less mainstream. By this I mean she seems rawer and less manufactured if that makes sense. I know I am not the one to be judging who or what is popular nowadays in music by any means, but I think there is a reason why the average person would likely know who Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, or Rico Nasty are over Asian Doll, for instance. But I could be wrong, very wrong. And I apologize if I offended any Asian Doll fans reading this. In either case, here is a reading on Asian Doll’s 7 classical planets.

Asian Doll was born on December 7, 1996 in Dallas, TX. The birth time is unknown but she is a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon.

Sun in Sagittarius

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Triplicity if in a day chart
  • Ruler: Jupiter
    • In Capricorn
      • Fall
        • D: Face
        • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Finally, a sign that is not Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Aquarius! Sagittarius is interesting because it is fiery yet mutable, and as the last fire sign, is the most aware of others. Indeed, by the time we reach Sagittarius there is only three signs left in the Zodiac, so one would hope we would reach a new level of consciousness by now! We can thank Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo for this, as these are some of the first signs that are deeply aware of others—something fire signs always struggle with because they are so preoccupied with the self, or ego, and expressing it above all else. But Sagittarius, having evolved from the aforementioned signs listed above, is not only conscious of other people, it is conscious of people as a collective entity, as a society. Then as a fire sign, Sagittarius relates to people in a broad, almost detached way.

Without other people to compare ourselves against, many psychologists think we would not have a concept of self. And this makes sense because we are social creatures. We need the help of someone else besides ourselves just to survive, so why would we not need assistance when it comes to developing our personalities? Yet fire signs are a bit antagonistic towards other people.

They do not always mean it but standing out and often alone is the only way fire signs can individuate themselves. However, out of all of the fire signs, it seems that only Aries is the most aggressive and passionate in this endeavor as its ruler Mars makes it especially want to be independent. (Mars’s energy is to “sever and separate”). Leo is milder and more dignified in how it shines as an individual probably because the Sun represents kingship, authority, and leadership. Leo is also fixed in quality and it being the second fire sign suggests that it has found the identity Aries was searching for and is now trying to solidify it.

Now we reach Sagittarius. As we have established, Sagittarius is aware of others but more abstractly because it relates to society and the larger structures that govern it. This is almost a 180 figuratively and kind of literally (Sagittarius is 120º away) from Leo where its awareness of others only extends to how much attention, praise, and validation it gets from groups of people and how the presence or absence of these things affects its self-esteem. Leo and Aries stand out from the crowd because they do not identify with others in a collective way. Leo wants to be “special” while Aries just wants to be itself regardless if anyone agrees with that.

Sagittarius has evolved past this myopic view of the self. It understands that it is more similar than different from other people. In fact, in its research it has found that people on the whole are extremely similar to one another, suggesting that the world may operate on some sort of system that exceeds normal human comprehension. Perhaps if Sagittarius can unlock this code, it can discover where it truly belongs.

This is the question Asian Doll, AKA Asian Da Brat, AKA “the Queen of Teens”—real name Misharron Jermeshia Allen—will be asking herself in this lifetime: “Where do I belong?

When the Sun is in Sagittarius, the native is trying to complete itself. And in order to do that, the native has to finally take a look outside of themselves and explore what life and the people around them has to offer.

I mentioned in my Cupcakke reading that Gemini is motivated to seek out information because it does not necessarily believe in Taurus’s worldview that what we can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell is the end all be all of life. Gemini thinks things could exist abstractly outside of itself. Being opposite Gemini, Sagittarius believes this as well, but instead of just obtaining knowledge for knowledge’s sake, Sagittarius—like the remaining three signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces—shapes this knowledge to create theory—a complex network of ideas that explains a phenomena. Through theory, Sagittarius surpasses Gemini in understanding how the world works to understanding how it ought to work—and by extension with the Sun here, how the native should work in relation to the cosmos.

Sagittarius is a highly intellectual and religious/spiritual sign. This is thanks to its ruler Jupiter, which has all the same qualities. Jupiter and Mercury are conceptualized as opposites like Mars and Venus are where Jupiter is more what is big pictured and elevated whereas Mercury is what is detailed and grounded. Therefore, with the Sun in Sagittarius, the native is trying to both understand and relate to something that is much bigger than themselves—society, God, the stars, etc.

People with their Sun in Sagittarius want to discover the meaning of life—the ultimate truth as to why we are all here, especially themselves. This desire to know is often what leads these individuals to have such adventurous spirits. In order to seek out the answer to their burning questions, one has to experience it themselves. So, a lot of solar Sagittarius natives are bold and enthusiastic in how they approach life and like to travel. They also love to learn, especially firsthand, what it essentially means to be alive, to be human. Jupiter infuses in these people so much optimism and joy that these natives can take on anything. Whatever bump in the road, whatever setback they face is only temporary because things will always be all right in the end.

Whether it was me dressing crazy, or anything, I’ve always gotten hated on. I’m one strong-ass person, though. I’m not a bully, and I consider myself a girly girl, but I’m never ever intimidated by anyone. Never. I just simply don’t stay around people who don’t like me and if I catch a vibe I don’t like. I can catch vibes really quick and I feel like it’s a privilege for you to be around me because I’ve worked so hard to get so much, you can’t be around me if you don’t like me. I just don’t care and I’ll just be myself. But the great thing is, I get way more love than I get hate. I don’t get as much hate as I got when I was first coming up. Once I really started making moves and shit started happening, people really respected me. I try to focus more on the love than the hate. There’s no hate in my heart and I don’t walk around mad. 

This latter point may be a little more difficult for Asian Doll to believe since her Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn, but nevertheless, with her Sun in Sagittarius she came down here to discover what Earth has to offer not just in terms of knowledge, but in how she can take the final steps towards self-completion.  


Sun copresent with Pluto

When Pluto is hanging around the Sun, the native is apt to be very intense regardless if the sign the two are in is as well. There is something very powerful yet mysterious about the native. People are deeply enchanted by them, perhaps because natives with this placement are often very secretive on some level. Sort of similar to Mars, Pluto infuses in the native with a strong survival instinct. But Mars in this instance is closer to the nocturnal one we see ruling over Scorpio (which Pluto is considered to be the modern ruler of) where it is not so much about striking first as it is about outsmarting the threat in order to live another day. So, with Pluto conjunct the Sun by sign, Asian Doll is someone who is learning how to navigate life and express herself from the shadows despite being someone who is also in the public light. This is likely because she perceives other people and the world as out to get her. But instead of lashing out like a diurnal Mars would, she withdraws into herself and refuses to let too many people get close. This is likely a tactic she has learned in early childhood to protect her personhood as Pluto (and Scorpio) tends to have darker implications to it (e.g., abuse) that the native may have gone through in life. Even if nothing happened in childhood into adulthood, the native is often just intense and magnetic for whatever reason which can be very hard for them to acknowledge, much less wield with confidence. But with the conjunction, the native is learning to merge with Pluto whether they like it or not. They will likely go through many cathartic periods where they are built up only to come crashing down to rise once more anew. When they are done with this life, they will have undergone an extreme physical, mental, and emotional transformation, for better or for worse.

Sun square Mars (degree)

When Mars is in negative aspect to the Sun, the native has a hard time channeling their energy effectively. They seem to be easily agitated and quick to anger, especially when things do not go their way or things develop too slowly for them. These natives are constantly on the go and have a distinct “warrior energy” to them that is emblematic of Mars. They want to get to where they want to go without any delay or people in their way to slow them or tell them no. As a result, these natives unfortunately tend to get into conflicts and fights with other people frequently. They also tend to be rather impulsive and lack forethought when it comes to their actions, which of course can lead to conflict as well. Some of this may stem from being unable to assert oneself in childhood, and considering the above aspect and all the Scorpio planets she has, that could have been a reality for Asian Doll. But even so, with Mars being the South Node lord, she definitely needs to find ways to command this restless, passionate energy better rather than potentially letting it run rampant and consequently cause her and other people grief. As will be explained more in the Saturn section, she needs to realize that this is not a “warrior” lifetime anymore. She is here to learn how to be more friendly and cooperative.

Moon in Scorpio (if born at noon or later)

  • Dignities and Debilities: Fall
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler:
    • Mars
      • D: Triplicity
      • P: Peregrine
    • Pluto
      • N/A
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Venus

Here we have the other Mars-ruled Moon! Cupcakke has an Aries Moon, and as was described in that reading, people with the placement are emotionally honest, perhaps too honest. When they feel something, they let it out (permitting that there are not other factors hindering this, such as Saturn maltreating the Moon like in Cupcakke’s chart). There can be a lack of impulse control when it comes to one’s emotions as there is bravery. When the Moon is in Scorpio, however, the native has the opposite problem.

Mars is nocturnal in Scorpio, meaning that its energy is not turned outwardly to its environment and the people in it. Mars when ruling over Scorpio has its energy directed inwardly towards the native. Since Scorpio is already watery and fixed, this makes the sign extremely intense but below the surface. Scorpio is not as forthcoming with its emotions like Aries is. They churn and fester deep within the sign until something forces them to emerge. And when these emotions come out, watch out! So, with this in mind, it makes sense that the Moon is uncomfortable, or in fall, in this sign.

Scorpio can experience the depth and range of emotions that the Moon enjoys but similar to Aries these same emotions are amplified and pushed to the extreme ends of the spectrum. To make matters worse, Scorpio withholds its emotions—the main thing the Moon is here to do: express itself emotionally. Being fixed, Scorpio can also sit on certain emotions for days, months, years, especially negative ones, again without expressing them.

What is a bit ironic about Scorpio, though, is that it is the sign of transformation. Through investigating itself and confronting its darker side, Scorpio is supposed to better understand itself on an emotional and spiritual level so that it can heal by learning how to let things go. Then when the sign reemerges whole once again, it is brand new and more aligned with its higher self. This is a tall order to fill when you are a child.

As a kid, Asian Doll may have had strong emotions that she may not have known how to handle unless she had very emotionally competent and nurturing people around her. Since the Moon represents the mother, it could have been possible that Asian Doll’s mom understood her brooding emotions and tried her best to help Asian Doll express and release them. With so many soft aspects to the Moon, including Mercury which rules over Asian Doll’s Mars, which of course in turn rules her Moon, this is likely what happened. But on the negative end, Asian Doll could have learned to hold back her emotions, often to her detriment, from watching her mother. Instead of modeling how to work through and transform one’s emotions, Asian Doll’s mom could have taught her to hold grudges and enact revenge—to express herself passive aggressively without getting to the heart of the matter.

But even if this latter scenario did occur, with her Mars being bonified six times and is dignified by triplicity at least according to Dorotheus, I believe that Asian Doll would eventually come to the realization that she is meant to acknowledge and express the emotions she harbors deep inside and take the healing process into her own hands, especially since her Moon is likewise dignified by triplicity (again, according to Dorotheus) and is bonified at least once. At least that’s the hope.


Moon sextile Mercury (degree)

When Mercury is in soft aspect to the Moon, the native’s head (Mercury) and heart (Moon) are balanced. Often in the harder aspects, the native has a difficult time merging the more intuitive, sensitive, and emotional with the logical, rational, and detached. But in the sextile the native easily does this. They do not let either side entirely dominate. They can express their emotions in a way that is neither too clouded by their feelings nor in a way that is so far removed from those feelings that they do not fully experience those emotions. No, here the native can go through their emotions and rationally find solutions to their plight without minimizing or hand waving those emotions away. They have an excellent way with words and can easily put themselves and others at ease.

Moon sextile Mars (sign)

When the Moon is in aspect to Mars, the native’s emotions are very powerful and intense. But when it soft aspect, these emotions are not overwhelming or necessarily aggressive. Here in the sextile, emotions are expressed directly and confidently. When something bothers the native, they will let others know. These are not the type of people to let others walk all over them in order to make that other person feel better. But again it never really divulges into breakdowns or shouting matches. The native knows how to pick and choose their battles.

Mercury in Capricorn

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Term
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Saturn
    • In Aries
      • In fall
        • D: Triplicity
        • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: N/A
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither, Venus breaks the malefic enclosure

Mercury sort of has a love-hate relationship with earth signs, safe for Virgo which it rules and where it is exalted. This is because on the one hand, earth slows Mercury down and makes it more methodical and serious in its thinking and ideas. But on the other hand, earth can make its view hypercritical yet ignorant and resistant to ideas that buck against the status quo, especially in Capricorn where (the nocturnal) Saturn rules. (I find this a little funny as Mercury is often dualistic in nature and is still able to maintain this even in signs that are the furthest from it (again, safe for Virgo because it is mutable).)

In Capricorn, natives with Mercury here are very industrious. They are hardworking people who are concerned about climbing to the top. It is not in the same way that Aries climbs to the top—by toppling the competition through sheer willpower. No, Capricorn is more systematic and efficient in how it scales the mountain. The ultimate goal is not to reign supreme just to be the best of the best but to be the pinnacle of achievement that others will respect and defer to. Capricorn, in astrologer Kevin Burk’s words, is motivated to “create…a tangible, durable, and concrete representation of its individual identity, ideally one that will show how Capricorn contributed to the overall health and safety of society. Capricorn defines itself in terms of what is has accomplished” (2001, pp. 72).

So, with Mercury in Capricorn, Asian Doll is concerned about her career and the legacy she will leave behind. She has said in interviews that she wants to show girls (and boys) in the hood that they can have someone they can look up to in her, and that they too can make it out and succeed in life.

When XXL magazine asked Asian Doll what her goal was in hip hop, she stated this:

[To] keep leading the youth. I feel like girls—especially from the hood, where I'm from—they have no voice. They have nobody. Sometimes when you get super famous, you forget what you started doing this shit for. I just wanna keep motivating the girls [to] keep being themselves. Especially for dark skin girls. I wear every color hair style. I don't give a fuck what color the hair is, if I like it I'ma wear it. So girls seeing me do that, girls do that, know what I'm saying? I just wanna keep inspiring girls to just be their self, and to know that it's a way out. You don't gotta depend on niggas for nothing. You can really do it yourself. That's been my goal since day one, since I started to rap.

In an interview with Billboard she said:

I’ve been [making music] for about four years, and people are watching me grow into the woman I am. People are seeing me transition into this person I knew I would be. When I first came out, I was in high school. I had local fame and I didn’t know what was going on. I just kept going and going, and things just kept happening. I feel like my fans are attached to me because they grew with me. Still to this day, when I look in my tags, I see fans that have been with me since years ago. Some people I recognize from 2015. 

This one girl I specifically always notice, she has dark skin and she wears colorful hair just like me, and her swag was like mine. It makes me so happy because I see the confidence I help these girls get and the impact I have. So many people every single day in this world will criticize you for being yourself, and so me being myself and living what I talk about, I can show them I’m real and I can relate. I’m not a commercial and I’m not a cartoon. At the end of the day, what I speak about and what I rap about is real and my message is real. I want them to follow my footsteps to get to where they want to in life because I achieved all of this by being smart, being myself, never taking no for an answer, and proving people wrong. 

In some ways you can interpret this as Aquarian because this thinking does not support the status quo like Capricorn typically does, the status quo being that black people should remain economically disenfranchised and miserable. But Asian Doll only has Uranus in Aquarius. Perhaps this is the more idealistic Jupiter and Neptune speaking which are both copresent with her Mercury at the later degrees of Capricorn.

Regardless, Mercury is in Capricorn, and as such, Asian Doll has immense concentration powers. Anything she puts her mind to she can come to master over time. She has clearly put all that energy into solidifying a rap career.

Out of all of the girls in this series, Asian Doll has the biggest discography, with nine mixtapes, six of which were released when she was independent, and one extended play. She started making music when she dropped out of her senior year of high school in 2015. Three years later she signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records, making her the first female artist under the label. This is a very similar story to the other girls on this list, especially Rico Nasty who rivals Asian Doll with seven mixtapes along with a debut studio album in the works. To boot, Rico is only a few months younger than her. Interestingly, the two have had a long running feud that eventually got physical and even prompted Nicki Minaj, one of Asian Doll’s idols, to intervene to bring about peace.

Anyway, with Mars in the equally hardworking Virgo, which we have established is extremely bonified and dignified by triplicity, it makes sense that Asian Doll’s track record is so long. And it will continue to grow because as she said in her own words, she wants her legacy to “stand for perseverance. I want people to remember me because I didn’t give up, and because I stood 10 toes down on my beliefs and won.”


Mercury square Saturn (degree)

When Saturn is in negative aspect to Mercury, the effect can be analogous to Mercury being retrograde in the chart as Saturn really restricts how easily the native can express themselves verbally and non-verbally. The native may feel as though they have to always self-censor, self-edit, or omit what they think or feel as though some outside force makes them do the above. In either case, it is hard to let others know what they are thinking. Some of this is because Saturn is “the Lord of Karma” and will let the native know how their words have consequences. So, the native is usually deeply aware of what they say effects others, which is why they may talk slower and more cautiously than most. The other reason for this hesitation around speaking can be because the native just finds it anxiety-inducing. They may feel as though their speaking and writing skills are not adequate enough to just go off the cuff. Learning in school may have been difficult and they felt “dumb” growing up. So, now they just don’t speak as much as they could. This latter point can lead to two outcomes. One is that the native goes above and beyond to prove themselves and thus come out on the other side rather adept in their communication skills. Option two is that the native sort of doubles down on their insecurities and become a rather close-minded person because they are too scared to challenge themselves to think differently or improve. They may suffer from depression and other negative thought patterns than just exacerbates the problem. Hopefully over time and when Saturn returns in their chart, the native is more willing to be spontaneous and open without feeling guilt or shame afterwards.

Mercury square North Node, South Node (degree)

Squares represent a fierce deadlock between the planets and/or points involved. But many interpret squares to be “positive” in that, unlike the softer aspects and even the opposition, this conflict presents opportunities for change to occur. When it comes to squares to the lunar nodes, however, some interpret this to mean that perhaps that native has “skipped” over the lessons involving the planet making the square. But in this life they are given another opportunity to try again, to further develop the skills attached to the squaring planet. Here with Mercury, this means that Asian Doll is given another chance to develop her mind, ideas, and thinking. But this chance will not be made easy this time. No, with the square she will likely find a lot of stumbling blocks when it comes to Mercurial activities. She may find that her ideas are not always supported but challenged and met with criticism from others. This, of course, causes immense frustration. This can lead to similar problems detailed in the above aspect where Asian Doll may withhold her thoughts or water them down because others are not willing to listen to them. The ultimate end goal of these scenarios is not to make the native never voice their opinions or chase after their novel ideas; it’s more so to make the native really examine their thought patterns and see what serves them and what does not. Because the other problem the native may have here is the inability to adequately be in the present. They are either stuck in the past referencing data that is outdated or they are too far in the present that they have skipped all the planning that is needed to get them there in the first place. Solving the conflict in squares requires more patience and constant adjustments compared to the opposition in my opinion. So, Asian Doll should continue to rap and express herself but realize that not every setback or challenge to her in these areas is not to deter her but force her to more actively engage with these activities until she is proficient.

Venus in Scorpio

  • Dignities and Debilities: Detriment
    • D: Triplicity, term
    • P: Term
  • Ruler:
    • Mars
      • In Virgo
        • D: Triplicity
        • P: Peregrine
    • Pluto
      • In Sagittarius
        • N/A
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatement: Bonified by Jupiter (x2)

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio. Now, in Hellenistic astrology, the concept of “detriment”—a debilitated position worse than fall that signifies a planet being exiled to a foreign land without any support system—did not exist. It is a medieval Perso-Arabic invention that eventually spread to Europe. I bring this up because I read part of an article on the subject matter recently and I am now conflicted on how to interpret these placements moving forward. Because on the one hand, this position makes a lot of sense—why wouldn’t the sign opposite a planet’s domicile be debilitated like it is for the exalted position? This opposing sign, by nature, should be difficult for a ruling planet to navigate in, especially since most planets that have been conceptualized as opposites do oppose each other by sign such as Mars-ruled signs opposing Venus-ruled signs (i.e., Aries and Libra, Scorpio and Taurus) and Mercury-ruled signs opposing Jupiter-ruled ones (i.e., Gemini and Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces).

The traditional rulership of the planets

But at the same time, do these planets truly suffer if they are dignified by triplicity? Using ancient astrologer Dorotheus of Sidon’s methods, the Moon and Mars have triplicity in earth (the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn but is exalted in Taurus; Mars is in detriment in Taurus but is likewise exalted in Capricorn); Jupiter has triplicity in air (Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini; Mercury being air’s nocturnal triplicity lord also ropes in Virgo); Saturn has triplicity in fire (Saturn is in detriment in Leo (and Cancer) and in fall in Aries); and finally, Venus has triplicity in water (Venus is in detriment in Scorpio (and Aries) but is exalted in Pisces).

The triplicity lords according to ancient astrologer Dorotheus of Sidon. Brennan, 2017.

So, to what extent is a given detriment planet debilitated? Should we just treat it similarly to how a planet in fall can also be dignified by triplicity, which just lessens its negative condition (i.e., Venus in Virgo, Mars in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio, and Saturn in Aries)? For now, I am unsure, so I will continue to interpret detriment planets as planets in detriment.

MercuryGemini and VirgoVirgoPiscesSagittarius and Pisces
VenusTaurus and LibraPiscesVirgoAries and Scorpio
MarsAries and ScorpioCapricornCancerTaurus and Libra
JupiterSagittarius and PiscesCancerCapricornGemini and Virgo
SaturnCapricorn and AquariusLibraAriesCancer and Leo
Some of the essential dignities and debilities of the seven classical planets

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio for most of the same reasons the Moon is in fall here: the sign is way too intense, asocial, and secretive for it. Venus is very social and likes to get along with others. Scorpio likes to keep to itself and only surround itself with a very tight knit circle of people it knows it can trust its life and deepest, darkest secrets with.

See, Scorpio is naturally very suspicious of others. Aries represents when Mars it is diurnal—it is a warrior that charges straight into battle without a moment’s hesitation. Scorpio, on the other hand, is the strategist that hangs back analyzing the enemy, scoping out its weaknesses and then plots out a line of attack. This is when Mars is nocturnal—calculating and extremely cunning. Like the Scorpion that represents the sign, everyone knows not to mess with it because it can strike at any moment, the problem is just figuring out when. But while you are trying to crack the Scorpio, it is already twenty steps ahead of you and is now just playing the waiting game.

With the native bringing this type of energy into every relationship they find themselves in, it’s no wonder that Venus in Scorpio does not have the best of reputations. Scorpio is all about self-preservation and living to see the next day. People with placements in this sign have been through some truly dark times or have experienced intense emotional events in their lives that have greatly changed them on a spiritual level. (Both of Asian Doll’s parents have been in jail, her father the longest as he was incarcerated most of her life. Her mother’s incarceration (which was precipitated from a fight with Asian Doll’s aunt) resulted in her living with her grandmother for a while. Her sister was shot in the hip but survived.)

Therefore, in relationships the native needs someone who can handle them at their most intense. Like Aries, it is all-or-nothing when Venus is in Scorpio. You either love the native or hate them. There is no in-between, and they feel the same way. It is rather easy to get on their bad side because all water signs are constantly in their feelings but with Mars as the ruler here, these emotions are at a roaring boil. It is amazingly easy to take things personally when Mars is involved. And unlike Aries which will quickly get over things that upsets it because it is fiery and cardinal, Scorpio people will never forget what you did to them, how you made them feel, until they have personally dealt with that pain themselves because Scorpio is watery and fixed. And since Mars is malefic and one-pointed in nature, sometimes the healing process never begins, and grudges worsen over time.

This makes rejection and break ups extremely difficult for these natives. If they never move on from their past relationships, they tend to bring antagonistic energy (remember Mars “severs and separates”) into their new ones. They may demand undying loyalty from their partners all the while never trusting them and putting them through numerous “tests” to see if they are and will remain faithful.

Now, with her Venus being dignified on two different levels if looking at Dorotheus and is bonified twice as well, we can only hope Asian Doll is not like this and is instead able to channel the more positive emotional, spiritual impulses of this placement into her relationships. However, looking at the rest of the chart, it is likewise very intense comparable to Scorpio. Only the Libra North Node is more balanced in expression. The Sun in Sagittarius can be argued to be the “relief point” as this sign is rather upbeat and easy-going for the most part. But like other fire signs, Sagittarius is quick to anger and take offense. But hopefully the spiritual nature of Sagittarius can combine well with that of Scorpio to show Asian Doll that there is more to life than staying stuck in her feelings and that it is okay to open up to others more. She may find that when she is more forthcoming with who she is and how she feels that she will attract potential partners who are just as driven and complex as her.


Venus conjunct Moon (degree)

When Venus is conjunct the Moon, the native is very charming and diplomatic. They are just a nice person. They are kind, affectionate, and loving. They are often rather popular and get along with all types of people. However, these same people tend to be a little sensitive as well. They do not like people who are rude or aggressive. The native likes serene and tranquil environments and people. That being said though, these are the type of people who will often go out of their way to help solve conflict between other people and make amends. They like when others get along and other people are happy.

Mars in Virgo

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mercury
    • In Capricorn
      • D: Term
      • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter (x3), Bonified by Venus (x2), enclosed by benefic rays

This is the third time Mars has shown up in Virgo on this site. In the previous two times I emphasized the serving, collaborative side of Virgo, often because the rest of the chart for those people (i.e., Rico Nasty, Cupcakke) was very social as Venus and Mercury were prominent in some way. But in Asian Doll’s chart there is a lot more independent energy, especially with the Sun being in fire. Additionally, the presence of so much Capricorn makes me want to get into how Virgo is extremely productive.

All earth signs are hardworking—that’s sort of their thing—but only Virgo and Capricorn are thorough workaholics in my opinion. Capricorn is a workaholic because it is trying to obtain something tangible that represents itself such a having a high social status, trophies/plaques/statutes, or positions of power like being a CEO. They want a legacy, they want proof that they existed and that their life was meaningful and worthwhile because their influence left an impact on so many people, if not society at large.

Virgo is a workaholic because it cannot ever just relax. It is always in motion because this sign’s brain (Mercury) is always on, so to dispel this inner nervous tension, it has to be doing something almost all the time. What this sign does is perfect the physical realm through its expert knowledge. But perfection is never achieved overnight. There is always something that can be tweaked or fine-tuned ever so slightly. By consistently working on something, you get closer to your goal over time.

So, with Mars in Virgo along with three other planets in Capricorn, Asian Doll is a straight hustler. I mentioned back in the Mercury section that status is likely on her brain. With Mercury being the ruler of Mars, money (Mercury signifies banking and money) and status is likely what motivates Asian Doll to act as well. It is why she is always striving to do better and go bigger with every song, video, performance because what she desires in life is much bigger than herself.

At the end of the day, my goal is to always get better and better. What I want my fans to see is that I’m constantly improving. I’m growing. I’m competing with my latest tapes and it’s really a competition with myself, basically. I just really want to keep going. I’d say each ‘tape is different type of music from me, and So Icy Princess is more hype, fun and exciting overall. It reminds me of when I first came out. For example, the song “YBN Nahmir” on it, it was so hype in the studio when we were doing it. We were just going back and forth, back and forth.

Again, I have to bring up her extensive discography. Nine mixtapes and one EP. She is only 23 years old! I am the same age and really have nothing to show for it like she does lol! That is the power of earth, especially with Mars there.

The more carefree and visionary nature of her Sagittarius Sun is great tempered by Virgo’s need to be detail-oriented and precise. There can be no room for error, or all will be for not.

This is the intensity of the rest of the chart I was talking about in the previous Venus section. Even without the houses, Asian Doll’s chart screams “Work! Work! Work!” And work she has and continues to do!

But like other artists she has expressed discomfort and a lack of creative control at her label. In March 2019, two years after being signed to 1017 Eskimo Records, Asian Doll tweeted then quickly deleted this:

I wish I wasn’t signed I wish I was still INDEPENDENT doing my own thing (100 emoji)

In an interview with the Dallas Observer in May of that year, Asian Doll clarified this tweet by saying that she “miss[ed] the excitement, the fun, the hunger, the creativity [of being independent] … I feel like everything is too planned, too organized.” But unlike other artists of the past and current (e.g., Megan Thee Stallion), Asian Doll was eventually let go from her label and amicably according to sources back at the beginning of this year.

One thing earth signs hate the most is not being in control because when they are not in charge of themselves or the environment around them, change can happen at any moment against their wishes. Even as the most flexible of the earth signs, Virgo does not entirely like being restricted by other people’s guidelines and measuring sticks. Sagittarius is very similar in that, like all fire signs, it likes to do what it wants, when it wants. But Sagittarius additionally loves its personal freedom above all else. Being boxed in is like death to it, and it will go out of its way to contort itself to slip through the cracks.

It seems as though Asian Doll did not have to go that far in this particular situation, luckily enough. With this newfound freedom she can go forth and (re)create her own rules and follow them at her own pace once more. She did it before and saw immense success. What’s two for two?


Mars trine Jupiter (degree)

When Mars and Jupiter come together in a trine, the native has a lot of energy. They are very active and tend to have a vibrant personality. In the more difficult aspects, all of this energy can be overwhelming to others but in the softer aspects, Mars and Jupiter creates people who are bold, confident, and passionate in a way that is delightful. They still have that warrior spirit that people with Mars aspects do, but here they are not the type to always go around looking for a fight. Instead those with Mars trine Jupiter are more willing to compromise and use their energy in more productive ways. They are often very generous people but they are also not afraid to be the first one to try something new or take up a leadership position in a situation. These natives pursue everything with zeal and gusto.

Jupiter in Capricorn

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Face
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Saturn
    • In Aries
      • Fall
        • D: Triplicity
        • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Venus

Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn. This is because Jupiter signifies optimism, the confirmation of good things, and fortune, especially monetarily. Meanwhile, with the nocturnal Saturn ruling over it, Capricorn comes to represent cynicism, plodding work that does not get rewarded until later in life (after 30), and in some ways bad luck. Jupiter, being the participatory triplicity lord of air, is very mental and questioning. Capricorn is not. (Interestingly, though, Saturn is the diurnal triplicity lord of air.) In many ways Capricorn, and by extension Saturn at times, symbolizes ignorance or blind faith in what is traditional and old irregardless if it is “good,” logical, or efficient. Jupiter is highly spiritual while Capricorn and Saturn are unable to even look past what is physical and obvious to imagine what exists beyond in the cosmos. So, to put it simply, Jupiter suffers in Capricorn.

How can you discover the meaning of life, especially your life, when you are too busy chasing down objects and titles that you cannot even take with you into the afterlife? This is the challenge Jupiter faces in earth signs but especially Capricorn, which we have established is concerned about personal power and prestige within society above all else.

Jupiter in Capricorn, the more I get acquainted with it, reminds me of the number 8 in numerology. It has all the hallmarks of Capricorn/Saturn—ambitious, entrepreneurial, authoritative, power-seeking, status-oriented, etc.—but ultimately the number 8 is about finding a balance between the material and spiritual. To not just master and flourish in the physical and material but to also conqueror and thrive in the spiritual and emotional as well. Funny enough, Asian Doll has planets in both material (Capricorn and Virgo) and spiritual (Sagittarius and Scorpio) signs. And with the North Node in the sign of balance and harmony, this is just icing on the cake.  

However, with the North Node lord (Venus) in water and the South Node lord (Saturn) ruling over Capricorn, it could be argued that Asian Doll needs to become more aligned with her soul and the spiritual, emotional side of life than her body and the physical, material realm.

All of her Capricorn placements, but especially her Mercury, square both lunar nodes. So, the thoughts and beliefs that she has likely carried over from past lives and the new ones she is forming in this life in the long run will not serve her highest spiritual potential. Some change, both rapid (trine Uranus) and more gradual (sextile Pluto) is needed.

Asian Doll will have to ask herself once she has made it to the top, when she has collected all the money, fame, titles, etc. that she has desired, if it was worth it. Is she truly fulfilled in life? Is she happy? Did she find her place in the world like she’s been searching for?

What if the answer to all of these questions is “no”?  Then what? Where does she go from there? What goes up must eventually come back down…


Jupiter square Saturn (sign)

With the greater malefic and benefic in conflict with one another, the native straddles between optimism and idealism and pragmatism and conscientiousness. Jupiter dominates this square, however, as Capricorn overcomes Aries. Therefore, Asian Doll tends to favor the more jovial side of being too disorganized, restless, and undisciplined in action that she is often her own worst enemy. What she desires often requires hard consistent work that will not immediately produce the results she is looking for. However, she may get too impatient and seek out “quick fixes” that only sets her back farther than where she was previously. This may only drive her to drop whatever she was pursuing altogether, though. So, the lesson that needs to be learned here is that of restraint and moderation–everything Saturn is about. This is interesting, though, as both planets are in fall and very much out of each other’s elements. Saturn in this equation is the more temperamental planet since it is in Aries while Jupiter is more grounded because it is in Capricorn. But even so, there is still this feeling of never being good enough or being properly rewarded for their work in this square. In this case the native may be “good enough” but they lack adequate planning so projects fall through or they lack faith in themselves as they always compare themselves to others. The solution even with Capricorn and Aries is to foster self-discipline but remain flexible and hopeful.

Jupiter square North Node, South Node (sign)

Like the Mercury square to these nodes, there is an issue with Asian Doll’s thoughts and how she uses communicates. Here with Jupiter it is more her belief system and any knowledge she has gained, whether academically and/or religiously/spiritually. Jupiter, especially when attached to Sagittarius, can signify dogma and preaching to others. There is this idea that what the native knows is what is right, moral, and correct above all other modes of thought and information out there. And, indeed, like the Mercury square, the native could have been very intelligent in past lives, but here some change is needed. Their more philosophical musings and desire to always view things through rose-colored glasses will no longer work in this life and may in fact cause conflict and frustration. The world will put Asian Doll in situations where being too optimistic and idealistic will set her back than propel her forward. Ironically, being more grounded and realistic like Capricorn will help put her spiritual lesson in better focus. But she has to be mindful to not get stuck in Capricorn’s more rigid and conservative nature.

Saturn in Aries

  • Dignities and Debilities: Fall
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mars
    • In Virgo
      • D: Triplicity
      • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter

We have finally reached “the Big Bad,” Saturn. Once again it is in Aries like the previous two readings, but here it has just ingressed into the sign. As was described in my “You Are Not Born On A Cusp” article way back in January, 0° of a sign is called a critical degree.

Planets at these points tend to be in a “crisis” or seem to be (subtly) emphasized in the chart. When the planet in question is at 0° of a sign, it is said to be stepping into the energy of that sign in a pure way. The planet is wholeheartedly embracing the sign’s energy because it is beginning something new. This planet is excited to be here and take on whatever the sign throws at it.

So, to have Saturn at 0° is a very intense placement, especially since it is conjunct the South Node.

Saturn is in fall in Aries, though (but also has triplicity here, albeit the weakest form), because “Aries…is the least aware of the presence of anyone or anything else in the universe—it’s entirely focused on breaking away from the collective as an individual” (Burk, 2001, pp. 143). How then can Saturn do its job of teaching the native responsibility, proper boundaries with others, and organizational skills if the native cannot even acknowledge that other people exist and are adamant on doing things their own way which is often without forethought?

Now, this placement is an interesting karmic lesson for Asian Doll to have considering the rest of her chart. With her Sun in Sagittarius she is a lot more aware of herself in relation to others than the previous fire signs, especially Aries. But even with this, Sagittarius still lacks tact and diplomacy because Sagittarius tends to think it is always right and believes that speaking the truth—whatever that may be at any given time—is more important than being polite and considerate. Indeed, Sagittarius can talk down to people and lecture to them, especially when it is in its feelings.

So, on one level, Asian Doll may still have a long way to go when it comes to how she interacts with people. But she also has Capricorn planets, which suggests that she can hold her tongue and swallow her pride for the greater good at times. But with Saturn in Aries ruling over these same planets perhaps not. However, Saturn is conjunct the South Node, indicating that the Saturnine issues Asian Doll is facing in this life is coming from a past life or several.

At its core, this South Node conjunction/North Node opposition means that Asian Doll has already learned the hard lesson of Saturn but is now trapped by them. Whatever old mindsets, habits, and ways of being she has cultivated in another life served her then but will not now in this current life. I mentioned something very similar in the Mercury section as Mercury squares both lunar nodes by less than 1° while the planets of change (Uranus and Pluto) make soft aspects to these same points.

But what I find a bit perplexing about Saturn in this equation is that one would think learning how to be accountable for oneself would ultimately serve what the North Node in Libra is trying to teach the native, right? In Burk’s words:

With the South Node in Aries, expressing our individuality is something that comes quite easily. …The trap of the South Node in Aries, however, is being ignorant of the needs and boundaries of others. Working with the North Node in Libra will teach us how to balance our individual identities with the other individuals in the world. …The North Node in Libra also teaches us how to take responsibility for how our actions affect other individuals. (2001, pp. 247-248).

Jan Spiller has a similar take on this nodal placement as well:

Lifetimes of personal achievement, self-sufficiency, and independent action result in a consciousness that is unaware of team effort and partnership. Libra North Node people have had too many incarnations enacting the role of the warrior. A warrior on the battlefield isn’t concerned about anyone else, only with staying alive and killing the enemy. If he even glances at a comrade, his body can be destroyed. Thus, his entire consciousness is geared toward himself: his body, his fighting ability, his position relative to survival.
These people now have an exaggerated survival urge and a “me versus you” mentality. It’s all they know. They are competitive, goal oriented, and tactical, always aware of how they will be affected by what they do or by what’s going on. They yearn to be with others, to love others and to feel loved, but they don’t know how. They are afraid to release their strong grip on their sense of self, because they fear “the battle” may begin at any time and they must be strong and on their guard to survive. But these folks need to recognize that this is not a warrior lifetime. No one is out to destroy them or take things away from them. They need to notice that there are comrades on all sides. Their job in this lifetime is to help others win battles; and in helping others, Libra North Node people win.
Throughout all those warrior lifetimes, these folks lost touch with love, with the ability to work with other people. Thus, they came into this lifetime feeling awkward about cooperation and relating to others. But they shouldn’t worry, because their entire chart is set up to reconnect with people. As long as they are clear about where they’re going, old habits won’t get in their way. In fact, this entire lifetime is about partnership for them—and there will be no lack of opportunity to get it straight, because opportunities for marriages and partnerships will come to them easily. (2009, pp. 385, emphasis mine).

Don’t both sound a lot like Saturn in Aries? So, why is Saturn opposite the North Node? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Saturn to be with the North Node instead?

Oppositions are all about balance and ironically represent Saturn in energy while squares are emblematic of Mars. The common interpretation I have found across books and websites is that oppositions represent an imbalance between the two planets. They see each other but they cannot see where the other is coming from which is a bit curious considering that while the rulers of each sign are conceptualized as opposites, the signs themselves have a lot more in common than not. The only real difference is the planetary ruler and the element of the sign. The modality is the same. And with elements, a sign always opposes an element it also sextiles twice. In this instance, Aries opposes Libra but sextiles both Gemini and Aquarius. Likewise, Libra opposes Aries but sextiles Leo and Sagittarius. So, although they do not personally like each other, especially in how the other goes about doing the same thing it is trying to do (here cardinal signs are trying to initiate some sort of action and lead others), they still need one another. They still have something to learn from each other, therefore they have to meet in the middle.

So, perhaps this particular lunar opposition is suggesting that Asian Doll has not in fact learned the lesson of Saturn in Aries but may have doubled down on the more negative qualities of Aries instead. Because she has not changed then, that is, she is still too preoccupied with herself at the expense of other people, she is blocking her own progress in this life. Without a proper birth time it is hard to tell if this will be more of a milder inconvenient that she will eventually overcome as she matures (i.e., she has a day chart and Saturn is the moderate malefic) or if this is a persistent hindrance that only keeps her trapped in the past (i.e., she has a night chart and Saturn is her most malefic planet).

I feel like in order to fully crack the code I will have to look into her numerology but that is beyond the scope of this particular article. So, perhaps on another day.


Saturn trine Sun (sign)

When Saturn makes contact with the Sun, the native tends to be serious and sometimes melancholy and tad shy in disposition. Some of this can be due to the fact that they had to grow up earlier than their peers because they grew up poor. In other cases they just had a somber upbringing that shaped their personality to be the same way. Regardless, the native tends to be rather responsible, mature, and obedient. They are hard working and not known to have flights of fancy unless Jupiter also makes an aspect or is prominent in some way. They accomplish a lot because they approach their goals coolly and persistently. They may reach success only when they are older, however.

Well, this concludes my rapper series! I hope you all enjoyed this journey with me. As I said on Twitter, I am going to take a little break from my blog to learn how to edit videos so I can finally utilize my YouTube channel. See you then!

If you like my work, think about supporting me on Ko-Fi!


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