The 7 Classical Planets: Doja Cat (Updated)

I stopped listening to most mainstream American music around the late 2000s into the 2010s during what I called the auto-tune apocalypse.

This era of music where the likes of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber were on the rise was very annoying to me, so I tuned out when I could. Checking in every now and again though, the rap scene in particular seemed to have tanked. The auto-tune may be out but mumbling and whatever the hell Nicki Minaj was doing was in. So, I was actually surprised when I clicked on Doja Cat’s single, “Say So” and didn’t find none of that.

It’s hard to make out exactly what she’s saying but I liked the vibe of the music and the music video. It probably helped that Doja was largely singing and not rapping because exploring her other music, “Say So” seems to be an anomaly (although I do like “Juicy” as well). But in either case, this made me very curious about Doja astrologically, so here we will examine the seven classical planets in her natal chart.

Doja Cat was born on October 21, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. Birth time is unknown.

Update: Within the last week it has been discovered, or rather unearthed once more, that Doja Cat frequents Tinychat video chatrooms with white supremacist incels (involuntary celibates) where she and them throw around racial slurs and has a past of being on the far right website 4Chan. What I find so peculiar about this is all, is that Doja told on herself in a Paper magazine interview back in December:

...But, Doja confesses, underlying all of her online activities was a near-"religious" obsession with a chatroom — which she declines to name or share any further details about, citing the fact that "people are fucking crazy" and will try to hunt it down — that she still frequents to this day.

According to Doja, she'd skip school for days at a time, holed up in her bedroom and hanging in the chatroom. She'd spend endless amounts of time engaging in the "light-hearted play-fighting" that was the predominant mode of communication in the chat.

"People would pick on me and use horrible, horrible language, just the worst, and I just didn't understand why people were so crazy on there," Doja says. Rather than leaving the chat room, she instead developed a thick skin and eventually joined in on the fun via her own "offensive" rhetoric. "So I became the person who would make offensive jokes and do things sort of out of the box."


And while she's happy to mind her own business most of the time [after she has distanced herself from Twitter following her 2015 homophobic tweet resurfacing], Doja admits she'll occasionally roll her eyes online at the "woke hip-hop people" she once tweeted that she likes to "disappoint."

"It's me being a punk. I love being a punk to people who take things way too seriously," Doja says, though she does take a moment to reassert that she admires some of these artists and their work.

"There are people who rap in a certain way, because they want to do something so elaborate and so smart that makes you go, 'Oh my God, I would've never thought of that,'" she says, a hint of awe coloring her voice. "But I'd rather be the other end of that, which is being ignorant and stupid and saying whatever I want." She pauses again, before clarifying, "Or just being, like, 'I don't want to think too hard today.'"

One would think when they are on the rise in fame after several years in the indie scene and finally finding commercial success with “Moo!” barely two years ago, that Doja’s team, at the very least, would have gotten her under control. But in this case, there is far too much (video) evidence and numerous more accusations (some claiming that Doja bleaches and hates her black side and that her unreleased song, “Dindu Nuffin,” is a 4Chan anti-black pejorative that comes from black mothers often telling the media that their slain children of police brutality “didn’t do nothing (wrong)”) to really come back from. In either case, here is my astrological reading on Doja Cat.

Sun in Libra

  • Dignities and Debilities: Fall
  • Ruler: Venus
    • In Scorpio
      • Detriment
        • D: Peregrine
        • P: Term
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonificiation and Maltreatment: Neither

The Sun is our personality. If you have been into astrology for a while, this statement may be a bit confusing because the Ascendant is also described as the personality as well. How I distinguish the two is that the Ascendant is more so the energy you came into this life with and the energy you tend to exude overall, especially when first meeting people or when placed in new situations. It is also the lens with which you tend to view the world through. Meanwhile, the Sun is more the core of who you are. If someone were to sum you up, it may lean more towards your Sun. Depending on where it is in a chart, who you “truly” are may or may not be the same as the persona you present (Ascendant). And it can be harmonious, disharmonious, or somewhat neutral towards this placement. If you’re still confused that’s okay because we’re about to get into it.

The Sun rules and defines the diurnal sect. As a planet, this means it can only be itself and direct in its energy. Additionally, as a masculine planet, it is steadfast and a bit single-minded. Taken together the Sun is domicile or at home in Leo—a diurnal, masculine, fire sign; exalted or comfortable in Aries, another diurnal, masculine, fire sign, this time cardinal as opposed to fixed in quality that is ruled by Mars; in fall or uncomfortable Libra, a diurnal, masculine, air sign ruled by Venus; and in detriment or exiled in Aquarius, another airy sign that is diurnal and masculine but fixed and ruled by Saturn (and/or Uranus).

So, in other words, the Sun likes signs that are most like it and is awkward in signs that are the least like it. When in Libra, the Sun is in fall. This isn’t as bad as being in detriment, which is like being stranded in a foreign place, but the Sun still struggles here. Why? This is because Libra cares about other people.

The Sun is about the ego—our ego. Libra is the diplomat or attorney of the Zodiac. It tries to find balance and harmony with others. This can lead it to at times sacrifice the ego and its desires for the desires of another person. As astrologer Kevin Burk notes, “The Sun represents how we want to be a hero” (2001, pp. 17), and you cannot be a hero when you are playing the role of a sidekick. Therefore, the Sun is in fall in Libra.

Now, just because a planet has an essential debility (fall, detriment) doesn’t render it “useless” nor is the native themselves necessarily “weak.” Debilities and dignities, in simple terms, describes how well a given planet fares in a specific sign when comparing the energy of the planet to the sign that it is in. Like people, the planets favor signs that are most similar to it, is all.

So, with that said, Doja Cat, real name Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini, is learning how to balance her will and individuality with others in this lifetime. With her North Node also in Libra this is an overarching spiritual lesson as well. (Edit: I was watching a tarot video about her that was uploaded two weeks ago, and the readers said that Doja’s karma in this life is love or her relationships.) With Doja’s South Node in Aries she likely could have been too individualistic and forceful to the detriment of others in past lives. Aries is opposite Libra physically and conceptually. It is a warrior, not a peacekeeper or maker. It does not negotiate nor compromise. It bears its horns and charges forwards without a moment’s thought.

With her Mars in Sagittarius with Jupiter, it is possible in a past life or several, Doja was a wandering warrior. She may have traveled far and wide seeking out higher knowledge and the truth about the universe. This in itself can be an isolating endeavor, especially since Sagittarius can be deeply religious and many religions encourage meditation and reflection in solitude. Enlightenment can be a very personal journey. In this way, Doja’s North Node in Libra could indicate that is she wasn’t the typical, “Fuck you, I’m going my own way and getting mine, and you can’t stop me” Aries, then. Perhaps she was more the hyper individualistic, self-made Aries that rarely relied on others. In either case, the presence of the North Node also being in the same sign as the Sun—while also tightly conjunct it—suggests to me at least that Doja came into this life especially wanting to tackle the issues of Libra.

Being in the music industry is a bona fide way of taking Libra by the horns—or scales—as this industry requires constant collaboration, cooperation, and close relationships. The delusion of a meritocracy is especially broken here. No one “started from the bottom” alone. Even the most supposedly independent singer had to rely on producers, songwriters, choreographers, managers, accountants, venue owners, interviewers, and streaming platforms to get their music out there.

Now, without a birth time, it is difficult to discern to what extent Doja’s vocation is pertinent to her ego development and spiritual path, but, nevertheless, Doja may find herself in situations (or otherwise be drawn towards situations) where she will be in partnerships. In these intimate relationships, often romantic in nature but not always, Doja will learn not only who she is but where she ends and another person begins.

Astrologers sometimes stereotype Libra Suns as pushovers and people without identities and while this can occur, I think they are missing the fundamental lesson of Libra energy. Libra is trying to find harmony with itself and others. This means not folding to others wills nor does it mean being a servant any more á la Virgo; Libra energy means understanding that other people exist (Venus) and that there is consequences to one’s actions (Saturn), something Aries does not yet comprehend (Mars). To understand that other people are just as important and worthy of love and respect as you are is to fully realize Libra’s vision.

Update: Libra out of all signs being the one that Doja has chosen to undertake in this lifetime in the backdrop of all of this mess is so fascinating to me now. In a way, you can argue that this was the “master plan,” but in the same instance we have to acknowledge free will. Not everyone is going to come into their current lives knowing exactly what they need to accomplish. Most people don’t, it is actually uncommon to remember our past lives, much less what we have agreed to do in the spirit realm. But even if we did, this still does not guarantee that people will always work with the best intentions for themselves in mind. Doja is clearly one of these people, unfortunately. The one tarot reading I mentioned above said that she is a fiery person who is very independent, but I also believe she is someone who is very lost and chooses to stay lost in order to make the people she has inundated herself with happy and secure in themselves. That time and energy should be refocused on herself but that is the lesson of the Sun in Libra: balancing and harmonizing with others and oneself without sacrificing the self completely to achieve peace.


Sun conjunct North Node (degree)

With the North Node tightly conjunct the Sun, Doja is learning about herself essentially and her self-esteem. Not everyone is born confident and for these people they likely are not, which is why the Sun is here in the first place. In Doja’s case, we have seen how this has proven to be true because no person of color, mixed or otherwise, would be hanging around a bunch of white supremacists if they had high self-esteem. So with this conjunction Doja is really taking on the qualities of Libra in this life, which is about being cooperative and in many cases modest. The spiritual lessons her soul is seeking is the same lessons she is learning as she comes into her own personhood. It’s a double whammy with this aspect.

Sun square Uranus (degree)

With the Sun squaring Uranus, it is no surprise that Doja has a shocking personality. When Uranus is in hard aspect to the Sun, the native is a staunch individualist but in a very stubborn and eccentric way. These people love to stand out and be loud. “Fitting in” is not for them. But it is when these same people are rejected or shunned that their ego starts to bruise. The thing about the square is that these planets are in conflict. So, on the one hand, these natives love to think of themselves as brave warriors who are rebelling against the establishment or authority, who- or whatever they may be. But on the other hand, these natives do not like being “different.” They hate to be socially outcasted and yet they typically do not make efforts to get people in their corner. Oftentimes they may double down on this quirky, “I’m not like other [people]” aesthetic and choose to remain “outsiders” fighting for their personal freedom to be an individual.

Sun square Neptune (degree)

With the Sun also in hard aspect to Neptune, Doja has a hard time seeing herself clearly. What is interesting about this aspect is that this problem may stem from the father. He may have been absent like in Doja’s case or the child has a very glamorized or idealized version of him made up in their heads. In either case, this relationship, or lack thereof, with the father is reflected in how the native views themselves. People with this aspect often feel lost. They are disconnected from themselves in some way. Most issues do trace back to childhood and with Neptune involved a parent (likely the father as the Sun represents him in a chart) could have been missing, abused drugs, or had very lackadaisical rules for the child growing up. As a result, these natives tend to wander throughout life not knowing where they are going. Since they are sensitive and sometimes even shy, it is very easy for them to fall into the wrong crowds and be taken advantage of. These people need to learn how to ground themselves and no longer escape into fantasy and/or drugs in order to mask the pain of not knowing who they truly are. They have to take the leap to find that person that lurks inside.

Moon in Virgo

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mercury
    • In Libra
      • D: Triplicity and term
      • P: Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreament: Maltreated by Saturn retrograde

The Moon is our emotions. In more Western circles it represents the unconscious which explains why habits, and to a lesser extent, our memories are also seen with the Moon. To the Hellenists the Moon signified short-distance travel and the more creative, scribing side of the mind. The Moon rules and defines the nocturnal sect. This means that it is all appearance and fluctuates. Additionally, as a feminine planet, it is receptive in nature.

In Virgo, the Moon is peregrine in a day chart but dignified by triplicity in a night chart according to Ptolemy. For Dorotheus, the sect of the chart doesn’t matter as the Moon here is dignified by triplicity because earth (and water) signs are nocturnal to him regardless. In either case, sect is a bit useless without a birth time. But I bring this up because for the astrologers who use sect, the classical planets do act differently depending on the condition of the chart. As was mentioned in one of my Lizzo readings, a Virgo Moon in a day chart doesn’t fare as well because the planet itself is nocturnal. With this in mind, I’ll try to write in the middle.

So, when the Moon is in Virgo, the mind and heart are linked. However, the condition of both the Moon and Mercury will reveal if this is a harmonious relationship or not. I cannot say with complete certainty here because the house placement of each planet can shift things immensely. But just by sign, Doja’s Moon and Mercury cannot see each other so they do not have a relationship with one another. But this isn’t always a bad thing.

Regardless, with Mercury ruling over her emotions, Doja has an innate need to communicate how she feels. With a Libra Mercury I find this interesting because as was mentioned in the Sun section, she is learning how harmonize and cooperate with others. Therefore, she may explore her emotional side within her close partnerships. By sharing and opening up to others, Doja may avoid the common issue Virgo Moons have of being in their head so much that they may genuinely be uncomfortable expressing their emotions, especially when peregrine in a day chart, or opposed by Saturn like her Moon is.

Virgo is very analytical and orderly. When the Moon is here, a person feels at ease when all their ducks are in a row and everything is accounted for. Structure, detailed plans, and predictability really soothes the nerves of Virgo Moons. As a result, you may often see these people be rather fussy or particular about how they organize their personal space or be a bit scattered when their systems suddenly break down.

I find this a bit fascinating since the mutable quality of Virgo mirrors that of the inherent changeability of Mercury and the Moon. And yet Virgo Moons may feel out of control or deeply uneasy in disorganized environments. I guess the earthiness of Virgo is just so strong that it makes these people prefer calmness and serenity above all else. This jives well with Doja’s Libra Mercury as Libra loves peace and tranquility too.

But where the mutable properties of Virgo appears is in its need to constantly improve the world around it. With her Moon in Virgo, Doja may have an intrinsic need to fix things. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as something is broken or could be fine-tuned, you will likely see her fiddling with it.

Virgo’s investigative abilities comes with an eye attuned to seeking out flaws. On the positive end, Doja is likely very good at intuitively knowing where problems lay, in say, a verse she’s written or a in a contract. She may have an active sixth sense that she then backs up with factual evidence. Doja may even be able to distinguish between what just may be anxiety and negative thinking and what is truly a message from above. However, on the negative side, Doja may be unable to turn off this inner critic and may pick herself and others apart. She may also have problems with trusting her intuition as Mercury is a logical planet. As a result, Doja may not take heed to her gut feelings. She may be too attached to what is physically in front of her that she fails to account for how many things operate in the shadows in ways we may not be able to fully comprehend on this plane of existence.

With Mercury in air, Doja may lean towards this more intellectual side but with Venus in water she may not. Regardless of which side Doja finds herself on, the mental prowess of Virgo, can manifest as perpetual worrying. Worrying if everything will go as planned, worrying about her health, worrying about if she is enough or doing enough. It may be easy for Doja to be fried mentally and subsequently emotionally. She may benefit from meditation, mindfulness, and adequate rest during these episodes.


Moon opposite Saturn retrograde

With the Moon in hard aspect to Saturn, the native can feel rather restricted in how they emotionally express themselves. A lot of this can be due to the fact that Moon-Saturn people often had to grow up faster than most kids their age for whatever myriad of reasons. But while those with Moon in positive aspect to Saturn can eventually come to terms with their emotional side, those with the negative aspects continue to struggle. They may feel as though they were emotionally neglected in childhood and they may have well been. Therefore, it is not unusual for these people to become emotionally hard and distant as they grow older. It’s a defense mechanism but by engaging in this behavior they reveal how they are emotionally stunted, immature, or sensitive underneath. But instead of getting help or learning to be more vulnerable with others, they unfortunately continue to choose to be emotionally unavailable and aloof and thus lonely and depressed.

Moon trine Uranus (degree)

What is so interesting about Doja’s chart is that the qualities she is likely to find herself being rejected for in the Sun square Uranus aspect are the same ones she will be celebrated for here in the Moon trine Uranus aspect. Something is “different” about Doja. In the physical sense she is mixed but the Moon talks about one’s emotions and how they react. On some level Doja is a very open and accepting person. Clearly of the wrong people but I have seen this sentiment echoed across tarot card readings I have watched about her months prior to even thinking about writing on her myself. Many of these readers have said that something may come out with her saying she dates unconventional men basically or that she may openly date men who are transgender or something similar. Basically, Doja doesn’t discriminate when it comes to her love life, and that has been made evident recently. However, this describes more Venus in positive aspect to Uranus in my opinion than the Moon.

When the Moon is in positive aspect to Uranus, you will find someone who is emotionally accepting of who they are regardless of how much they do or do not “fit in.” These people march to beat of their own drum but are okay with that, unlike with the harder aspects. Emotionally, they like to be free and sometimes, yes, relationships can suffer because of that. But in the positive aspect they tend to attract people who are understanding of their boundaries. However, it should be noted that people with this aspect can still be very flighty. This can stem from a very unconventional mother/family or home life where they had to move around a lot as a kid. These natives are hard to pin down but there is something refreshing about their need to be themselves. They do still have to watch out for emotions that sometimes seem to strike out of no where and acting on their impulses or inner restlessness.

Moon trine Neptune (degree)

With the Moon trining Neptune, Doja is a very sensitive person. I know in the article I linked at the very beginning of this article said as much, but I think this aspect sort of reiterates how her “I’m not offended” attitude is largely performative. When the Moon and Neptune are in aspect, this is a person who is naturally very caring and sympathetic. They are in many ways called to help heal or nurture people emotionally and spiritually. Now, of course, not every person answers this call or responds to the right people, but this is the type of energy surrounding this aspect. Emotionally these natives connect to other people and the world around them on a higher frequency. They tend to absorb all of the energy that is around them and that is why these natives often hate messy or emotionally charged people or situations. There can be the issue of taking on that energy and sometimes confusing it for their own. Now, Doja seems to like this type of energy because she wants to be edgy (Sun square Uranus) but emotionally at least, maybe more psychologically deep down, she isn’t having fun there. Why would anybody, much less a person who is actively hated for simply existing as she is racially? But people are complex and contradictory and that is certainly seen in Doja’s chart.

Mercury in Libra

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Triplicity and term
    • P: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Venus
    • In Scorpio
      • Detriment
        • D: Peregrine
        • P: Term
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: N/A
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Mercury represents our mind. To the Hellenistic astrologers Mercury is the more argumentative and arithmetic side of the mind because, as was mentioned in the Moon section, the Moon is the more artistic, writing side. Banking and thus money was assigned to this planet by these astrologers, a contrast to modern-day astrologers who apply this to Taurus and therefore Venus by association.

Doja’s Mercury is in Libra like her Sun. According to Dorotheus, Doja’s Mercury is dignified twice by triplicity and once by term in this sign. However, for Ptolemy, Mercury in Libra at 9° is peregrine unless in a night chart where it will be dignified by triplicity. So, like with her Moon, I’ll try to explain this placement in neutral terms.

When Mercury is in Libra, the native speaks with tact and diplomacy. As was detailed in the Sun section, Libra is concerned about initiating close relationships with other people. Because of that and the influence of Venus, astrologers often describe Libra Mercuries as people who are refined in how they speak.

Unlike Aries Mercuries, Libra Mercuries actually think before they speak as they are acutely aware that their words have weight to them (Saturn). Libra being an air sign as well encourages people with this placement to explore all sides of an issue before coming to conclusion. This can lead to indecisiveness, however, as Libra tries to find an outcome that is impartial and just. Life is complicated though, so sometimes what a Libra Mercury person thinks is “fair” may not be for all parties involved. Mercury in this air sign lacks the broad perspective and detachment that Aquarius has.

Libra is ruled by Venus, so it is relationship oriented, and therefore driven to please others. So, if one person is upset by a decision, it is only “logical” to try and find a compromise of sorts. But sometimes the pressure is too much for Libra Mercuries so some may have learned that the answer to discord is not to act at all if that maintains the peace.

Although Libra is assertive and proactive most of the time as it is cardinal in quality, Venus as the ruler softens the bluntness and harshness that sometimes accompanies this modality. Therefore, someone with their Mercury in Libra may say, “Perhaps you (or we) can do this?” instead of “You need to do this now” like someone with an Aries Mercury would say.

It should be remembered that Libra comes after Virgo, so it tries to be helpful and work with people instead of against them (Aries). Thus, people with their Mercury in Libra are often the mediator or go-between for people and conflicts as Libra can clearly see the merits of both sides and find a middle ground that almost everyone involved can agree to move towards.

Now, if you have followed Doja on social media (Twitter and Instagram), what I have described above doesn’t match her online persona. She seems far more blunt, raunchy, and weird for a lack of a better word. This can all be due to aspects to the Midheaven and/or planets in the 10th/11th house but without a birth time we’ll never know for sure. But in any case, with her Sun and North Node conjunct in Libra, what I outlined in this section may be something Doja is learning to become. I think after the incident where a person brought up her usage of the homophobic f-slur in the past shows that she has a long way to go, however. And certainly after this whole Tinychat fiasco, Doja will have to face the consequences of her words and actions for a very long time.

With time hopefully she matures and learns to be less offensive with her words. After this current incident we can only hope.


Mercury square Uranus (sign)

Uranus-Mercury aspects tend to give an ingenious mind. People with this aspect often look at things differently as they actively challenge established rules and erect something new in its place. But with the square between these two planets, it is much harder to harness this energy or synergize it well. Instead, their different way of thinking may usually come off as strange, fringe, or radical. As a result, they tend to be misunderstood a lot. It does not help that once their mind is made up it’s very hard to change it. They may be very opinionated or communicate in a way that comes off as vain, arrogant, or curt. But at the same time, they may like to shock people with what they say, so they may go out of their way to stir things.

Mercury square Neptune (sign)

With all Mercury-Neptune aspects, the native has a creative mind but with the negative aspects they often are unable to concentrate and are confusing in communication. They may struggle to find the words to adequately express what they are thinking and feeling, so they may come off as vague and hard to pin down. This may or may not be intentional on their part, but regardless they may be misunderstood by others or, conversely, misunderstand other people as they tend to be off in their own little world a lot. These people benefit a lot from grounding techniques and organization.

Venus in Scorpio

  • Dignities and Debilities: Detriment
    • D: Peregrine
    • P: Term
  • Ruler: Mars and/or Pluto
    • In Sagittarius (Mars)
      • Peregrine
    • In Scorpio (Pluto)
      • Domicile
  • Rejoicing by gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Venus signifies companionship, love, and beauty. It is nocturnal, feminine, and rules over Taurus and Libra. Doja’s Venus is in Scorpio. When a planet is in the sign opposite its domicile position, it is in detriment. This is the farthest away a planet can be from its ruling sign or home. Consequently, planets in detriment are said to be in exile or a foreign place without any sort of support because the qualities of the planet and sign conflict.

For Venus, Scorpio is too intense. This makes sense though as Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Venus is always in detriment in Mars ruled signs because conceptually, Mars is Venus’s opposite. Venus is about unifying and reconciling things, binding and harmonizing what has been separated while Mars is about severing and separating. Therefore, when ruled by Mars, Venus is not having fun.

To make matters worse, Scorpio being watery and feminine turns all of Mars’s energy inward. On the positive end, this makes Scorpio questioning and introspective. It is driven to examine itself, and like Virgo it sextiles, purify anything that no longer serves its emotional and spiritual development. But like Virgo, the self-criticism doesn’t end but cycles and churns until the native transforms or self-destructs. Being fixed though, Scorpio doesn’t know when enough is enough and when to move on. It can hyperfixate on the negative and never truly heal.

So how does Venus act in this sign? Here, Venus wants deep, passionate relationships and it will fight for this fiercely. In fact, astrologer Kevin Burk claims that these types of relationships seem to be the only ones Scorpio Venuses have. Emotions indeed run deep for people with these Venuses. If they like you, they really like you. Scorpio is on the private side, however, so it may be hard to tell at first. But even when you notice their attraction towards you it may be difficult to discern if these are feelings of fondness or something else. The line between love and hate, admiration and jealousy, may be rather thin and blurred here.

The thing that captures a Scorpio Venus’s heart can be the same thing that turns it into ice. With Mars, everything is abrupt and sharp. Therefore, Venus is this sign can be extremely loyal and committed almost to an unnerving degree or vindictive and resentful with equal intensity. It’s very all-or-nothing with this Venus. Scorpio Venus people do not want a superficial relationship where things are left undefined and ambiguous. If you are with them you are theirs and vice versa. They want something that almost consumes them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

With her Sun, North Node, and Mercury in Libra and Moon in Virgo, however, Doja may be slightly less prone to the serious and heavy nature of Scorpio as these signs are better able to take a step back and assess a situation in a more detached manner. At the same time, though, Venus is the ruler of her Libra placements so there is a touch of Scorpio energy infused with these planets. With Mars also in a fire sign and conjunct Pluto by less than 1° out-of-sign, Doja may be very forward in how she initiates relationships.

She may be one of those people who are not afraid to shoot their shot and say how she feels in the moment, but this can sometimes be a major turn off for some. She may have issues reining in the sensuality and emotionality that oozes from her. But then at other times she may be too emotionally distant and secretive that even the people closest to her can’t seem to reach her.

With a Venus that can be so turbulent and fluctuating, it is safe to say that Doja’s Libra journey will be a bit of a tough one. Relationships are not just for her personal and intellectual growth, but her emotional and spiritual growth as well.


Venus copresent with Pluto (ruler)

This is an intense aspect. Many astrologers seem to write from an angle that both dramatizes and fetishes it, however, in my opinion. As a sign aspect for Doja, the effect of this aspect is very mild as Pluto was on its way out of Scorpio when Doja was born. In either case, the issues I detailed above is rammed up a bit here. Venus in conjunction to Pluto makes a person take love very seriously. Every relationship seems to be about life and death almost literally in some unfortunate cases. But in general, the native will either seek out and/or have relationships that are extremely deep and transformative, for better or worse. Pluto acts as a malefic in many ways so there may be power struggles in the relationship where a partner or the native tries to dominate the other. Control and trust may be issues that crop up again and again as either person may be a little on the paranoid and jealous side. Something positive that can be said about this aspect is that the native discovers new things from each relationship they go through. Whether good or bad, they reemerge newly reformed and with a clearer sense of who they are and what they want out of a partnership, which is often loyalty and emotional/sexual intimacy.

Mars in Sagittarius

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Jupiter
    • In Sagittarius
      • Domicile
        • D: Triplicity and term
        • P: Term
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Mars is the lesser malefic and, of course, has the reputation of causing war and violence. In a natal chart though, Mars represents our actions. It is the planet that motivates us to exercise our will. It is masculine and nocturnal, interestingly. So, although Mars is forward and fiery, it is also fluctuating and not all that it seems. This makes sense because even the most energetic of us have down days and burnouts. In any case, Doja has her Mars in the element its most comfortable in: fire. But Sagittarius is Mars’s least favorite fire sign.

Being ruled by Jupiter and mutable in quality, Sagittarius is too scattered in energy for Mars. Mars likes to take direct, decisive action, which is why it rules both Aries and Scorpio. These signs have the ability to focus and hunt down whatever it is they are pursuing almost single-mindedly. Sagittarius, on the other hand, wants to explore and learn about anything and everything that catches its eye as it seeks out the truth of the universe. Sagittarius is driven by its personal philosophy, which is often idealistic and broad. Therefore, with Mars here, the native is a person whose actions are closely tied to their beliefs.

With this in mind, Mars in this sign can explain a bit of the discrepancy between Doja’s Mercury and how she actually communicates, at least online. Although Libra and Sagittarius sextile and are both justice-minded and outgoing, Sagittarius being fiery and ruled by the abundant Jupiter can make the sign rather blunt, unrefined, and defensive in speech. Now, Doja’s Mars, not Mercury, is in Sagittarius, meaning that she often takes action in relation to her convictions.

Doja is not the type of person to be all bark and no bite. If she is truly about something, she backs it up with her actions. This is less intense than Mercury in Aries or even Mercury in Sagittarius though as Jupiter is the greater benefic and the ruler of Mars in this chart. Moreover, Sagittarius is the most aware of not only itself but of others and how its actions can impact them. So, unlike other fire Marses, Doja may actually put some forethought into what she does, which works nicely with her Libra and Virgo placements. It’s not always action-immediate reaction or vice versa; it can be thought-action-reaction or reaction-thought-action.

But all of this thinking can lead to some problems. Fire signs like to be right—all signs do lol! But they also want others to agree with them or else. Sagittarius being spiritually inclined, and an eternal student, will often argue from the perspective that their thoughts and opinions are somehow on a higher level than others. There can be a very holier-than-thou, condescending attitude here. With Mars in this sign, the native can spend an exorbitant amount of time either trying passionately to get people in their corner so they can adopt their beliefs or fighting people, shutting down all dissent, and enforcing their views as the highest form of truth.

With Libra and Virgo placements, Doja may be a little more level-headed and willing to hear out the other side before dismissing it but with Mars tightly conjunct Pluto and Venus in Scorpio, she may also swing more towards the fanatic side that Sagittarius can slip into. A disagreement or difference of opinion may commonly be interpreted as an attack on her entire person and belief system. And since Mars is the warrior planet, the only appropriate response is to defend oneself and strike back.

As was mentioned way back in the Sun section, with her South Node in Aries, Mars reflects Doja’s past lives in some capacity. Mars being malefic can possibly indicate that she may have done some not good things in the past, especially if Mars is her most malefic planet. I think personally that Doja may not have allowed others the space to be as expressive as she was. Aries and Mars are very focused on asserting themselves and making sure they are number one above all else. Libra is of course the opposite. It is trying to establish relationships that are peaceful and harmonious. So, maybe the past life issue was not allowing others the space to speak, think, or act independently of herself. Consequently, Doja was born with placements that are more service-oriented and cordial in this life as karma. But this is just a theory based off her lunar nodes.

To wrap this section up and to end on a positive note, Doja is likely a very upbeat and animated person. With Jupiter also in Sagittarius, it may be hard to truly kill her vibe. If she is in a bad mood, it’s likely because she is in her head. Otherwise, she may tend to be adventurous, full of life, and enthusiastic.


Mars conjunct Pluto (degree–out-of-sign)

This is a very powerful aspect. When Mars and Pluto come together the native is a force to be reckoned with. It is as though they have an unlimited tap of energy that they they can harness and focus effortlessly. These people are cunning, resourceful, and magnetic. There is something alluring about them, and indeed, they may be a little secretive in how they operate. But at the same time, people with this aspect are equally as curious about other people as people are of them. They are like psychoanalysts as they try to understand what makes others tick. Sometimes they can be a little forceful in this regard, though. Pluto and Mars unfortunately amp up the natural intensity of each other, so these natives can go easily go too far in whatever they take up. They may need to learn how to dial back the intensity and regulate their emotions better.

Mars copresent with Jupiter (ruler)

When Mars and Jupiter conjunct even by sign, the native is a very robust person energetically and physically. They have a lot of energy and stamina. It is easy for them work on something for hours on end and not get tired or break that much of a sweat. They tend to be very happy and optimistic in life. They have the confidence to go after what they want boldly. They are very bright eyed and idealistic. They shoot for the stars because they believe they should be the best of the best. This is all good, but they may drive themselves too hard and have a difficult time accepting failure and “no” as an answer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

  • Dignities and Debilities: Domicile
    • D: Triplicity and term
    • P: Term
  • Ruler: Itself
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Finally, we reach Jupiter, the greater benefic. Jupiter is great as it rules abundance, good luck, and faith. Wherever it is bestows the native with positive energy. It is diurnal and masculine. In its diurnal sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter is domicile. Here it is trying to connect with something higher than itself in pursuit of finding its place in the universe. But unlike its nocturnal sign Pisces, Jupiter in Sagittarius follows conventional religious/spiritual guidelines (remember Capricorn comes after Sagittarius). You will likely not find a person with this placement claim they are “spiritual, not religious” unless they also have Pluto in Sagittarius and/or other planets in Pisces. This is because Sagittarius, although broad minded, still likes when there are clear cut answers to the questions it asks. As was mentioned in the Mars section, Sagittarius can be quite attached to its beliefs to the point of wanting to convert people to its side by force because it believes it is always right.

Jupiter is less intense than Mars though, so while Doja may have a side to her that is extremely passionate and sensitive about her beliefs, she is still open to learning and being presented with new information. This learning aspect is interesting because I discovered that she dropped out of school at 16. Again, without the birth time it’s hard to see if there is anything going on with the 3rd/9th house axis that could have indicated this. But in any case, one not completing their secondary education does not always suggest that that person hated school or was aloof towards it, and by association, mean they are anti-intellectual.

Sagittarius is a deeply spiritual sign even if the native is atheist. So, Doja may very well be attracted to anything that seems to speak some universal truth to her, wherever or whoever it may come from, even from white supremacist incels! Astrologers say people with Jupiter in Sagittarius are often interested in (organized) religion, philosophy, and ethics. I think at the core of this lies the desire to experience life on a heightened level.

People with their Jupiter in Sagittarius are usually lively and are not afraid to go out there and see what the world has to offer. So, it is not uncommon to see these natives overseas or otherwise entrenched in a culture different from their own or deep in some sort of personal studies, whether this is carried out at an institution does not matter.

People with planets in Sagittarius are generally very optimistic and fortunate in life. Of course, this latter part is also dependent on the sect of the chart. In a night chart Jupiter’s benefice is only moderate, but even in that case, being domicile makes Jupiter rather strong. In a day chart, however, Jupiter can hayz if it also in the top half of the natal chart, which grants its own special type of luck to the native. Regardless, Doja may find that a lot of things in her life may come easily compared to others. It’s as though one of her spirit guides is Lady Luck themselves and are just constantly presenting her with opportunities for growth and prosperity. No wonder people with this placement are so jovial! And these natives spread the joy to those around them (or not in this case). They just seem to know how to lighten the mood with a good joke or give someone an inspirational speech that lifts their spirit. This quality about them makes Sagittarius Jupiter people popular, which in turn re-attracts positivity and fortune their way. Doja is quite lucky, it’s ashamed that she didn’t know how to channel that into something good.


Jupiter sextile Mercury (degree)

Whenever Jupiter interacts with Mercury, you have a chatterbox on your hands. In the soft sextile, the native has a lot to say and will likely say it, especially with a sign aspect from Mars to Mercury as well. These people are direct but always playful. They have a good sense of humor and often don’t take themselves too seriously. They are rather philosophical and/or spiritual, so they tend to think with the big picture in mind. They are very active mentally and are always willing to talk to people about a wide variety of topics.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Jupiter and/or Neptune
    • In Sagittarius (Jupiter)
      • Domicile
        • D: Triplicity and term
        • P: Term
    • In Capricorn (Neptune)
      • N/A
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter and Venus

We finally reach the last visible planet in the sky: Saturn. It is fittingly the planet of restrictions and limitations and the greater malefic. It brings about misfortune in the form of imprisonment, deceit, and sullenness. It is diurnal and masculine. Doja’s Saturn is in Pisces, nocturnal and feminine. Like Jupiter, Saturn rules a diurnal-masculine and nocturnal-feminine sign, so it being a sign opposite its sect and gender is not the problem here. The problem Saturn has in Pisces is that the sign is very disorganized, too emotional, and fanciful for it. Saturn is the (first) diurnal triplicity lord of air, meaning that it fares much better in air signs (it is domicile in Aquarius and exalted in Libra) as “[a]ir’s inherently objective and fair approach is the most supportive energy for Saturn, which can become very heavy-handed in other signs” (Burk, 2001, pp. 138). Saturn is in fall in Aries, so Pisces being the sign that precedes Aries indicates that qualities of Pisces are rather incompatible with Saturn.

As the last sign that is also watery, mutable, and ruled by Jupiter (and/or Neptune), Pisces is motivated by universal compassion, healing, and seeking truth through spirituality but not necessarily organized religion. These are great traits to have but Saturn is here to teach us responsibility and structure. Therefore, in Pisces, the native may feel like they are responsible for the well-being of the entire world.

Indeed, like its cross the way cousin Virgo, Pisces likes to serve. But here it’s not necessarily in the more constructive, “I’m here to lend you my skills and labor in order to help you fix something”; it’s more in the emotional, “I’m here to put everything aside to hear you out and heal you.” Sacrificial is often used to describe Pisces, and it is. Being watery, it feels everything and everyone and wants to do something positive about that. But “Saturn needs to teach responsibility, [yet] Pisces makes it difficult to discriminate and determine exactly who is responsible for what, because we’re all a fundamental part of all creation” (Burk, 2001, pp. 146).

When the world and its creatures are hurting who will lead the healing process? For Saturn Pisces people, they often feel they should.

Natives with their Saturn in Pisces tend to attract the less fortunate or people with problems that need healing on an emotional/spiritual level. It doesn’t really matter if the native is an open and warm person or more closed off and aloof, it just seems as though the universe has single them out as a person who is a healer. Therefore, people flock to them and unfortunately push up against their boundaries. I think everyone has experienced someone running to them with their problems expecting or even demanding an emotional response and solution to their plight. This is normal to an extent as we are social creatures. But for Pisces Saturn people, these types of situations are recurring and because they tend to be so sympathetic, sacrificial, and sentimental, it’s hard for them to say “no” to these people. Pisces doesn’t really know what boundaries are as it is watery (permeable), mutable (easy-going), and ruled by Jupiter (expansion) and/or Neptune (dissolvement). It is operating off planet. Pisces understands that there is more to life than the shackles we wear on Earth. But we live in the material world, which is what Saturn is trying to communicate to Pisces.

It is hard to navigate the 3D without firm boundaries and structures around you because, unfortunately, people may take advantage of you and your kindness. Or you yourself may rob people of their agency because you take it upon yourself to be their saviors when they did not ask. But does this mean that you should never help people? Of course not, but finding that “point of balance where [your personal] structures are sturdy enough to protect and support [yourself] but at the same time flexible enough to allow for compassion and mercy” (Burk, 2001, pp. 146) is a difficult yet necessary lesson for these natives.

As a Libra Sun with her North Node also in Libra, having Saturn in Pisces makes a lot of sense for Doja to have. Finding that line between herself and others is what she is learning in this life. She has to move beyond her more Arian/Marisan past of being staunchly self-interested, independent, and assertive, and move into a space where she is more Libran/Venusian—generous, communal, and supportive. And what better way to speed up this process, so to speak, but by having a (bonified, retrograde) placement that actually struggles with boundaries and responsibility? Through struggle (in specific cases), we grow and mature, and that’s what Saturn is all about. Not giving us “tough love” but showing us that in life there is limits in what we can do, so we should be wise in our actions and acknowledge when we mess up.

Saturn returns to its natal position every 28 to 30 years. These times are sort of like a test to see if the native has been doing what they need to do in order to succeed in life. If the native has been floundering and not doing what they need to do, these returns can be a harsh wake up call as are other Saturn transits. For others, these returns can be rather rewarding times as the roadblocks that previous impeded them start to fade away. Doja is only 24 right now. And as we have seen in the Mercury section and what has happened last week, she has a long way to go in turns of maturation and owning up to her past and current actions. So, we will have to see how she chooses to go forward as she nears her first return in the next few years.

As I have mentioned throughout this reading, the ultimate outcome for Doja is to basically be a better person—one who is friendly and impartial. This is not to say that she isn’t like this in her day-to-day life, but her tweeting scandal, her current Tinychat scandal, and just her social media persona in general shows a trend where she disregards and disrespects certain groups of people and likes to go on the defensive when people call her out on it. This is not unusual for celebrities in general, but with great power comes great responsibility. You cannot hide behind ignorance when you are past a certain age and are a public figure. That just comes with the territory and is only common sense. So, hopefully she gets a good PR team or agent that can talk to her one-on-one because the universe works in rather interesting ways and can turn your life upside down to teach you a lesson you refuse to learn.


Saturn retrograde square Jupiter (ruler) (degree)

With the greater malefic and benefic in conflict with one another, the native straddles between optimism and idealism and pragmatism and conscientiousness. Jupiter dominates this square, however, as Sagittarius overcomes Pisces and Jupiter is domicile. Therefore, Doja tends to favor the more jovial side of being too disorganized, restless, and undisciplined in action that she is often her own worst enemy. What she desires often requires hard consistent work that will not immediately produce the results she is looking for. However, she may get too impatient and seek out “quick fixes” that only sets her back farther than where she was previously. This may only drive her to drop whatever she was pursuing altogether, though. So, the lesson that needs to be learned here is that of restraint and moderation–everything Saturn is about.

Well, this concludes my reading on Doja Cat. For any fans of her, do you feel that these placements are accurate to her, especially after this current scandal? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! If you like my work, think about supporting me on Ko-Fi!


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