The 7 Classical Planets: Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty is up next in my rapper series!

I honestly do not know much about Rico Nasty. Like the other girls on this list, I first heard of her through the Tumblr grapevine but for some reason I wasn’t really motivated to check her out, not even when I was reading on Doja Cat! In either case, she was the second most popular choice on my Twitter poll so she will be examined here today!

Rico Nasty is a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon

Sun in Taurus

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Venus
    • In Taurus
      • Domicile
        • D: Triplicity (x2)
        • P: Triplicity (if in a day chart)
  • Rejoicing by gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter (x2)

A lot of people with Taurus placements have been covered on this blog, perhaps reflecting my own Taurus filled chart (i.e., rising, Venus, and Mercury retrograde). In any case, Rico Nasty is the third Taurus Sun person to be featured on my blog (the other two being Lizzo and Sunmi). As was iterated in those readings, people with a Taurus Sun are learning how to be comfortable in their skin and the physical, material world. This is because Taurus is nocturnal, feminine, and earthy. Venus, its lord, rules companionship, love, and beauty. When it is governing over such a sign as Taurus, as opposed to Libra (which is diurnal, masculine, and airy), its energy is redirected back to the native. Not in the retrograde way where the native struggles with Venus’s energy, but in the introspective way where the native learns how to love and beautify themselves.

Indeed, with her Sun in Taurus, Rico Nasty, real name Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, is learning how to treat herself in this lifetime. Materialism, gluttony, and laziness are terms often associated with Taurus, and yes, in some cases a Taurus individual may exhibit these qualities. But archetypally, Taurus is similar to Leo in that it desires the finer things in life and to be comfortable materially and financially. However, unlike Leo, Taurus will typically put the work in to make that happen itself instead of sort of expecting or even demanding that others simply reward them for existing.

Taurus is an earth sign, and as such, it is extremely hard working. All earth signs are self-sufficient. Being sandwiched in between the impulsive fire signs and the fickle air signs, earth signs fundamentally understand that in order to get the results they want, they often have to do it themselves at their own pace until it is done. Taurus especially understands this latter point of taking one’s time as it is also fixed in nature. Out of all the earth signs, Taurus is the slowest but has the longest staying power.

Taurus knows that once whatever they have taken on is complete, they can rest and indulge. Taurus is not a sign that is all work and no play like Capricorn and sometimes even Virgo. Taurus understands that life is indeed hard, but it does not have to be hell on Earth. If you put in the right amount of effort and are using common sense, you can carve out a comfortable living for yourself.

With her Venus also in Taurus, this mindset may be something Rico holds deeply. It flirts with meritocracy a bit, but is ultimately a belief system that states that in order to get all that you desire, you gotta put a little elbow grease in. And looking at her career thus far, I think Rico is reaping the benefits of adhering to this framework. She has been releasing mixtapes since she was in the 11th grade back in 2014 and already has seven mixtapes (but no studio album, however) under her belt at just 23. To compare, Doja Cat has two studio albums and one EP at 24; Megan Thee Stallion has one mixtape and three EPs at 25; Azealia Banks has three mixtapes, two EPs, and one studio album at 29; Cupcakke has two mixtapes and four studio albums at 23; and finally only Asia Doll holds her own against Rico with nine mixtapes and one EP also at age 23.

In terms of the current rap game, Rico is a straight hustler and embodying the energy of Taurus very well.

This [“Sink Or Swim” forearm tattoo] stands for, “Am I gonna be famous enough to provide?” There are literally people who are famous enough, but they’re broke as fuck. I don’t wanna be bare minimum. I wanna be successful. I wanna be be able to take care of my mom. This says, “Either you die or you keep going.” That’s it. You have no other options. The world don’t stop, the job don’t stop, the kids don’t stop, money don’t stop, haters don’t stop, the internet don’t stop, trends don’t stop, clothes don’t stop, shows don’t stop — nothing fucking stops, unless you stop.

You ever see the videos of niggas getting punched in the chest and they get stronger? That’s how I feel. I’m like, “OK, keep hitting me.” Now I’m solidified.


Sun trine Mars (degree)

When Mars aspects another planet, it adds some heat to that other planet. Since the Sun represents the personality, when Mars trines it, this aspect creates people who are self-motivated, energetic, and competitive. These natives are naturally driven and passionate. Although, with both planets in earth, these qualities may be a bit muted, but the native is still very decisive and hard working. Their confidence is quieter than hot and burning but they still make others know that they’re that bitch. These people are open and honest and like these characteristics in other people. When they are in a situation that needs a leader, they are not shy in taking on that role.

Sun trine North Node/Sun sextile South Node (sign)

With the Sun in “soft” (sign) aspect to both lunar nodes, Rico tends to be in the right place at the right time with the right kinds of people to help advance her in her spiritual journey. Especially with the trine to the North Node, Rico may find that she doesn’t have to do much to be pushed in the right direction. Perhaps it is because the ego she is developing in this lifetime is very much in line with her general spiritual path. The reverse is also true in that her spiritual path is also helping her Sun too as she will find herself in situations where she is able to develop her leadership skills, creativity, and self-confidence. When she is more self-assured and confident in life, the more she is able to follow her divine path with ease.

Moon in Taurus (if born before noon)

  • Dignities and Debilities: Exalted
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Triplicity (if in a night chart)
  • Ruler: Venus
    • In Taurus
      • Domicile
        • D: Triplicity (x2)
        • P: Triplicity (if in a day chart)
  • Rejoicing by gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatement: Bonified by Venus, bonified by Jupiter

While the Sun shows the type of energy that native is growing into over the course of their life, the Moon is the energy they naturally personify. The Moon represents our emotions, the unconscious, the mother, and our childhood.

With her Moon also in Taurus, finding security and stability in the physical world while in a mortal body surrounded by material things is not just something Rico is learning to build her identity around, but are things that satisfy her emotionally. This can be because in childhood, Rico was always provided for…or not. Without a birth time it’s hard to know for certain. However, since Saturn cannot see any of her Taurus placements, it can be safe to assume that Rico at the very least lived comfortably even if she was not middle class, let alone upper middle class or rich, growing up.

Interestingly, Rico seemed to have had a reverse in fortune. At 11, she moved from the more affluent part of Prince George’s County, Maryland to the rougher part. A few years later her parents divorced, and she stayed with her mother. In this new area finances were tight and Rico’s grades began to tank as she started to hang out with the wrong crowd. As a result, her mom sent her to a boarding school, which Rico rebelled against and was ultimately expelled from.

When the Moon is in Taurus, the native is usually fortunate materially or not early in life, as seemed to be the case with Rico. Regardless though, the native’s parent, usually the mother (but since Rico also has her Sun in Taurus, her father is included here too), was still really motivated to make sure their child had everything they needed. So, it is likely that as a child, and an only child at that, Rico often dressed nice, had her hair done, was fed, and got the latest gadgets soon after launch even if either parent’s financial situation wasn’t the greatest. Consequently, Rico likely grew up associating material things with emotional security.

My family didn’t have money, but once I (found out) what money was I was like, “I’m gonna have a lot of this!“ I only had two jobs in my entire life. I worked at Popeyes and I worked at the hospital. At Popeyes people were so mean to me; the customers were mean as shit. People don’t play about their chicken!

Now, in our capitalist world, having financial security and material comforts would give anyone peace of mind. But like Cancer Moons, Taurus Moon people have a deep emotional attachment to what they have. An old loveseat they have had for years is not simply an old loveseat; it is the physical representation of their (grand)parents as they likely inherited it once they passed. That new fur coat they just bought is not just a flex of wealth; it is the physical representation of how hard they have worked in life.

Just like the Sun in Taurus, the Moon in Taurus creates very industrious individuals. (Although I will say that the Moon in this sign tends to make people more proactive in their pursuit of the physical and material.) Additionally, Taurus Moon people are very much creatures of habit, more so than Taurus Sun people. Having set routines, being methodical in their actions, and having a tranquil home environment is especially important to these native’s emotional well-being. This is how they were likely raised or the messages they received in childhood.

No. Not all all. I’m only doing it so he doesn’t have to. I literally did this so we can never worry about none of the shit that I went through growing up. I want him to be something bigger than this. I imagine peace and balance in his life because that’s something I really focus on right now.

When asked if her son Cameron would follow in her footsteps of becoming a rapper, Rico responded seriously, stating that she is only in the rap game to provide for him. The Moon can show how a person mothers their own children.

And as the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac, it is extremely difficult for these natives to accept change and go without the things that give them pleasure and comfort. The Moon in Taurus is not its usual fluctuating self. Therefore, change must be implemented slowly and at the discretion of the native. At its most negative, this inability to be flexible can cause Taurus Moon people to stay in their feelings. It can be hard to move on emotionally from situations, places, and people. But at its most positive, the Moon in Taurus creates individuals that are better able to weather tumultuous emotions and situations that would easily knock other people off their feet. These people are preserving, exacting, and loyal.


Moon opposite Pluto retrograde (loosely out-of-sign)

When it comes to Pluto contacts, especially to the Sun or Moon, there is a lot of intensity swirling around and inside of the native. With Pluto in opposition to the Moon, Rico’s childhood may not have been as glamorous as I painted it to be. Emotions can get very dark and heavy here, and this can be because something very traumatic happened in childhood. As a result, people with this aspect are always on the defensive emotionally. They find it extremely difficult to open up to others despite desperately wanting a connection. These people are scared to be too vulnerable as being vulnerable is what likely got them hurt in the past. Something about Pluto aspects attracts manipulative and possessive people to the native’s life. In this case it could have been the mother who refused to give their child the space they needed to explore themselves and become independent, or as mentioned above, the native was abused by someone in the family or close to the family unfortunately, whether in childhood or later in adult life. Wherever this trauma originated from, the native has very stormy emotions that they often do not speak about. But it is through speaking on these emotions and confronting them that these natives learn how to heal and transform.

Moon trine North Node/Moon sextile South Node (degree)

Like the Sun trine/sextile aspect, when the Moon is trining/sextiling the lunar nodes, the native’s self is aligned with their spiritual mission. Here, the emotional self is in tuned to its higher spiritual self. The more Rico comes into herself and understands herself emotionally, the better she steps into her spiritual purpose. With the Moon-Pluto opposition that was detailed above, it is clear that Rico going into herself and exploring the depths of herself is needed in order to heal some hurt that was acquired during her childhood. With the Moon also aspecting the South Node, it could be theorized that emotional issues are something Rico has brought over from a past life yet not in the negative way, but in the more affirmative way where she is trying to work on these problems. I bring up interviews where she talks about her most recent mixtape Anger Management a lot because I do think that particular work is emblematic of not only her Mercury and Mars but this specific aspect. She is learning through her music how to better navigate her emotions and step into her higher calling.

Mercury retrograde in Aries

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mars (in mutual reception)
    • In Virgo
      • D: Triplicity
      • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by gender?: N/A
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

We have another rapper with a natal Mercury retrograde! As was stated in my Megan reading, those with Mercury retrograde in their chart have a hard time communicating on all levels. This is because “[retrograde] planets have a tendency to become obsessed with understanding certain situations and concepts with a level of thoroughness and intensity that is quite unusual for them” (Burk, 2001, pp. 228). This obsession occurs internally, so it is hard to redirect the planet’s energy back out into the environment. Subsequently, there is often a marked sensitivity and struggle surrounding the activities Mercury represents which includes verbalizing, writing, and thinking.

The native may struggle to speak and make their thoughts known or they can’t seem to stop sharing their thoughts, they may have learning disabilities or speech impediments, understanding and successfully utilizing proper writing conventions may be difficult, etc. Now, even with all of this being said, having a natal Mercury retrograde in and of itself does not always mean that the native will be outwardly insecure in their orating and writing skills. Mercury goes retrograde fairly frequently—about three to four times out the year for around three weeks. This translates to around ¼ of the world’s population having this placement in their charts. This phenomenon has not stopped this fraction of the populace from pursuing careers that center around communication from authoring books to being a politician or even a rapper in this specific case.

In some ways, struggling with understanding the ins and outs of language on all levels could have helped to propel Rico ahead because she was never allowed to take what she said for granted in life like others could. Nevertheless, as someone who also has Mercury retrograde but in Taurus and Mars in Virgo but also retrograde, it is often extremely frustrating not being able to get out whatever you want to say, especially if you are more impatient than most because you have Aries placements.

When Mercury is in Aries, the native often speaks before thinking. There is a need to strike first in conversation and always assert one’s will. Accordingly, people with this placement tend to be argumentative and turn normal conversations into heated debates.

Part of this is because the Mercury in Aries person is so passionate about what they think, and the other part is the need to dominate others. Aries likes to be number one and the best of the best. Therefore, with Mercury here there can be a lot of one ups, clap backs, and needing to have the final word. Mars, Aries’s ruler, is the God of War, after all. Mercury in Aries is a mental warrior.

But since Mercury is retrograde in Rico’s chart, she may not be as quick or slick mouthed, especially with some many other placements in the slower, more diplomatic Taurus. The retrograde energy makes Mercury in Aries trip up and shut up. This is extremely interesting since Mercury is in mutual reception with Mars. This means that these planets are in each other’s signs and therefore directly influence one another even though by sign and degree they do not make an aspect.

Mars in Virgo also creates a mental warrior–someone who lashes out in anger usually with their words, although it takes much longer to get Virgo heated than Aries. However, like Mercury retrograde, Virgo can be so obsessed with the little details and imperfections in life (especially around language and speech) that it often does not take direct, definitive action. Combine this with the fact that Saturn, the planet of delays and restrictions, is also copresent with Mercury, we have several indicators in the chart that suggests that communication is not only blocked and slowed down to a halt, but is something that is fixated on. As a result, Rico may swing back and forward between carefully planning and rehearsing what she is going to say and just spitting out whatever is on her mind only to flub it in some way.

Mars can either be her moderate or most malefic planet. Thusly, Mars can either soften some of the frustration and misfortune that comes with the natural retrograde energy of Mercury (i.e., Virgo’s need for precision can help her speak in a way that is more thoughtful and exacting than frank and unrefined) or make it worse (i.e., Virgo’s nitpickiness and self-righteousness jumps out and only makes her double down on her hastily drawn conclusions and foot-in-mouth moments). I do not know without a birth time. But what I do know though is that Mercury and Mars are immensely important to Rico’s spiritual lesson here on Earth as the North Node is also in Virgo. Since Mercury retrograde already indicates some past life karma (i.e., using one’s words to slander others or to spread propaganda, or simply not using one’s words at all), as does Saturn (Saturn is literally “The Lord of Karma” in a lot of astrological thinking), I think Mercury retrograde being the North Node’s lord suggests that whatever this past life issue surrounding communication is, is being worked on diligently in this life.

In an interview about her most recent mixtape, Anger Management, Rico told Complex that creating the project was very therapeutic for her and helped her express herself emotionally in the way she wanted:

Creating the project was therapeutic because I got to exude my emotions in any way that I wanted. I feel like a lot of times when people focus on anger, they forget about what it takes to get you there. I don't know too many people that go zero to 100 as fast as I do when I get mad about something. So, finally making a project that shows that, it just made me way more aware of the process in which people piss you off. It's kind of like a cycle. It's up to you to break that shit. It's up to you to stop allowing people to piss you off, because it happens every day. I'm honestly shocked that so many people are still talking about Anger Management. I know it's because it's my most recent project, but it's a collab project. It's crazy. I'm happy everybody likes it.

Perhaps her past life problem was not being honest in how she felt or maybe not standing up for herself verbally and what she believed in. Thus, in this life she is much blunter and more courageous in speech. She is forced to say what she means and mean what she says, both in words and in actions.

Well, originally, when I was doing rage, and I was making all that type of music, I would go in the studio, and I would fucking scream my heart out on some ad-libs and it felt good. I know it sounds crazy, but I think that’s what’s wrong with everybody. We feel like somebody’s watching us all the time. We’re always so like, “Oh, I can’t do that. I’m going to look crazy.” But it’s like, “Bro, fuck it. Go crazy, bitch. People are crazy all the fucking time.” You can look crazy in private. It’s okay if you’re by yourself. Who’s going to judge you, god?


Mercury retrograde copresent with Saturn

With Saturn conjunct Mercury, the native’s mind is slowed down and is better able to concentrate. This is good since Mercury in Aries can easily jump to conclusions and skip its studies. Natives with this contact are much more mentally disciplined and can learn about whatever interests them in depth. However, like natal Mecury retrograde natives, these natives are rather careful with their words. They acutely understand that what they say has weight behind it. They know that if they offend that they will hear about it, whether verbally or non-verbally through others’ (re)actions. In this way some of these native endlessly self-censor. In the case of fire Mercuries and sometimes even air Mercuries, this may be seen as a blessing as these signs can be a little thoughtless in speech and just spew out whatever they are thinking without any regard to how others may feel. But with Mercury already being retrograde, there can be a sense of never being able to say what they want without it being an issue or ignored. They may feel like they cannot be their authentic selves without always taking into consideration other people and their feelings, especially with both in Aries. And while that may be true, the native may have to examine what is it about what they are thinking and saying that causes these feelings to begin with. Is it simply because they are just “keeping it real” or are they in actuality unfortunately being selfish and a bit of an asshole? Sometimes one has to learn how to be honest and “real” with themselves first before they try to be this way with others.

Mercury retrograde square Neptune retrograde (degree)

With Neptune aspects, the native is extremely creative. Many artists have Neptune (and Venus) aspects to the inner planets (Sun through Mars). But when Neptune is in hard aspect to an inner planet, the native has a difficult time reigning in this creativity and having it work for them rather than against them. When Neptune and Mercury square, the native has a challenging time staying focused and is often confusing in communication. They may struggle to find the words to adequately express what they are thinking and feeling, so they may come off as vague and obtuse. Consequently, they tend to be misunderstood by others or, conversely, misunderstand other people as they are often off in their own little world a lot.

Given that both planets are also retrograde, these problems are only enhanced. Rico may benefit from practicing mindfulness and decluttering her space, as sometimes a disorganized room can cause a disorganized mind, especially since her Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception.

Venus in Taurus

  • Dignities and Debilities: Domicile
    • D: Triplicity (x2)
    • P: Triplicity (if in a day chart)
  • Ruler: Itself
  • Rejoicing by gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter

Venus is domicile in Taurus. This means that Venus is at its most comfortable because it rules Taurus (and Libra). In fact, since Venus is nocturnal and feminine and is Taurus, Venus especially favors Taurus over Libra. Venus is also the day triplicity ruler of earth as well, at least according to Ptolemy. This is interesting because I think many frame Venus at its most elevated when it is governing over Libra. Indeed, you will be hard pressed in finding astrologers and astrology fans alike describing (Venus in) Taurus as beautiful, refined, and creative as (Venus in) Libra. Instead it’s food jokes and stating people with these placements are “homely,” “natural beauties,” or “the girl/boy-next-door.”

This is fascinating to me since Taurus is very motivated to live its best life. Because Taurus is earthy, it wants the best of everything, and with Venus here this means the best clothes, cars, food, houses, jewelry, hair, make up, etc. Venus in Taurus wants to embody beauty and wealth.

People with this placement want others to look at them and see someone who is well put together and expensive, especially if Venus is in the 1st, 2nd, or 10th house. But like other planets in Taurus, Venus understands that in order to obtain this standard of living, it needs to work hard and be practical in how it handles its money.

How successful the native is in doing this depends on the sect of their chart because Venus in a day chart is dignified by triplicity according to Ptolemy and tends to be more fortunate when it comes to acquiring material things and more persistent in its pursuit of long-term comfort (Burk, 2001). Meanwhile in a night chart, Venus in Taurus is more impatient and often seeks immediate gratification.

Without a birth time it’s hard to tell which way Rico may swing. Regardless, Venus in Taurus can also choose physical comfort over flexing wealth. In this case, you may not see Taurus Venus individuals who are always dressed to the nines. They may be in sweats or loose, plain clothing with minimal makeup and accessories. This is because as much as Taurus is supposedly materialistic, it is extremely frugal.

It’s very important to really understand that money is not gonna make you happy. It doesn’t matter how many bills you got: you get enough money, you pay them shits off, that’s all that it is… just paper. Like, there is no emotional attachment or anything that can give you [happiness.] …I don’t know, being broke was lit sometimes, when I think about it: I was way more happy. Less responsibility. It felt better.

Looking at Rico, she sort of oscillates between both the glam side of Venus in Taurus and the more dressed down side. But I personally think her overall look is not distinctly Taurus. If I never drew up her chart, I would have assumed she has her Venus in Scorpio, Aries, or even Aquarius. That, or I would have thought her rising and/or Midheaven were in these signs, especially since she says that she was weird on purpose and wanted to be an outcast growing up.

The glam side of Taurus

The more gothic/punkish way Rico also dresses

The dressed down/”natural beauty” side of Taurus

Rico’s image is very gothic/punkish, which more aligns with the signs I just mentioned, but especially Scorpio, Taurus’s sister sign. Regardless, with her Venus in Taurus, Rico tends to look more feminine and is charming and sensual. She finds pleasure and comfort in what she has. Things may or may not have been handed to her in life, but at this point in time she worked hard to get what she wanted, so she will enjoy them how she sees fit.

I knew I was gonna have a lot of people lookin’ at me [when I entered the music industry] and I didn’t want to be that ugly girl. So I conformed and I tried to be cute on purpose. And I tried to give them like this girly aesthetic, and no matter how hard I tried to do that, it felt like school all over again. I’m really trying to put myself in a box that I don’t go in; like, you don’t fit there, your voice don’t sound good like that. Like, you sound OK, but you don’t really sound good like that. So, I made “Poppin’,” and it was like me literally reminding myself like, ‘Get the fuck up out this, like, you’re not a wave, you’re an artist. You can literally make this shit. You actin’ like you don’t know how to switch flows and switch aesthetics like bitches change they panties.’

Rico in 2018

I feel more comfortable in super-glam mode. I like to have my make-up done and all that. If I don’t, like today, it’s not gonna kill me. But would I rather have my make-up on? Yes. Is this entire book bag full of make-up? Yes, it is. I love getting dolled up, I love getting my hair done, I love getting my nails done. I love all that shit. I love wearing heels, I love Fashion Week. …[I]f you’d asked me that question two years ago I’d have said I liked being in sweatpants. But the brand I’ve evolved is, ‘Hell, yeah, I put my costume on. I’m proud to be in my costume.’

Rico in 2020


Venus trine Neptune retrograde (degree)

Venus and Neptune are perhaps the most creative planets in astrology. Therefore, when they trine the native is immensely creative. These people have a giant imagination and a very fine eye for fashion. They may be drawn towards music, film, dancing, poetry, painting, etc., but with the trine they may be not always use or push their skills to their fullest potential as they tend to take them for granted because these things may come so easily to them.

In love they are a hopeless romantic. They are very compassionate, generous, and idealistic. However, they may tend to put people on pedestals or have highly unrealistic expectations about love. However, unlike those with the square and opposition, people with the trine eventually come to realize that the fairytale romance they were dreaming up in their head isn’t real.

Venus trine North Node/Venus sextile South Node (degree)

Since Venus is a benefic planet, it being in soft aspect to the lunar nodes suggests that Rico will be given numerous opportunities to attract Venusian things such as companionship and property when she aligns herself to her spiritual path. Because she is a rapper, I do think that she is very much in line with her higher soul’s purpose. To be creative and create is not only something that comes easily for her, but are things that represent something innate in her that she came back to Earth to express.

Mars in Virgo

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mercury retrograde (in mutual reception)
    • In Aries
      • Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Venus (x2)

Out of all of the elements, Mars is both comfortable and uncomfortable in earth as it is exalted in Capricorn but in detriment in Taurus, respectively. In Virgo, it is largely peregrine or lacking any essential dignities (i.e., domicile, exaltation, triplicity, etc.). At the same time, however, it is not debilitated either (i.e., fall, detriment). Like the sign itself, Mars in Virgo sort of straddles the middle.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So, in addition to already being slowed down by the sign’s earthy nature, Mars is a lot more rational in how it acts. Mars in Virgo is not one to jump the gun. Mars here needs to sit down and organize its thoughts before it moves. But once in motion, it finds it hard to ever rest.

Unlike cardinal signs that start abruptly and end just as quickly, and unlike fixed signs that stick with things until they are done, mutable signs have multiple things going on concurrently before they ever even come close to completing one thing off their mounting list of projects. Mutable signs are the signs that are at the end of one season and that sort of grey area where a new season is about to begin (i.e., Gemini = spring/summer, Virgo = summer/fall, Sagittarius = fall/winter, Pisces = winter/spring). Subsequently, they are always in flux and hard to pin down, even in earthy signs like Virgo.

Therefore, with the high-tension planet of Mercury ruling over it, there can be a lot of restlessness with Mars in Virgo people. When these individuals are not constantly working on something, they tend to suffer physically and mentally. Anxiety and perpetual worrying can manifest psychosomatically as other health issues. As a result, Mars in Virgo people are motivated to always be in motion despite Virgo being earthy. And as the sign of service (Virgo’s mantra is “I serve”), natives with this placement stay busy by being helpful to others.

Virgo is the second sign of the Zodiac to be aware of other people and is the first sign that places the ego aside in order to work together with others to solve a problem. Combining the intellect of Mercury and the practicality of earth, Mars in Virgo people aid others by lending them their expertise.

People with planets in Virgo tend to be deeply knowledgeable about specific types of things. The sign’s keen eye for details and robust analytical skills makes it a lifetime student of whatever preoccupies its mind. Virgo is extremely precise if not particular or perhaps even “anal retentive” about how the physical and material are organized, maintained, and improved upon. Accordingly, people with Virgo planets can easily become specialists in whatever they are interested in but at the same time loose sight of the broader picture. But in any case, since Mars is the planet of action, natives here want to physically lend their skills to others.

With her Mars and Mercury in mutual reception and with so many Taurus placements, including a domicile Venus, Rico clearly wants to lend people her artistic vision and communication skills  to create music and performance that make people feel good and in her words, experience something different, which is consistency. “[C]onsistency in the creativity, consistency in the visuals, in the fashion, participation with the fans and things that I give them and merch and stuff like that…,” Rico once said. She also went on to say in an interview with Uproxx that her music is venting:

When people listen to me, I just want them to just find new air. That’s what it is, that’s what listening to me is, it’s finding new air. It’s literally just finding new. New things about yourself, new sounds that you probably wouldn’t have heard together, new, everything new. Even down in my fashion. And I feel like being a Sugar Soldier is being, like, new to the world and you still got that ignorance-is-bliss type of vibe, but you still are well worn-in and you know what the fuck is going on. That’s how I look at my fans. Whenever they listen to my music, you must be in a time where you need some type of uplifting, and you want to show anger but you can’t, because your job, or your school, or your friends ain’t like that, they’re not those type of people. My music is just, it’s venting, it’s literally a breath of fresh air.

This is clearly seen in her latest mixtape, Anger Management, which was mentioned back in the Mercury section. In an interview with Complex last year she states how the mixtape was therapeutic for her because she learned in what ways people anger her and how these individuals do not have to have power over her. In a different interview with Complex, Rico states that “Anger Management…taught [her to not] be afraid to talk your shit, even if talking your shit is on some positive shit. Say it how you feel, man, because a lot of people don’t say it. They just say what’s cool. So that’s what that project is.”

As artists acquire new knowledge, they often tend to share that with their fans and the masses through their work. It is fitting then, that Rico’s music operates in this way with her Mars in Virgo.

I feel like I just have a brain. I have a brain so mental health is important to me if my brain doesn’t feel good, then I don’t feel good and then nobody’s going to feel good. You have to be mindful that normally because you have a brain, you attract other people that have a brain and they might need their brain stimulated or their emotions acknowledged. And being a rapper, sometimes we get so caught up in how cool you are that you kind of forget to acknowledge the sh*t that other people might go through. So “Smack A Bitch” or Anger Management, I was going through a lot, getting frustrated about stuff, and feeling like I had to hide it.

I can’t get as mad. If I get mad how I want to get mad, I’m going to look “crazy.” I’m going to look bad, I’m going to look “ratchet.” I’m going to look like stupid f*cking stigmas that people put on you. And making that project was really important. I didn’t give a f*ck if people thought I was angry, I didn’t give a f*ck if people thought I was too loud. I don’t give a f*ck. This is how I feel. And it’s f*cking relative. Who don’t want to smack a bitch? Who don’t?

An interesting side note about this specific mixtape is that it was made and pushed out in order to delay her debut album, Nightmare Vacation, which was supposed to have come out last year but she believed it wasn’t ready yet. Virgo is the perfectionist sign, but is anything in life perfect? Is perfection a tangible reality (Virgo) or a fabled myth (Pisces)? Virgo believes it in the former but frequently finds itself disheartened in the latter. The sign’s need to critique, criticize, and find fault in everything, everyone, and one’s self, often leads to feelings of defeat and hopelessness. What natives with Virgo placements need to understand is that perfection is not a destination but a process. Constant improvement, the gaining of knowledge, and the sharpening of skills is a lifelong journey. When you approach life as though nothing is ever enough or up to par, you intentionally position yourself to be upset. But when you view the world through the lens of growth, you are better able to break free from this cycle of frustration and worthlessness.


Mars copresent with the North Node/Mars opposite North Node (sign)

With Mars hanging out with the North Node, the native is very active in this life. They are driven and ambitious, straightforward and decisive. They do not wait around to go after what they want. They may have known from an early age where they wanted to go in life. Whatever they end up doing in life, they do it for them and themselves only. This is a lifetime where they can accomplish a lot but only when they remain focused and determined.

Jupiter in Aquarius

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Term
  • Ruler: Saturn and Uranus
    • Saturn
      • In Aries
        • Fall
          • D: Triplicity
          • P: Peregrine
    • Uranus
      • In Aquarius
        • Domicile
  • Rejoicing by gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Jupiter in air signs is rather interesting to me personally because on some fundamental level it is uncomfortable in this element but on the other hand it tends to have so much in common with air signs that this discomfort doesn’t make sense. For instance, Aquarius and Jupiter seem like they were a match made in heaven!

Aquarius being an air sign is social and operates in the mental realm. Jupiter represents alliances and brotherhood and is rather philosophical, also making it social and intellectual. Aquarius is concerned about freedom and justice and laws and structures that ensure these things. Jupiter signifies justice, the releasement from bonds, and the government (Brennan, 2017).

However, Jupiter is all about expansion and abundance too. It likes to see the big picture and theorize about things that may not always be easy to manifest physically (ironically Capricorn does just that with Sagittarius’s ideas). Boundaries do not register to this planet as is evident in it being domicile in Sagittarius and Pisces, two mutable signs (although it is consequentially detriment in the other two mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo respectively). Jupiter likes fire and water signs (safe for the fixed ones) because they are more dynamic and spiritually-inclined respectively like itself than earth signs which are too restrictive and realistic and air signs which are too dualistic in nature as Jupiter is more one-pointed in nature (Burk, 2001). Aquarius being fixed and airy effectively combines the worse of earth and air in that it is too rigid yet wavering for Jupiter to fully enact what it wants to do. Therefore, “Jupiter can roam freely within the boundaries and confines of Aquarius and be quite happy there until Jupiter hits on an idea or notion that doesn’t fit with the ideals of the group. …Once Jupiter discovers that Aquarius actually does have boundaries, Jupiter is no longer happy and will try to break free” (Burk, 2001, pp. 136).

One of these big hurdles Jupiter has to overcome in Aquarius is realizing that “the truth and freedom that Aquarius supports are not universal truths: they only apply to the members of the group” (Burk, 2001, pp. 136). Indeed, Aquarius can sometimes only be as progressive as it needs to be in order to ensure the groups it belongs to have freedom, rights, etc. In these cases, Aquarius is not necessarily concerned about the rest of society but the people who are most similar to them. I’m sure we can all instantly think of celebrities, corporations, or even people in our own lives who act like this, especially at the time of publishing this article.

Jupiter is searching for truth—a universal law that governs the cosmos that can then be adopted and utilized down here on Earth. This is why Jupiter rules over the more soul-searching signs of Sagittarius and Pisces and is exalted in Cancer, another water (read: spiritual) sign. Jupiter’s viewpoint is broad in scope, which is why it is in detriment in the more meticulous, detail-oriented Mercury ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo. Aquarius is also rather far-reaching in thought as well, but as was previously mentioned, this thinking can actually be pretty limited.

Despite this though, Jupiter in Aquarius tends to produce people who are rather leftist. As the planet of brotherhood and alliances, Jupiter in Aquarius will be more accepting of people from all walks of life than in other signs, but in a detached way that is uncharacteristic of Jupiter. Aquarius is airy and ruled by Saturn, so it tends to be more aloof and focuses on people as a collective entity rather than unique individuals. This does not make Jupiter here any less friendly or sympathetic, however!

People with this placement tend to have strong humanitarian streaks and want to help uplift as many people as possible. Jupiter ramps up Aquarius’s idealism, so natives may have a lot of ideas for social change that includes the need to build a better society that ensures people are taken care of and are free. Depending on where Saturn is in the chart and the condition of Uranus as well, sort of determines how radical the native may be in their beliefs. On the whole, earth signs tend to be the most conservative of the signs, so with so many planets in earth, Rico may not be super revolutionary in her belief system. However, with Uranus domicile in Aquarius and being a part of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation as well, she may be more “radical” than older generations at her age. But as we saw in Doja Cat’s reading, “radicalism” here may not always mean what we think, so we should be careful not to paint Rico with such a wide brush here.

However, like the other women I have covered in this growing list, they seem to all be about black female empowerment and expressing one’s unique individuality. With planets in Aquarius it is not surprising that is the group they advocate for since this is the demographic they belong to. Considering rap’s long history of misogynoir, I believe this is a good fight to take up, especially when some of these same men who bemoan anti-black racism all day often turn around and prop up a white woman essentially in blackface like Tip did Iggy Azalea than promote an actual black woman in the rap industry.

I was obsessed [with Joan Jett] for a really long time. But I was never able to put that shit in my own music because I was still thinking the standard of a female rapper is supposed to be pretty. Women aren’t all like that anymore. They’re doing what the fuck they want. Why still be pretty and all that when there’s so many girly female rappers already? You can be a rock star instead.


Jupiter square Sun (degree)

When Jupiter is in negative aspect to the Sun, the native may be a little too idealistic. They have lofty ideas and goals, but they may not always follow through on what they have promised to others. They may lack objectivity and instead rely too heavily on luck to carry them through life. Ironically these people are lucky in life typically, but when they expect luck to always come through they may end up a little conceited or cocky. Being confident is fine but they may need to be a little more realistic about their goals and their abilities. Arrogance can lead the native to overdoing things while overlooking the important details. Self-discipline, self-control, and a healthy dose of self-criticism may go a long way for these people.

Saturn in Aries

  • Dignities and Debilities: Fall
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mars
    • In Virgo
      • D: Triplicity
      • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Saturn is in fall in Aries. Planets that are in fall are uncomfortable. The characteristics of the sign and the planet do not mesh well but it is not as bad as when a planet is in detriment. In detriment, the planet is in a completely foreign land. In fall, the planet kinda knows its way around but it is not completely secure in this area.

Aries is all about striking out to create an individual identity that can be expressed without limitations (Burk, 2001). Aries in this regard can be quite reckless, thoughtless, and impulsive as it is courageous, honest, and dynamic. With Mars ruling over it, Aries can be very driven and passionate but also one-tracked in mind and selfish. Delayed gratification and patience are not in this sign’s vocabulary. It is motivated to discover and express itself no matter what. Saturn is about structure, organization, and responsibility. It represents delays and is about working hard often without immediate results. Taken together the two are at odds.

So, with Saturn in Aries, the native is learning how to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Aries has a very difficult time learning that nothing is not without consequences. It is very much a sign that is going to do what it wants to do regardless of what anyone has to say about it. This is why Aries has gained the reputation of being both heroic and moronic. But Aries Saturn natives have to learn that if they do choose to live life in such extreme self-preoccupation, they will be faced with roadblocks and restrictions.

When they act from ego in a way that only advances their own desires while stepping over the boundaries of others, they will be hit by the gavel that is Saturn. Since Saturn represents those in authority, the native may find themselves having more than their fair share of encounters with the police, the courts, etc. In these circumstances, I guess we cannot always blame these natives for their dislike of authority, especially if they have a domicile Uranus like Rico does as well.

But the lesson of Saturn in Aries is to develop patience and self-discipline. People with this placement cannot just jump headfirst into whatever they do—or in Rico’s case, as Mercury is also in Aries, say whatever is on their mind without first thinking about what they are saying. In this life, these natives have to be their own judge and jury, or the universe will be these forces for them, and often harshly as the native is hellbent on not listening to common sense.

This latter point is interesting since, as we have established, Rico’s Mercury retrograde and Mars are in mutual reception—they are in each other’s signs—and Mars is conjunct the North Node. So, somewhat indirectly, Saturn is linked to her spiritual life lesson. In the Mercury section I mentioned that Saturn being copresent with her Mercury adds more emphasis to this difficulty surrounding communication. Saturn conjunct/copresent with Mercury makes natives much slower and more deliberate in speech, but Mercury in Aries is the direct opposite, being much swifter and more candid in speech. So, we have a lot of push and pull with Mercury, especially since Mars is in the meticulous Virgo. Therefore, with the North Node also in Virgo conjunct Mars, there is this added message of being more discerning in how Rico approaches life, especially when it comes to communicating.

With the South Node in Pisces, the lords are Jupiter and Neptune. What is a bit ironic is that both of these planets are in Saturn’s diurnal (Aquarius) and nocturnal (Capricorn) signs, respectively. So, upon further inspection Saturn plays a much bigger role in Rico’s life than previously thought. She needs to better hold herself accountable in this lifetime. Perhaps in past ones she was too optimistic and off in la la land to fully acknowledge how her behavior impacted others. Therefore, in this life she will be continuously met with constraints in how she expresses herself in actions and in words. She needs to fully participate in life and realize that she lives alongside other people who are worthy of respect and success just like her.

[B]eing Rico, I just try to just remember I am literally just Maria. Rico Nasty is me, but I am just a person. And stay humble, learn all your lessons, don’t take nothin’ for granted. Because I’ve seen shit happen and then just like un-happen, like fall out the sky and then be snatched away.


Saturn sextile Jupiter (sign)

When Saturn aspects another planet it tends to ground and stabilize it, and with Jupiter, Saturn tends to give Jupiter the structure it needs to actualize its often abstracted goals. That is to say, the native is cautiously optimistic and know that hard work and persistence will manifest all that they want in this life. They do not succumb to the overly enthusiastic side of Jupiter nor do they divulge into the more cynical and depressing side of Saturn. Instead there is a nice blend of realism and idealism. They understand that things will not come to them overnight or out of thin air, but through continuous effort on their part. Only through planning, organization, and work will things fall in line.

For fans of Rico, how accurate do you think this reading was of her? Did this article illuminate something new for you or reveal a side of Rico you didn’t even notice until now? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you like my work, think about supporting me on Ko-Fi! In the next coming weeks I’m going to cover Cupcakke and Asia Doll!


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