I’m Still Here: Two Month Anniversary

This blog has been running for over 2 months and I have finally gained followers in the double digits! I am proud, but reality keeps brushing up against me.

My year “to figure things out” after college has not been…great. Emotionally, I am a lot happier than when I was in school, but now as a free adult, I really have to find a (real) job or at the very least a stable source of income.

And that is daunting for someone like me who you can say is a “late bloomer.” But thanks to capitalism, that doesn’t matter; you either make some form of money or die. But I’m not making any money from this blog lmao. I have a free account because I’m poor and it’s really a cost negative to have an official website, independently hosted or not, right now because the amount of views you get on your blog in the first year (and to be real, several after) really won’t break you even. 

So, I have been trying to be more proactive in promoting my Ko-fi and PayPal links here lol. I have also switched to posting more natal chart readings so that you all can get a better idea of what a paid reading from me would look like. (Also, I’m still conflicted with how long I take to post content on here, so I’ve been pushing back longer pieces despite them doing better so far view wise.)

Still not satisfied, I impulsively made a YouTube account last week. But now, like a typical Aries, I’m not sure how to proceed. But unlike a typical Aries, I’m trying to stick to my guns. However, the problem with YouTube is that I’m shy but I have convinced myself that I want to use my own voice in my videos. I think it would make my videos more personal and easier to relate to than an automated voice, which can be cringy. But to be honest, that’s the least of my worries because I don’t know how to make or edit videos lmao! I’m going to try to learn though! So, whenever I upload something it may not be the most polished of videos.

So, that’s what has been going on with me. I know not many people comment on my posts, but I’d love feedback on my blog so far. What you have enjoyed or haven’t. What you would like to see on this blog, what you would like to see on my YouTube channel, etc. Anyway, have a nice day and happy Black History Month!

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