The 7 Classical Planets: Cupcakke

As I am sure everyone is tired of me saying, I first saw Cupcakke on Tumblr.

I don’t remember the context or what was being discussed at the time, but I remember later when she released her debut mixtape, Cum Cake, the track “Pedophile” became a hot topic for a while for obvious reasons. I think I checked out her music before or after then and well…let’s just say that although I appreciate her flow and sympathize with her struggles, her music is just not for me… In either case, here is a reading on her seven classical planets.

Cupcakke is a Gemini Sun, Aries Moon

Sun in Gemini

  • Dignities and Debilities: Face
  • Ruler: Mercury
    • In Taurus
      • Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter (x2)

Born on May 31, 1997, Cupcakke—real name Elizabeth Eden Harris—is a Gemini Sun. Gemini Sun individuals do not have the greatest of reputations lol. Many people find their personalities extremely irritating and wish they would just shut the fuck up for once. Considering that Kanye West, Azealia Banks (who shares the same birthday as Cupcakke), Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azalea, Johnny Depp, Amy Schumer, and the president of the United States are all Geminis as well, I guess we cannot be shocked that the public’s reception of this sign is in the toilet. However, it is interesting how this sign has such a polarizing effect on people as this sign archetypally is very carefree and social.

Gemini is diurnal, masculine, airy, and mutable. It is extroverted, direct, and flexible. As the first air sign, it is motivated to gather and disperse information. Aries comes down to Earth to discover and explore the ego. Taurus learns that being in a body and interacting with the physical world is necessary for survival. However, by the time Geminin rolls up to the scene it starts to question things. Is what we see around us truly connected to ourselves as Taurus assumes? Gemini has an inkling that it is not, that things can exist outside of ourselves abstractly. So, it sets off to test this theory.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so people with their Sun in this sign are immensely curious. Lots of things instantly captures their interest. But like Aries it sextiles, just as quickly as Gemini is curious about something, it just as easily becomes bored and abandons whatever that thing was. Gemini is perhaps the swiftest sign in the Zodiac because it is airy and mutable, and its ruler is the second fastest planet in astrology. Therefore, focusing can be extremely difficult for these people. This in turn often creates individuals who know a bit of everything but little in depth. Of the two Mercury-ruled signs, only Virgo has the patience and persistence to concentrate all of its mental power behind learning something for extended periods of time. Gemini is just as smart as Virgo, but the additional element of air makes it too versatile and dualistic to sit still for long.

Like the other mutable signs, people with their Sun in Gemini need to constantly be in motion, especially mentally. As was mentioned back in Rico Nasty’s reading, mutable signs occur at the impasse between two different seasons and ancient astrologers interpreted this to mean that these signs often have multiple things going on at once as a result. So, for Gemini individuals, they need to have lots of mental stimulation, or they sort of go off the rails and typically experience pent up nervousness.

Depending on the person, this mental stimulation does not have to involve big brained things. Sometimes just learning random trivia or playing games—any games really, but Gemini natives may like crossword puzzles, word searches, card games, or even cardboard games—can be enough. However, for others they may like to be challenged a bit more and thus may be attracted to academia, tech, the sciences, etc. Regardless of what any one Gemini Sun person likes, communication is another thing they need in their lives.

Out of all the air signs, I at least think Gemini is the most social with Libra following very closely behind. Air signs need other people to talk to and bounce ideas off of. Being ruled by the planet of communication, Gemini people, I think, are especially motivated to seek out others for the expressed purpose of socializing. These individuals like to hear opposing opinions and arguments not because they want to solve a problem—that’s Virgo and Libra—but just to be more informed. However, Gemini is very polarizing with this though. As the twins of the Zodiac, these individuals can often flip flop between any two sides of a situation, arguing for or against anything. I think this is potentially why so many people do not like Geminis—they are often unpredictable mentally. One day they may state one thing but then a minute, hour, or day later they are defending the opposite position!

The thing about Gemini is that they like contrasts—love and hate, pleasure and pain, etc. By exploring each extreme they better understand both. Libra, being ruled by Venus, is motivated to unite these two ends, or at the very least, find a compromise in the middle. Gemini is just there to learn and have a good time. It is not really concerned about bridging all of its disparate thoughts and ideas into a clean and clear cohesive whole—that’s Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Now, this isn’t to say that Gemini people don’t care about what is “logical” or “correct” because they do! It’s just more that the energy of Gemini is scattered and can be so adaptable that this fluctuating nature just works for them somehow. This is often why astrologers say people with this placement need a job that keeps things fresh and exciting while also discouraging positions that require them to do the heavy lifting.

This is somewhat interesting because Cupcakke has her Mercury in Taurus. So, a lot of what I said is tempered quite a bit. She is a lot more steadfast and methodical in life, communication, and demeanor. She may be much better at concentrating and completing projects than individuals with their Mercury in Gemini or Cancer. She is more predictable and is often driven by common sense and practicality as she is by intellect.


Sun copresent with Venus

Venus can never be more than 48 degrees, or two signs, away from the Sun. As result, Venus either conjunct the Sun by degree or by sign is very common. Regardless, when the Sun teams up with Venus, it creates extremely charming individuals. Indeed, with Venus ruling companionship and beauty, the native can be very attractive to others because they are often so kind, polite, and usually beautiful physically. The native is social and likes to be in serene surroundings. Sometimes to achieve this they may flatten their ego in order to maintain peace, which is something these natives need to watch out for. The native has great fashion sense and can be artistic or musically inclined.

Sun trine Uranus (degree)

Uranus is the planet of disruption and eccentrism. When in aspect to the Sun, it produces an individual that is “different” in some way. Who they are and how they express themselves is not in line with the rest of society, for good or for bad. In “soft” aspect, however, many are not turned off by the native. Instead people tend to admire their fearlessness to be their most authentic self in the face of adversity. They find the native interesting and unpredictable.

Moon in Aries

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mars
    • In Virgo
      • D: Triplicity, term
      • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Maltreated by Saturn

The Moon represents one’s emotions, the mother, and the unconscious. To the Hellenistic astrologers the Moon also signified the more creative, scribing side of the mind (Mercury is the more strategic, arithmetic part of the mind) and short-distance travel (Brennan, 2017).

The Moon is domicile in Cancer, exalted in Taurus, in fall in Scorpio, and in detriment in Capricorn. Despite the presence of both essential dignities and debilities in water and earth, the Moon prefers these elements over fire and air especially. Fire signs belong to the Sun and the rest of the diurnal court (i.e., Jupiter and Saturn). As the ruler of the nocturnal realm then, it makes sense that the Moon is more comfortable in elements that are nocturnal and feminine like itself. (The Moon also has triplicity in both of these elements as well, at least according to Dorotheus.) But Cupcakke has her Moon in Aries.

Diurnal, masculine, cardinal, and fiery, Aries sets the Moon ablaze. Aries is concerned about the self and expressing it freely but often without limitations, unfortunately (Burk, 2001). Indeed, the above qualities makes this sign have a hard time identifying with others and their needs. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries has not yet learned the lesson of balance and temperance that Libra excels at. Therefore, with the Moon here, there can be a need to express whatever is bothering the native immediately without any regard to how appropriate this emotion may be or how it affects others.

Fire signs are extremely all-or-nothing with their energy. It’s either zero or ten thousand at all times, and they can easily go back and forward between the two. Being ruled by the God of War Mars, people with Aries placements are especially prone to this. One moment the native may be cheerful and playful and the next they are screaming and throwing hands at someone. But once these moments have passed, it is as though they were never upset in the first place. As our favorite astrologer Kevin Burk notes, “[f]ire signs are too one-pointed in nature, and too focused on only a limited range of emotions, to allow the Moon the freedom to experience its entire emotional repertoire” (2001, pp. 104-105).

This inability to express the full depth and range of emotions and withhold them when necessary with tact often leads others to believe fire Moon people are emotionally immature. Only Sagittarius fares somewhat better as it is preoccupied with other things besides outbursting, such as the meaning of life. But Aries is like an impatient child who refuses to wait .02 seconds to get what they want before throwing a temper tantrum. When an Aries Moon person wants or feels something, they will let you know and know immediately.

Part of why this is could be how the native was raised. Since the Moon represent the mother, she could have been the parent that typically responded to their baby’s needs and emotions with a swiftness. She could have had a heightened sixth sense that could quickly tell what was wrong with her child before they even cried or said anything. As a result, it could just be that the native is simply used to expressing themselves emotionally and having whatever they needed met almost instantly. Consequently, as they grew up, they still just let it all hang out but have not yet learned that the people around them are not their mothers.

I personally think every sign can learn something from the rest of the Zodiac, but I especially believe that the signs that any given one squares and opposes should take precedence. For Aries this is the other cardinal signs—Cancer (the forward square), Libra (the opposition), and Capricorn (the backwards square). Cancer teaches Aries how to be more emotionally competent and nurturing; Libra how to acknowledge others and take personal responsibility for its actions; and finally, Capricorn shows how Aries can form boundaries with others and have follow through.

Cupcakke interestingly has her Moon conjunct Saturn. So, on some level she is already learning the above lessons as Saturn places pressure on the native to restrict one’s emotions. Saturn also tends to give the native an air of maturity either because they have been through hardship in life that forced them to grow up on some level or simply because Saturn gives them better clarity of mind and organizational skills. But Saturn in Aries is in fall, or debilitated. This is because the nature of Aries is very different from that of Saturn. But although weakened by sign, Saturn is still maltreating her Moon. So, the lessons that Saturn is trying to teach Cupcakke—taking personal responsibility for her actions, having boundaries with others, regulating her emotions, etc.—may be difficult to master, especially since the Moon is what is habitual and unconscious.

But if reincarnation works like many spiritual people says it does, then this journey is what Cupcakke has chosen to undertake before she came down to Earth. I would say that this placement in particular is linked to her spiritual growth as Saturn is “The Lord of Karma” and Mars, the ruler of her Moon and Saturn, is tightly conjunct the North Node. So, Cupcakke may have to fine tune how she reacts to things by exercising patience and self-discipline but not to the point that it compromises her emotional courage and authenticity.


Moon conjunct Saturn (degree)

When the Moon is conjunct Saturn, the native is rather serious and constrained in emotion. Everything is felt gravely and depending on how the native interprets their emotions, this can lead to feelings of depression and melancholy sometimes as Saturn represents these things. Truly, there is a need to feel “in control” of one’s self emotionally with this aspect. Sometimes this is good because the native’s emotions may be overwhelming and easily get out of hand when left unchecked. At other times, however, this desire to seek internal stability leads the native to never open up about how they are feeling and deaden their emotions until they spill out externally as other problems. When the Moon is conjunct Saturn there is often a struggle with expressing one’s self emotionally when the native is young. However, over time the native will eventually step into their own and come to realize that their emotions are not something that needs to be feared.

Moon trine Pluto retrograde (degree)

Whenever Pluto is in contact with an inner planet (Sun through Mars), there is a marked sense of intensity, often emotionally, that others can sense within the native. With the Moon ruling emotions, there is something magnetic and sometimes brooding about the native. Similar to Moon-Saturn aspects, there may have been some hardship that was endured in childhood that pushed the native into maturity ahead of their peers. Here with Pluto and in positive aspect, however, something about the native’s emotional patterns needs to be purged and purified. Pluto–again, somewhat similarly to Saturn–shows us what no longer serves us and needs to be transformed. Given what has happened in her life so far (i.e., being groomed by an adult man when she was in her teens, homelessness, depression, etc.), it is likely Cupcakke has developed certain emotional responses to situations and people that may not be healthy or serve her in this point in her life. But with Pluto making a trine to her Moon, she has the strength and determination to not only acknowledge these things but grow from them. No matter how many times the world has knocked her down, she is able to get right back up again and try once more.

Mercury in Taurus

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Venus (in mutual reception)
    • In Gemini
      • Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: N/A
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter

Mercury rules all forms of communication, and as was mentioned in the Moon section, represents the more arithmetic, strategic part of the mind. Mercury shows us how we think critically and argue. With her Sun in Gemini, Mercury becomes immensely important in Cupcakke’s chart because where it is and the condition it is in greatly modifies her personality.

In Taurus, Cupcakke is more consistent and persistent in who she is. This is interesting because Gemini prides itself on being hard to pin down. This sign hates being placed in boxes. Being able to be anything and everything—always multifaceted and unpredictable—is often what Gemini Suns learn to love about themselves. But these are ultimately the reasons why the Sun is peregrine, or lacks any essential dignities (i.e., domicile, exaltation, triplicity, term, and face), for most of Gemini. “In order for the Sun to express itself effectively, it requires focus,” writes astrologer Kevin Burk. “The Sun in Gemini, however, finds it very difficult to focus on one thing at a time, and ultimately ends up trying to create a single, integrated identity from a multitude of different facets” (2001, pp. 96). But with Mercury in Taurus, a lot of this is diminished.

As the earthy, fixed sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is all about the physical and material, and finding ways to sustain and maintain them (Burk, 2001). When Mercury is here, there is less emphasis on what is abstract and logical and instead more onus is placed on what is practical and useful. Indeed, natives with this placement are not interested in complicating subjects that do not need to be complicated. Seeing and doing is often enough for these people. They do not always preoccupy their time playing “what if” endlessly. Similar to Aries, there can be a bit of a “all-or-nothing” attitude with Taurus. But unlike Aries, Taurus is extremely even tempered and slow.

When Mercury is in this sign, speaking and thinking is very measured and deliberate. These natives are not one to just run their mouths just to run it—although attached to a Gemini Sun, this still may be a hard habit to break. These people are slow to arrive at their opinions and are even slower to voice them. Part of this is because the combination of earth and fixedness slows Mercury down to a snail’s pace. The other reason is because Venus rules Taurus, so the native is motivated to be cordial and polite. Therefore, the native is often cautious in speech because they do not want to offend. However, if we look at Cupcakke’s persona, many seem to take offense.

In an interview with Bitch magazine, Cupcakke had the following to say to those who are offended by her content: “If people are offended by that, you can tell them to go suck a dick. I am not the type to explain myself, like ‘please listen to this’ or ‘please give this a try.’ No. Because if you are a real loyal fan, you will know that I do all types of music and I am very versatile. It’s not just, ‘Oh, she does sexual music’ because out of 100 songs, only about seven of them are sexual.”

Cupcakke’s image and lyricism are highly sexualized and explicitly so. In some ways it is rather comedic and playful in presentation—very Gemini-like. Cupcakke even admitted in an interview with Stay Up that this sexual persona is part trolling (her Marilyn MonHOE alter ego on Instagram) and part of her just giving her what her fans want. It’s what sells and gives her attention, but unfortunately negative attention from tabloids, which are of course largely fueled by the need to paint black women as the Jezebel caricature when they’re not framing them as the Sapphire. But in either case, Cupcakke pushes back at this idea that selling sex is all that she is (Sun in Gemini).

Now, Taurus is an extremely sensual sign. It loves to get physical and have fun but the way Cupcakke speaks and writes, at least in interviews and in her songs, is more reminiscent of Gemini and Aries, especially, to me. It is too frank to be Taurus in my opinion. But her delivery is very Taurean.

She has a lower, smooth voice that makes even the joking things she says seem rather serious. Indeed, people with their Mercury in Taurus often speak in a “dry” way that is matter-of-fact and sometimes authoritarian. But they often are very pleasant to listen to! Taurus rules the throat and Venus beauty and music, so people with this placement usually make great singers. Cupcakke is a rapper but if she ever tried her hand in singing, she may have a nice vocal color!


Mercury trine Mars (degree)

When the fiery Mars is trining Mercury, the native tends to be very direct and firm in speech. They will not necessarily raise their voices or cuss you out, but they will tell you what they think whether you like it or not. The native’s mind is sharp and quick. They can easily come back with arguments and counterpoints on the fly. In the negative contacts between these two planets, others may interpret the native to be aggressive and sometimes even sensitive, but here in the trine, many view the native as lively and passionate in speech instead. There is much mental energy here and the native is likely to be a lifetime learner.

Mercury square Jupiter (degree)

With Jupiter in negative aspect to Mercury, the native loves to socialize and share their ideas with others. However, there is a problem with how much they do this and how their grand schemes are often very impractical. Indeed, the native may be too optimistic about how good their ideas are and how well they will work. There can be a sense of self-righteousness here or even intellectual snobbery, although typically these people mean well but just have poor follow through. Natives with this placement need to be mindful of all the little details they often overlook in favor of viewing everything through “the big picture.” They may also need to be humbler and more realistic in what they think and say.

Venus in Gemini

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mercury (in mutual reception)
    • In Taurus
      • Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter (x2) and maltreated by Mars (x2)

Venus rules love, companionship, and beauty. It does not represent money—that’s Mercury—but more what money can buy. In Cupcakke’s chart, Venus is in mutual reception with Mercury, meaning that the two are in each other’s signs This means that their influence on one another is reciprocal. In this case a lot of what I am going to say is revised a bit.

When Venus is in Gemini there is often a marked love for language. How something is pronounced, where a word originates from, the unique quirks of regional and international dialects and accents respectively can all be rather fascinating for these natives, especially for those who have their Sun in Gemini as well like Cupcakke does. I think those who have their Sun in Gemini in particular love to make up new words either by altering the spelling, pronunciation, or length of certain words or combining two different words to create something different.

People with Gemini placements love to come up with new words.

Mercury is the trickster in astrology and this playful, yet mischievous, side of Mercury seems more evident in Gemini than Virgo. Indeed, people with placements in Gemini like to have fun with others through light teasing, small pranks, and lively banter. Venus is not super serious in Gemini. The native likes causal, relaxed relationships that offer a lot of variety, mental stimulation, and freedom.

People here are extremely social. Meeting all different types of people is exciting to them because there is so much information that can be learned and exchanged. Yes, many people with their Venus in Gemini are usually natural social butterflies, especially with a Gemini Sun to boot, unless something else in the chart indicates otherwise.

But I feel like is should be said that although air signs like and do genuinely get along with all walks of life, they still desire mental companionship, especially when Venus is in air. In Gemini Cupcakke may really be into people who are witty and social like herself. If a person cannot or refuses to hold a conversation with her or does not like to hang out with other people as much as she does, she’ll likely look elsewhere. Once a person can get past this hurtle, however, their thoughts and beliefs have to align with hers.

With her Mercury in Taurus, Cupcakke is slow to form her own opinions but once solidified, they tend to be immovable. However, with Venus and the Sun in Gemini, she may still be open to changing her mind assuming that the other person can make a convincing argument that either appeals to common sense or logic. People with Taurus placements do not take relationships as flippantly as Gemini so with Mercury as the ruler of Venus (and vice versa), people Cupcakke involves herself with need to come correct when it comes to how they communicate and think.

Her companions, whether platonic or romantic, need to be smart on some level as well. No himbos for her—at least not in a long-term relationship! This is because the native themselves is often an intellectual on some level.

In addition to the love of language, people with Gemini placements tend to enjoy reading, writing, and simply keeping themselves informed about all the goings on in the world. Therefore, they cannot necessarily be with a person who is willfully ignorant about certain things. Gemini is both the student and the teacher, so natives with placements here need someone who has a similar vibration.


Venus trine Jupiter (degree)

When Venus and Jupiter come together in a trine, the native is extremely social and charming. There is something fun and pleasant about the native that just draws other people in. Maybe its their ability to banter with others and crack jokes. Perhaps it is because they are so generous and gracious in social interactions. Whatever the case may be, many people just seem to like the native. They typically never have anything bad to say about them because the native usually never has anything bad to say about others. They are too busy living their life to the fullest to be petty and miserable.

Venus square North Node (degree)

When a planet squares the North Node, that planet is in direct conflict with the direction the native’s soul is heading towards. As the planet of love, Venus squaring the lunar nodes, especially the North Node, means that the relationships Cuppcake may have do not serve her spiritually. But ironically these same relationships tend to be karmic and full of challenges because they are actually serving to promote her spiritual growth. Likewise then, since Venus represents music and art, it could be argued that Cupcakke’s conflicted feelings about her own music has a higher purpose for her, whatever that may be. Ultimately, however, how she relates to people and objects of beauty needs to change.

Mars in Virgo

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity, term
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mercury
    • In Taurus
      • Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Venus (x2)

And the other Mercury-ruled sign appears! Like other signs that are ruled by the same planet (i.e., Aries and Scorpio, Taurus and Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces, Capricorn and Aquarius), Gemini and Virgo operate in somewhat dissimilar ways. Virgo is nocturnal and feminine, earthy and mutable. Gemini is diurnal and masculine, airy and mutable. Gemini is more social and quicker but less focused and disciplined than Virgo. Virgo is more sensual and a bit slower yet more rigid and pedantic than Gemini. Interestingly though, Mercury does not influence the signs it rules in a similar way to other planets because it does not have a gender nor sect allegiance. It is inherently neutral across the board so it takes on the qualities of the sign it finds itself in somewhat unfiltered. I say “somewhat” because Mercury still has essential debilities (i.e., in the Jupiter-ruled signs of Sagittarius and Pisces), meaning that Mercury is not completely a blank slate. But in either case, let’s get into it.

Whereas Gemini tries to relate to its environment through language, ideas, and people, Virgo tries to relate to its environment physically. Virgo’s mantra is “I serve” (Gemini’s is “I think”) and as an earth sign, Virgo is motivated to think (Mercury) about the ways in which the physical and material can be improved upon or fixed. With Mars representing one’s actions, natives with Mars in Virgo spend a lot of time looking for problems that they can solve. Indeed, Mercury ruling over Virgo makes it very perceptive. Natives here can catch the smallest of details that get overlooked by others. But this sharp eye is a double-edge sword.

On one level, this adherence to detail helps to give Virgo some focus it would not have had since both its modality (mutability) and ruler (Mercury) are so fluctuating in nature. This leads to Virgo being able to become very knowledgeable on a small array of topics. But on the other hand, Virgo can get too caught up in the details that its view starts to become microscopic. This can lead to nitpicky behavior that is both internalized and externalized. Truly, Virgo can be a little too dualistic just like Gemini, lol!

But at its core Virgo wants to be helpful by lending others its expertise and skills. Within the context of the music industry this can manifest as being a producer or songwriter for others. However, Cupcakke is an independent artist.

Perhaps then Cupcakke is giving her fans her musical talents. Indeed, not every artist makes music with only themselves in mind. Some like to create music that their fans enjoy, which at times may conflict with how they may want to evolve musically. For Cupcakke, on the surface at least, this seems to be the case. As was mentioned way back in the Mercury section, her music is versatile, but she always has a couple of songs that have the sexual energy her fans love. And writing this kind of music is a skill. It is not easy to create the type of lyricism that Cupcakke does. Writing in general is hard lol but trying to make it unique and interesting is a whole separate feat.

In either case, with Mars conjunct the North Node by 3°, what motivates Cupcakke, how she asserts herself, and the ways in which she exerts her energy is aligned with her higher spiritual lesson here in this life. With Mercury also trining both Mars and the North Node as well communication is very crucial in this endeavor if that has not been made clear by now.


Mars conjunct North Node (degree)

With Mars conjunct the North Node, the native is very active in this life. They are driven and ambitious, straightforward and decisive. They do not wait around to go after what they want. They may have known from an early age where they wanted to go in life. Whatever they end up doing in life, they do it for them and themselves only. This is a lifetime where they can accomplish a lot but only when they remain focused and determined.

Mars trine Neptune retrograde (degree)

When the dreamy, psychic planet of Neptune comes into contact with Mars, it produces an individual who is extremely creative and has a keen sixth sense. The native has the ability to act on both impulses with a swiftness. In the former case, the native can easily physically manifest whatever goes on in their imagination into the world. In the latter case the native is very in tuned to their environment. They can pick up on danger and bad intentions a mile away. Interestingly, though, the native is not a fighter. They are too sensitive despite having a very passionate soul and sense of faith. However, the native can be a master of subterfuge and subtle manipulation, so perhaps they never have to use their hands to begin with.

Jupiter in Aquarius

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Term
  • Ruler:
    • Saturn
      • Fall
        • D: Triplicity
        • P: Peregrine
    • Uranus retrograde
      • Domicile
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Venus

Aquarius is a perplexing sign that has been covered somewhat extensively on this blog like Taurus. It is an air sign but has watery imagery (i.e., it is the water bearer and its symbol resembles waves). It is changeable (airy) yet stable (fixed). It is ruled by Saturn (restrictions, organization) traditionally but Uranus (sudden disruptions, eccentrism) by modern conventions. Depending on which of these you emphasize or lean into, you may get very different interpretations. I lean more into the traditional take on the Zodiac.

In traditional astrology (i.e., Sumerian, Egyptian, Hellenistic, medieval Arab and European), Aquarius is still calm and collected—detached even—but is less radical and zany than modern astrologers assert that it is. Indeed, “traditional Aquarius” is not the sign of revolution—or not the type of revolution that is anarchist. “Traditional Aquarius” is a humanitarian that is focused, concise, and extremely knowledgeable. It is the sign that, yes, will fight for change—positive change—but how it goes about that is structured and orderly like Saturn when it is diurnal. Aquarius will only take a sledgehammer to society if society has demonstrated that it does not truly serve the collective as it should—with dignity and equity. But even then, “traditional Aquarius” will be selective and patient in how it goes about doing this.

I bring up this interpretation of Aquarius because as was described in the Mercury section, Cupcakke’s image is rather shocking to people—namely those working in tabloids who view her as an easy cash grab, as sensationalizing black women’s sexuality is a long-honored tradition in media that is very lucrative. To many who have a grasp on astrology, they may point and say that Cupcakke having both Jupiter and Uranus retrograde in Aquarius explains both her image and the public’s reaction to it. “Pushing the envelope and making people think is Aquarius, especially since it is ruled by Uranus!” they might say. …I disagree somewhat. What astrologers commonly describe as the “modern Aquarius” is really just Uranus but I’m talking about Jupiter in this specific section.

Jupiter in many ways showcases one’s belief system. In Aquarius, the native’s beliefs are apt to be generally progressive. Aquarius as the last air sign takes an extremely broad approach to society. It can see all of its inner and outer workings with immense objectivity with Saturn being its (traditional) ruler. Like the water bearer that represents it, Aquarius can gather information, organize it, and release it to the masses without getting attached to it. Aquarius’s mantra is “I know,” and natives with Jupiter here are motivated to know many different things.

This works really well with Cupcakke’s Gemini placements, but again, Aquarius wants its ideas to have form and structure—to not just be concepts but mechanisms for enlightenment with Jupiter here. Indeed, people with this placement may be called “woke” or “politically correct” or even a “SJW” if they are particularly lame.

This is interesting given Cupcakke’s religious background. She was apparently really into church and poetry growing up. She wrote about God and took rides to church if her mom couldn’t take her. Then one day a fellow member told her that poetry is just like rapping and the rest was history after her mom got her into a recording studio.

And from the beginning her music was always sexual. Three years after releasing her first single, “Gold Digger,” she dropped “Vagina” and “Deepthroat,” both of which became instantly viral across video platforms. These two latter songs were added to her debut mixtape, Cum Cake in 2016.

What is very interesting about this mixtape, however, is that Cupcakke stated in a 2016 interview with Complex that she titled it Cum Cake in order to pique interest and draw people in, thinking it will be full of sexually explicit songs like her prior singles only to have tracks that touch on real world issues such as police brutality and child grooming on the tape as well.

You know, so many people doubted me. And I just feel like—I've been doing music for so long. And the thing about it is, I got noticed off the freaky music and the sexual music. That's what I got noticed off of. But I've got over 50 songs out. Out of those songs, only three is freaky. You see what I'm saying? I decided for this project [Cum Cake], I wanted to do all—I wanted to touch on pedophiles, on abuse, I want to touch on being poor. On this project I wanted to touch on everything. Including being sexual. It's 18 songs and only three is freaky. I touched on street music, I touched on violence, I touched on cops killing, I touched on a lot of situations. It's very versatile.

After "Vagina," "Deepthroat," and "Juicy Coochie" came out, people kept requesting [a mixtape]. …I strategized the name, because I wanted to trick people to think they were getting something, but they didn't get what they thought they was gonna get—a full freaky mixtape. I play with them, and it was for the good. How it came out, the result, that they see I can do this that and the other, it really turned out good.

As she has said above and across numerous other interviews, the sexually explicit and/or exaggerated songs only make up a small percentage of her discography and it’s true! And yet Cupcakke is only negatively known for her raunchier material because people love the shock value and comedy of it. But if it hasn’t been made clear by now, Cupcakke is multifaceted and deeper than we give her credit for. Her having Jupiter in Aquarius is also very indicative of this.

She has high hopes for the future and what good can come out of it. But it must be noted that she didn’t always believe this as she attempted to take her own life back in early 2019 and announced that she would retire after only four years in the industry by September of that same year.

Jupiter loves freedom—it represents freedom. It is no big, dark secret that the entertainment world is anything but free. Sources claim that Cupcakke is independent and some artists are, but honestly that is an illusion. “Indie” and even “underground” artists are far deeper in the game than they present.

Jupiter sometimes has a hard time facing reality because it is jovial, it wants to believe things are all right and can be fixed when sometimes current conditions make that extremely difficult. In Aquarius it can be hard to engage with the emotional side of life, to let the native truly feel what they feel—to be disappointed and upset—because it is so focused on the group than the self.

Saturn is in Aries and conjunct the Moon in Cupcakke’s chart. Aries is perhaps the most individualistic sign—safe for Leo—and very polarizing in emotion. This brings up an interesting conundrum. To what extent does Cupcakke believe in the power of collectivism and to what point does she express her will emotionally without worrying about what society thinks? With Saturn also in Aries and maltreating the Moon while it sextiles Jupiter, I personally think that a balancing and regulating of the emotional ego is needed.

Being emotionally honest is important in this life but it also needs to be disciplined and orderly. Cupcakke, for whatever reason, chose a life where she has to discover who she is emotionally but not forget about the larger world around her. In a way she must learn how to be real with herself when it comes to her emotions and struggles and then teach what she has discovered to others. Her wisdom can be greatly beneficial to large groups of people, especially those who are most similar to herself.


Jupiter trine Sun (sign)

With the Sun and Jupiter forming a trine, the native has a big personality. It is not obnoxious or overpowering though (but of course, there will always be one person who thinks so). The native is just a very optimistic and cheerful person. They are like a ball of sunshine. You will rarely see them in a bad mood or sulking over a situation for long. They can easily bounce back from such things. This is because they view life positively. The world is their oyster and they gladly take that oyster into their hands!

Jupiter sextile Moon (sign)

When Jupiter is in soft aspect to the Moon, the native is generally a happy person. They are upbeat and enthusiastic in their emotional expression. They spread their joy to others by being very generous and charitable. This makes these natives rather popular. People may seek them out for guidance or just to have someone to lean on to as a result.

Saturn in Aries

  • Dignities and Debilities: Fall
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mars
    • In Virgo
      • Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Finally, we have made it to Saturn! Saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years, so those born between April 7, 1996 to June 8, 1998 (it retrograded back into Aries from late October 1998 to late February 1999) will all have their Saturns in Aries. Saturn is in fall in Aries because the sign’s impulsiveness and over preoccupation with the self is too much for a planet about structure, responsibility, and organization. As a result, natives with this placement tend to have a tug-o-war going on between discovering who they are and expressing that sense of self boldly and fiercely without stepping all over other people to do so.

Yes, one can argue that karmically, Aries Saturn individuals need to learn how to be themselves conscientiously because possibly in past lives they were not. Even without this past life posturing, Saturn in Aries does present stumbling blocks to the ego that the native must work through. They may find being reckless and inpatient only sets them back in life. It is when they approach their actions in a more methodical way that they will see the outcomes they were too eager to wait for manifest in front of them.

As has been mentioned previously, Cupcakke having her Moon in Aries makes this journey of self-control much more difficult because the Moon is what is unconscious. If you are not aware of how your behavior makes others feel, then how can you stop and change them? Well, Saturn being conjunct her Moon makes her aware of herself and what she does because she will often be placed in situations that require her to hold her own self accountable.

Saturn—at least when nocturnal—represents misery, anxiety, depression, and inaction. But it also signifies hard work, stability, order, and impartiality when diurnal as it is in Aries. It is through experiencing these negative situations and emotions that perhaps allows the Aries Saturn native to get to know themselves and hopefully by extension leads to some inner reflection that produces a better understanding of others.

Now, depending on the person, the condition of Saturn, and the sect of the chart, this epiphany moment may take a while to understand. Until then—usually after it returns to its natal position at ages 28-30—we may get a very repressed and depressed individual, especially when Saturn is conjunct to an inner planet such as the Moon. And we have seen that with Cupcakke already. However, if the native is able to rise up to the challenge that Saturn presents to them during the first third of life, the result is someone who is fully in command of themselves. They are disciplined, able to be both impartial and assertive without being aggressive and impatient, and accountable for their actions with maturity.


Saturn sextile Venus (degree)

When Saturn is in soft aspect to Venus, the native is rather serious in love. Relationships are not taken lightly as the native can either be shy or traditional when it comes to courtship. Once formed, however, these natives are very loyal and dedicated to their partners and friends. They are the type of people who are not afraid to sacrifice personal happiness for that other person. This is often how they show love, through their actions and how far they are willing to go for them.

Saturn sextile Jupiter (degree)

When Saturn aspects another planet it tends to ground and stabilize it, and with Jupiter, Saturn tends to give Jupiter the structure it needs to actualize its often abstracted goals. That is to say, the native is cautiously optimistic and know that hard work and persistence will manifest all that they want in this life. They do not succumb to the overly enthusiastic side of Jupiter nor do they divulge into the more cynical and depressing side of Saturn. Instead there is a nice blend of realism and idealism. They understand that things will not come to them overnight or out of thin air, but through continuous effort on their part. Only through planning, organization, and work will things fall in line.

I take forever to write up these articles, at least in my opinion, so I really did not know Cupcakke was planning on releasing music this week. Good for her! If you are a fan of hers I would love to hear your thoughts on this reading in the comments section!

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