The Big 3: Lizzo

I think like a lot of other black people, I know of Lizzo but her music is not my cup of tea.

I have tried to listen to some of her acclaimed hits and…well, good for her for finally getting the recognition she worked hard to gain. I say all of this to show where my biases lie when making this post. I am not a stan nor a hater, so I have nothing to gain for framing this reading in either an overly negative or positive light. However, I will say I do support her in her body positivity and unapologetically loving her body in the public spotlight, so there is that. But anyway, let’s get into her big three: her Ascendant, Sun, and Moon.

Disclaimer: This is a slightly modified and simplified version of what I offer in my paid readings, meaning that it is more to the point and shorter.

Virgo Ascendant

The Ascendant since the Hellenistic period represents when the soul merged with the body at birth. As a result, the Ascendant shows a person’s physical features, demeanor, and how they tend to approach new things in life. Basically, the Ascendant indicates what energy a person chose to come into this life with. Where the ruler of the Ascendant is shows which area of life is particularly meaningful or fascinating above and beyond other houses in the natal chart typically. When Lizzo, real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson, was born Virgo was just rising on the horizon.

Virgo is the nocturnal, feminine ruled Mercury sign. It is earthy and mutable. One of its mantras is “I analyze,” and indeed, in comparison to Gemini, Virgo is the more focused, investigative sign of the two. Virgo is also perhaps one of the most critical signs and is certainly the most mentally and intellectually inclined of the three earth signs. It is not satisfied by simply owning things and indulging in its five senses like Taurus is. Its mind (Mercury) is always running, thinking of the myriad of ways it can perfect something (mutable), often tangible in nature (earthy). This is earth at its most malleable. As a result, when Virgo is on the Ascendant, the native tends to be rather cerebral in nature. They lead with their minds and are very curious. But their curiosity is often accompanied by critique and analysis. Virgo rising people are not necessarily as spontaneous and playful as Gemini Ascendants are. People’s first impressions of these people is that they are smart, perceptive, and shrewd because they tend to come into situations with this need to understand and compartmentalize. Efficiency and perfection are often what Virgo rising people desire most in life.

When Virgo is on the Ascendant, a person tends to be both stable yet (paradoxically) changeable. They somehow manage to always remain the same but undergo such small yet meaningful changes or adjustments that they might as well be a whole new person over time. This is because people with Virgo Ascendants are constantly improving themselves. They are hardly ever satisfied with what is mediocre or less than perfect, whatever that may mean to them personally, which includes themselves. Virgos are often their harshest critics because, with Mercury as the chart ruler, their thinking cap is always on. It is hard to shut their minds off and they can come off as a bit restless or nervous as a result. On the flip side, however, all of this thinking gives the impression that they are someone who is very intelligent in a dry way. People view Virgo Ascendants as studious and neat. And, indeed, those with this rising can be an eternal student who is easily curious about the world around them despite the general skeptical overtones they also exude.

Unlike the other earth signs, however, Virgo is more open to learning and being proved wrong on something. This does not mean they are less snarky or refrain from snide comments as they are being taught something though lol. It’s more that Virgo’s energy often leads a person to try to become proficient or an expert in something. Virgo is thorough and precise. At times it can so get caught up in the little details that it falls into tunnel vision, but when Virgo is not operating at this level it is a sign that is motivated to make life better for everyone by offering its knowledge of expertise.

Virgo’s other mantra is “I serve” and when on the Ascendant, Virgo makes a person want to be of service to others. Depending on the rest of the chart, this may take a while since Virgo is a shier sign. But wanting to be of use can make people with this rising a bit too interfering in other people’s lives interestingly enough, however. They can give unsolicited advice that may come across as rude, judgmental, or fussy to the recipient. People with this rising need to learn when their services are needed and when they are not. They also need to learn how to relax and let their hair down. Not everything needs to be perfect or up to their particular standards. Life doesn’t have to be so serious nor stressful.

This is the energy Lizzo came into life with. What is interesting is that she has her South Node here, tightly conjunct her Moon by either less a degree or around two degrees. So, this type of energy is something more directly tied to a past life potentially. She approaches life in a sentimental or emotional way that is filtered through Virgo’s analytical lens. However, this may not entirely serve her in this life or is something she will have to adjust. With the North Node in Pisces in the 7th house, she may have to learn to stop overanalyzing herself and the world around her and instead get lost in a close, emotionally/spiritually enriching relationship, romantic or platonic. It is perhaps in this relationship that she will learn to see the forest for the trees and become more balanced in how she navigates this life.


Ascendant trine Uranus retrograde (degree)

With Uranus trining the Ascendant, Lizzo is someone who is not afraid to be herself unapologetically. Uranus is often characterized as the rebel which can be viewed negatively or positively. Here it is more on the positive side. People do not generally see her as someone who is doing something just to get a reaction; it’s more that they can vibe with her own uniqueness. She is interesting and lively and that is exciting to watch. She bucks against conventions because those structures are limiting and restrictive to who she is, and she will not be stifled in this life. She will be original and free. 

Ascendant trine Saturn retrograde (degree)

With her Saturn also trining her Ascendant by degree, Lizzo is also someone who comes off as very serious, disciplined, and restrained. She is not impulsive. She carries herself in a mature, responsible way. There is a silent confidence to her. There is something about her that seems accomplished in some way or like she is a person of importance. Not in a vain or flashy way like the Sun would produce, but more so, a person who has been around the block before. She may appear a bit aloof or hard to get to know.

Special Consideration: Chart Ruler in the 9th House

The ruler of the chart represents how the soul actualizes what it desires in this incarnation. Consequently, the house that it is in determines which area of life is particularly meaningful or fascinating above and beyond the other houses in the natal chart. Mercury rules Virgo and is in the 9th house in Lizzo’s chart. This means that 9th house activities are likely to be things that Lizzo is drawn towards or has profound an impact on her life.

The 9th house is the Sun’s house, not Jupiter’s, as it joys there and symbolically the Sun is god. In the temple of the Sun, one expands their knowledge, faith, and distance from home. Lizzo’s college years may have been foundational to how she speaks, writes, and thinks. People may think she does the above in a rather plain, matter-of-fact way but there is often this sense that she really knows what she’s talking about. She isn’t (entirely) pulling things out of her ass, but she’s thought about them, studied them, and is almost like an expert on them. With Mercury possibly conjunct the Midheaven by around 9º, according to Astro-Databank that is, and with Gemini on the 10th house, there is almost an authoritative quality to how she communicates. Her words seem final or as though there is no room to negotiate because she has the credentials to elevate her opinions above others who cannot.

This isn’t to say she shuts people down, it’s more so that is the energy she projects on two different fronts with Virgo on the Ascendant—the Ascendant representing people’s first impressions of you—and Gemini being on the 10th house and/or Midheaven, which showcases one’s social standing and the public’s perception of you. Communicating and being steadfast in what she says and means is how Lizzo came into this world and is a part of her life’s work. With Mercury in Taurus it is hard to shake her in this area. However, with Mercury in mutual reception to Venus, which is in Gemini in the 10th, she is still open to “having dialogues” and admitting fault, but what she initially said or wrote is more or less what she felt and meant in the moment, especially with the Moon in the 1st house as well.

Regardless, though, Lizzo came into this life to learn and share her knowledge with the world, even if people don’t hear her messages or actively misinterpret them.

Sun in Taurus in the 9th House

Taurus’s mantra is “I have.” When Aries broke free from Pisces, it was motivated to differentiate itself from the collective by creating an individual identity. Now moving on into Taurus, the soul is looking around wondering what else it has going for it besides an identity. “What do I have?” Taurus asks repeatedly. For whatever reason, Lizzo’s soul decided that security, specifically physical and material security, and maintaining it, is what she is concerned about in this lifetime. This drive for seeking out stability and security in what she has—her body and her possessions—and the world around her often gives earth Suns the bad rap of being materialistic, especially Taurus. Of course, coming from a place of greed or narcissism, sure, materialism may occur. But the reason why earth signs are attracted to tangible things is because their mere existence gives them peace of mind. When something is “real,” we can be self-assured. In what? Our existence. And that is at the core of having one’s Sun in an earth sign: to be self-assured in their body, what they have, and the foundations they have built up around them.

With her Sun in Taurus, Lizzo is learning to become comfortable with her body and the material form. Taurus is ruled by Venus, enhancing the sign’s already sensual nature. Venus makes Taurus learn that there is pleasure in having a bodily form. We can experience things like taste and smell through food. Through touch, sight, and hearing we can take a part of the earth and turn it into something beautiful that likewise pleases these senses as well. Venus’s influence also makes Taurus the more laid-back of the earth signs. With the Sun here, Lizzo is learning to appreciate the finer things in life. Lizzo approaches everything from a slow, sensual angle that allows her to truly enjoy what she is doing and to be pragmatic and methodical in what she is doing as well. Yes, Venus can make Taurus lazy, preferring to take the easy route in life, but Taurus is still very much hard working.

With her Sun in the 9th house, Lizzo is learning the lessons of Taurus through religion, other cultures, and academia. This is interesting because Taurus is often characterized as simple and earth signs in general as being somewhat averse to abstract concepts. Therefore, when an earth sign is on the 9th house, these people may be described as rather orthodox in belief. Their beliefs about the world, religion, and high-minded concepts are typically not that different from the dominant culture they are born into. Basically, they may be conservative. If they grew up in the church/synagogue/mosque/etc. then they will likely stay there or not veer too far away from that. Especially with Taurus, it is very hard to convince people with earth signs on the 9th house to consider something different from what they already know. These people need concrete evidence and will likely have to test these beliefs out before more seriously thinking about adding them to their worldview.

This is because earth signs are pragmatic. They don’t try to complicate things. What is not broke shouldn’t be fixed (unless we are dealing with a Virgo here lol). If the world provides them with everything they need, who cares about what happens after death? Therefore, if people approach them with more theoretical or idealistic suggestions earth Suns can come off as very skeptical or even “unsophisticated” because they seem more concerned about their immediate environment and satisfying their bodily functions and material desires than contemplating the meaning of life.

However, all of this changes when earthy planets are in the 9th house because they are forced to contend with the immaterial side of life. This is much easier for Lizzo than other Taurus Suns as she is more flexible in her thoughts since she is a Virgo rising and her Venus—the ruler of the 9th house—is in the equally mutable (i.e., versatile) sign of Gemini.

She is likely an eternal student, always searching for the answers to her questions about anything and everything. With Taurus on this house these questions may have to do with whether or not obtaining material things is what will truly make her happy and secure in life. With her North Node in Pisces there is a push to relinquish everything that is material and return to the source. However, with both rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) in earth signs, I don’t think this is necessarily what Lizzo is learning in this lifetime. I think it’s more about her building herself up not only through what she has and how she connects with her body, but by how she experiences faith, how she explores subjects on deeper, more philosophical levels, and her ability to see places and meet people beyond those in her own neighborhood.

By immersing herself with the physical, she begins to see how everything is interconnected. To know one’s self is to know one’s body and environment. Once you know, and most importantly, understand, these things and how they function, can one begin to know one’s self on the spiritual level. And that is what Lizzo is going to learn in this lifetime.


Sun conjunct Jupiter (degree)

With her Sun conjunct her Jupiter, Lizzo has a vibrant personality. Jupiter infuses enthusiasm and optimism wherever it is, so with the Sun, it makes a person rather cheerful. Lizzo tends to have a positive attitude towards life. She likes to see the best in everything and everyone. She tends to not dwell too much on the negative side of things (although with a Virgo Ascendant and Moon and domicile Saturn in Capricorn, this is challenged a bit), and even if she does, she’s able to bounce back quicker than most. Some of this may be due to the fact that she is often lucky in life, especially since Jupiter is the most benefic planet in her chart. Both in Taurus, she is able to attract wealth and abundance rather easily. However, since both are in Taurus it is easy for her to run through her money if she isn’t careful. Moderation can be a problem in her life. Additionally, her energy may be a little too much for those around her. Despite this though, she tends to be rather popular and sociable.

Sun opposite Pluto retrograde (degree)

With Pluto retrograde opposite her Sun, Lizzo can be intense and very secretive. Some of this is possibly due to her having experienced dark things in her life that has taught her to hide herself away and shrink herself down. But when Pluto aspects the Sun, these individuals can rarely hide because their energy is so powerful. They are the type of people you feel before seeing. There is often something mysterious about them and you may never truly know them at their core despite being friends with them for decades. People with these aspects have gone through a lot and it is hard to open up entirely to others. They had to learn how to fight and survive not love and thrive. It’s difficult for them to catch a break in life as they seem to be thrown in situations where they have to overcome something and evolve. Indeed, Lizzo may have to undergo many transformations over the course of her life. Something may come in and shake her carefully built foundations down to the ground. One event in her life seemed to be the death of her father, which she said caused a deep depression. Since the Sun is the father this is not surprising. This building up and tearing down of oneself is unfortunately the name of the game when it comes to this hard aspect.

Moon in Virgo in the 1st House

Besides Taurus where it is exalted, the Moon doesn’t do so well in earth signs (although interestingly, the Moon has triplicity in earth signs), but only when it is in a day chart like Lizzo’s. With her Moon in the critical Virgo, it may be hard for her to express herself emotionally. Mercury’s influence over her Moon may make her believe that emotions and expressing them is irrational to an extent instead of just a natural response to stimuli. Virgo is precise, organized, and methodical, qualities that rarely, if ever, describe our fleeting emotions. So, people with these Moons will tend to spend a lot of time overanalyzing what they are feeling and why, sometimes to the point that they become detached from their feelings.

On a certain level, detachment is sometimes needed because it is very easy to get so swept up in our problems that we are unable to see the situation clearly or at least with some perspective that may reveal that what we are reacting to does not need such a strong response. When the Moon is in an earth sign, a person’s emotions tends to be more stable and calmer. It takes a lot to get a reaction out of earth. Virgo is a bit different being a mutable sign and ruled by Mercury, however. These people tend to worry a lot. It may as well be their default emotion lol. This is because when the Moon is in Virgo, a person feels emotionally secure when their environment is neat and tidy, and their lives are structured and predictable. Mercury induces nervous tension wherever it is, so when it is ruling over one’s Moon, it is likely the person tends to have underlying issues with anxiety. If you feel chaotic or not in control on the inside, a remedy or response may be to organize and control things outside of one’s self.

If anxiety is not the root of this problem, then it can be that the Virgo Moon person just has a keen eye for things that are not in place. Virgo is the problem solver of the Zodiac. When there is a problem that needs fixing, Virgo is here to help and will not stop until the job is done perfectly. However, Virgo finds it hard to turn this problem-solving hat off. They can see faults in pretty much anything and as a result, can cause their own emotional problems by feeling as though nothing is ever without flaws. People with these Moons need to learn how to decompress.

With her Moon in the 1st house, Lizzo wears her heart on her sleeve. It is just hard for her to not emotionally express herself even if the sign her Moon is in tries to restrict that. This is simply who she is innately. When something happens in her environment, she responds instantly. She is sensitive in a way. This makes sense as the 1st house is attached to one’s appearance and how they approach the world. Virgo tends to be on the shier side and humbler. It is not unusual for people with this position to feel as though life is a bit too much to handle, that others are mean and the world hectic. They are slow-to-warm up to people and new situations. They are guarded and cautious yet paradoxically open and giving. The Moon in mutable signs is always changing, so it is hard to know what you will get in any moment from these people. These Moons are highly adaptable and can go-with-the-flow, but many may view them as too moody and indecisive.

This feedback greatly impacts a person with their Moon in the 1st house and their self-esteem.  People with their Moon here needs to learn that not every situation requires a response and that some things are not always personal. With Lizzo’s Moon being in Virgo, she is a bit more aware of this than Moons in other signs, but this may still need to be stated. As was noted near the beginning of this post, her Moon is conjunct her South Node, suggesting that how she goes about expressing her more emotional side may not serve her in this life or she at the very least has to make some adjustments to how she reacts to situations and people. With both in Virgo, this may mean that Lizzo has to find the difference between being objective and logical and being critical and overanalytical. Less tunnel vision and worrying and more the bigger picture and relaxing.


Moon trine Jupiter (degree)

Like Sun-Jupiter aspects, Moon-Jupiter aspects makes a person upbeat and overall a joy to be around. Here, the person tends to be innately charismatic and has a good sense of humor. Lizzo is often carefree and likes to enjoy life. She is generous and always willing to lend a hand, especially since her Moon is in Virgo. She tends to have a broader perspective on emotional issues than other Virgo Moons without this aspect. She can see more clearly when she tends to get bogged down by the details of something and can take a step back.

Moon trine Mercury (degree)

With her Moon and Mercury in positive aspect, Lizzo can easily express her emotions verbally and through the written word. The mind and heart are linked. Because she is in tuned to herself on these two levels, she can readily read people. She is very perceptive and because her Moon is in Virgo, she is not afraid to help people with their problems if she sees them. She is likely a good communicator because she knows how to speak to people on a personal level. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter in a way that is sensitive and thoughtful. People, as a result, may tend to feel at ease around her and feel as though they are cared for.   

So, that was a brief look into Lizzo’s big three! Tell me your thoughts in the comments section! Does this seem accurate to Lizzo? Did this reading help to put some of the things she has said or done into perspective? Do you have these placements and did this reading resonate with you?

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