Luck in Career: Lizzo

Back in the middle of February, I wrote an article briefly examining Lizzo’s Ascendant, Sun, and Moon. Here, I want to do something experimental. I will look into Lizzo’s money and work-related houses (the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses) to see how lucky she will be in her career.

Libra on the 2nd house

The 2nd house represents one’s income and material possessions. Libra is The Relationship Sign™, so wherever it is requires us to be impartial and cordial. With Libra on the 2nd house, Lizzo’s income is tied to how she can cooperate with others. As a celebrity, this shouldn’t be too shocking. When you are famous, maintaining relationships, and the right ones, can make or break one’s career. When no one is in your corner publicly or privately, it is hard to stay relevant and get gigs.

So, with Libra here, Lizzo’s livelihood may come from partnerships and/or her personal one-on-one relationships, especially romantic. As a singer, this may manifest as Lizzo getting money through collaborations and features. Or it can materialize as her making friends in the industry who are songwriters, producers, etc. who may write songs for her, give her demos, or introduce her to prominent people within the industry. She may date or marry someone who is a fellow singer or is a music producer or manager.

Libra’s manta is “I balance,” so there may be a bit of give and take when it comes to money in Lizzo’s life. She may not be excessive in how she spends money but tries to match her output with her input to maintain a state of equilibrium. This balancing act with money can also show up in perhaps Lizzo gaining money from doing favors for others. As a Virgo rising, she probably is naturally giving. But Libra’s energy it is more about being diplomatic. Libra says, “Well, it’s only fair that I would do X for you since you have already done Y for me” and vice versa. So, for Lizzo, her money may be caught up in both informal and formal contractual agreements and obligations.  

This can be tricky and dangerous in the type of industry Lizzo is in, however. We have heard countless stories of artists being trapped by their record labels because of the contracts they have signed (Hey, Meg) and people who claimed to be friends sell them out at the drop of a few coins. So Lizzo may need to be more discerning with who she associates herself with and who she become indebted to, especially since Mars rules her 8th house of debt which suggests that who or what she owes money to may not be too kind to her as Mars is her most malefic planet. 

With Venus in Gemini and in the 10th house too, Lizzo may also need to be very careful with her tongue. Regardless if her Medium Coeli (MC) is in the 9th or 10th house, Venus being in the 10th house connects her 2nd house to the 10th, meaning that how she makes money is directly tied to her career. This may seem strange but for some people, how they make the bulk of their income may not come from their career or public persona. However, for Lizzo, being in the spotlight, being an authority, and doing what her soul calls her to do is how she’ll make money.

The problem with this is that Venus and the 10th house are both in Gemini. As an archetype, Gemini is not “bad”; no sign is. However, there is something about Gemini energy that can make people run their mouth too much, put their foot in their mouth, and believe they are viewing something from a novel perspective no one has thought of before. Gemini doesn’t always manifest in this way, but it can.

On a fundamental level, however, Gemini is motivated to communicate on all levels and question everything. It is a social sign, so it likes to share and exchange information and ideas with others. As her potential Midheaven and the sign on her 10th house, Lizzo’s life’s work involves transmitting her thoughts to the wider world. She wants what she has to say to have a cultural impact and be considered worthy of listening to throughout history.

So, with the 2nd house ruler here, Lizzo’s money is where her mouth is quite literally. Again, this isn’t unusual for the type of career that she has and the world we currently live in. Singing is, after all, about communicating a certain message to a mass audience, regardless of whether or not artists write their own music, or the degree of creative control they wield.

Love songs say something about love. Revenge songs say something about revenge. Party songs say something about parties and partying.

For Lizzo, her songs are about self-love and body positivity, not surprising since she’s a Taurus Sun and her Venus is in mutual reception with her Taurus Mercury. With said Mercury also in the 9th house, this is all a learning process for Lizzo, though. In an interview with NPR back in May of last year she says,

About 10 years ago, I made the decision that I just wanted to be happy with my body and I just wanted to be happy with who I am. That was the beginning of my journey with learning how to love my body. ...You have to find that love for yourself deep down inside, underneath all of that questioning and ickiness.
Lizzo for Absolut

With planets in the 9th house, especially her Sun, Lizzo is both a student and a teacher. As she learns she shares and educates along the way. Whether or not her MC is in the 9th or 10th house, the ruler of her 10th house is in the 9th house suggests that her career and life’s work may revolve around her becoming enlightened about her body and comfortable in her skin.

In the same NPR interview, Lizzo says “My Skin” was her first body positive song:

Someone asked a question. ...They asked me what's my favorite thing about myself? And I told them my personality. And they said, "OK, but physically, what's your favorite thing about yourself?" And I did not have an answer.
For the first time in my life I had to actually think about something that I liked about myself physically, and because it was so difficult, I was moved to tears.
In that moment, I remembered that I'd just fallen off a cliff. ...I was rope swinging into the river, and I am just so heavy, and I fell off the rope and fell on the ground. It was really scary and traumatizing. I'll never do anything like that again, but I scraped up my skin and I remember my friend was like, "Look what you did to your beautiful skin!"
The thing that I like about myself the most is the thing that's weaponized against us.
I still had the cane and I had the bandages on my legs during this interview. And I looked down and I was like, "Oh, my God. My skin. That is my favorite thing about myself." And it was in that moment where I realized I damaged my skin where I saw the value in it. That was the first time I'd ever discovered my body love, and I just started with my skin and moved on from there. I wrote this song to celebrate that moment because it literally changed my life.
The thing that I like about myself the most is the thing that's weaponized against us. People with black skin, you know, we get that weaponized, and this was [during] the beginning of #BlackLivesMatter, when there was such a public amount of executions of unarmed black people by police officers. And so, I think that it was almost oxymoronic to be like, "I love my black skin," when that was the thing that's held against me the most in this society. I wanted to write a song about that too, and talk about how I'm proud of it no matter what.

With Venus in mutual reception with Mercury, communicating a message can take on a very tangible visual and creative angle for Lizzo. Through her public image (MC), Lizzo uses both her words and body to express body positivity and radical self-love. However, the world she lives in does not like this. In fact, it passionately hates that Lizzo has taken up this cause because it shakes up the status quo that says people of her race, gender, and size cannot love themselves openly and unapologetically. Even purported fans and those who claim to support the spirit of her message tend to come off as though they are extremely exacerbated and uncomfortable by Lizzo embracing her body, especially in the sensual and sexual way that she does (Taurus). This backlash has increased significantly after her “incident” at a Lakers game back in December of last year where she revealed a thong she was wearing behind her long T-shirt as she twerked during the cheerleader number that was playing her song “Juice.”

For many, this was “the last straw” and they then used this opportunity to release their pent up vitriol for her across social media. They questioned (Gemini) if indecency (Venus) was truly the message she wanted to send to young children. The underlying problem that people seemed to be voicing is that they do not like that Lizzo can and does pick and choose where and how she wants to express herself not only as a person but as a celebrity, a public figure with pull and influence. People are upset that they cannot opt out of seeing and hearing what Lizzo has to say to us as an audience. In their eyes, because of her body and race she is obligated socially to make others comfortable (Libra) by covering up and not discussing or showcasing her sensuality and sexuality (Taurus) in public ever again.

If one couldn’t tell by now, I find people’s reactions to Lizzo very hypocritical and annoying. However, astrologically I find this reaction to her very fascinating. Lizzo has a day chart which makes her Jupiter her most benefic planet, Venus moderately so, Saturn moderately malefic, and Mars her most malefic planet. In other words, Jupiter will bring her the most subjective positivity while Mars will bring her the most subjective negativity. With both benefics connected to two of the three money and work-related houses I am investigating on some level (Venus ruling the 2nd house and being in the 10th house, Jupiter in the 9th house conjunct the ruler of the 10th house and perhaps the MC itself as well), Lizzo should have crazy amounts of luck in her career right? Well…she does objectively. It took a while (the traditional ruler of the 6th house is Saturn, planet of delays and setbacks), but eventually Lizzo blew up and everyone knows her name and music. But then why the backlash?

Sect basically determines the order of the benefic and malefic planets depending on whether or not someone’s chart is diurnal (their Sun is above their Ascendant) or nocturnal (their Sun is below their Ascendant)
Source: The Astrology Dictionary

Venus in Gemini is peregrine in Lizzo’s chart, meaning that it does not have any essential dignities elevating it. This isn’t bad, per se, but obviously being dignified on some level is better than none at all. Her Mercury (by term and face) and Jupiter (by term) are so they have some strength to them that they wouldn’t otherwise have in Taurus. But neither her Venus nor Taurus placements are bonified—a condition where a benefic planet basically bestows another planet with good luck—because Venus and Jupiter are averse to each other or cannot see one another to bonify each other. Mars, however, can clearly see all of these planets.

Aquarius on the 6th house

Venus is safe from Mars’s malefic gaze as soft aspects like the trine the two make does not harm another planet. But the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury all square Mars by sign. Since the energy of the square is representative of Mars, and Aquarius is the tenth from Taurus, Lizzo’s Mars maltreats her Taurus placements badly, hindering them from manifesting what they signify. Since Mercury is the ruler of the 10th house, Mercury is being blocked by Mars from allowing Lizzo to speak her mind and spread her message to the masses with ease or with positive reception. I find this extremely interesting since her Mars is in the 6th house of work.

As her most malefic planet, Lizzo may tend to find that her work causes her a lot of subjective hardship. With everyone writing and uploading their tired think pieces about how she “promotes obesity” and “should put some clothes on” this should not be shocking in the slightest. Society has always been openly contempt towards women like her: fat, black, and happy. But Lizzo is here to fight against this.

With Aquarius on the 6th house, she has very different ideas on what “work” should entail. For her, activism and challenging and modifying how society functions is work for her. Having deep conversations around humanitarian issues is simply a part of what she does day in and day out. Her work is both personal and global in scope. Her work asks and seeks to find the answer to this question: “Is what we are currently doing as a society allowing people, both independently and collectively, to live their lives in the freest, healthiest way possible?”

And yet to many, Lizzo’s music, her body activism, and even her body in general is illustrative of what is wrong with society, what has “gone too far.” She is showing the world that it’s okay to love yourself and be openly sensual and sexual despite long-held beauty standards saying people like her should cover up and shut up. But with Aquarius on the 6th house, challenging and questioning the attitudes and structures of society what Lizzo is supposed to do, or rather what she is called to do, even with both rulers in Capricorn and retrograde.

Saturn (one of Lizzo’s 6th house rulers), even at moderate malefice, can still cause a lot of hardship and pain for individuals throughout their lives but typically after it returns when one is 28-30, Saturn starts to act in a more conductive manner, removing roadblocks that it once laid down

Earth signs are not as theoretically driven as air signs. Capricorn though is interesting because it physically manifests what Sagittarius has been pondering and researching about into laws, institutions, and structures that govern society to enable and ensure stability and security for the masses. But Aquarius, being intellectually minded, looks at what Capricorn has built and asks if these structures etc. truly work for the collective. If not, Aquarius will change them and work hard to maintain these new structures.

With her Mars in Aquarius in the 6th house, Lizzo will pour an immense amount of her energy into working, especially with both rulers in Capricorn. She’s a hustler, but a hustler for the people. This may be a point of contention for Lizzo, however. Mars represents individuality but Aquarius is concerned about the group. This can create situations where a person’s interests may not always align with the group or the person may (have to) sacrifice what they desire in order to ensure the integrity of the group or push the group’s agenda, becoming a symbol or ambassador for the group.

I feel like women who are smaller aren’t really given the opportunities to be body positive or role models either, because we’ve been conditioned to believe that women are using their bodies for the male gaze. …And I think if I were slimmer I don’t think people would look to me with the same type of like, “Oh wow, she’s so brave she’s doing this and representing everyone!” [the way they do,] because I’m big.

Lizzo doesn’t like to be called “brave” for what she does or represents in the mainstream and yet she still fully embraces the impact she is making

Every artist needs to write their song. The biggest lesson I learned was to write songs specifically for me. I don’t write pop songs, or R&B songs, or rap songs — I write Lizzo songs.

Lizzo showcasing how her work is often outside of the box (Aquarius)

And I think we see this with how the black community feels about Lizzo. On the whole, I think the black reaction to her ranges from (performative) outrage (Mars) to disinterest (Aquarius). And I think this is because when any person from a marginalized community is in the public eye, especially the white public eye like Lizzo is, they are forced to act as a representative for that entire community they belong to. So, whatever Lizzo does (Mars) is reflective of us (the black community) collectively (Aquarius) even if she is not consciously trying to be the spokesperson for the groups she belongs to (Mars in Aquarius). But nevertheless, I think some of the animosity Lizzo is receiving from the black community seems to be coming from this place—that as an ambassador for black people, she is embarrassing black people to the world and therefore by attacking her, we can distance ourselves from her. Interestingly, however, Lizzo’s Mars squares her Taurus/9th house placements but trines her Gemini/10th house placements. But without an accurate birth time her Midheaven can either be in the 9th or 10th house, so there can be two outcomes depending on how Mars aspects it.

If Mars squares the MC, then this is particularly bad because the energy of the square aspect is representative of Mars. Additionally, Aquarius dominates Taurus in this square, so Mars controls this relationship on all levels. As her most malefic planet to boot, how Lizzo goes about her work may adversely affect her career and public image. She may have issues with asserting herself. She may come off as too hardheaded, uncompromising, and impulsive. She may be frustrated by the fact that her career is not going the way she wants or not advancing as fast she would like. So, she may overcompensate by trying to have an air of confidence and authority that she doesn’t necessarily have in order to force things to go her way which in turn just causes things to not go her way because she’s not taking into consideration other people.

However, if Lizzo’s Mars is actually trining her MC then the above diminishes significantly. In a trine to the MC, Mars cannot really inflict its malefice towards her career as soft aspects from malefic planets are harmless. So, in this scenario she is still fiery and passionate about what she wants to accomplish, but here she is less domineering towards others and impatient. Especially since Gemini is fellow air sign and Venus is also trined, Lizzo knows how to better balance her ego with those of others’. This is probably because she is learning that her money is very much tied to how well she can cooperate and effectively communicate with others. Her career is, for better or worse, not all about her or made in isolation, so she is perhaps realizing that she should concentrate her efforts into forming and maintaining relationships (Venus) instead of destroying and neglecting (Mars) them. If she can do this, then her career will fare very well over the years.

Now at the start of this last paragraph I said the negative effects of Mars squaring her Taurus placements is diminished but not gone if her MC is in Gemini. This is because even if Lizzo’s MC is in Gemini, Mars still squares the ruler of the 10th house, Mercury, which of course influences the 10th house and thus Lizzo’s career. Mars squares her Mercury by 2°, maltreating it. So once again, an issue surrounding communication rears its ugly head. Lizzo needs to be more mindful of how she speaks as it can make or break her career and actively shape the public’s perception of her. We have already seen this when she ran to Twitter to assert that only musicians should review albums. In a different Twitter fingers moment she claimed that a Postmates driver stole her food when that wasn’t the case. We saw another moment of her being quick to jump to conclusions when a brother songwriting team brought up plagiarism claims against Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” which she rebuffed and then accused and sued them for plagiarism only to be countersued recently. This comes well after she had to credit a British musician who’s tweet she used as a line in the same song when she first claimed ownership over.

With a Virgo Ascendant, Lizzo clearly came into this world with something to say. However, Lizzo is still in the student’s role. She’s new to celebrity life so she will fall and blunder, that’s only natural. But even so…she should add how to not to vent online and etiquette to her courses in celebrity life.

I have to bite my tongue on certain things. When people challenge my talent, they challenge whether I deserve to be here. They challenge my blackness. I’m like, ‘Oh! I can easily just let your ass know right now in 132 characters why you’re f-cking wrong.’

Mars square Mercury/the ruler of the 10th house

Gemini on the 10th house

What is so ironic about Lizzo’s communication problems is that she is aware of them! In an interview with Elle back in September she says, “I was the worst communicator, emotionally, when I was younger. I would stop talking to my family; I would stop talking to my friends. I would go deeper and deeper into that dark place, and the deeper I went, the harder it was to reach out of it.” Later on, she explains how being more emotionally vulnerable and honest has helped her in many ways after opening up about her depression on Instagram back in June: “I learned in the last 24 hours that being emotionally honest can save your life. Reaching out may be hard, but as soon as I did it, I was immediately covered in love.”

With a Virgo Moon I’m not surprised that she eventually came to this epiphany especially since it’s in the 1st house. Lizzo has said in numerous interviews how she struggled to love herself because she felt so many people wouldn’t listen to what she would have to say because of her body and size. But as she grew and mature (and went through her first Saturn return), Lizzo has come to realize the power that self-love and expressing oneself verbally and through art holds is immense. This is very emblematic of Gemini being on her 10th house.

When using the whole sign house system, the Midheaven is no longer the sign on the cusp of the 10th house. Here it can be anywhere from the 9th to 11th house or even the 8th or 12th house in more extreme latitudes. For Lizzo, it can either be in the 9th or 10th depending on her exact time. But in some ways, it doesn’t really matter which house it is in because her 10th and 9th houses are intertwined because the rulers of both are in mutual reception, or in each other’s signs and thus houses. What makes this even better is that the 9th house is the house of higher education and enlightenment, often spiritual in nature but it can include enlightenment through knowledge more generally. In this case, Lizzo’s career and public image is built around how she can express herself through words and share information.

But as has been detailed above, not everyone in society is on board with what Lizzo has to say. There is a clear schism between those who love that she is talking about and physically representing self-love and those who hate it and wish she would stop. And yet it seems as though this will not stop anytime soon as with every negative media blowup Lizzo comes back with the same message:

Let's just make space for these [plus-sized] women. Make space for me. Make space for this generation of artists who are really fearless in self-love. They're out here. They want to be free. I think allowing that space to be made is really what's going to shift the narrative in the future. Let's stop talking about it and make more space for people who are about it.
Photo credit: David LaChapelle

How lucky she will be in this endeavor is something we will finally investigate below.

Luck in Career: Moderate

Libra on the 2nd houseAquarius on the 6th houseGemini on the 10th house
No planets are hereMars, the most malefic planet, is hereVenus, the moderate benefic, is here
Ruler(s): VenusRuler(s): Saturn rx (and Uranus rx)Ruler(s): Mercury
In the 10th houseIn the 5th houseIn the 9th house
PeregrineDomicileDignified by term and face
Neither bonified nor maltreatedNeither bonified nor maltreatedMaltreated by Mars (x1)
In mutual reception with ruler MercuryRetrogradeIn mutual reception with ruler Venus
Not rejoicing on all levelsNot rejoicing on all levelsRuler is the moderate benefic
The moderate beneficThe moderate maleficIs conjunct to the greater benefic (Jupiter)
Accidentally dignified/in a “great” house In a fortunate house In a “good” house
Moderate luckModerate to poor luckModerate to good luck
This is not a precise math or science but based off the condition of each ruler and the planets in each individual house, I proclaim that Lizzo will have moderate luck in her career

Overall, I would say Lizzo may experience moderate luck in her career with some lows and highs as all of the benefics and malefics and the wildcards of Uranus and Neptune are involved in the three houses I looked into. I think for Lizzo her career will be marked by a struggle of asserting herself in the public. I didn’t get into the 11th house too much because it’s not necessarily tied to career as explicitly as the 10th. Additionally, in Lizzo’s chart it’s not involved with any of the houses I was looking at as well. But in either case, the 11th can reveal how people react to your art as its opposite the 5th house. With Cancer there and her Moon in Virgo in the 1st house, the public reception to her artistic output is rather critical and nitpicky which extends to who she is as a person as the public is often preoccupied about her health, appearance, and behavior.

This undeniably has a negative effect on Lizzo’s self-esteem and how she carries herself. But at the same time, this negative reception can embolden her to put her message of self-love and acceptance out there even more. To say and show to all the girls and women who look like her that they don’t have to minimize their existence just to make others comfortable. Lizzo asks, “Are you comfortable, sis?”

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