The Mark of the Beast: Six Month Anniversary

This blog is six months old!

6 in numerology is about service and familial obligations. Even numbers represent balance and harmony, and yet when we look outside there’s anything but.

When George Zimmerman was acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, I was sick to my stomach because that easily could have been my brother’s murder getting off. I was angry. How can anyone see that what this disgusting man did to a young black boy and let him walk? How could Trayvon’s defense lawyers not fight harder for him? I know this country’s history and how people love to ignore, downplay, and individualize what has been happening for over 500 years now, but I was still in shock.

Then Rekia Boyd was murdered…then Jordan Davis was murdered…then Eric Garner…then Tamir Rice…then Sandra Bland…then and then…

Non-black people and cop defenders so often refuse to see how we are humans worthy of living. And it is so hard to live in a world where this is a fact. From the end of March up until now I so emotionally distraught. Seeing people online parade around videos of these people’s murders and another half of people arguing how they “deserved it” as do the protesters marching in the streets in so many ways while a small selection of “influencers,” celebrities, and corporations were putting on the performances of their lives made me so angry.

Why do people who look like me have to pled for our humanity and right to live? Why does us simply existing cause such a vitriolic reaction all the goddamn time? Why does living as a black person in America equal a death sentence at any waking moment?

I try my best to avoid all media outlets when high profile cases like these erupt in the mainstream media after following the cases of Trayvon, Eric, Tamir, and Sandra so closely. But even while I was trying to keep my mind busy with something else, the conversation of whether or not black people have the right to exist kept popping up everywhere I went. I was so close to snapping on someone because I couldn’t take it anymore.

Many spiritual people and astrologers have been saying change is on the horizon and we’re “ascending” and that after of all of the mess that is still to come has passed, we will ultimately come out much better than we were. Well, when I look at how so many people are behaving, I am immensely discouraged. I am. How many times does a black person have to be murdered on film, whether by cops or “random” white supremacists who supposedly don’t have police ties, for the deaths to stop? Everyone was clamoring on about how the Corona virus was “healing” the planet because they’ve been so brainwashed by eugenics propaganda that they can’t see the relationship between the collective impact of human activity in a concentrated area and capitalism. But what about now? How is police brutality and systemic oppression healing the Earth? I really want to know because these people have been eerily silent or crying about how the energy around these protests have been “evil.”

I…I don’t know. There’s a lot to process. I guess I just wanted to let this all out.

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