Mariah Carey’s Family Tree Part 2

Right before the new year, I posted an article on genealogy and astrology, suggesting that your natal chart could have been potentially “inherited” from your ancestral line. I used the list outlined by the authors at the Astrology Club website and slightly modified it to make it more streamlined and used Mariah Carey and her background as an example. I got through about half of that list, so here is the second half.

Some common family astrological inheritances:

  • A prominent sign, house, planet, or element or the total/near total absence of these things
  • Interlaced signs, rulers, or elements
    • E.g., Dad has a lot of Gemini placements and child has a strong Mercury or is dominant in air
    • E.g., A parent has a lot of Lunar energy and the child has a Cancer rising, angular Moon, or Moon in either an essential dignity or debility
  • A parent’s Sun, Moon, rising, or stellium is replicated in a child’s Sun, Moon, rising, or stellium
  • Shared retrograde patterns
  • Shared or related aspects
  • Shared or opposite lunar nodes
  • Planets aspecting the lunar nodes (in this part we will only look at conjunctions and oppositions)

I sort of glossed over the interlaced signs, etc. part but since Mariah’s own birth time is up in the air like her birth year, we really can’t go in depth with that section. Nevertheless, some of that area was touched upon in the prominent signs, etc. section, as is with the replication issue as well. With that being said, however, retrograde patterns will also be nixed here only because when it comes to Jupiter and the planets beyond it, they tend to stay retrograde for longer period of times than Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Therefore, their retrogradeness (or even directness), especially in the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are not that significant, at least in my opinion. So, this just leaves us with aspects and the lunar nodes. (Mariah’s brother Morgan will be excluded since his alleged birth year spans across different 4-5 years.)

Shared or Related Aspects

Moon trine Neptune retrograde (1969) / Moon conjunct Neptune retrograde out-of-sign (1970)

Dad: Moon sextile Neptune by sign

Sister: Moon conjunct Neptune (1962) / Moon trine Neptune (1961)

Mom: Moon trine Neptune retrograde

Maternal grandma: Moon copresent with Neptune retrograde

Maternal grandpa: Moon sextile Neptune by sign

The Moon and Neptune are emotional planets. When combined together, this leads to a certain type of emotional sensitivity. Indeed, when the Moon and Neptune are in aspect, a person becomes more in tuned to their emotions and have a heightened intuition. As a result, people with these aspects are considered to be sympathetic, empathetic, and very impressionable. They may attract people with emotional problems because others can sense their innate compassion and healing abilities. And, yes, people with these aspects may have a desire to help those less fortunate but these people can easily become overwhelmed and thus have negative escapist tendencies, often in the form of drugs and alcohol. When they channel this desire to escape into something creative, however, they can be master artists and musicians.

With this aspect showing up in her family background, Mariah comes from an ancestry that is highly emotional. Considering that the Moon/Cancer and Mars/Scorpio also shows up prominently in Mariah’s family, this should not be surprising.

With the softer Moon-Neptune aspects, this emotionality may be more positive in expression. Mariah’s family could be very spiritual, artistic, and idealistic. Mariah and her mother are professional singers, and Mariah has backed numerous philanthropic campaigns throughout her career.

At times though, even people with the softer Moon-Neptune aspects can be a bit scattered and confused, not knowing where their emotions end and where others’ emotions start. It can be easy for them to get burned out emotionally or get swept up in their emotions and those around them like they were swallowed up by a turbulent storm. In 2001, Mariah had her infamous breakdown on TRL. At the time she cited extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation, but 17 years after the event, Mariah revealed that she was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder and was experiencing a hypomanic episode. Although it is not advisable to diagnose yourself or others through astrology, Mariah additionally having Moon-Jupiter aspects in her chart and in her family could potentially explain this diagnosis as Jupiter can make emotions very big and a bit unpredictable.

Moon square Jupiter retrograde by sign (1969) / Moon copresent with Jupiter retrograde (1970)

Sister: Moon trine Jupiter retrograde (1962)

Mom: Moon trine Jupiter

Maternal grandma: Moon trine Jupiter by sign

Maternal grandpa: Moon square Jupiter by sign

Like with Moon-Neptune aspects, Moon-Jupiter aspects increases one’s emotions, but here it’s less about being emotionally sensitive or even delicate. It’s more about having large, sometimes exaggerated, emotions. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. When it is in contact with other planets, it can balloon the significations of that other planet. Consequently, when the Moon and Jupiter combine, the two makes one’s emotions feel big. Highs are high and lows are low. Emotions are a daily roller coaster one is strapped into. With Moon-Jupiter aspects it’s hard to not let people know what you are feeling exactly as you are feeling them. But this isn’t always bad as these people are emotionally honest and by feeling every single emotion, they come to be enlightened by their own emotional truth.

The Moons in Mariah’s family tend to be in Cancer and possibly Scorpio depending on her and her sister’s real birth year. In the domicile and fall position respectively, emotions tend to be big already as these are Moons in the emotionally fluctuating water signs. Jupiter aspecting these Moons makes these emotions swell up to the nth degree. It is no surprise then that Mariah’s family was estranged across generations. However, perhaps because Jupiter is also the planet of generosity and optimism, they have made efforts to make amends to mixed results.

Uranus (and Jupiter) retrograde opposite North Node, Sun by degree, Venus retrograde and Saturn by sign (1969) / Uranus opposite Sun and Mercury (1970)

Dad: Uranus retrograde opposite Venus and Mercury by degree, Sun by sign

Sister: Uranus conjunct Mercury, Sun, and North Node (1962 + 1961)

Mom: Uranus square Mercury by degree, Sun by sign

Maternal grandma: Uranus conjunct Sun and Mercury

Maternal grandpa: Uranus square Sun by sign

When the Sun and Uranus are in aspect, the desire to assert one’s will and individuality is very strong. However, with hard aspects, this desire is often carried out in a way that is seen as disruptive, unconventional, and downright weird. People with these aspects are rebels at heart but sometimes without a cause. Being shocking just to be shocking is typically seen with the harder Uranian aspects. These people may believe everything needs to be challenged and tore down just because or because they think the status quo is restrictive and boring. Freedom, and lots of it, is often Sun-Uranus people’s primary drive in life. If they feel bogged down by anything or anyone they rebel. They don’t “fit in” and those with hard aspects both love and hate this about themselves. With Sun-Uranus people you never know what you’ll get on a daily basis.

I find this aspect interesting because of Mariah’s multiracial and ethnic background. That is, her parents’ marriage was seen as unconventional if not scandalous for the times. Mariah’s maternal side certainly wasn’t having it. But Mariah’s paternal side was also “odd” as well racially and ethnically. Therefore, these feelings of alienation as symbolized by hard aspects from Uranus to personal planets now make a bit of sense. Within this context, asserting one’s individuality and freedom takes on a different meaning. In a racist world, shrinking oneself and taking up less space is persistently demanded of you when you are not (fully) white. You shouldn’t stand up for yourself or stand against the structures and institutions in society that were built to exploit and murder you. So, perhaps, this rebellious spirit was needed in order to survive in a hostile environment.

Shared or Opposite Lunar Nodes

The lunar nodes are two mathematical points that represent where the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic. The North Node or dragon’s head is the point where the Moon’s orbit rises above the ecliptic, and the South Node or dragon’s tail is the point where the Moon’s orbit falls below the ecliptic. They are always retrograde and opposite one another.

The lunar nodes seem to have come from Vedic or Indian astrology (although this is somewhat disputed or unclear) and are indicative of past life karma where the North Node signifies where you are going in this lifetime while the South Node is where you have come from. This is a bit different from how Indian astrologers interpret the nodes (called Rahu and Ketu respectively), but in Western astrology the nodal axis shows the issues and skills you have brought over from previous lives that you need to abandon, resolve, or modify so you can move forward in your current life.

In synastry and other compatibility analysis, nodal contacts, especially conjunctions and oppositions, mean that the relationship is karmic on some level. If the South Node is aspected then that other person is someone they knew in a past life. The nodal person may “outgrow” the current relationship, however, as this other person is someone they have already treaded water with before. Once whatever that needed to occur between the two has happened, the two should or will likely part ways. If the North Node is aspected then the other person is likely not from a past life, but they are nonetheless here to help them on their spiritual journey. Regardless, though, aspects to either lunar node is often indicative of life lessons that the nodal person needs to learn or have decided to learn before descending back to Earth.

Mariah Carey’s lunar nodes are either in Aries/Libra (1969) or Pisces/Virgo (1970). The only people in her family that have these nodes are her maternal and paternal grandparents. Her maternal grandpa had his North Node in Aries and her maternal grandma in Libra. Her paternal grandfather could have had his North Node in either Leo or Virgo (his wife either had it in Leo or Cancer).

Unfortunately for Mimi, her parents were estranged from her grandparents on both sides. Her mom’s white Irish side did not like that Patricia married a black man. Mariah’s dad’s parents were divorced, and he was raised by his mother. Alfred and his dad had a distant relationship as a result. “I didn’t meet my paternal grandfather until I was about 6 years old because my father’s parents divorced when he was a little boy,” Mariah once said in a 2003 interview for Latina magazine. “He was raised by his mother, Addie, who was African American.” Addie also did not approve of her son marrying and having children with a white woman. She allegedly told him at one point, “You know that ain’t your baby,” nodding towards a then 3/4-year old Mariah in the room. She supposedly softened up as time went on, but this comment was just the beginning of Mariah’s quest for identity and (self)acceptance.

If both sides were in her life more, and weren’t so concerned about her racial makeup, they could have helped her on her journey to self-discovery. But, because of their absence, they actually contributed to Mariah’s feelings of isolation and alienation. Growing up in a post-Jim Crow world did not shield Mariah from racism as many questioned her ambiguous appearance. But Mariah didn’t know how to answer them. She wasn’t just white or just black. She was Irish, African-American, and Venezuelan. And yet she mostly grew up with her white side as she and her brother lived with their mother after the divorce, while her older sister Alison, who has said in past interviews was taught that she was blacker than Mariah, was sent to live with her father. This led Mariah to struggle with connecting to her black and Venezuelan sides, especially since her ex-husband and owner of her former record label, Tommy Mottola, made it known that he had a disdain for black music like RnB and rap, which Mariah was interested in musically. It wasn’t until they were heading towards divorce that we see that initial shift to more RnB/rap influenced music in her 1995 Daydream album.

This lack of connection to her roots, in a way, could have been by design. If what spiritualists, psychics, and those who specialize in past lives say is true, sometimes the lessons we learn in our waking life were deliberately chosen by us so we could grow spiritually. In other words, the soul before reincarnating chooses the conditions of their birth from where they want to be born to when exactly they want to be born. This is actually a collaborative effort with one’s spiritual guides which can include angels, ancestors, or simply spirits that exist to help promote a person’s highest potential. In addition to this, there are also soul contracts where the soul in question is quite literally in a contract with another soul to fulfill something. Despite the scary name, this often seems to mean that the souls have agreed to be in a specific relationship with one another—whether romantic, familial, or platonic—where they help each other on their spiritual paths. This is apparently different from karmic relationships where the meeting of the souls is more urgent and seems to be more contractually binding ironically in the sense that the relationship can sometimes feel uncomfortable and as though they cannot escape one another. Karmic relationships are formed in order “to return a favor, repay a debt, work out their differences, or make amends for past misdeeds” while soul contracts are looser and less obligatory and seems to be more about reconnecting with past life friends, siblings, mentors, etc.

I wonder if Mariah was actually born in 1969, that maybe she chose this type of multiracial family that had some tensions and severed ties within them so that she born in the right environment that would push her to discover herself in this lifetime. That is to say, Aries Suns and North Nodes will often have to struggle to find themselves and will be put in situations where they will have to stand up for themselves alone and individuate themselves on some level. Relying on others will be hard because the lesson of Aries is to figure out who they are and then express that sense of self confidently and boldly.

With Libra in the South Node position, it is likely that in a past life or several that Mariah was too focused on other people, perhaps because she was a very relationship-oriented person to her own detriment (or not, the South Node doesn’t always have to be negative). She may have always been the compromising, fair, kind person in social situations and may have put her own wants and desires on the backburner. As a result, in this life she has decided to go in the other direction and forge an identity that is squarely focused on herself.

This is interesting because Mariah is the only Aries in her family tree. Her parents are both air signs and her siblings Leo Suns. But her family line is very Venusian and Libra shows up prominently as well. Maybe Mariah chose this type of ancestry because it is familiar. The South Node is attractive to many people because where it is in your chart represent something you have already done across different lifetimes. The North Node is foreign terrain that you haven’t covered yet. But since Mariah was disconnected to both her maternal and paternal sides for different reasons, she was pushed towards her potential North Node regardless.

It wasn’t until she reconnected with her dad and after his death did Mariah try to dive into her paternal, Venezuelan side and reach out to her sister.

This has turned sour, however, as Mariah has been estranged from both of her siblings for several years now. This doesn’t discount her efforts to connect with them, though, and in the case of Alison, Mariah has helped her out not only financially but with her children she lost custody of decades ago. So, even if Mariah’s lunar nodes are in Pisces/Virgo, there is still the lessons of Aries and Libra happening in her life. And that could be seen with her relationship with her father.

Planets Aspecting the Lunar Nodes

Mariah’s Karma with Her Dad

If Mariah was indeed born in 1969, then her father’s Libra stellium hits her South Node and his retrograde Uranus is copresent with her North Node. When a person’s planets conjuncts another person’s South Node, many astrologers would say that the two have some sort of karmic relationship or they knew each other in a past life. The two have decided to meet up again in another lifetime. The reasons can vary wildly depending on the nature of the relationship in that past life. But the common assumption is that “the lessons of [this past life relationship] have not been completed, and in this life time the 2 people meet again to finish what they started before and to let go of the attachment.” Astrologer Ellie Mae echoes similar sentiments when she states that “Conjunctions to the South Node…suggests that these souls have incarnated together in a previous life and have made a soul agreement to meet together again to develop different roles.” She goes on to say that “many nodal contacts [between] the child and the parental nodes, …shows that there is a heavy relationship between the two which will be very focused [o]n learning, development and letting go.”

But what exactly are these lessons? That depends on the planets involved.

Mariah’s father’s Venus conjuncts her South Node by degree. Although no one wants to hear this, allegedly this indicates that perhaps Mariah and her father were in a romantic relationship in a past life and, due to circumstance, they were separated. But it is also possible that they simply had love for each other in a non-romantic way in the past. Indeed, the two could have been friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. “and now, the planet person feels the need to pay the South Node person back in the form of compliments, gifts, or activities related to the houses in which the conjunction resides.” In either case, there is a strong sense of familiarity and comfort here. This is interesting since Mariah’s father left so early in her life and the two only briefly reconnected before he passed. But many articles written on South Node planetary conjunctions in synastry state that the relationship often ends because the nodal person outgrows the relationship or feels held back by the relationship. This makes sense since the planet involved is opposite the North Node as well, or where the nodal person will eventually head towards over the course of their life. You cannot move forward when you are constantly looking back. But how does this work in a parent-child relationship, especially when the planet person is the parent who left?

I’m not entirely sure. But I do know that just because souls have agreed to be in each other’s next lives, doesn’t mean that they are obligated to maintain that relationship until one of them dies. If Mariah is truly a Taurus rising, then her Sun would be in the 12th house by whole signs. When the Sun is here, the father is often absent physically and/or emotionally from an early age, and this is what happened to Mariah.

So, perhaps, her father decided to not finish this karmic relationship for whatever reason at first but came back around later to do so. In either case, he did leave Mariah in childhood. This is interesting because his Sun is copresent with her South Node. This indicates that again the two have some sort of past life connection but with the Sun representing the father and (male) authority, it could have been some sort of parent-child relationship or other power dynamic like a boss or king and his subordinate and subject respectively.

Like with Venus conjunct the South Node, there is a possibility that the planet person feels indebted to the South Node person. Therefore, the Sun person is supportive of the South Node person but as a result the Sun person can feel overwhelmed and drained by the relationship. Conversely, however, the Sun person could prevent the South Node person from tackling the lessons and challenges of their North Node by discouraging the nodal person from trying new things and instead supports them staying in certain patterns that will not serve them in the long run.

But since Alfred wasn’t in Mariah’s life consistently, this theory doesn’t hold much water either.

The last planet that is copresent with Mariah’s South Node is her dad’s Mercury. Since Mercury signifies youth and siblings, it is possible that the past life connection they had was being siblings. There is an intellectual comfort and familiarity here. The nodal person may feel like the Mercury person understands them almost on a psychic level. This could be because in that past life relationship, the nodal person helped the Mercury person out with their intellectual pursuits and now the Mercury person has come back to repay the nodal person. However, the Mercury person may become mentally drained in the relationship as the nodal person doesn’t seem as receptive to what they have to say this time around. Ultimately, like other South Node planetary contacts, the two may part ways as a result.

Finally, Mariah dad’s retrograde Uranus is copresent with her North Node. Uranus is an unpredictable planet, so wherever it is, you should expect the unexpected. In synastry, the Uranus person takes on the characteristics of Uranus and becomes a force of instability in the relationship. This was the case for Mariah as her parents divorcing and her dad leaving with her older sister Alison shook the core of who she was for a very long time until they reconnected when she was older. But that could have been the point from a karmic/spiritual level. Uranus represents individuality, freedom, and embracing one’s eccentric side. Aries signifies independence, individuality, and asserting one’s will.

Therefore, for reasons that do not make sense to our materially grounded minds, perhaps, perhaps, this early separation (Mars, which rules Aries and Scorpio, severs and separates) was done to serve Mariah’s higher spiritual growth. I believe when you are born with an Aries Sun or North Node you have come into this life searching for a sense of identity. This could be the result of a former confusing life or it could simply mean you are seeking to try something new in this one, but in either case, your soul has decided to focus on itself and learn to walk alone.

The 12th house is undoubtedly the loneliest house. It is isolated and isolating. To have not only the Sun and North node here, but also the potential chart ruler (Venus) along with a 1 Life Path too indicates to me that the soul wants to truly figure out who it is on Earth and it wants to do this alone. Achieving independence and expressing their authentic selves to the fullest is the general overarching mission of this lifetime for these individuals.

However, I do not follow the dominant narrative of the lunar nodes where one has to abandon their South Node in pursuit of their North Node. I believe that the two need to be balanced, and in order to do that you have to meet in the middle. The South Node, thusly, has to be reincorporated into the person’s life in a way that is not limiting or regressive. In the words of astrologer Kevin Burk, “The true process of the North Node is not about turning our backs on the past. The North Node is about taking stock of the past, honoring it, working with it, building on it, and learning how to use it in a new way” (2001, pp. 244).

As a result, I think Mariah’s dad’s Libra placements hitting her South Node serve to balance out her Arian nature of blazing ahead, often without regard of maintaining relationships. Especially with Aries ruling over the 12th house, it is very easy to be that lone soldier who doesn’t trust anyone and refuses to open their heart because they got burned too much in the past. So, I think Alfred served as a reminder that Mariah was not alone in this world, and that it was okay to truly reconnect with others. I think it is interesting that when Mariah did reach out to her dad it was after she divorced Tommy Mottola. She was in a space where she was able to rediscover herself outside of a controlling relationship and express an identity that is truer to who she was. Since Leo rules her 4th house, it makes sense as she grew more into herself that she searched for her father and wanted to reconnect with her (paternal) roots. This was unexpected (Uranus) but ultimately something that served to strengthen her ego, especially after it was shaped and warped by her ex-husband. Mariah, in turn, especially if she was born in 1970, with her Ascendant, Mars, and Saturn hitting his Taurus North Node and her retrograde Neptune with her dad’s South Node inspired and pushed him to live to his fullest potential.

“My father was mostly African American, and his father was Venezuelan. But we don’t know if he was Venezuelan and white or Venezuelan and black,” Mariah says of the twisting branches of her father’s family tree. “We’re confused.” Growing up in Harlem and the Bronx, New York, Alfred Roy identified more with his African American side. “But as he got older,” Mariah recounts, “he wanted to investigate more of every aspect of what he was. That’s when he started on his quest to trace his roots.”

“After my father passed away, we all got together. It was almost as if no time had passed. They still have the same house that I used to go to when I was little! I got to see all the people on my father’s side, my cousins, and my step-grandmother, Nana Ruby, who is still alive.”

Mariah on reconnecting with her paternal side

He wrote me a letter: ‘It doesn’t matter whatever is happening, you’ve always been a star to me, even before anybody knew who you were.’ It meant so much to me… I never knew he was sentimental. I was grateful to be able to spend time with him before he got sick. It was unfortunate that I lost him so soon after, but I was grateful for the time I was able to spend with him. I was grateful to be able to spend time with him before he got sick. It was unfortunate that I lost him so soon after, but I was grateful for the time I was able to spend with him.

Mariah on the passing of her father in a 2006 Sun interview

I feel like a little bit of everything because that’s what I am. And I’m not saying I feel Latina above and beyond the other parts of me because I don’t want to sound as if I’m jumping on the bandwagon, suddenly saying, ‘I feel more Spanish than anything!’ But, I do feel a connection with the place, with the people, with that part of me. It’s a very important part of who I am. And maybe there are some people out there who think a quarter Venezuelan is not a lot… Well, I may be only one quarter, she smiles, but it’s a strong quarter.

Mariah on taking a trip to Venezuela and tracing her lineage there

Mariah’s Karma with Her Mom

Moving on to the karma Mariah has with her mom, only Patricia’s Saturn is conjunct Mariah’s 1970 North Node. Saturn rules setbacks and limitations but it is often through these things that Saturn teaches us discipline, patience, and hard work. When a person’s Saturn is conjunct another person’s North Node, the Saturn person brings structure and order to the nodal person’s life. In a parental relationship, the parent’s Saturn conjuncting their child’s North Node is not surprising as parents tend to already bring this type of energy into the relationship anyway. But not every parent operates this way, however. In Mariah’s case, though, her mother did act as a very Saturnian force in her life.

As a singer herself, Mariah’s mother became Mariah’s first vocal coach. What is interesting, however, is that Patricia did not seem to be that strict, harsh mentor that astrologers often describe Saturn as. But this could be because Mariah has a day chart, thus her Saturn is her moderate malefic while Mars is her most malefic planet. As a result, her mother was looser and perhaps even permissive in her teachings, especially since her own Saturn is in Pisces, the most disseminating sign. Indeed, in interviews and biographies, Mariah’s mother did not constrain Mariah to any one genre when it came to singing. She purely taught the technical side of singing and let Mariah explore whatever she wanted to sing by herself.

[S]he’s never been a pushy mom. She never said, ‘Give it more of a operatic feel.’ I respect opera like crazy but it didn’t influence me.

Mariah Carey on her mom being her vocal coach

Her mom was real strict. There would be times when we would try and get Mariah to go out with us, but she couldn’t because her mother would always insist that her singing lessons came first. I remember feeling sorry for her.

Steve Park on his high school relationship with Mariah, showing that perhaps Patricia was strict after all

I also think Patricia shows her Saturnian force in Mariah’s life by being the only parent that stuck with her throughout her life. Ironically, though, Saturn signifies orphans, but in both of her potential charts, Mariah’s Moon (which represents the mother) is not in the 12th or 8th house, houses where one would see an absent parent in typically. But this still doesn’t disregard the fact that Mariah spent most of her childhood being alone and feeling lonely as her mom had to work odd hours as a vocal coach as a single mother. Patricia’s hardworking nature in itself could have also served as a lesson to Mariah in that, although she comes from a past that is very disciplined, analytical, and meticulous (Virgo), going completely in the opposite direction and throwing out these lessons in order to pursue dissolving one’s ego and merging back in with the source of the universe (Pisces) isn’t completely advisable. Pisces energy can be very ungrounded, preferring to go-with-the flow and one’s intuitions and feelings above common sense at times. Therefore, Pisces often needs something or someone to keep them rooted in reality or else they will evaporate into nothingness.

This is a very Neptunian take on Pisces, which is interesting since Patricia’s retrograde Neptune is also copresent with Mariah’s South Node (and retrograde Pluto). This aspect apparently indicates a divine meeting, but for what purpose is hazy and unclear like Neptune. There is a connection that seems to defy reality, but there is a tendency to not have established boundaries in the relationship which can lead to some negative behaviors. The classic Neptunian ones include drug abuse, excessive escapism through fantasy and imagination, and a refusal to participate in and look at society for what it objectively is.

Mariah’s natal Neptune is also copresent with her mom’s North Node. This can suggest the two have a very sensitive and emotional relationship. Mariah as the Neptune person encourages this, which is a bit ironic since her mom is the Saturnian force in her life. Nevertheless, Mariah’s own compassionate and spiritual nature encourages her mom to be more open to the subtle forces that influence our world and try to be more empathetic.

So, in this case, there is mutual Neptunian influences in each other’s life. In Mariah’s case it may actually be more detrimental to her specific spiritual journey, but since the Neptune here is in Virgo, it may actually serve as a reminder to be grounded in this life. Or, it suggests that perhaps she should bridge the gap between the material (Virgo) and immaterial (Pisces) as she heads to a more spiritually enlightening understanding of herself during this lifetime (Pisces North Node). For Patricia, this Neptune contact is more positive, especially as a slightly earth dominant person with an air Sun as it is all too easy to disregard the spiritual side of life and generally have a belief system that is devoid of mysticism and wonder. Mariah in this case is encouraging her to believe in things that are beyond the material and what can possibly not be explained.

If Mariah was born in 1969, however, then her Mars would be copresent with her mom’s North Node instead. In this case, Mariah is a fiery, determined force in her mother’s life who encourages her to passionately pursue her dreams. Mariah in many ways could have led the relationship, especially since in this chart her North Node would be in Aries and not Pisces, so Patricia’s Saturn wouldn’t be copresent with it.

In this synastry Patricia’s Venus is also copresent with Mariah’s North Node. Unlike the South Node aspect, Venus being conjunct another’s North Node suggests that the two are setting up conditions to meet again in another lifetime. This doesn’t always mean that this relationship is doomed to fail, but that the mutual attraction leads the two to really like each other’s company that they want to continue the relationship in a different life. Mariah has noted over the course of her career that her mom is like her best friend and was always there for her. With a domicile Cancer Moon in this chart, this is not surprising.

Mariah and her mom still have a strong bond to this day

Whichever way the cookie crumbles, it is clear that Mariah has past and current life karma with both parents, although she seems to have a more complicated history with her father if she was indeed born in 1969. I have not done a lot of research into family karma from an astrological perspective, but I’m sure that this is not entirely uncommon in a family. If the theory of us choosing our exact family and birth conditions is true, then it shouldn’t be surprising that any given family has some level of karma attached to it. For example, my mom’s Jupiter, Midheaven, and Venus are all copresent with my South Node and my retrograde Pluto is with her North Node. And these are only the conjunctions, there are many more aspects that hit these nodes when you look beyond the conjunction/opposition.

Well, that is it for this dive into Mariah Carey’s family tree astrologically. Who should I look into next? I also want to hear from you all! Do you have any complicated karma in your family that you can see from your natal charts? Let me know in the comment section below!

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